Medically reviewed by Nataniel Josue Alvarez. M.D.

Everybody asks me how to have a beautiful body shape. Having a perfect body is probably every woman’s dream. We long for a striking and attractive figure.

To have a beautiful body, you must take care of it by eating healthy, drinking lots of water, sleeping the right hours according to your age range. Maintaining your exercise routine depends on your body’s demands and perseverance since you will not have a beautiful body if you are not persistent.

However, having a sexy Physique is subjective, as it will depend on each person’s point of view. Even so, there are several ways to get a better body. This new article will reveal to you the best ways to achieve a body endowed with beauty. 

First of all, trainers usually recommend following an exercise routine or practicing some sport. However, despite being real, it is not entirely correct to get an hourglass shape body type. 

If you have an hourglass body shape, your bust and hips are roughly the same widths while having an impossibly tiny waist. Apart from practicing exercise, you must also maintain a balanced diet to obtain it.

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Having a beautiful body shape is probably every woman's dream. We long for dazzling and attractive body shape. However, having a sexy Physique is subjective, as it will depend on each person's point of view, even so, there are several ways to get a better body. In this new article, we will reveal to you the best ways to achieve a body endowed with beauty.  First of all, trainers usually recommend following an exercise routine or practicing some sport. However, despite being real; it is not entirely correct. Apart from practicing exercise, you must also maintain a balanced diet. Read the complete article on #followme #fashionmodel #beautifulmodel #followgirls #cutelady #cutestyle #stylelady #москва #stylishgirl #msk #hot #model #wonderful #hermosa #body10 #preciosa #bonita #mujer10 #xtarsphoto #linda #woman10 #cuerpo10 #sexygirl #beautiful #workout #body #fit #gym #pretty #topmodel

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Food is essential to preserve your body’s shape and health; as you well know, your body absorbs the nutrients you eat and distributes them in a certain way to all the functions of your body and organism.

A poorly balanced diet or excessive calorie intake negatively affects your body’s performance. Usually, the most noticeable effects are sedentary life, inflammation, insomnia, tiredness, stomach and intestinal problems, and diabetes.

nice body shape

Our body takes its toll on us, and if we do not take care of it properly, it will end up damaging our life quality in time.

How to get a nice body shape

Here are a few tips that will certainly help you get a nice body.


It is essential that you exercise, apart from because you will get a good body, you have a lot of other reasons:

  • Exercise relieves the tense muscles that supported our pose during the night. 
  • It also helps us to maintain the flexibility of our tissues.
  • Also, it improves nerve communication between the body and brain.
  • It helps supply ample oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body. We can also improve the health of the lungs by exercising every day. The lung’s ability to trap oxygen and eliminate other gases remains intact with regular exercise.

Control your heartbeat

Pulsations? Yes, you heard, right. If you want to lose weight to get the look you want, you don’t have to go for a run or work out 3 hours straight at the gym.

All fitness or bodybuilding people are looking for the ideal heart rate to lose weight. I repeat, do not kill yourself to run; our body does not work that way.

To lose fat, you must stay within a range of 60-65% of your maximum heart rate. 

If you want to know more about this, you can find it in our article “Step-by-step guide of how to BURN abdominal fat, special for women.”

Be positive

That is possibly one of the most critical points on the list. There will come the end when you start noticing exhaustion; that’s why you should always be motivated.

Keep in mind that if you persist in the guidelines, we give you the impressive and striking physique you want. Always think that you will succeed (even if you are in a low moment).

Motivation is essential to achieve your goals, and ours is to have a beautiful body shape.

I will leave you some routines to have a good body both at the gym and at home.

Keep stress at bay

A healthy body is less prone to fall prey to ill-effects of stress. Stress unnaturally tenses the muscles, impairs breathing, causes effects on the body’s vital organs, and affects the brain’s functioning.

So, staying calm on whatever life throws at you in the day is the best way to develop the habit of stress-relief. Diverting the thoughts, limiting to speak unnecessarily, meditation, etc. are effective ways to keep stress at bay.

Keep your spine straight.

Our posture is an essential part that we always neglect. The spinal cord is where all the nerve ends begin. So, keeping a straight spine is like excellent service to your body.

Also, the spinal column is essential to support ourselves. A healthy spine mimics a healthy and beautiful shape.

Our spinal cord is the next important thing in the body after our brain. We should keep it straight while standing, walking, and sitting to keep nerves healthy.

Incline towards creativity

There is no better way to keep your body and brain young and beautiful than increasing your inclination towards creative things.

There are many ways to be creative, like painting, drawing, doodling, playing musical instruments, reading a book, solving puzzles, math, learning new things, etc.

Watch your circadian rhythm

We know that we need daily 7-8 hours of sleep. But, many of us are unaware of the circadian rhythm of the body.

The circadian rhythm helps us to fall asleep at the right time and wake up in the morning at the right time. So, developing a habit to sleep and wake up at the same time will set your circadian rhythm.

The benefits of the right circadian rhythm are innumerable. And, it is of utmost importance for a healthy and beautiful body.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to be a great way for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to get in shape.

This type of cardio workout requires you do short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest which means that it is suitable for those who are just starting their fitness journey up to the most advanced athletes out there!

Drinking water

Nothing is more critical than water after oxygen. So, drink at least 250 ml of water as soon as you wake up. It will replenish the water lost during the night.

Hydrating the body should be the first task of ours.

Afterward, drink at least 2-3 liters of water in an entire day to keep your body hydrated. Proper hydration will help the body to repair itself while you are sleeping. It also assists in releasing nutrients in the bloodstream.

Limit caffeine

Many of us are prone to drink several cups of coffee or tea in a day. If we look at caffeine’s properties, it is a natural stress reliever, enhances mood, and makes us feel energetic.

But, a side effect is inevitable if we take more than the needed amount. It is not a way to relieve stress or to avoid sleepiness. Caffeine is just a booster dose for morning and evening. It is also unhealthy to drink coffee or tea on an empty stomach.

Avoid Sodas

The primary reason to avoid soda is it contains pressurized carbon-di-oxide, which is a hazardous gas. Secondly, it

The primary reason to avoid soda is it contains pressurized carbon-di-oxide, which is a hazardous gas. Secondly, it includes an ample amount of sugar, preservatives, pesticides, and caffeine.

To eliminate 250 ml of soda’s effect, you will need to jog for at least 30 minutes without rest. It can destroy all your hard work to having a beautiful and healthy body. There is no way your body can remain healthy while your drink soda every day.

Quit Smoking

And, smoking is a way to increase your chances of critical illness. There is no small amount of tobacco which our body can handle.
Smoking only mimics a relief from stress, but it leads to more pressure than you want.

Also, it will destroy your body’s ability to trap and release oxygen. Moreover, smoking helps many toxic gases to enter your body.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is a beverage which attributed to maintaining a healthy, beautiful body. But when doctors said that about alcohol, people used to drink it way less than we drink today.

A daily intake of alcohol is like drinking a hazardous chemical. It relieves stress as soon as it hits our brain. But, as soon as our body filters it out, we feel more stressed and tired.

Also, if the body is busy eliminating alcohol or chemicals of tobacco, it will start maintaining the body.

Eat properly

eat healthy food to have a nice body shape

To obtain the desired body, you must know how to maintain a perfect balance diet; without abusing what you ingest, remember that you are what you eat. In addition to this, the following information will help you combine it with any active exercise routine.

Although many foods can help you achieve a better body shape, we will leave you the most common foods, recommended, and most likely to adapt to your lifestyle.

We will group three segments to present you with a better understanding of the foods you should be eating and their effects on your body.

These segments are:

  • Proteins.
  • Fats.
  • Carbohydrates.

Breakfast is necessary

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. So, eating a breakfast that includes all the nutrients will help the body burn calories and energize it.

It prepares our bodies for the upcoming day’s tasks, including nutritious foods like eggs, fruits, germinated grains, milk, etc. is essential for the maintenance of the body.

Breakfast is also necessary for a healthy digestive system. It helps to eliminate toxins through the urine and excretion process.

Eat protein Food

protein intake is essential to build a good body shape

When we talk about proteins, we must emphasize that they are vital if you do some exercise. Proteins have as their primary function to generate body tissue in our body; in other words, proteins increase and optimize the musculature level you will gain.

Therefore, if you want to achieve a beautiful body, you must have enough protein in your body to achieve your goal.

There is an excellent variety of foods that will provide you with the necessary proteins that your body requires; here are the most recommended foods:

  • Eggs: Egg is one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods for your organisms by nature. It brings a high number of proteins like vitamins. The most protein part of the egg is white, whereas the more significant the fat, it contains the yolk. Experts recommend it; make egg omelets with two egg whites and yolk. 
  • Milk and dairy products: Another of the healthiest foods by nature, milk, and its effects are quite beneficial to your body. The cheese is quite pleasant and healthy. We recommend you to combine with your different types of food.
  • Red meat and white meat: Red meat is the one that most increases our musculature, as it has the highest concentration of protein, while white meat is responsible for toning and firming the body. It is recommended not to abuse red meat, as it brings with it a severe problem. This meat increases cardiovascular levels and expands the possibilities of suffering heart-related problems. A small example of red and white meats is Red meat: Beef, bull, pork, veal, sheep, lamb, and goat-meat. While for its part: White meat: Chicken meat, the meat of some poultry, such as turkey, hen, fish meat, and derivatives.
  • Nuts: Nuts have a unique characteristic; in their composition, they are very energetic foods, rich in fat and protein. Depending on the type of nut, it can also provide reasonable amounts of vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids.

Small lists of these fruits are:

  • The almonds.
  • Hazelnuts. 
  • Peanuts.
  • The nuts
  • The Sprockets.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Pumpkin seeds.
  • Legumes: Although they also classify them as nuts, they are one of the best nutritious foods by nature. It will bring to your body all the proteins necessary to tone, detail, and perfect your body. 

Include high-fat food in your diet

Eat good fats for a nice body

Fat; not only does it represent a negative side of our body, but it also means a very beneficial one. Fat goes hand in hand with calories, the source of energy our body needs to develop and optimize itself in the best possible way. That is necessary for our organism. However, there are two types of fats.

The most common fat is the one that we accumulate after a lousy diet; generally associated with street foods or very unhealthy, and the one that is recommended for when some exercise or sport is carried out are the healthy fats or natural fats:

  • Vegetable oil: Generally, when we prepare some food, such as lunch, we usually add condiments to increase its flavor and culinary style. For this reason, we use different types of oils, such as Olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and linseed oil. These oils are rich in fat, so they will give you a considerable increase in calories and, therefore, enough energy to continue with any specific routine. 
  • The Egg: Again, the egg enters as the right nutrition candidate. As we said before, egg whites attribute to a high protein level, while their yolk considerably increases our fat level. Eggs are completely natural; they provide us with vitamin supplies that the body needs, without representing a significant problem. 
  • Avocado: Avocado is a natural food that gives us an excellent, high level of calories. They highly recommend it if you need to gain energy and keep your health as well as possible. 

Don’t overdo with carbohydrate food

cereals to achieve the desired physique

Foods based on carbohydrates provide us with a relatively high energy source, in addition to being, by nature, a protein saver. In other words: Carbohydrates are a storehouse of energy reserves that are quickly mobilized to generate the missing energy when needed.

Foods that bring carbohydrate into their composition are:

  • Vegetables, whether raw or cooked: Vegetables are undoubtedly one of the richest and healthiest foods in the world. In their structure, they have components that bring beneficial effects to our bodies. We recommend adding in your menu some combinations of vegetables as Salad, milkshakes, etc. 
  • The whole grain: The effects that these cereals give us in our organism are beneficial. They are carriers of vitamins B1, B2, and B12, which means that they will provide us with large amounts of energy and help the muscle development in our body. 

We recommend you to include the following cereals in your daily menu:

  1. Rice.
  2. Wheat.
  3. Oatmeal.
  4. Spelled.
  5. Whole rice.


  • Starch: Starch or starchy foods are fiber-rich foods found in bread, rice, pasta, cereals, and other byproducts. 

It is recommended to consume the following in this list:

  • Bread.
  • Pasta.
  • Rice.
  • Cereals.
  • Energy drinks.
  • Yogurt.
  • Fruit juices.
  • Potatoes.
  • Peas.
  • Corn. 
  • Fruits.
  • Milk.
  • The biscuits. 


There is no better way to detox the body than increasing the intake of green leafy vegetables and eating whole fruits instead of juice.

No crash diets and detox drinks are better than limiting meat and growing greens in your diet. It will gradually cleanse your body. Also, it will increase the metabolic rate to optimal.

Knowing this, depending on whether you are thin or overweight, you will change your diet concerning your metabolism. Next, we’ll explain this better:

What can I do to get a beautiful body if I’m skinny? 

How to have a nice body if you're thin

If you are a skinny woman, you must bear in mind that to achieve the desired shape, it will mean that you must gain weight or muscle mass.

If you want to achieve this, it is imperative to increase the number of calories you eat each day.

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It is imperative to increase the calories we eat with healthy foods. If we don’t, we’ll gain fat and get flabby flesh.

We recommend that you distribute these calories in at least five small meals for greater effectiveness.

I also want to tell you that being “pretty or beautiful” is subjective. Inevitably there will be many men who consider you that way, even if you don’t believe it. It all depends on each person, so it doesn’t mean you’ll have to gain weight or lose it to reach your goal.

Still, if you want to gain a few pounds, remember to maintain a diet based on foods that provide these extra calories you need. For more information, visit our article on: How do I calculate the calories I should eat?

However, for a better understanding and clarity about what we are talking about, we will now present a graphic that reveals the ideal weight we should have to maintain good health and the desired shape concerning our height and age.


ideal weight according to heigh chart

Taking into account this small graphic, we will show you another one, which will help you determine the number of calories you should eat if you are a thin person:

Underweight woman
Height(Underweight)Calories to eat
1,50 cm40,0 kg2166 kcal
1,52 cm42,0 kg2206 kcal
1,54 cm43,0 kg2230 kcal
1,56 cm44,0 kg2253 kcal
1,58 cm45,0 kg2277 kcal
1,60 cm46,0 kg2300 kcal
1,62 cm47,0 kg2324 kcal
1,64 cm48,0 kg2348 kcal
1,66 cm49,0 kg2371 kcal
1,68 cm50,0 kg2395 kcal
1,70 cm52,0 kg2435 kcal
1,72 cm53,0 kg2459 kcal
1,74 cm54,0 kg2476 kcal
1,76 cm55,0 kg2499 kcal
1,78 cm57,0 kg2546 kcal
1,80 cm58,0 kg2570 kcal

Also, we always recommend you to use the Harris-Benedict calorie calculator. There you will know what you should eat according to your physical activity, age, and current weight.

We always recommend using this calculator to get the most accurate information about your daily intake needs.

Also, if you want a definitive guide to what foods to consume to reach the calories you need healthily. We leave the ultimate guide the article How to calculate calories to gain or lose weight.”

What can I do to get a beautiful body if I am fat or overweight?

What to eat if you're fat in order to have a nice body

Following the previous structure, we explain again that beauty is not only how we think we look. Some people consider “beautiful” or “pretty” women who are a bit curved or chubby.

The same thing happens with thin women. Indeed you are the envy of many.
However, if you are determined to lose weight, we will present you with a small chart on the level of calories you will need to eat if you want to lose weight.

Demonstration chart explaining the number of calories you should eat with moderate physical activity.
HeightWeight (In Overweight)Calories to consume
1,50 cm63,0 kg1892 kcal
1,52 cm64,7 kg1918 kcal
1,54 cm66,4 kg1944 kcal
1,56 cm68,1 kg1970 kcal
1,58 cm69,9 kg1992 kcal
1,60 cm71,7 kg2018 kcal
1,62 cm73,5 kg2053 kcal
1,64 cm75,0 kg2077 kcal
1,66 cm77,2 kg2109 kcal
1,68 cm79,0 kg2137 kcal
1,70 cm80,0 kg2154 kcal
1,72 cm82,0 kg2184 kcal
1,74 cm84,8 kg2224 kcal
1,76 cm86,7 kg2253 kcal
1,78 cm88,7 kg2283 kcal
1,80 cm90,7 kg2304 kcal

As shown in this graphic, all those who perform daily physical activity, including household chores or moving objects, tend to be considered a physical demand routine.

Now, having seen all these points, we can tell you the following:

  • Everything will depend on how much you take care of your body based on adequate foods. 
  • Eat healthy foods to get the calories you need.
  • We also recommend that you eat at least five meals a day. That will help reduce anxiety and hunger.
  • Finally, remember that you should use the Harris-Benedict calculator for a more accurate calculation of the calories you should eat. In it, you’ll know what you need to eat according to your age, physical activity, and weight.

As we explained before, according to what you eat, that’s how you’ll look. If you abuse what you consume, don’t expect to have a voluptuous and toned shape.

On the other hand, if you believe that not eating almost anything will help you lose weight, you are wrong.

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What do I have to eat to get a beautiful body shape? Nutritional value of the most consumed foods.

First, we will start with the most common and generally, most consumed foods:

Junk Food

Kcal (Kilocalorías) per 100 g
Cheeseburgers260 Kcal
French fries539 Kcal
Nutella547 Kcal
Chocolate Cookies525 Kcal
Pizza margarita230 Kcal
Hamburger with double meat550 Kcal
Donuts512 Kcal


Kcal (Kilocalorías) per 100 g
Sausages375 Kcal
Chicken breast75 Kcal
Beef94 Kcal
Lamb178 Kcal
Salami507 Kcal
Ham335 Kcal
Bacon645 Kcal
Beefsteak115 Kcal
Minced beef212 Kcal
Buttock fillet162 Kcal
Pork fillet171 Kcal
Pork fat meat311 Kcal
Lean pork meat143 Kcal
Pork Schnitzel105 Kcal
Vienna Sausage375 Kcal


Kcal per 100 g
Pita bread290 Kcal
Bretzel217 Kcal
Whole Wheat Tortilla170 Kcal
Croissant393 Kcal
Naan290 Kcal
Baguette248 Kcal
Pumpernickel181 Kcal
Whole wheat bread244 Kcal
Chapata333 Kcal
Cinnamon roll384 Kcal

Kcal per 100 g
Eggplant24 Kcal
Cauliflower25 Kcal
Broccoli35 Kcal
Mushrooms22 Kcal
Chilli pepper40 Kcal
Green peas82 Kcal
Lettuce14 Kcal
Cucumber15 Kcal
Kale49 Kcal
Carrot36 Kcal
Potato86 Kcal
Kohlrabi27 Kcal
Pumpkin19 Kcal
Leek31 Kcal
Corn108 Kcal
Chard19 Kcal
Pepper21 Kcal
Fruits:Kcal (Kilocalories)
Apple52 Kcal
Pear55 Kcal
Pineapple55 Kcal
Banana88 Kcal
Blackberry43 Kcal
Strawberry32 Kcal
Melon54 Kcal
Tangerine50 Kcal
Mango62 Kcal
Watermelon30 Kcal
Grapes70 Kcal
Lemon35 Kcal

Again we emphasize; that for more information, visit our article of: How do I calculate the calories I should eat?

It all depends on how much you eat; we recommend eating healthy foods wisely and staying away from all those foods that bring long-term adverse effects to your body.

If your body does not expel the excess fat, it will concentrate it and store it safely, Fat tissuesThat will cause your body to become deformed and acquire an unfavorable shape. 

How do Victoria’s Secret models get their bodies? 

To achieve a desirable body, we must follow a series of routines or exercises designed for this purpose. It would be best if you gained motivation and perseverance to move forward. Remember that things like this take time.

Your body needs its time to change, evolve, and develop. However, with this series of exercises and food presented for your consumption, you can acquire a gorgeous and attractive body in a short time.

Here is a series of movements that you must follow strictly to achieve your goal:

How long should I work out?

According to the American Heart Association, to achieve an aesthetic and healthy body, you should perform at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise with moderate intensity or 75 minutes a week of intense aerobic exercise. It also recommends incorporating bodybuilding or resistance exercises two days a week.

Here is a series of movements that you must follow strictly to achieve your goal:

Exercises to get an incredible body shape in the gym

When we go to a gym, we will generally follow our instructor’s instructions and recommendations or professional experts on the subject. However, here are some exercises you can do in a gym to gain incredible shape

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We highly recommend dividing the workout into two parts:

  • Monday and Thursday legs and glutes.
  • Tuesday and Friday upper body.
  • Rest on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday (you can do aerobics if you want).

Workout plan to get a nice body shape at the gym

MondayLegs and glutes
TuesdayUpper body
Thursday Legs and glutes
FridayUpper body

We’re going to leave you a few exercises that you can do on the first and second day. That is an excellent workout, but we always recommend changing it every two months for greater effectiveness.

Our body quickly gets used to the exercises, so it is good to change our routine at the end of this period.

Now, we’ll leave you the exercises for this routine.

Legs and glutes


Lunges for a perfect body shape

This exercise is terrific to work for the whole area of the glutes and thighs and glutes.

  • Do three sets of 10 lunges with each leg.
  • Use a moderate weight that allows you to finish all the repetitions.
  • Rest 1 minute between sets.


one leg squats for getting a nice body

It is a great exercise to tone our whole legs and buttocks. Besides, if you need to give volume to this area, putting a relatively heavyweight for us, you will get it.

  • Perform three sets of 10 repetitions with each leg.
  • Use a moderate weight if you want to harden the area. If you need volume, we recommend that you put a weight that costs you enough to move, but that allows you to complete all the repetitions.
  • Rest 1 minute between sets.


Sumo style deadlift

This exercise is one of those that can not miss in a leg and buttock workout, in addition to being a classic, is very efficient.

  • You have to do three sets of 10 repetitions each.
  • Use a moderate weight and correct technique.
  • Don’t arch your back; do it like in the picture.
  • Rest 1 minute between each set.


deadlift stiff legs to get the body you want

This exercise is very similar to the previous one, but you should not handle as much weight as the previous one. That’s because it’s one more concentration exercise.

  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Use a moderate weight.
  • Stretch your legs on the way down.
  • It is vital that at the end of the upward movement, you squeeze your glutes and legs.
  • Rest a minute between sets.


Abductors important for your body shape

This exercise is essential, and it will strengthen the inner part of our thighs.

  • Perform three series of 15 repetitions.
  • Use a moderate weight. Don’t injure yourself by lifting excessive weight.
  • Squeeze your thighs when you put them together.
  • Rest 1 minute between sets.


External gluteus, shape your glutes for an attractive body

This exercise will give your buttocks a feeling of being more rounded and toned. It will help you have a beautiful shape.

  • Like the other exercises, three series of 10 repetitions.
  • It uses a moderate weight. You can’t drive at twice the speed of the road you’re on.
  • Rest 1 minute between sets.


calf press machine for Toning your legs

Exercise necessary to round and tone the calves. If we don’t give them a little shape, our legs will look disproportionate.

  • Three sets of 25 repetitions. You have to do high repetitions because the calf is a muscle that works a lot daily. It’s perhaps one of the most active tissues in the body.
  • Use a weight that allows you to reach the marked repetitions.
  • In the eccentric part of the exercise (low part, when you stretch), you have to go down from the 90º angle, just like in the image.
  • In the concentric part of it (when you go up), you have to squeeze your calves.
  • Rest 1 minute between sets.

Upper Body


Lat pull down for toning your upper body

In this exercise, you will work the muscles of your back. That will help you have a more toned back. You will also get your back gradually more upright. That will make your body look more proportionate. Besides, by having a straighter back, your breasts will rise more, giving you a magnificent front view.

  • Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Stretch your arms as far as possible at the top of the exercise.
  • When you go down, pull with your elbows, this will make your back work, not your biceps.
  • Use a moderate weight.
  • Rest a minute between series.


dumbbell bench press

In this exercise, we will work out the pectoral muscles. They are essential so that your bust looks higher and turgid.

  • Three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Use a weight that allows you to complete the 15 repetitions.
  • Stretch down and squeeze when you get to the top in motion.
  • Rest 1 minute between series.


Shoulder raises for your upper body


Who hasn’t ever worn a word of honor dress? This exercise will round your shoulders a little, giving you a much slimmer appearance.

  • Do three sets of 10 repetitions each.
  • Use a lightweight with which you can perform repetitions without having to balance your body.
  • When you raise your arms, go up with your shoulders, concentrate on them.
  • Rest 1 minute between series.


triceps dips

In this machine will not be necessary to lift your body weight, do the movement with a moderate load to correctly complete all the repetitions. This exercise will help tone your arms and prevent them from sagging.

  • Do three sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Use a moderate weight. Don’t abuse.
  • Rest 1 minute between series.


biceps curl

This exercise is vital to have toned arms, like the previous one, will help your arms not to be dropped.

  • Perform three sets of 10 repetitions each.
  • Use a moderate weight.
  • Stretch as much as possible on the descent and squeeze the biceps at the top of the movement.
  • Rest a minute between series.

Exercises to get an incredible model body at home.

Going to a gym isn’t necessarily the only way to exercise or follow a specific exercise routine. You can do them at home, too!

We also have to tell you that, by not using weight, it is crucial to achieving absolute effectiveness that:

  • You have to stretch in the eccentric or negative part of the exercise.
  • Squeeze in the concentric or positive aspect of the movement (when you contract the muscle).

Next, we’ll leave you with a series of efficient exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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We are going to recommend you, as in the previous routine, to divide the body workout into two parts:

  • Monday and Thursday, legs, and glutes.
  • Tuesday and Friday upper body.
  • You have to rest on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can do aerobics if you want.

Workout routine plan to get a nice body shape at home

MondayLegs and glutes
TuesdayUpper body
ThursdayLegs and glutes
FridayUpper body

Legs and glutes


One leg rise lunges for getting a model body

In this exercise, you will work the whole area of the legs and buttocks.

  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.
  • You have to rest 30 to 45 seconds between sets.


jumping squats

That is another excellent exercise to work the lower part of your body.

  • Perform three sets of 15 repeats.
  • You have to rest 30 to 45 seconds between sets.


sumo squats

This type of squat is a variant of the conventional squats but with your legs more wide open.

  • Perform three sets of 15 repetitions each.
  • Rest 45 seconds between series.


leg lifts

In this exercise, you will work your glutes in a more specific way. It will help you to round them and give them a more beautiful shape.

  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.
  • Rest 45 seconds between series.


frog kicks for getting a nice model butt

Like the previous one, this exercise is great for working the whole buttock area.

  • Perform three sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.
  • Rest 1 minute between series.


glute bridge, chape your body

Another excellent exercise for your ass, it’s one of the basics, so it’s terrific if you want results.

  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Rest 1 minute between series.


This exercise is essential to complete the aesthetics of our legs. If we don’t have a little shape in our calves, our legs will look ugly.

  • Perform three sets of 30 repetitions. If it’s too easy, go up to 40.
  • Remember that you have to do a lot of repetitions because it is a powerful muscle that works every day when we walk.
  • Rest 1 minute between series.

Upper Body


weightless biceps curl

This exercise is crucial to tone our arms and make them look firm instead of flabby.

  • Three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Remember to stretch on the eccentric part of the exercise and squeeze on the concentric movement.
  • Rest 30 seconds between sets.


triceps dips with front kick

In this movement, you will work the triceps helping your arms not to drop or look flaccid.

  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Rest 30 seconds between sets.


overhead press

Here you will work your shoulders, this will help you improve the aesthetics of your front body.

  • Perform three sets of 20 repetitions.
  • Rest 30 seconds between sets.


Palm press

In this exercise, you work your chest, when you put your palms together and squeeze them, you contract your pectoral muscles. That is a perfect isometric exercise that will help you to have a more elevated and turgid chest.

  • Do three series squeezing palms counting to 30 and pressing all the time.
  • Rest 30 seconds between sets.


push ups

Another fantastic exercise for working your chest and arms. If you can’t complete the stipulated repetitions, you can lean on your knees and make the same movement.

  • Perform three sets of 8 repetitions each.
  • Rest 45 seconds between series.



In this exercise, you will work out your back muscles. This movement will contribute to a straighter back and better posture when walking.

  • Three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Rest 45 seconds between series.



Another excellent exercise for your back, it will contribute to your spine being straight and having less back pain.

  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Stretch on the eccentric part and squeeze on the concentric movement.
  • Rest 45 seconds between series.



Here you will work the triceps and the dorsal muscles, being the last exercise of the routine put all the effort and encouragement.

  • Perform three sets of 15 repeats.
  • Rest 45 seconds between series.

How to maintain a beautiful body shape?

To maintain a desirable and attractive body, you must take into account the following circumstances:

  • You must maintain a perfect balance between what you usually eat and the frequency of your physical activity. Remember that you can calculate this easily.
  • Your body wastes and consumes energy quickly. The more agitated you are, so depending on your exercise level and the frequency at which you perform it, your body will ask you for food to recover the lost energy.

We also recommend that you eat five meals a day (this is very important), it will help you reach the calories you need, and you will not go hungry.

What does it mean to be pretty or beautiful?

Beauty is also in our mind and attitude

Being pretty is very relative; for a person, a pretty woman is visually attractive physically. However, for others, a beautiful woman is sentimentally and emotionally sweet, with personality, friendly, and warm.

Physics is the first thing we will always see with the naked eye, so we must maintain physical aesthetics as high as possible, keeping our shape above everything. However, we must also grow internally. Physical beauty isn’t always everything!

Attitude is what our soul shows, and it is how we conduct ourselves to the rest of the world. While physical appearance is the first thing people see of us in the beginning, when they speak to us and seek to know us, that is where we’ll show who we are.

Let’s remember to be humble and kind in the first place! That makes us human, and physical beauty declines with time; however, inner beauty is eternal and will always last in everyone’s memory.

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You can get the pretty body you dream of.

We conclude that: Being beautiful is something relative. It depends on each person who sees us and thinks about us. However, we can have an incredible body shape, which dramatically increases our beauty.

For others, we may not be pretty, but for other groups, we are. We must have something vital in mind; no matter how hard we try to be or do something, there will always be a group of people who will not accept such a thing.

To achieve an incredible body shape, you must have motivation and perseverance. You will look like Victoria’s Secret model.

Also, you should follow everything seen and recommended in this article, as well as keep this very much in mind:

  • Eat lots of healthy foods.
  • Drink plenty of water; we recommend you to drink cold and indispensably filtered and boiled. 
  • Drink juices and eat fruits.
  • Eat vegetables.
  • Get proper sleep. The more energy you lose, the more hours of sleep you need to recover what you missed!
  • Maintain an exercise routine according to your body’s demands! 
you can get a nice body

Remember, you’re gorgeous, but you’re going to be even more!

Article reviewed and approved by Dr. Nataniel Josué Alvarez. Medical Doctor graduated from Medical School Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda Área Ciencias de la Salud. •Awarded winner IV Science Fair of Research Methodology – April 2012 •Recipient of Asesor Estudiantil Institucional Scholarship •Thesis: Relationship Between Parasitosis, Anemia and Hygiene Habits in patients aged 20 yo 70 years old in Amuay, municipality of Los Taques, Falcón State, Venezuela •Thesis: Intervention Plan in Rural Healthcare in Monte Verde and La Puntica sectors, of the Amuay Community, Los Taques parish, Los Taques municipality, of the Falcón State, Venezuela. During the period March 2018 – July 2018