Step-by-step guide of how to BURN abdominal fat, special for women

How to reduce abdominal fat in women

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M.D.

How to reduce abdominal fat in women? Indeed, at some time, you have tried to find an answer, some advice, or the best solution to lose the belly fat. There are several methods, information, or training to eliminate belly fat. However, many times, we make many mistakes and end up repeating the same exercise over and over again. That happens because we believe that we will burn fat doing this. In this new article, we will tell you how you can eliminate belly fat.

you can reduce belly fat

You can get rid of abdominal fat and the rest of the body's fatty tissues. You have to follow a specific abdominal exercise routine, an aerobic exercise program three times a week, and a balanced diet rich in proteins and healthy fats, avocado, or olive oil.

What do we mean by that?

In simpler terms, you have to do some exercise in the area you want to tone up. In this case, the abdomen, you will be able to eliminate fatty tissue in little time.

You should also follow a recommended diet to take care of your nutrition and the elements your body requires. The food you eat will be vital to losing fat, or in its absence, eliminate excessive fat.

The body retains all the fat that you have not been able to eliminate. That's why we'll tell you the basics to keep in mind.

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What do you have to eat to lose belly fat?

Foods are the protagonists when it comes to governing how our bodies will look and behave. Some girls don't need to exercise to look attractive.

Many times, some of us look radiant and beautiful without ever having touched an exercise routine in our lives.
But why is this? It's simple; the kind of food you feed your body will make it thin or prone to weight gain. Depending on your metabolism, your body will adapt to sudden changes when you eat food.

We will give you several recommendations that you must consider to manage to expel all that fat from your body and belly.

Recommendations to eliminate abdominal fat in women:

Follow a diet of foods rich in fiber, protein, and calories

These three protagonists are a crucial point when you eat any food. The grain helps to lose weight, proteins give us the ability to create tissue and withstand any sudden change in our body. Calories are the energies we require to perform any exercise.

Complement your diet with a specific training or exercise routine to burn belly fat

Part of the problem of removing grease is trying to locate it. Fat can accumulate in any part of the body. The legs and arms are also very susceptible to receive a large volume, thanks to fat!

As we said before, each type of exercise is useful in a specific area. If you want to tone your biceps and triceps, the right thing to do is lift dumbbells to give volume to your arms.

Likewise, if you're going to improve your legs or buttocks, a squatting routine can help. You can also eliminate abdominal fat by doing a specific abdominal workout.

Once you locate the area to be improved, a series of frequent exercises will help you burn all these accumulated fat. Similarly, a set of abdominal planks are quite useful in giving you a toned appearance.

Drink mineral water

Water is indisputably a vital aspect of our lives. But what no one knows is that water can help us lose weight and shape our body; you can add a glass of water to each food you consume in your everyday life.

scientific study conducted by the doctors M. C. Daniels and B. M. Popkin concluded that water intake helps burn fat and induce thermogenesis.

If you include this every time you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it will enormously increase fat burning.

Use your metabolism to your advantage

No one knows that the more you eat, the more your metabolism will work (i.e., it will be more active). That's why if you eat something light like a nutritious whole-grain cracker, a piece of fruit or a healthy snack will be great for your nutrition.

Your body will process the food you eat a while later. That will be in constant work. You can eliminate fat since your body is processing and working with something so simple.

It will begin to move or flow all that fat retained in the body. That, together with specific training or exercises, will make you burn all this.

Best exercises to reduce belly fat

To eliminate fat from the abdominal area, you have to follow a balanced diet and burn it doing exercise.

First of all, I have to tell you that burning fat in a localized way at a specific point is impossible.

Fat is lost proportionally throughout the body. When you have reached an optimal fat loss level, then your body begins to lose fatty tissue where you have more.

To achieve this, we have to divide the exercises into two groups when losing the fatty tissue in the abdominal area:

  • Cardio or aerobic exercises.
  • Specific exercises, in this case, for our belly area.

Cardio or aerobic exercises

do cardio

Cardio exercises are essential to burn that fat that we have in our "belly" and the rest of our body. We recommend that you do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio and a maximum of 1 hour. That will cause you to burn fat and not lose muscle mass.

You can combine the following exercises, and it is not necessary to spend an hour on the bike or the treadmill. Remember that the fundamental thing is to reach the optimal pulsations to burn the excess fat.

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Treadmill for reducing abdominal fat

This exercise is the most common when we go to the gym, and we can replace it by going for a walk. The most important thing, as we said before, is:

  • Reach the optimal heart rate for fat loss.
  • Do not walk for less than 30 minutes.

Elliptical machine

Elliptical machine for removing abdominal fat

This exercise is also great for burning excess fat and toning up your whole body. Remember that:

  • You have to reach the optimal pulsations to start burning fat.
  • Do this exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Stationary bicycle

use stationary bicycle

This exercise is another classic to get to lose fat and get in shape. If you prefer, you can go out with a standard bicycle and take a walk.

Specific exercises for the abdominal area



Do 3 sets of 25 repetitions.

Flutter kicks

Elevaciones alternando piernas

Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Abs leg rises

leg rises

Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Vacuums or hipopressive abs

This exercise will not cause you to lose abdominal fat, but it will reduce the size of the whole area of your belly.

The execution of this exercise will be like this:

  • First of all, you have to have an empty stomach. At least 2 or 3 hours without eating (newly raised is the best time).
  • Place your hands on your thighs and release all the air from your lungs.
  • Try inserting the guts inwards and then upwards as in the picture.
  • Hold for 20 seconds and then return to the starting position.
  • Do it three times a day.

Proper heart rate for burning tummy fat "Fat burning zone"

We will show you the best ways to start burning that extra fat in a scientifically proven method. You have to look for the "fat-burning zone."

First, I have to tell you that to start burning fat, and you don't have to kill yourself to run. Nor do cardiovascular exercises 2 hours in a row at a hellish pace.

If you do cardio or exercise at a heart rate of 80% of your capacity, you will get an unwanted effect. You will lose muscle mass and keep that hateful fat.

To start eliminating body fat, we recommend that you use a Smartwatch (there are very cheap ones) that measures your pulsations. You should not exceed the heart rate that will give the next subtraction.

smartwatch para perder grasa abdominal

How to calculate the maximum heart rate of our heart.

First of all, you should know that to lose fat and reach about 65% of your maximum heart rate.

You are going to calculate the maximum heart rate you have according to your age.

You have to subtract 220 minus your age. For example, if you are 39, your ideal heart rate would be 181 beats maximum.

For example, a 39-year-old woman would have to subtract 220-39. The maximum heart rate for this girl would be 181 beats per minute.

How to calculate the optimal heart rate for fat loss

Next, you are going to calculate the ideal pulsations that we must-have for optimal fat burning.

To calculate the ideal pulsations that you must have to start burning fatty tissue, you must use the following formula: Maximum frequency x 0.65.

For example, for this 29-year-old girl, her maximum frequency is 181. To get the optimal pulsations to start burning fat, we would do this operation 181×0.65=118.

However, you don't always need to try to be in 118 pulsations; that is impossible; you can vary slightly above or below.

Things you shouldn't do or should avoid abdominal care

Sugary drinks

Contrary to what people think, you can't be consuming so many exercise-oriented drinks. These energy drinks contain several amounts of sugars, which only worsens your organic system.

Sugar considerably increases the amount of fat our body accumulates. Therefore, if you want to diminish the abdominal volume that you currently have, you must stop consuming these drinks.

Repeating an exercise routine frequently is ideal if you want to achieve your goals.

Nutrition is also crucial in this aspect because depending on how much or how often you do the exercises, and you will burn the fat in a matter of minutes.

Of course, that does not mean that, in a few minutes, you will remove all the fat from your body.

It doesn't work like that, and you can start burning abdominal fat or general fat in minutes. That will depend on the type of exercise or physical effort you do, but you won't go from having a belly to not having it overnight.

The fat you will expel is very little compared to the abdominal fat you have accumulated. You can get rid of all this fat following our advice with perseverance and determination.

Eat the wrong amount of protein

Eat the right amount of protein
eat the right amount of protein


Protein is fundamentally necessary and beneficial for our body to function optimally. Like everything else in life, the excess is harmful, and extra proteins are no exception. These can become fat and accumulate in various parts of our body, especially in the belly area.

Abdominal fat is quite complicated to remove. After adhering to your body, this fat is annoying. We should try not to overeat because the more fat you accumulate, the more you will repeat the exercises to burn the fat attached to the abdomen.

For more information about the calories you should administer to your body, please visit our previous article about the calories I should eat.

Never skip breakfast

Have breakfast if you want to lose abdominal fat
never skip breakfast if you want to reduce belly fat

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of all. That is because you have spent hours without eating. Since the last time you went to bed, your body has suffered a state of rest. So, you must eat the corresponding amount of food to function and continue in optimal conditions.

If you ignore this, your belly will suffer the consequences, since your metabolism will carry all that food that you have entered sometime later (at lunch), and that will surely be heavy in terms of digestion.

The heavier the food, the fat will concentrate in the abdominal area and lead to an increase in your tummy volume. As we mentioned before, if you eat frequently, your metabolism will be in a constant digestion process, and therefore, it will take with it all that accumulated fat.

So when you think you don't need breakfast, think twice!

Follow the wrong exercise routine 

Perform a propper routine to lose abdominal fat
Perform the right routine to reduce abdominal fat

You have been practicing a training routine, and you have noticed that your abdomen has not changed at all. That is because the abdominal fat has been embedded for so long in your body that the exercise you engaged in will not help you.

You can continue this routine without any problem, but it is not the right to eliminate abdominal fat. One of the advice that we can give you is that you always visualize the effects of the exercises you perform have for their function.

In other words, if you want to eliminate abdominal fat, look for exercises that lowering the volume of abdominal fat. Remember that our body depends on many factors, including the number of times we perform an exercise to lose weight or tone.


Stress is an illness that goes unnoticed by almost everyone. For us, it is quite complicated to suffer the effects of stress. This state of mental exhaustion causes a too low performance at the time of doing some activity. If we have or suffer from constant anxiety, we will not continue with our training routine.

A lot of stress causes us to gain weight, gain more kilos, and generate unnecessary fat. What we recommend is to try to alleviate all the alterations that are negatively influencing our lives.

Eliminating stress is not as easy as saying it; it is best to visit a qualified expert or psychologist to help you suffer a similar situation.

Why should you eliminate belly fat.?

If you don't reduce abdominal fat, you'll become obese.
If you don't reduce abdominal fat, you'll become obese.


The most apparent or obvious cause that we obtain if we do not eliminate the excess fat is to gain weight. Indisputably, we will gain weight without being able to avoid it.

That is because fat accumulates in accumulations of fat in various parts of the body, in our belly and extensions, such as the arms and legs, so we will generate volume as we consume more fat.

Your health is a severe factor to take care of here; if you do not have the responsibility concerning this, your heart will be the first affected in the long run.

The abdomen is, in theory, the wall of your stomach. If the stomach changes, your tummy will change. You must maintain a perfect balance in what you ingest and supply to the stomach if you want to keep a good and toned belly.

The abdominal fat accumulates as time passes; avoid consuming foods that directly affect this growth because even if you exercise, you will delay your desired goal.

Blood pressure problems

controle your blood pressure
control your blood pressure

The accumulated fat level tends to directly affect the bloodstream's fluidity if your body begins to accumulate fat, which affects your health. In the long run, you could get cardiovascular problems.

Belly fat, being located very close to the lungs and heart, tends to stick to these organs, soon suffering the effects.

The most notorious problems are:

  • Breathing problems: Generally, having obstructed your lungs, the ability to breathe is reduced considerably, affecting the amount of oxygen you administer to your body.
  • Less physical endurance: After a while, you will begin to notice how your body tires faster with any low-demand exercise. That's why you won't be able to continue with a basic routine, much less a moderate one.
  • Accelerated pulsations: Both the frequency of your heart rate and the beatings will increase considerably each time you perform a necessary exercise, preventing you from continuing with the routine.
  • Problems with your heart: In the long term, if you don't try to eliminate all that fat from your abdomen, it will start to spread all over your body. Therefore, it will also affect your heart, and it will begin to take its toll, causing cardiovascular problems and increasing the probability of suffering a heart attack. Heart problems are any of the most deaths globally, associated with a bad diet caused by excess fat in the body.

Is it good to use body slimmers to reduce fat in our belly?

do body slimmers work?

Like many of our direct answers, this depends on many factors and how you try to use the girdle.

If you try to use the girdle to lose weight, it won't help much. The corset is effective against abdominal and muscular pains in the lower back. However, its contribution to losing pounds of fat is very low or almost non-existent.

To be sure, the first hand we can tell you that we don't recommend the use of abdominal girdles for exercise.

Even if you use a girdle to exercise, you would be increasing the likelihood of injury in the lower stomach and lower breasts. The corset puts pressure in this area, so you will leave some marks quite noticeable and even painful.

We recommend that if you want to eliminate fat with an exercise routine, try to make it as natural as possible. In other words, do it without any complications, since your body could be affected by these situations.


You can get a flat stomach

Abdominal fat, like any other type of fat, can spread and multiply greatly by our body. That happens because of the unhealthy foods we intake.

If you are sedentary and do not engage in any sport or exercise, you will be prone to accumulate fat in your body.

That's why we recommend you:

  • A balanced diet between foods rich in fiber and foods with protein.
  • Drink plenty of water every time you eat. The water helps to flow the food through the esophagus and better digestion.
  • Try to include healthy food throughout the day, such as fruits, healthy snacks, nutritious biscuits, or dietary snacks at snack intervals. Your body digests fat faster if you are continually working.
  • Have more meals (not too abundant and at least 5). That will help you process food better in your body and not increase your body's fat.
  • Aerobic exercise with the correct heart rate (65% of your maximum capacity). If you don't do this, you will burn glycogen instead of fat.
  • Do specific exercises to harden and tone the abdominal area.

If you also want to have a perfect abdominal area, we recommend that you read our article "How to have a flat and defined stomach."


You are beautiful, but you will be even more.


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