10 Best Walking Shoes for Women in 2023 (Honest Review)

Best walking shoes

Women love to walk, but we don't always have the best shoes for walking. 

We believe women deserve better and are on a mission to find them. Our extensive research has led us to these top 10 walking shoes for women!

These are our top choices for comfortable walking shoes for women. They are all great options, so it was hard to choose just ten!

All these brands make exceptional products that will keep you feeling your best while walking or hiking in their fantastic footwear!

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10 best walking shoes for women in 2023


HOKA ONE ONE, The best walking shoes for women

Are you a beginner running enthusiast looking for the perfect walking shoe to get your feet off the ground? Then, look no further than the HOKA ONE ONE!

Boasting quality cushioning that provides a comfortable, relaxed fit, this silhouette is designed to provide neutral footsteps and keep your feet feeling fresh. 

Cheerfully strut with environmentally conscious materials comprising a recycled upper and an elastic mesh grid to cradle your feet without impeding them. Don't forget the spacious tongue with ample padding or the forefoot area designed to preserve your Achilles heel. 

With an affordable price tag and quality craftsmanship, you can be sure you're getting what you pay for when using the HOKA ONE ONE.

Perfect for taking those first steps into walking and fitness or clearing your mind after a long day, don't miss out on this great deal today!

2- Nike React Pegasus Trail 4

This updated Nike Pegasus Trail 4 features a combination of React foam and Zoom Air unit in the heel and forefoot to ensure a good level of reactivity to move dynamically and fluidly on all kinds of trails.

At the midfoot, the Dynamic Fit system wraps the foot better, giving the shoe more secure and adaptive support.

In addition, the Gore-Tex membrane is a technological resource that will allow you to adapt better to the environment, keeping your feet fresh and dry from the beginning to the end of each mountain outing.

Its traction and high resistance are other aspects to consider.

The Nike react Pegasus Trail 4 is an excellent choice for those who seek a light and cushioned trail shoe with an excellent grip in the most demanding terrain.

It is the perfect choice for exploring the outdoors without sacrificing comfort, stability, and protection.

3- ASICS Fuji Lite 3

Asics Fuji Lite 3 walking shoes

The ASICS Fuji Lite 3 is a trail running shoe inspired by the Hinoki cypress tree, native to Mount Fuji, a symbol of strength and perseverance that they wanted to convey in the model.

This silhouette features a higher percentage of recycled textiles in the upper construction, reducing waste and reusing leftover resources.

This makes these shoes environmentally friendly while still delivering the same performance you expect from a brand like ASICS.

The ASICS Fuji Lite 3 features a revamped FlyteFoam midsole made from recycled materials. This lightweight foam offers shock absorption and propels your stride.

The ASICS Fuji Lite 3 is an excellent choice for trail walkers looking for a lightweight, flexible and environmentally-friendly shoe. With the FlyteFoam midsole and recycled materials, this silhouette ensures efficient cushioning and good grip on any terrain.

4- New Balance Nitrel v5

New Balance Nitrel v5, walking shoes

The New Balance Nitrel v5 is a trail running shoe that stands out for its excellent balance between cushioning and grip.

The DynaSoft foam in the midsole provides a more responsive level of cushioning because it can improve shock absorption and offer better fluidity in each step.

While the AT Tread system of the outsole is responsible for optimizing traction and grip on different terrains and increasing resistance.

The revamped New Balance Nitrel v5 features a new engineered mesh to ensure outstanding breathability and comfort.

The New Balance Nitrel v5 is an ideal option for those who need a trail walking shoe that balances cushioning, grip, and durability. You can explore all terrains with the assurance of maximum shock absorption and reliable traction.

5- Saucony Ride 15 TR

Saucony Ride 15

The Saucony Ride 15 TR is an all-terrain running shoe built for versatile performance. This shoe is perfect for running on asphalt, tracks, trails, or mountain terrain with little technical difficulty.

It features soft and ample cushioning and a light weight of just 250 grams in a European size 42.

The shoe is also very comfortable, with a rolling running shoe feel that hugs the foot well and offers good support. It also has a lugged outsole for a good grip on various terrains.

The Saucony Ride 15 TR is an ideal trail walking shoe for those who want a lightweight, comfortable and versatile option. It provides cushioning, a good grip on all terrain, and support to go out confidently to explore any adventure.

6- Salomon Ultra Glide

Salomon's Ultra Glide walking shoes

Salomon's Ultra Glide shoes are perfect for hiking and trail running. They have a good fit and grip, making them ideal for tackling any terrain.

They're also very comfortable, ensuring you can enjoy your hike or run to the fullest.

The upper of the Salomon Ultra Glide is made with a breathable mesh that is lightweight and durable and provides good support.

Its outsole features Contagrip technology for excellent traction on all surfaces, while the midsole has EnergyCell+ cushioning to provide outstanding shock absorption over long distances.

The Salomon Ultra Glide is an ideal trail walking shoe for those looking for a lightweight, comfortable and sturdy option that can handle any terrain. With the Contagrip outsole, EnergyCell+ cushioning, and breathable mesh upper, you get maximum performance with every step.

7- Merrell Moab Flight

Merrel Moab Flight

Merrell Moab Flight is a trail running shoe perfect for athletes who love nature and outdoor adventures. A FloatPro midsole and EVA technology ensure excellent cushioning capacity for impeccable shock absorption on the most uneven surfaces.

The upper features a breathable mesh upper and lacing made from recycled materials. Comfort, fit, and support are guaranteed.

The incorporated Vibram technology is a winning bet that ensures impeccable traction and grip, even on the most inaccessible terrain. In this case, the Vibram EcoDura rubber compound is included, which increases the shoe's durability and makes it an ideal option for ad hoc races or long-distance runs.

The Merrell Moab Flight is an excellent choice for trail walking thanks to its cushioning capacity, breathable mesh upper, and reliable Vibram outsole. You can confidently take on any terrain, knowing that your feet are supported and comfortable with every step.

8- Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 2

Ryka's Devotion Plus 2

Ryka's Devotion Plus 2 hiking shoes are designed with your unique foot shape and needs in mind. With RE-ZORB responsive cushioning, you'll enjoy impact protection and shock absorption with every step.

These shoes are made for women and provide a narrower heel, roomier toe box, and softer cushioning to give you the most comfortable hike possible.

The outsole features an all-terrain tread pattern that provides fantastic grip and traction on wet or dry surfaces, so you can confidently explore any terrain.

The Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 2 is the perfect trail walking shoe for women who want a comfortable and supportive fit. With RE-ZORB cushioning, an all-terrain outsole, and a great fit, you'll be able to take on any trail confidently.

9- Brooks Adrenaline Gts 22

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 walking shoes

The Adrenaline GTS 22 is the latest version of a shoe that runners have loved for years. The GuideRails System provides stability and support without restricting your feet.

The midsole offers high-energy cushioning, while the outsole gives you smoother runs than any other shoe from Brooks. This shoe can be worn anywhere from walking to cross-training, even at the gym, so you'll love its versatility.

The GuideRails System focuses on keeping your feet as healthy as possible through every step. The midsole offers just the right cushioning and support, while the outsole is made with a durable rubber for added traction.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is an excellent option for anyone that needs reliable, GuideRails support. Whether walking or running, these shoes will help keep your feet healthy and supported with every step.

10- Nike Pegasus 39

Nike Pegasus 39

It is introducing the latest edition of a running staple, the Nike Pegasus 39. Iconic, adaptable, and engineered for high performance—it's everything you could ever ask for in unbeatable style. 

Combining React foam and Zoom Air unit technology makes this shoe responsive, elastic, and lightweight, so you feel sure-footed mile after mile. It's designed for lasting comfort with a lightweight upper featuring Flywire lacing system technology that secures your foot with even lace pressure. 

The Pegasus 39's heel is designed to optimize landing and ease the transition of your foot from the heel to the toe—so you can enjoy your walk with maximum comfort guaranteed! 

Your walks are sure to be better than ever with these ingenious shoes on your side! So get ready to take on new challenges—the Nike Pegasus 39 will prove an indispensable running companion as you push toward peak performance.

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How to choose the best walking shoes for women?

Women's walking shoes come in shapes and sizes, so decide which is best for you. Of course, your foot shape and the type of walk you'll be doing will also affect your choice.

No matter what activity is on your schedule, we've assembled a list of the ten best walking shoes for women to help narrow your choices!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect pair of sneakers for your next walk:

  • Choose shoes that fit comfortably and have good arch support or flat feet. Your feet should feel snug in the shoes but not too tight or loose.
  • If you plan on walking on trails, ensure the shoes are sturdy enough to handle outdoor terrain. This sturdiness will ensure you're comfortable while you're out and about!
  • Different brands offer different heights of heel support. Choose a suitable pair for the heel height you prefer (for instance, a low heel is ideal for everyday use, while a high heel is better for special occasions).
  • Consider the climate in which you will be walking. For example, if it is hot and humid outside, you'll want a pair of shoes with good ventilation to keep your feet from getting too sweaty.

Bottom line: There's no need to suffer through mile two or three of your next walk.


The best walking shoe for women should provide excellent arch and heel support. They should also offer plenty of ventilation if the weather is hot and humid outside. It

How to make sure your walking shoes fit correctly?

A walking shoe that fits correctly will increase the comfort and pleasure of your walk.

The right pair of walking shoes can help protect you from foot problems such as blisters and hammertoes and prevent dangerous falls.

Here are a few tips to make sure your new walks feel great!

  • Do: Make sure there is about an inch of space between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  • Do: Walk around in them before you buy them!
  • Don't: Expect a new pair of walking shoes to feel perfect from the get-go. They will need time to break in.
  • Don't: Wear your walking shoes for other activities, such as running or biking. That will damage the shoes and decrease their lifespan.

How to take care of your walking shoes?

Taking care of your walking shoes is a quick and easy way to ensure they last long.

Here are a few tips:

  • Do: Clean them with a damp cloth after every use.
  • Do: Stuff them with newspaper or other absorbent material to keep them dry while not wearing them.
  • Don't: Wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row! That can irritate your feet and damage the shoes.
  • Don't: Use harsh chemicals on your walking shoes, such as bleach or solvents. These chemicals can damage the shoes and make them less comfortable to wear.

Bottom line: A little TLC can go a long way in keeping your walking shoes in excellent condition!


Take care of your walking shoes by cleaning them with a damp cloth after every use, stuffing them with newspaper or other absorbent material to keep them dry when you're not wearing them, and avoiding harsh chemicals.

Benefits of the practice of active walking

The practice of active walking offers many beneficial health and wellness advantages.

It improves cardiovascular fitness

It is a low-impact exercise that can improve overall cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, and strengthen muscles in the legs, hips, and abdomen. By actively engaging your muscles while you walk, it helps to increase metabolism, aiding in weight loss and management. Additionally, walking has reduced the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

It improves coordination

Active walking also helps improve coordination between the legs, arms, and torso for better posture. This can help reduce lower back pain due to limited movement.

Furthermore, it has been linked to improved moods by releasing endorphins that act as natural painkillers and calm serotonin levels.

This can promote better mental well-being and support better sleep patterns, leading to more energized days. 

It improves flexibility

Moreover, walking allows for greater flexibility in places to do it, such as on trails or urban landscapes, without requiring extra equipment or space.

This makes it a cost-effective and time-efficient exercise without special skills or training. Additionally, it will help you build relationships with nature by appreciating wildlife around you while providing some quiet moments away from everyday stresses.

FAQ about walking shoes

What are the best walking runners for ladies?

The HOKA ONE ONE is an excellent option for ladies seeking a supportive, comfortable walking runner. It has quality cushioning and a relaxed fit to keep your feet feeling fresh during walks.

What are the best walking jogging shoes for women?

The Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 provides the reactivity and fluidity needed for walking or jogging on trails. Its Zoom Air unit cushions every step, while the Dynamic Fit system wraps the foot for adaptive support.

What are some good walking sneakers for women?

The New Balance Women's DynaSoft Nitrel V5 has great cushioning and traction, making it a good walking sneaker.

The Saucony Women's Ride 15 TR is also excellent for walking, with its lightweight feel, cushioning, and grip on various terrains.

What are the best women's walking shoes for exercise?

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 has GuideRails support to keep your feet healthy during exercise walks. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is also great for exercise walking, with its responsive cushioning and smooth heel-to-toe transition.

What are the best women's long-distance walking shoes?

For long-distance walking, cushioning and support are key. The ASICS Fuji Lite 3 has a FlyteFoam midsole for shock absorption over miles. The Salomon Ultra Glide also has EnergyCell+ cushioning to provide comfort on long walks.

What are the best women's walking sneakers for 2023?

Based on comfort, support, traction, and innovative features, the HOKA ONE ONE, Nike React Pegasus Trail 4, New Balance DynaSoft Nitrel V5, and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 are among the best women's walking sneakers for 2023.

The bottom line

You've read this far, so you know the best walking shoes are Asics Gel-Nimbus 23, Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes, Adidas Cloudfoam Pure, New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1, and Brooks - Adrenaline GTS 21.

Now that you have all of this information in one place at your fingertips with our blog post about what makes for good walking shoes to buy online, don't waste any more time.

Find out which shoe is perfect for your needs by reading our articles on these topics or buying a pair today!