Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Tea the Magic Combination

bay leaf and cinnamon tea

Bay leaf and cinnamon tea will work for you to lose weight and be healthier. The taste of bay leaves is one of the trends that has revolutionized the world of teas.

Combining the bay leaf with cinnamon has made it the perfect blend for health. Unfortunately, many people did not pay much attention in the past when grandmothers gave us these teas as we did not see them as necessary.

The combination of cinnamon with bay leaves improves the body's metabolism. It is also highly effective in reducing uric acid levels and increasing waste elimination through urine. It is also effective at controlling blood sugar levels. (Reliable sources one*2*3*)

Nowadays, things have changed. Younger people are the ones who look for remedies using the fresh leaves of different plants since we know what will work. In the case of bay leaves, we use them regularly in recipes. They are an incredible seasoning for cooking.

Cinnamon is also something that is no longer overlooked. It is used in many things, whether in foods, sweets, or medicinal remedies. Combining bay leaf tea with cinnamon will have a perfect treatment for various medicinal uses.

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Where does Bay Laurel come from?

The famous Bay tree comes from a shrub that grows in the Mediterranean area, where you can find it in abundance. However, it is usually used more for gastronomy, especially as a condiment and as an ornament in food.

It is such sought-after thanks to its incredible, penetrating aroma, and any food you prepare with it will be infused with its wonderful smell.

You can use fresh bay leaves with many recipes, but we commonly prepare them as an infusion. However, you should not overuse this tea. It is beneficial for our body but not consumed in excess.

The California bay leaf is a beautiful evergreen tree that can grow up to twelve meters tall. It's native from California, covering most parts in the range- extending into Oregon and Nevada!

The plant belongs to the family Lauraceae, too; they're known for their berries (which contain vitamin C). The scientific name for this species would be Umbellularia californica.

West Indian bay leaf (Ficus microcarpa.) The evergreen tree can grow up to 10 meters with a trunk as straight and grey bark that leaves out on it in circular crowns of varying sizes depending on if they're male or female specimens, respectively!

Bay leaf tea benefits 

bay leaf and cinnamon tea

What is bay leaf tea good for? The humble bay leaf tea is one of the most used remedies due to its multiple health benefits in our bodies. However, we cannot say that it only relieves a specific organ. It has many benefits that I will explain here.

It is beneficial for the stomach.

Bay laurel tea is fantastic for fixing stomach problems. It is one of the best natural remedies. Bay leaves prevent heartburn, prevent colic, and many other pains we feel in the stomach.

Thanks to its high cineol and eugenol content, it is helpful, suitable for stomach problems.

Laurel tea is recommended for eating problems as it significantly improves appetite. Experts recommend a cup of laurel tea before each meal. In addition, if you are a person who suffers from flatulence, laurel tea will substantially reduce it.

It is beneficial for our lungs and gallbladder.

Bay leaf tea is terrific for our lungs and gallbladder thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic, and expectorant properties. These properties are so excellent and effective that we usually use them to treat respiratory diseases.

It is practical to treat diseases such as flu, bronchitis, or pharyngitis, and we should not be afraid to use it. In addition, laurel tea is effective for the total expulsion of bile retained in the gallbladder. Therefore, we can say that laurel tea also has a cholagogue effect on our gallbladder.

It is good for our kidneys.

Bay laurel tea is terrific for our kidneys as it effectively eliminates fluids from our bodies. It is well known for how well it cleanses the kidneys, removes fluids, and dramatically reduces uric acid levels throughout our body.

The best remedy for those who find it difficult to lose weight due to fluid retention is bay leaf tea consumption; it is remarkably effective for weight loss.

It is amazingly effective in fighting free radicals

Bay leaf and cinnamon tea help fight free radicals that affect our body thanks to their antioxidant properties. In addition to this, laurel tea is an excellent vitamin C source, which helps protect your entire immune system.

Thanks to these antioxidant properties, it also improves the appearance of the skin. In addition, drinking laurel tea is impressive at improving the healing time of wounds on our skin, which helps avoid infections.

But the best of all is its high content of folic acid, which is ideal if you are pregnant, it will help your baby develop and generate new cells.

Cinnamon properties

Cinnamon is a bark most commonly used to enhance the flavor of food. But it is also excellent for our body thanks to its medicinal properties.

Cinnamon is wonderfully relieving for all kinds of digestive problems, decreasing many pains in our body. But the best property of cinnamon is its natural antioxidant property, which is outstanding for our skin.

Cinnamon and Bay leaf tea benefits

bay leaf and cinnamon tea properties

Mixing bay leaf tea with cinnamon is a natural remedy used for many years due to its incredible effectiveness. Its effectiveness is mainly due to the Laurel, which is extremely rich in many minerals that complement each other immensely and intensify with cinnamon.

If you were not aware, bay leaves are extremely rich in potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins. But to be able to be consumed, the leaves must be dehydrated. In addition, Bay leaves must go through a drying process to not be toxic to our bodies.

Anti-inflammatory effect

When you combine laurel tea with cinnamon, you will have a potent anti-inflammatory and an excellent remedy to lose weight efficiently.

Regulates blood sugar levels

If you have diabetes, bay leaf tea with cinnamon is perfect. This remedy is fantastic at lowering glucose levels in your body.

It has a relaxing effect.

Laurel and cinnamon tea is needed if you get stressed or participate in any activity that tightens your body. It has a relaxing effect on both your mind and your muscles.

Helps to expectorate

Bay leaves have an expectorant effect, and cinnamon intensifies this impact. For this reason, it is fantastic if you suffer from asthma, allergies, or have a cold; it will clear your respiratory tract in a significant way.

Increases defenses

The combination of laurel tea with cinnamon is the perfect remedy to increase your body's defenses. It will protect your body from the inside, making it more robust against diseases.

It reduces cholesterol 

Sweet, comforting cinnamon tea is a great way to start your day. According to this study by Mayo Clinic, it reduces the harmful effects of coffee like cholesterol and high blood pressure!

It is antioxidant

Both cinnamon and bay leaves contain antioxidant properties, so the combination of both is fantastic for your skin. If you combine both in a tea, you will have a powerful rejuvenating remedy. You will look amazing.

It helps fight fluid retention.

When you combine bay leaf tea with cinnamon, you will stop worrying about fluid retention and worry about poor digestion because it always leaves a feeling of relief in the stomach.

Other benefits

  • You will stop worrying about uncontrollable flatulence.
  • It is an effective remedy to avoid bad colds.
  • It reduces stress and helps relieve menstrual cramps.

Do bay leaves and cinnamon tea work for weight loss?

The laurel and cinnamon tea helps us lose weight and improve our health. It is scientifically proven.

The bay leaf has been used throughout history for its healing, antifungal, and antioxidant properties, along with its contribution to weight loss. When you combine the bay leaf with cinnamon, it has an extra ability to burn body fat.

Cinnamon tea with bay leaf is an option for people interested in losing weight. The combination of the two ingredients facilitates digestion. It accelerates metabolism, speeds up fatty waste to carry out this process, and takes any fat lodged in difficult areas like your waistline or abdomen!

By drinking one cup per day over seven days, you can lose up to 8 centimeters from around these problem zones, all while feeling full stomach-wise thanks to those hunger-banned spices we love so much about Mother Nature's perfect design (cinnamon + bay leaf).

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How to make bay leaf and cinnamon tea

How to prepare cinnamon and bay leaf tea to lose weight and take advantage of its qualities? First, you must know what ingredients they carry and the preparation process to prepare them. Below, I explain how to prepare it:

The best way to get all the benefits of Laurel and cinnamon is to prepare tea. Something as simple as an infusion with these ingredients will strengthen your immune system. Put the cinnamon and bay leaves to simmer in water for at least 20 minutes and then strain and sweeten to taste.

You can repeat this remedy several times a week to be more effective. But it is essential to know that laurel and cinnamon tea does not work miracles.

You have to accompany it with a good diet. Besides combining it with a good diet, you will also have to do physical activity per week.

Ingredients to prepare the laurel and cinnamon tea: 

  • First and foremost, you need 5 glasses of water or about 1 liter.
  • The second thing you should look for is a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. One teaspoon would be about 5 grams of cinnamon powder.
  • Then you need to gather 6 dried bay leaves. Remember that the leaves must go through a drying process not to put toxins into our bodies.
  • The fourth thing you should look for is a small teaspoon of honey. The honey will help to give a sweet touch to the tea in a natural way. You can decide if you want to add honey or drink it without the lovely touch. It is optional.

How to prepare your own bay leaf tea with cinnamon step by step:

  1. The first step to prepare the remedy is to boil the liter of water.
  2. When the water is boiling, add the 6 dried bay leaves and the teaspoon of cinnamon.
  3. After adding the bay leaves and the cinnamon, lower the heat and let it simmer for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  4. When the 5 minutes have elapsed, transfer it to a cup and let it rest at room temperature.
  5. Once it is ready to drink, you should strain it and serve it in a glass or coffee cup, as you prefer.
  6. When it is in the cup or glass, decide if you want to add the teaspoon of honey to sweeten it a little.
  7. It is best to drink it on an empty stomach. You can keep the rest of the tea leftover and drink it during the week.

Bay leaf and cinnamon tea side effects 

What are the contraindications of bay leaf and cinnamon tea? This part is of utmost importance, as any plant has its bad points, especially when considering quantities.

When we talk about Laurel, excessive consumption can cause stomach problems.

Nausea and vomiting

The Laurel is extraordinary for our stomach, but its excess consumption can cause vomiting and a lot of nausea. It is forbidden for those with gastric ulcers, as it can be a harmful trigger for gastritis.

Allergic reactions

The Laurel is extraordinary for our skin, for its antioxidant properties, but be careful if you use it topically. Laurel can provoke strong allergic reactions in the skin and even produce dermatitis.

It is best to apply it to a small skin area before applying it to the whole area. Then, if there is a reaction, consult a doctor.

You have to combine it with a balanced diet.

Bay leaf tea is excellent for weight loss when combined with cinnamon, but it is not miraculous. First, you have to combine it with a balanced diet. You cannot eat everything, or you will gain weight quickly.

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It can cause some intoxication.

The laurel tea must have a controlled consumption since the excessive use of this leaf can cause intoxications. Therefore, you should go to the doctor who will tell you how often you should take it.

Contraindications with any medication

The doctor's opinion is of utmost importance, especially if you are currently taking medication, especially those taking medicines for diabetes or any tranquilizers.

Bay leaves can cause contraindications with some drugs. Visit a specialist before ingesting it.

Other ways to use bay leaves

You can drink bay leaf water.

Nowadays, it is common for people to drink bay leaf water. That is because it cleanses your body and improves your mood. All you have to do is fill a glass of water up to the top and add 2 dried bay leaves.

Then, you should leave the glass with the bay leaves at rest all night and drink it immediately after waking up on an empty stomach.

You can take a laurel bath.

Bay laurel baths effectively relieve all kinds of tensions and worries you may have. They are also an effective remedy for menstrual cramps.

You only need to boil 2 liters of water and add at least 20 dried bay leaves. The water needs to boil for at least 15 minutes; you should also let it stand at room temperature and strain.

Then you take a bath with the strained water and relax for at least 20 minutes.


In summary, Laurel and cinnamon tea are fantastic remedies for our body. The Laurel contains countless properties that greatly help our body, help our organs, and of course, our skin in a magnificent way.

Also, cinnamon is the perfect complement in this laurel tea since it also contains superb properties that intensify when mixed with its leaves.

Finally, you must be careful not to drink this tea in excess as it may have contraindications. Consult a doctor, especially if you are taking any medication.

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