How to dress inverted triangle body shape, everything you don't know!

How to dress inverted triangle body shape

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You have an inverted triangle body, and you have ever wondered how to hide broad shoulders in a woman? For women, the width of our shoulders is an issue to consider. It is essential to us since our physique is of the utmost importance, but looking good is critical. After doing a lot of research, this is what I have learned:

If you want to reduce the shoulders' width visually, it is advisable to wear clothes with V-necks, vertical stripes, and dresses that fit at the waist. Another incredible trick is to wear dark clothes on the upper body and light ones on the lower area, giving a more stylized and elongated appearance.

The world idealizes women with many curves and subtle contours, but this is not always the case. We are all different, and just as you can have a slimmer back, you can also have a broad back and, as a consequence, broad shoulders. This type of body is known as the "inverted triangle."

We also know that some sports develop the shoulders and back a little more than average, such as swimming. Women who swim tend to have wider backs than others. We are going to help you so that this does not impede your beauty. In this article, we will show you how to hide those broad shoulders.

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What is an inverted triangle body shape? 

How do I know if my body is an inverted triangle? Well, we can distinguish this type of body by the following characteristics:

An inverted triangle body shape is the one with shoulders wider than hips, visually forming a "V" and giving an overly athletic appearance. It is also usually characterized by thin legs, narrow buttocks and hips, and a prominent chest, providing more visual width to the upper body.

That is the name given to women who tend to have broad shoulders, as they have:

  • Shoulders are more expansive than their hips. (inverted triangle)
  • They should wear a larger size in the upper body than the bottom due to the back's width.
  • Shoulders tend to be straight and square.
  • They usually have a prominent chest.
  • Their hips look smaller compared to their shoulders and back (usually).
  • Waist definition is not as visible.
  • They do not have much pronunciation in their hips.
  • They typically have smooth hips and buttocks.
  • Finally, the weight usually builds up in their body's upper parts, such as their stomach, chest, upper back, and shoulders.

Now that we know how to identify well if our shoulders are a problem in our lives, we will talk about making them narrower.

Is the inverted triangle body shape attractive?

Is the inverted triangle body shape good? Well, I never felt very comfortable with this type of body until I did some research.

By modern standards of beauty, having shoulders a little wider than hips, i.e., having an inverted triangle body shape with big thighs, is considered attractive. Women who practice fitness seek that inverted triangular shape, making them look more athletic, healthier, and more beautiful.

If you're determined to hide your upper body anyway, read on because I'm going to give you all the clues.

How do you fix an inverted triangle body shape?

How to dress inverted triangle body shape

For most women, having broad shoulders or a wide back can make them feel bad, self-conscious, but it shouldn't be like that since your shoulders' size is based on genetics. How do you get rid of an inverted triangle shape? It's not something you chose; it's something you're usually born with. That's why, unless you're overweight, losing a few shoulders is extremely difficult, almost impossible. 

Even if you lose weight, your shoulders' structure and width will only change slightly, so what you can do is create the illusion of smaller shoulders. You can also change your diet to lose the fat that can accumulate in your shoulders or back.

Now I will give you some tips to lose a little bit of fat on your shoulders.

Exercise and eat healthy

If you want to slim down your shoulders a little along with your back and the rest of your body, you should try to create an eating plan. It would be best if you had a balanced eating plan with natural foods and low in calories. 

It is advisable to have a deficit of daily calories concerning those that your body needs to maintain your weight. It would be best if you accompanied this food plan with regular cardiovascular exercise.

Determine your daily calorie intake

That is very important. You can do it using an online calculator that considers your size, age, gender, and activity level.

After you know this, you should maintain a daily consumption between 300 and 500 calories less than you need to keep your weight. That will allow you to lose from 1 to 2 Lbs per week.

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Emphasize eating healthy foods 

We emphasize this point because we know how difficult it is to reduce sweetened soft drinks and refined grains, such as white bread or pasta. These foods offer little nutritional value to your body. All they do is give you lots of extra calories. Design your meals. Choose low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, and nuts as snacks instead of processed foods.

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If you go to the gym, don't use heavy loads. 

If you were already exercising, you might think that weights will tone your shoulders and make them look thinner. That is partly true, but you should not overdo it either. Remember that nothing too much is good, and maybe overdoing it will make your back and shoulders look much broader than they already were.

A tip of what to do if you use weights is to do shoulder exercises in sets of more than 15 repetitions. It would be best if you avoided heavy movements with low repetitions. They have the effect of increasing muscle mass. In our case, we do not want this.

One exercise you can do is a dumbbell shoulder press using a moderate weight. 

  • Take some light dumbbells that you can lift above your head. 
  • Start with your elbows at a 90-degree angle and dumbbells at your ear level.
  • Lift the weight without fully stretching your arms.
  • Return to the starting position without dropping the weight.
  • Do three sets of more than 15 repetitions.

Focus on your lower body

That is something you can do. A tip is that you should also focus on developing muscle and definition in your lower body to balance with your upper body.

You can do squatting routines, dead weight, among other exercises. These movements will give your lower body more volume, which will make your body look great all over.

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What should an inverted triangle body shape wear?

To make an illusion that your shoulders look narrower, you must wear the right kind of clothes. To do this, you have to omit blazers that are too tight or with shoulder pads; besides, wearing a skirt or a dress with a narrow waist will draw much more attention to your shoulders.

You should instead wear tops with wide straps and shirts with round necks or V-necks. These garments will magically make your upper body look narrower; this will make you look magnificent and confident of the incredible body you have.

These clothes will magically make your upper body look smaller. That will make you look magnificent and confident of the incredible body you have. Put into practice these tips I have given you, and with that, you will make your shoulders and back look slimmer, remember, you must provide volume to your bottom. That is vital for you to look much better; you will look great just by doing this.

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What can I wear to make my broad shoulders look smaller?

You know that your shoulders will play the most crucial role in your dress when finding clothes. Not all women have the same shoulders. One has much broader, others narrow, others even fall, but all these ways can be disguised with the dress even if you do not believe it.

On some occasions, you must have noticed that certain clothes with necklines that do not fit you entirely well accentuate your shoulders much more than average; this is why you must learn.

It would be best if you learned to use the clothes that fit you well. You should not tempt luck and buy something that you may later regret and not use it more. Here I will help you to choose very well what will combine better with your body.

V-cut collars or oval-cut collars

These types of collars are very flattering to your broad shoulders. You have to bet on those vertical lines to make your shoulders a little narrower. It would be best to avoid the boat neck and neckline, giving you more width.

Deep necks and necklines 

What neckline should I wear if I have broad shoulders? As you know, what we are looking for is to make you look great, so you should choose deep necklines. 

It would be best to look for the visual depth in necks and necklines; ideally, they should be low; the tighter they are, the wider the shoulders will look. A deep style neckline is very flattering; it will make the shoulders look narrower, more delicate, giving the body an air of height and elegance. 

Jackets without flaps 

The best jacket you can wear is the one without flaps, as this will only bring a lot of volume and width to your shoulders. My recommendation is that these jackets are long, which will help hide the V shape much more.

Forget about the puckered sleeves; please say goodbye to them; puckered sleeves with volume bring more width, and far from stylizing shoulders in an inverted triangle, it widens them more.

Garments with vertical stripes

Another element to take into account is the vertical stripes. Believe it or not, the vertical lines lengthen the torso and make it look more elongated, and make you stylize your figure. Do not wear shirts or blouses with horizontal stripes, as they cause the opposite effect. 

Wear a blazer up to the hip

Besides looking good, it will make you look fashionable. A blazer up to the hip allows you to lengthen your silhouette. You get the same effect with jackets, as long as they reach the hips and not the waist. Jackets that end at hip height cut this effect.

You should also not wear jackets that include shoulder pads, as mentioned above.

Accessories and long complements

I recommend using long and thin necklaces that fall down the trunk regarding the complements and accessories. Also, scarves that are long so that they have the optical effect of lengthening your body. 

Do not use bib type necklaces; they are short and accentuate the width of your shoulders. I also recommend avoiding scarves on your neck.  

What should an inverted triangle body shape not wear?

How to dress broad shoulders woman

Can an inverted triangle wear off-shoulder tops? You should dress as you feel most comfortable, but if your goal is to hide the broad shoulders, I recommend this.

If you want to look like you have narrower shoulders, you should avoid off-shoulder tops with horizontal stripes or short sleeves. It would be best to avoid garments with shoulder pads or high collars because they will feel fullness in your shoulders and chest.

What dress should I wear if I have an inverted triangle body shape?

You must learn to choose the most suitable dress for you. Now I will give you some tips if the occasion requires a dress or want to wear one.

The dresses that can favor you the most are those with detail in the waist and have a skirt, the dresses with asymmetric cuts at the bottom or top. Look for a dress that highlights your body. To emphasize the bust, look for a V-shaped neckline. To emphasize the legs, wear short clothing with volume in the lower part and a flounced skirt.

Wearing this type of dress will attract attention and looks from all people around you.

Additional tips for choosing the best dress 

  • You can hide your shoulders and legs with a long dress and a deep neckline. 
  • You must know how to combine the colors of the clothes very well, using light and bright colors in part under your body and dark tones in the lower body. That will divert attention from your shoulders. 
  • If you have narrow hips and a somewhat broad back, it is usual that your waist is not so pronounced. If so, don't wear tight clothes, especially if you have some chubby ones on your sides.
  • To have balance in your body, you have to know how to take advantage of your legs. Wear long skirts, preferably with a slit, showing a little skin at the bottom, you will also attract looks and make you look beautiful. 

How should an inverted triangle dress?

Now I am giving additional tips just for you. If you're looking to divert attention from your upper body but don't want it to be with dresses or skirts, there are still many options available to you.

Tip 1

Can inverted triangles wear skinny jeans? You can choose busy prints or pants with volume. That will help create the kind of balance you've always dreamed of. Focus on straight cuts or subtly flared styles to minimize shoulders, but if skinny jeans are more your style, combine them with loose tunics or baggy shirts.

Tip 2

Another incredible tip, wearing the jacket open, will be more flattering than when it is closed. If you're going to wear long coats like the classic spring gabardine, choose styles that fit in the middle and widen at the hips for an ultra-flattering figure. 

Dressing smart is much more than just the clothes you're wearing. It's a bigger picture. 

Tip 3

Consider long, springy curls on your next trip to the salon, like the broad-shouldered beauty Julia Roberts. This hairstyle will quickly fill the space between your neck and shoulder. 

Tip 4

You can also think about changing a choker necklace for a long line pendant. You can also give yourself a preppy purse with a broad strap that you can wear across. With these accessories, you will be embracing your true self.


In short, you should not just want to hide your shoulders. It would be best to turn your life around by learning how to hide better than the inverted triangle that you hate so much. 

You can do it by changing your diet to lose weight, exercising to tone up the lower part of your body much more, and achieving a superb balance.

You will also hide the broad shoulders using the most appropriate clothes, avoiding wearing flannels and more V-neck blouses. Use a deep neckline to reduce the width you don't want in your body. Keep in mind all these tips, and you will achieve your goal without hesitation.