Do you want to know how to lose weight during quarantine? Do it smart

lose weight during quarantine

How to Lose Weight During Quarantine

 Quarantine has got us all feeling anxious and stressed out, about our lives, our futures, whether we'll make it till after quarantine ends when it'll end or even if it would end in the first place.

And it is very natural to be worried and also concerned about what might happen if you don't stick to your set routines. The gyms are closed, stress and binge-eating are taking over.

lose weight during quarantine

But if you are looking for ways to lose weight in quarantine, this is the article for you.

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How to Lose Weight During Quarantine?

Here are some of the helpful habits you can adopt to lose weight this quarantine, maintain it, and be healthy in general throughout the years.

Eat Intuitively

Studies have shown that stressing about whether your meals are healthy or unhealthy, counting calories, and carbs do not improve health at all. Instead, take actionable small steps to improve your diet and eating methods, and the weight will come off.

Mindful eating improves various eating disorders, anxiety, and food-related behavior, according to a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. A 2011 study recommends exercise and meditation to practice mindful eating. 

Eat Nutritionally Balanced Meals

lose weight during quarantine

We recommended you to eat all the essential nutrients in a meal like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and even fat.

Eating green vegetables along with sources of lean protein, fat, and whole grains is the best option, and it will keep you full for a long time, and you won't get hungry and snack in between.

Good carbs, good fats, and good quality protein are crucial to keep us healthy and fortified. 

If you have the temptation to snack, eat less highly processed snacks like chips, crackers, cereals, and cookies will help your body immensely. Having a good, substantial, and healthy breakfast is advised to keep you full during the day and, in turn leading to weight loss. 

Cut Back on Salt

Everybody knows that excessive salt intake increases water retention in the body, hence making a person gain weight or have immense trouble in shedding those extra pounds off.

We always recommend you to take salt in smaller amounts or the exact required amount, and to try to cut back on it is an excellent, suitable and effective option.

Cut Down on Refined Carbs 

There are two types of carbs. There are either excellent quality carbs that are crucial for the proper functioning of the body, and there are bad carbs that people eat merely to please their taste buds,

that are no use to the organism and only cause weight gain and other problems along with it. We must recognize the difference between the right carbs and useless bad carbs. 

Refined carbs like pasta, white bread, and refined cereals only cause an increase in weight and should be cut off to lose weight.

According to the African Health Sciences, the foods containing refined carbs are the leading reasons to increase hunger and sugar levels.

Similarly, a scientific study suggests that cutting down these carbs can lower the insulin level and causing kidneys to remove the excess water and sodium content to lose weight. 

Anyone who wants to lose weight should eat whole wheat products along with food that includes complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Complex carbs are suitable for the body as they prevent hunger, help in controlling all sorts of cravings as they do not tend to get digested as quickly as other foods.

Sugary goods like are not the kind of carbs that will help you lose weight. Include more whole wheat products and foods with complex carbs and fiber. Complex carbs do not get digested too soon and help keep cravings at bay. 

Cut Down on Sugary Goods

Sugar is a critical factor that causes immense weight gain. Sugar and artificial sugars increase the body's natural cravings for sweet food and cause an increase in snacking.

Along with that, eating foods with sugar, less or more, in whatever amount will cancel all your efforts of losing weight. Studies suggest that sugary foods don't suppress your appetite as solid food does.

So if you want to lose weight this quarantine, try to avoid sugar and sugary foods in general totally and stay far away from cookies, doughnuts, and cakes. 

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been beneficial, according to various studies conducted, in losing weight. Nutritionists advise having most of the meals before 7 pm. mainly stopping eating, a few hours before sleeping, is what it means.

The body gets the opportunity to digest the food that you've eaten better this way, ultimately fastening your metabolism and causing weight loss.

A scientific study published in the Journal of Translational Research concluded that participants lost 3-8% of weight in just 3-24 weeks by intermittent fasting.  

Stay Hydrated

Human bodies have the same signals for thirst as well as hunger, at most times. Drinking the right amount of water aids in digestion, stops unhealthy snacking, and is suitable for almost all of the organs of the body; studies have proven.

Drinking infused water, herbal teas, and water with honey and lemon are proven to be very healthy for the body as well.

Eat as Many Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables As Possible

 In times of stress, people eat food for a sense of comfort and security; try snacking on healthier stuff instead.

Try snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and making a habit of eating at least two or three fruits per day has been proven to be immensely healthy.

Seasonal fruits contain a variety of antioxidants that the body needs, so try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed canned ones. Several tests conducted have shown that they are rich in fiber and promote weight loss.

Snack on Nuts and Seeds

Another good option if it's hard to stop snacking in the excess free time in quarantine is nuts and seeds, as they are incredibly beneficial in weight loss

Studies have shown that they are very healthy as they are rich in minerals, vitamins, and Nuts and antioxidants. Eating almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds are some excellent recommendations.

 Move Your Body

move your body

During this stressful time during the pandemic, everyone is concerned about their massively changed routines. Sitting idly and laying down, not moving your body at all the whole day will surely add pounds to your weight.

As gyms are closed, even walking, stretching, yoga, and some at-home workouts can be beneficial to decompress, lose weight, and establish some sense of normalcy in the process.

Here is a link to the best and most effective training you can do at home.


lose weight at home

In these stressful times, a little bit of weight gain is standard as everyone is at their homes and have nothing else to do. Instead of being worried about it, try to incorporate the tips mentioned above for guaranteed weight loss.

If you want more advice about foods, diets or how to eat properly, don't doubt visiting our nutrition section.

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