What should I wear with short hair? 

What to wear with short hair haircut

What should I wear with short hair? For women, the way we dress is extremely meaningful. We always want to look fashionable, or at the very least dress according to the occasion. We also continuously want to change our looks, to see what looks best on us. We also want to know which clothes will stand out the most. After researching and talking to several stylists, here is how to do it:

The best option for a woman with short hair is dresses, skirts, and jeans. If you are going to wear flannels or shirts, you must know how to wear them and combine them properly. If you wear your hair short for evening outings, the best option is a neckline; it will make you look fantastic.

Do not necessarily think that with all haircuts that all types of clothes will suit you the same. Some looks will make you stand out a lot more.

When you cut your hair short, there are some types of clothes that won’t necessarily make you look great. But others will make you look like a goddess in spring.

All you have to do is look at these types of clothes that will make your face, your body, and especially your beautiful short hair stand out.

Accessories that look beautiful with short hair 

Accessories to wear with short hair

The first thing you should do is forget about those who are critical of women who wear short hair. Women who wear these types of cuts look radiant.

However, you have to know how to wear it and show your best attitude, showing everyone that you are beautiful.

This point is crucial because it is not all about clothes. You can get more out of your look by adding accessories to your hair. Often, this is the key and is the difference between looking good and looking fabulous.

You can add four things to your hair, and they will make you look great.


Even if you can’t imagine it, you can use flowers in your hair. Maybe you will have seen women with flowers in their hair in the movies. An example of this is the haunted movie, where the protagonist often wears flowers in her hair.

Flowers are an excellent detail for short hair; they will make you look delicate and more feminine. They are ideal for spring and summer wear and will look great.

If you do not want to use natural flowers, you can buy accessories shaped like a flower, and it will make you look fantastic too.

Big Earrings

No doubt, big earrings will make you look much more beautiful if you wear your hair short. They will make you stand out from the crowd because of how eye-catching they are.

Large earrings do not work so well if you're wearing them with long hair, but on a pixie cut, they will make a positive difference.


You can also wear a headband for your hair. Many women today have forgotten this accessory and are missing out as a result. Headbands are a fantastic addition to our hair, especially if we wear our hair short.

One of the best things about headbands is that they add a lot of elegance to our style and our whole look.

On top of that, headbands can hide any imperfections you have in your hair. For example, if you haven't been able to wash it, wearing a headband will hide it a little.

How do I wear a headband?

There are several ways to wear a headband. I will explain them in more detail:

  • You can combine several headbands. You can wear just one or take a chance and wear several headbands on your hair. There are headbands of different thicknesses and colors, even of varying materials. These will bring your look to life.
  • Wear different hairstyles. You can do your hair with the parting in the middle, on the side, or comb it back and over the headband. It is up to you how you like it and what you feel comfortable with.
  • You can wear a flat or XL headband. Thin, flat headbands look great. XL or embossed headbands are also very fashionable.
  • You can wear it further forward or further backward. This will depend more on the shape of your face and how you look better on your own.
  • Also, you can wear it like a crown. These headbands are usually worn in more elegant looks.
  • You can wear it, leaving out the bangs. This way, you will have a more casual and relaxed look.
  • You can wear it with your hair up. By doing this, you can shake it up, and your hair will still be intact.

Headbands are great for short hair. Just wear your hair the way you like it, the way you feel most comfortable.


Another great addition to short hair is a folded scarf. A folded scarf is one of the best looks if you have short hair.

Scarves will make you look feminine, make your face look better, and enhance your smile. They are a great addition to your style as there are a variety of colors and textures.

There are different ways to wear a scarf folded in your hair. Here, I will explain them:

  • You can wear it casually: When we say casual, we mean that you can make a little ponytail. Then you put the folded handkerchief on your hair.
  • You can wear it frontally: When we say frontally, we mean to wear the crown scarf. With this look, the scarf will cover your forehead instead of your hair. This style is not necessarily for everyone because it is very casual.
  • Also, you can cover up everything: You can wear this look if you are going out and it's windy, and you don't want to mess up your hair. Place the scarf over your hair and tie it under your chin.
  • You can wear it as a headband: You can fold the scarf so that it looks like a headband and tie it to your hair.

The idea of using a scarf is to create a loop either at the top of your head or at the bottom behind the nape of your neck. The scarf is an accessory that looks great in many styles.

If you decide on this accessory, there are many different models and styles. You have to choose the one you think will suit you best.

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What do I wear with a short haircut?

We have already talked about how to accessorize your hair so that it looks great. Now it is time to talk about clothing. What kind of clothing will best suit your short hair?

This part is vital as the right clothing will make your beauty stand out no matter what hairstyle you wear.


Dresses to wear with short hair

Why is it better to wear dresses when we wear our hair short?

There is no doubt that dresses are a masterpiece if you wear your hair short. They will lead to envious glances, making you look unique and desirable.

The reality you should be clear about is that:

  • Dresses are the representation of femininity and pure elegance. Do not think that wearing a dress is complicated. Many women tend to limit themselves from dresses and don't wear them for fear of not looking good.
  • Wearing a dress makes you MEMORABLE. These clothes will make you stand out from many women who wear only jeans. It changes your natural attitude and makes you look more feminine. The dress provides security and charisma, allowing the inner light that you have to shine.
  • Wearing a dress is HEALTHY. Dresses give freedom to your legs, and you will not feel compressed or restricted.
  • Also, wearing a dress is the best option if you wear your hair short. A beautiful dress will make you look like a goddess. With this garment, you will be able to show all your splendor. If you accessorize your hair as well, you will look great.

No doubt your short hair will love that you wear a dress, people will admire you and turn as you go by.


Skirts to wear with short hair

Wearing a skirt is a masterful touch when your hair is short. If you wear your hair short, skirts are an intense touch to add to your look. These clothes are a symbol of empowerment and comfort for a woman.

  • The first thing to remember is that you must be comfortable with what you are wearing. It is best to choose the most appropriate skirt for your body.
  • The second thing to consider is the shape. If you want a stylish and provocative look with your short hair, a skirt that is a little above the knees is best. If you are going to look sexier, you can wear a shorter one.

If you go to an office, your short hair and a skirt will undoubtedly make you look great. But it would be best if you combined it with accessories in your hair and a pair of heels that you feel comfortable with.

Wearing skirts with short hair can be the best option for night outings.


Jeans match with short hair haircut

  • Jeans are also a very versatile option when you wear your hair short because they go with everything.
  • They are one of the most comfortable items of clothing around. They are an incredible option if you wear your hair short.
  • Jeans are very versatile, and you can combine them with almost any garment you can think of; they are unique in this respect.

Another one of their benefits is that you don't have to wash them as frequently as other clothing. They fit your body, are comfortable, and are great to combine with many things. Here I will go into more detail with combinations.

Flannel combined with Jeans

Jeans with flannel

When you wear flannel combined with jeans and short hair, it immediately gives you a relaxed look. When you have short hair, flannels are an excellent option if you want to dress casual.

This is why I put such an emphasis on paying attention to hair accessories. They will help you look much more feminine.

  • You can wear short flannels. They always look great with tight jeans and even with those baggy bell-bottom jeans. They will make you look great with short hair.
  • You can wear flannels to match your body. They will also make you look good with short hair. But this time, it is better if the jeans are tighter to your body. This way, everything will look much more harmonious with your hair.

Jeans with shirts

You can wear jeans with shirts to look more presentable with short hair. The shirt with a jean has always been a great look for those women with short hair. No doubt this outfit will make you look great.

The shirt is an essential garment for every person. 80% of the population must have at least one white shirt in their closet

You can wear your shirt tucked inside your jeans: If you wear it this way, you will look great wearing your hair short. You can add heels to this look, so you look empowered and fabulous. This way you will look feminine and stylish.

You can wear the shirt a little open at the top: This way, you will look more provocative; try to match it with a flashy bra underneath. You can wear the shirt a little open at the top, inside, or outside of the pants.

If you want a more casual look, combine your shirt with a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. This combination will give you a more relaxed and feminine look with short hair. It will make you look great for the day.

Low back blouses

A low-cut blouse in the back is one of the best looks if you are going to wear your hair short. This type of neckline will make you look amazing, but it is not suitable for wearing to work. My recommendation is that you wear them on your night out, and you will stand out from the crowd.

But there are specific rules to follow if you are going to wear your hair short.

If you are going to wear a neckline, it's best not to wear a bra or wear an invisible one. There are also nipple covers; they are better in some situations. Some women wear necklines without anything, and it's not the best.

Two necklines are the best for short hair:

V back neckline

This neckline is the best opening when you wear your hair short. It will make your back look endless, and it will make you look provocative.

This effect will be further enhanced if you wear it with a knee-length skirt tailored to your body. Several types of dresses have this neckline.

No matter how you wear it, you will look like a goddess.

Deep neckline

These necklines are great with short hair, as they tend to make your neck look a little longer and sexier. The deep neckline enhances your hips, and you should know how to pull it off.

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In short, when you have short hair before you think about your clothes you should think about the accessories you can wear in your hair. These accessories will be a fundamental part of your look and style. Finally, I recommend that you combine your clothing options as detailed above.