22 Ways To Reinvent Your DIRTY BLONDE HAIR


There are many different shades of dirty blonde hair, but the most popular and common among natural blondes is a light brown. This tone has some lighter wheat or cappuccino tones to it for warmth. A dirty blonde pairs well with warmer skin colors and cooler blonder hues because they create contrast without looking too harsh on your face.

This hue can also be achieved by bleaching naturally darker brunette locks into a more sun-kissed look. Why not give yourself a dirty tone with one of the blonde hair color ideas below? Adding these beautiful tones to your hairstyles will definitely make them pop!

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What does dirty blonde hair mean?

Though it has traditionally been considered a drab in-between color, dirty blonde hair is anything but boring. A perfect representation of this idea comes from the endless list of celebrities who have made their own unique style statements with varying shades and tones that come together to form one beautiful shade:

How rare is the natural dirty blonde hair?

Meet the blonds! There are only 2% of people that you meet who were born with blonde hair. What's even crazier is how many women bleach their locks to get this desired look; 1 in every 3 ladies do it, which means there are many brunettes than blondes walking around out there.

Is dirty blonde hair dominant or recessive?

The following equation is true when it comes to hair color: each parent carries two alleles (or gene variants) for this. Dirty blonde hair is a recessive trait, and brown hair is dominant.

How to get dirty blonde hair color

If you want to stand out from the crowd and still maintain a natural look, dirty blonde hair is for you. Dirty blonde pairs well with warmer skin tones as it has light brown undertones that complement other warm colors such as oranges or yellows.

You can achieve this color through two methods:

  • By naturally going lighter in your current shade of dark-blonde (if starting at medium/light)
  • By getting all over highlights done around the face area only and not touching any areas where darker roots are showing. These parts will gradually grow up into their new tone due to sun exposure after time.

What color looks best on blondes?

Blonde hair is a blank canvas, and there are many colors to choose from. From red, brown, mustard, pink blue, dirty blonde, or gray, you can find the perfect tone of voice for your look! Black and white will never go wrong with any woman's style, though.

Dirty blonde ideas

Dark Dishwater Blonde

dishwater blonde

Go lighter on your hair with this perfect dishwasher blonde. Easily bring out the warmth in your skin and hair while looking natural at that!

This dark dishwater blonde hair is more brunette than it looks. This may be an ideal color for those in the process of growing out their natural hair to blend existing, grown-out highlights into a full head of new locks!

Cool Toned Blonde

cool toned style

If you're looking for a more subtle, all-over dirty blonde or want the single-process effect of highlighting without adding color to it, then cool tones are your best bet.

Dark Roots with Honey Highlights

dark roots

Get a natural sun-kissed look with honey highlights. Honey blonde accents in strategic spots will blend naturally into darker hair colors and lighten up your all-over appearance for an easy, flattering style you can wear every day.

Grown Out Bronde

grown out blonde

The overall result is determined by the placement of your new dirty blonde hair color. If you want a more rooted and grown-out look with little maintenance, such as this curly effect with gold highlights on a dark base, then diagonal feathered foil placement will work best for that!

Dark, dirty blonde hair

dark dirty blonde hair

This hair color is a classic, going back to the days of Marilyn Monroe. It's earthy and gorgeous, with subtle tones that make this particular shade feel like sunshine on dark hair.

Short dirty blond hair

short dirty blond hair

Add some subtle lightness to your neck-length bob with a muted ash blonde balayage. It stretches nicely over short hair while also softly framing your face for an angelic effect!

Light blond and dirty hair

light blonde dirty hair

The amazing sun-kissed style this hairstyle brings will thrill everyone the moment it enters the room! Why not take your blonde hair to a whole new level with our latest and hottest fashion trend? It works great on color-treated or natural blondes alike.

Dirty blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights

platinum highlights

Express yourself with maximum dimension! You'll be the envy of everyone when you're not only showing off your platinum dirty blonde highlights but also taking care to maintain this stunning color.

Strawberry blonde hair dirty balayage

strawberry with balayage

Let your playful lioness nature take on a flirtatious strawberry dirty blonde. Add money pieces and ask for curls to be styled into loose, thick locks that'll keep you warm this winter season!

Dirty blond curly hair

dirty blonde curly hair

Get ready to show off your curls in a whole new way! With just the right highlights, you'll be able to put on that killer look with ease.

Dirty blonde dish hair in a bob

bob with dirty blonde hair

You will absolutely love this killer color combination. Get the light from the platinum blonde pieces, while depth and definition come from the darker blonde underlayer.

Ash Balayage with silver highlights

silver highlights

Do you have gorgeous, long hair? If so, silver is the perfect color for your tresses! The edginess of this shade will give any girl with dark ash blonde locks an undeniably mesmerizing look.

Long dirty blond hair

long dirty blond hair

When it comes to your hair, you need not compromise any aspect of your look for volume and depth. Platinum highlights on blonde locks can give an illusion of thickness that was once unattainable with only one color!

The purple shampoo will keep the bronze away from those beautiful platinum strands, so they'll stay as their best hue year-round.

Dirty Blonde Ombre


You're not alone in your color change journey. With a soft brown base and delicate caramel blonde tips, it's easy to transition from brunette to blond with the right hair care routine even when you haven't found your perfect shade yet!

Dirty blonde dye for blue eyes

for blue eyes

For a bright summer look that makes your blue eyes pop without looking overdone and heavy on the makeup, try adding some lighter shades around the face. The right bronzer will help highlight beautiful features with just enough color to bring out your cute freckles!

Dirty blonde hair with highlights

dirty blonde hair with highlights

Fool everyone into thinking you spent all summer lounging on the beach with this perfect dirty blonde hair. It's quite adjustable, as you decide how much of your locks to highlight in sun-kissed tones.

Dirty blonde hair with low lights

low lights

Yeah, that's the ticket! Get ready for an envy-inducing vacation glow with this easy beauty hack. Just add some lowlights and texturizing spray to your locks for a sun-kissed dirty blonde hair look in minutes.

Dirty blonde hair with bangs

with bangs

So you want to bring back the rebellious 80's? Well, we can't say that it is a complete surprise. Imagine how well they will complement your fair skin and light eyes with voluminous blowouts and a dirty blonde balayage!

Brown hair with dirty blonde highlights

brown hair with dirty blonde highlights

Define the pieces of your hair with accentuated dirty blonde highlights to make it feel like a delicious mix of dark and white chocolate, all without melting!

Dirty ash-blond hair in mauve color

with mauve color

Channel your inner queen and try a purple shade of dirty blonde hair. Not only is it sleek, but feisty as well - perfect for any occasion!

Dirty blonde hair with pink tips

 dirty blonde with pink tips

You will be the proud owner of a pair of these striking pink headphones, guaranteed to make you feel like Avril Lavigne herself. They're perfect for those punk vibes with their bright color and catchy tunes!

Blonde hair with purple tips

purple ends

Want to try something different with your dirty blonde hair? Why not experiment with various shades of purple or see how your hair will look with red highlights or blue tips? There are plenty of options!


Dirty blonde hair is a gorgeous and popular look that will never go out of style. There are so many ways to make your dirty blonde stand out without having it turn green or brassy, but the best thing you can do is find a colorist who knows what they're doing!

If you need some help finding someone in your area, just let us know - we have an online directory of stylists all over the world. We hope this has been helpful for those looking for more information on how to achieve their favorite shade with ease!