4 Trendy Curly Haircuts to look even more beautiful in 2021!

Curly haircuts

We know that having curly hair is lovely; it draws a lot of attention from people who admire and appreciate it. However, we also know that it is very complicated to care for, maintain, and it is much more difficult to choose between the different styles of haircuts. Those with curly hair often wish they had straight hair or less curly hair because sometimes they suffer from excessive frizz.

When looking for a haircut, it is not only important to choose a cut you like, but also it is essential to know if that cut is suitable for your hair and make sure it won't look too fluffy with that cut, or if it suits your curls well.

It is also imperative to find a place where they can do the cut that you have decided is best for your curls. Many times, hairdressers can make a mess of curly hair and don't leave us feeling good about the outcome.

That is why here we'll explain to you what types of cuts there are, but first, here are some essential things to know about types of hair.

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Types of curly hair

There are different hair textures, and they have their own categories since each of them has different specific properties. They are classified as straight, fine, thick, and wavy.

Infographic of hair types

Type 1 fine and straight hair

This type of hair has no body at all; it has no waves or curls.

It tends to be very delicate because it is thin and partly unruly, and it does not hold with many hairstyles. It also requires constant washing and a silicone-free moisturizer to prevent breakage.

This type of hair is also prone to grease, so it is not recommended to apply any oil. My recommendation is that you use a dry shampoo with this type of hair.

Type 2 and 3 fine, fine to coarse, and frizz

We start with texture 2A, which is fine hair with a soft wave, a light wave:

A slight S-shaped wave characterizes this type of hair, and the wave starts at the temple. It is one of the most receptive waves, and it absorbs styling products very well.

It is easily manageable, and it allows you to create either straight or very wavy hairstyles. It is important to protect this hair a lot because it tends not to be very thick.

We continue with Texture 2B, which is medium-thick hair with structured waves:

This type of hair is usually known as mixed hair and it is one of the most common. It consists of a smooth root but with defined waves. These waves start in the middle of the hair and move towards the ends. Its strand has sufficient thickness since it allows it to straighten and wave without any problem.

This texture is undoubtedly the most moldable, which is why it only requires certain ingredients to achieve the finish you want.

But frizz is the main enemy of this texture since it accentuates the waves making them difficult to mold.

So, type 2 is best defined:

  • 2A has no volume and is S-shaped.
  • The 2B, the S, is more marked and starts closer to the scalp, and goes from fine to thick.
  • The 2C is thicker, already has curls.

Type 3 is curly hair.

  • This type starts with 3A are loose curls: But this is the more defined elastic S, but this type can also lose that definition having the curl of type 2.
  • In its second phase, we have 3B, where the curls have more volume, that is, they are like a corkscrew, the curl is tighter.

We finish with type 4, afro hair:

  • 4 A The curls have an S shape but are very tight, usually close to the head. They can be both delicate and very porous
  • 4B Z- or zigzag curls, hair tends to be very curly, shrinks up to 75% and can be rough to the touch, needs a lot of moisture

Now that I've explained what the hair types are like and you have been able to define your hair type very well, you'll get a better idea of what kind of cut best suits your hair type. As we are all aware, not everything looks good on everyone.

The best ideas for a curly haircut

  • Long wavy case: if you have long wavy hair, you should know that there are cuts that won't suit you at all, so we’ll give you some ideas to see which ones fit you best
  • Side fringe: this one will give you a feminine image without any doubt, your face will be very well framed, you will look beautiful
  • Layer cut: the layer cut is generally excellent as it will make your waves look much more pronounced and fresh, and this cut is also functional if you want to give your hair much more volume, it's perfect for this.

Small tip: If you're looking to give your hair more bounce and make it lighter, a good option is to have your hair highlighted. If you want to light up your ends, you can choose a California style, but if you're going to light up your hair, you can choose a balayage style.

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We have seen some good ideas for cuts, and you can start thinking about what might suit you. You should already know have an idea of what you like, so I'll tell you below what the best cuts for curly hair and what the fashion is going to be in 2021.

Best cuts for curly hair

Asymmetrical pixie cut curly hair

Asymmetrical pixie cut curly hair

This cut is one of the most modern pixie cuts available for curly hair. You can leave it a little longer on top, and it's a beautiful cut.

That is an asymmetrical cut, and one of its main features is that it has a very sophisticated look. It's a perfect cut for any occasion.

To finish with an asymmetric pixie cut, I want to tell you that you need to know which version of the pixie is most suitable for your features. There are many types of asymmetrical cuts. Choose the one that best suits you and enhances your face.

Chopped hairstyle

Chopped hairstyle

This is a beautiful haircut if you're looking for a fresh look but also incredibly sexy. The chopped-up style is what you're looking for; it will make your hair look modern and full of movement.

The chopped style is a hairstyle that has half of the hair very unkempt under the chin, just a couple of inches underneath.

In this type of cut, the ends are uneven; not straight, which will give your style a relaxed, mischievous, and frizzy look.

V-cut style

V-cut style:

This is the best modern style cut, and it's a V-cut at the bottom; it will give your hair more volume instantly.

Long Bob cut in layers curly hair 

Long Bob cut in layers curly hair 

This cut is medium length, but with the long bob in layers, you will have much more movement, and your hair will feel much lighter.

This fantastic look has one of the best advantages; it fits any face.

The long-layered bob is shorter at the back of the neck and longer at the front.

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Curly hair care tips

But before you cut your curly hair and cut it, you should keep in mind that it needs a lot of care. Now I will give you the best tips to make your hair look healthier and more beautiful:

1. The first step is to use your fingers 

Afro or curly hair tends to split very quickly if it is mistreated. To untangle this type of hair, it is better to use your fingers or very thick combs. This way, you can avoid fracturing each strand of your hair.

2. The second recommendation is to cover your hair

Curly hair tends to be naturally dry, which is why you should keep your hair moisturized. This is a method to make it look healthy and beautiful. We recommend that you cover your hair when you sleep with a soft cover, so you avoid additional frizz in the morning.

3. The third recommendation is to avoid sulfate 

Sulfates are in some shampoos and leave your hair free of natural and artificial oils, which causes extreme dryness in your hair.

Using sulfate-free shampoo helps to avoid that dryness almost as well as keeping away from shampooing and you can look for a better alternative to wash your hair. If you decide to wash your hair with shampoo, choose sulfate-free shampoos that contain moisturizing products.

4. The fourth recommendation is to moisturize your hair frequently

Curly hair loves water; that's why the more it's exposed to it, the better. Try to give your hair several natural moisturizers a month, and those will be better for your hair.

For example, make a mask with avocado, mayonnaise, and a little oil. It will be an excellent moisturizer for your hair, and you only need to let it sit on your hair for an hour.

5. The fifth recommendation is that you untangle your hair frequently.

The more days curly hair is left tangled, the more unruly it will become, and the harder it will be to untangle. Worst of all, it will suffer more damage when you do untangle it.

That is why we recommend that you establish a routine of 2 or 3 times a week taking your time to untangle it. Always use water, oil, or conditioner when untangling your hair to avoid damaging it and to avoid breaking the strands.

6. The sixth recommendation is to always look for natural products

Using natural items is the best way to have much healthier hair. Sulfates, silicones, and chemicals will damage and deform your hair in a huge way.

That is why you should use natural oils or fruits, use products that don't contain silicones or sulfates. These are the ones that will treat your hair better.

7. The seventh recommendation is to have FUN

Never think that your hair is ugly; it is stunning; comb it differently every day. Use accessories; bands look great on this type of hair, scarves of different colors and sizes. Have fun with your hair, it is excellent, always wear it with pride.

8. The eighth recommendation is that you always treat your hair with care

By this point, we mean that when you touch your hair, do not mistreat it, always massage it, play with it, be delicate with it. Touch it with love; when you wash it, don't rub it with your nails; always do it with your fingertips.

We recommend that when you dry your hair, do not use a towel; use an old flannel. Do not rub it; just gently let the flannel absorb the water, so you avoid frizz.

9. The ninth is to use hairstyles that protect your curls 

You can use these hairstyles if you don't want your hair to get tangled, to sleep the way you want. They are those hairstyles that we used to get when we were little, braids and bows, among others. They will protect your hair from those external agents that damage it and can better define your curl pattern.


In short, to know what cuts you can use on your curly hair, you must first define your hair type. You must determine your wave-type because only then will you know what kind of ideas best suit your style.

Then you can see the different types of cuts that will best accentuate your face and your style. Choose the cut you like best and take good care of your curls.