How to Create a Pointy Chin, 5 Methods You Need to Know

How to create a pointy chin

A beautiful pointy chin plays a lucrative part in any face. Unfortunately, creating a perfect chin is more complicated than it looks, but with the help of some tricks, you can give yourself this excellent feature.

Chin is part of the face which determines to a great extent how a face will look in the end. Therefore, the chin is a good feature for women and is also essential to have masculine attributes.

A pointy and narrow chin automatically adds beauty and grace to any face. But, if you want to compliment your beautiful nose with an incredible jawline, then it's time that you know about creating a perfect point. 

This article will discuss creating a pointy chin, so read on to discover more about making every woman's dream.

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Why should you do pointy chin?

A pointy chin is the indication of beauty in the face. And obviously, everyone wants to make themselves more beautiful.

Chin is the most critical part of the face having a significant impact on the person's beauty. Even a prominent jawline makes the person more beautiful, but creating a pointy chin is not easy.

Besides creating a prominent jawline, there are several other reasons why you should create a pointy chin.

Here we have mentioned a few of them to make it clearer to you as to why you need to know how to create a pointy chin.

How to Create a Pointy Chin?

pointy chin

The main trick behind creating a perfect pointy chin is knowing about some facial structure techniques like makeup in the right way.

A correct makeup tone on your face will help you make your look more attractive and charming than before. 

You can apply the contouring technique for creating a pointy chin without looking too artificial or weird. This technique works well on both men and women, no matter what age they are. 

However, you need to know how to use highlighter, bronzer, and contouring shades to make the trick work. Use them rightly for best results.

You may, nevertheless, form a pointed chin with these three techniques. These are the methods we're going to discuss.

Doing Makeup

Makeup can be done in two ways- making your face more angular or round. For example, you can make your cheekbones stand out by applying bronzer, highlighter, or contour shades on them accordingly.

Or Using makeup brushes to create the right shape of the chin with the help of effective angle contouring, which is done using various types of brushes. You should consider the makeup items with:

Use comfortable and sustainable makeup substances

Before making your chin lucrative, you must use the best quality makeup products. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results.

If you are already searching for the best-quality brushes, go through the brand-oriented ones to help you pick your desired one.

Now, using makeup tools is another way to make your chin sharper or pointy. You can use any contour shade applicator like a cream or gel product with an efficient angle shape.

Create the perfect pointing effect on your face by applying it in straight lines before starting your makeup application process.

Hair cover method

The entire hairstyles depend on your chin and jawline. Therefore, you should maintain hair to cover your chin and jawline because people can judge you by looking at your face structure, including- cheekbones, forehead, etc.

Doing Facial Exercises

Several types of chin exercises will make your jawline more pointed, activate your neck muscles, and strengthen your jaw muscles.

For instance, you can try chewing gum with a straight face because it will make your chin pointed.

Some people consider the last point to be more important than the other points mentioned above. But it should always remain on the list of things to do for creating a perfect pointy chin. 

Nonetheless, this is an option and not a must or compulsory rule. So if someone doesn't want to follow this method, then he/she may also skip it without any hesitation.

However, we cannot deny that these techniques work well and help make a weak chin sharp and pointy.

Water Fill

Fill your cheeks with water and press your lips firmly. Then, with palms pressed against your swollen cheeks, use them to push down.

Put your hands in such a manner that your fingers are over your ears. Hold for 5-6 seconds before releasing. Repeat this procedure until you can maintain the position for more extended periods of time.

Face Massage

Face massage helps you to make your jawline more prominent and shapely. You can massage your face using natural oils for best results. Organic materials usage will also accelerate the massaging toward the results.

Chin Massage

Massage your chin by keeping it in between the two fingers and rotating your hands at a slow pace. This type of massage can make your jawline more prominent, taking advantage of its pressure points, which help create pointed chins.

Besides, women are sometimes troubled with broad faces which look pretty awkward when they wear any dress. So, this chin massage will quickly help make your face look slim and perfect through a pointy chin.

When you're going out for a party or formal event, then definitely consider the above methods to create pointed chins quickly and naturally.

Cheek lift

The cheek lift works in the same way as the chin lift does. If you have a broad face, it is essential to reduce its size by enhancing your beauty, similar to pointy chin enhancements. In simple words, you can say that this process will add more points to your beautiful aspects and thus beautify them.

Press effect

Besides doing these exercises, You can press on the chin for quite a second, like 10-15, and then release it, repeating this process ten times. You can also do these exercises while sitting on your chair.

You should follow these techniques if you want to create pointy chins quickly and naturally without spending too much time in front of mirrors or makeup rooms.

Quality matters: If you want to look beautiful and flaunt all your features perfectly, you should also care about the quality of the material used for creating sharp chins. 

So, it is always advised to buy branded products because they are specially designed keeping the latest fashion trends in mind.

Lifestyle Modification

You must maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Because no matter how much effort you put into achieving pointy chins, your health will spoil all of them ultimately. So, make sure that you eat healthy foods and don't do late-night sleeping at all.

Remember: You should better take care of yourself first before trying anything else. Because nobody can enhance your beauty as you can, so try to keep this fact in mind whenever getting ready to improve.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods like proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc., will make you look more attractive than ever. If you follow a nutritious diet, then it will help in maintaining overall health as well as facial appeal too!

Eating nutritious food is essential to reduce neck fat, shed excess fat, create a nice jawline, and avoid a swollen face and a double chin.

Drink plenty of water daily

Drink lots of freshwater dailies to keep yourself hydrated. You can also add some lemon or honey to make it more effective for consuming healthy amounts of water per day.

Don't Sleep Late

Late-night sleeping is never good for your health and face, too, because when you sleep, all the cells regenerate together, which makes you look fresh and glowing again the following day if you sleep well.

Take Care of Your Skin Properly

A 10 minutes skincare routine is always better than spending hours on skincare treatments at home without following proper steps. So, maintaining an effective skincare routine.

Remove makeup before going to bed.

Makeup products are not so good for facial skin. So, you should remove the makeup first before going to bed.

Wash Your Face Properly

Make sure that you use a good quality face wash and clean your face properly before going to bed by removing all dirt, germs, etc., from your skin which can clog up pores and make your facial features look dull over time. Try to keep these simple yet effective tricks in mind if you want an ultimate transformation in pointy chins achievement.

Avoid Sugar products

Sugar is directly related to the appearance of wrinkles on your face. So, make sure to avoid sugar product consumption as much as possible.

Chew more gum

Chewing gum can also make your facial skin look young and beautiful if done regularly for a considerable amount of time. This simple trick will re-shape your facial muscles very well.

Chin implant

Chin implant surgery, also called genioplasty, is a procedure that can help you achieve the perfect balance between facial features.

Chin implants typically involve putting an implant around your existing chin bone to make it bigger and more beautiful.

What to do if the point is too sharp?

Is it possible that there come times when you've created a perfect pointy chin, but it's too sharp for your liking? What then? That may not happen with everyone, but there are chances of creating a pointed chin that looks awkward and unappealing due to its harshness.

And yes! It may also look clumsy and weird as well. So what should you do about such strange chins? Relax! There's nothing wrong with you or anything like that.

You can consult the doctor, and the doctor may prescribe the patient some exercises that can help soften the pointy chin edges.

These exercises will improve blood circulation and revitalize cells, muscles, etc., which will ultimately help make your chin look normal after a certain period. So, this is how you can get rid of such odd-looking chins.

How much makeup should be applied?

It's time to start thinking about how much makeup should be used to create a sharp chin. Well, please don't apply too much makeup because it will look too fake and weird.

Here are some points to remember:

If you have already created a pointy chin, then try applying makeup products sparingly on your face. You can keep under eyes bare, so the focus shouldn't come on them at all.

Keep lips with matte colors rather than shiny or glossy colors. So, use matte lipsticks.

Nails should also be kept bare, so nail polish application is unnecessary unless you decorate your nails with different color schemes and designs.

Eyebrows can be decorated with techniques like stroking them instead of filling them in. Stroked eyebrows look lovely for this purpose. So try finding out ways to stroke or arch your eyebrows naturally using makeup products suitable for creating pointy chins in the end.

Also, practicing shaping eyebrow tips is good if you follow simple tricks to enhance facial beauty when it comes to pointy chins, which will work wonders in making your face appear gorgeous than ever before.

What will be the preferable method to get started to make a pointy chin?

First, if you need immediate action, then the makeup and hairstyle method can be appropriate because this method needs little time to get started.

Secondly, Besides the makeup method, you can also try the essential chin exercise discussed in this post because that will take a few months to get visible results.

And lastly, you need to diet for the pointy chin. It will take some time to get visible results depending on how healthy you are, your age, etc.,

So, all in all, follow these methods at the same time for instant results. But, on the other hand, if you want quick results, then try all three methods. By the way, the fascinating thing is that you can perform all procedures at a time for maximum benefits.

What is the benefit of a pointy chin?

The real benefit of a pointy chin is to beautify the face by enhancing beauty. Otherwise, there are no other health benefits related to this. Therefore, it has to be seen as a beauty enhancer because it is the only form of chin jaw surgery known for its immediate results.

All know that people who have different physical traits can opt for various ways to enhance their features. So this pointy chin surgery has proved to be a boon for people who want to attain facial beauty at the earliest. 

This surgery is conducted on a massive basis because of its immediate results and popularity among patients worldwide.

What are the side effects associated with pointy chin surgery?

This procedure is known as cosmetic surgery, so most of the side effects depend on how your body and mind react with this surgery.

According to different reports, some minor side effects will last for a few days after surgery. These side effects may include pain in the operated area for a few days that can be relieved by taking painkillers.

But if you follow the organic way to do the pointy chin, there will not be any side effects. Moreover, you will get a beautiful chin with a healthy diet.


At the end of the article, It's clear that making a pointier chin is simple and easy. As we know, we have talked about the simplest methods to get a pointed chin in today's generation because it has much fewer side effects compared to other procedures like botox injection or jaw surgery, etc. 

So if you can manage this procedure to make your chin pointy, it will be much more convenient than surgery or other medical tasks.

So what are you waiting for? Just try this fantastic method and make your dream come true.

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