The Best treatments and Exercises on How to get rid of double chin

How to get rid of a double chin

Many people feel self-conscious about their double chin and want to know how to get rid of it. 

A double chin can make you look older and heavier than you are, and it's hard to hide with clothing or makeup.

There are a few different ways to get rid of a double chin, including surgery, injections, and exercises. This article will discuss the best exercises and treatments for getting rid of a double chin.

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What is a double chin?

The fleshy bulge that appears under the chin or between the chin and neck is known as a double chin. It's usually rather unsightly and may cause discomfort to those who have it.

What is the process of forming a double chin?

A double chin can appear in both women and men. Double chins are more common in people over 30 or overweight, but they can also appear at a younger age.

We may be young and slim or have always been thin. If that's the case, it is probably because of our genes.

A double chin is often caused by a loss of muscle volume and consistency in the neck. The platysma muscle is in our neck that loses volume over time.

Due to this damage, the skin surrounding this muscle loses suppleness and the capability to retain. As a result, the region between the neck and the chin becomes slack.

Another problem people often have is that the skin around their neck sags. That happens because the neck constantly moves, and the skin stretches out.

How to prevent its appearance?

If we want to prevent a double chin, we can do this by following three tips:

  • Strengthening the platysma muscle.
  • Reducing the stubborn fat cells in the area.
  • Third, helping the skin to be tighter and smoother.

If we eat healthy foods and avoid weight gain or even lose weight too quickly, we can delay the appearance of stretch marks.

We must also take care of the thyroid because it can help to prevent a double chin.

But if this bulge has already appeared, we can try different methods to get rid of it.

How to get rid of double chin

If we can no longer avoid a double chin after it has already occurred, we should not give up yet. We have other options at our disposal.

There are a few techniques to get rid of a double chin without surgery, but it's also possible to wonder how to remove one with surgery.

Based on our requirements, let's see which treatments are the most effective and which one is ideal for us.

Remove double chin with radiofrequency.

If you have moderate skin sagging in the area, you do not need to remove it with surgery.

It is possible to reduce the double chin effect using radiofrequency. However, if there is excessive sagging, another option may be necessary.

Treatment for double chin with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment to get rid of a double chin. This treatment involves injecting substances into the face to break up the fat cells in that area.

The fatty tissue that forms the double chin is taken off the skin and expelled through the urine due to this invasion.

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that can help eliminate the double chin. It can also help reduce fat in the abdomen, legs, and arms.

Mesotherapy is a good option if you want to achieve specific objectives. For example, if you're going to get rid of a double chin or make your chin look more stylized, Mesotherapy can be a good choice.

Although it is similar to liposuction, Mesotherapy is a treatment that has many differences from this other technique. The most crucial difference is this: Mesotherapy makes our body naturally reduce fat.

If we use liposuction, we will be removing the fat immediately by suctioning it outward.

If we undergo Mesotherapy, the number of sessions we need will depend on how our body gets rid of toxins. In most cases, 10 sessions are the minimum number of sessions we will need.

Neck and jowl lift

The neck and jowl lifting can give us some excellent results if we want to get rid of the jowls and make the skin on our face look younger.

This treatment is based on using pressure to stretch the skin. That can help correct sagging and wrinkles on the face and neck.

There are different ways to lift your neck and jowls. You can either do it all at once or just on certain parts.

The anesthesia used for this surgery is local anesthesia with sedation. That means you will be pain-free, and the recovery process will be simple.

This facelift tightens the skin and jaw muscles around the chin and jaw area, making it smooth and flexible again.

Jowl surgery

As we age, it is normal to have a double chin. However, if the skin between the chin and neck is too loose and sagging, surgery may be necessary to fix the problem.

A platysma muscular tightening and stretching or tightening of the skin in the region are involved with this procedure.

We will get rid of the hanging jowl and make the neck muscles look younger and more stylish with this surgical treatment.

Cervical repair, also known as cenoplasty, is not a painful procedure after completion.

Many patients indeed report a sensation of tightness in the region, but it is not comparable to pain.

You need to follow your surgeon's instructions after surgery to ensure the results. That includes staying in a particular position, eating the right foods, and avoiding UV rays.

Some of these recommendations will still be valid after the first six months following your surgery. You will also need to protect your scars from the sun's rays with sunscreen for a while.

How is jowl surgery performed exactly?

There are three ways that jowl surgery can be performed.

  1. The first option is to cut in the back of the ear and pull the excess skin. This way, the scar would be on the back of the ear and would be almost invisible.
  2. The second option is to cut the skin under the chin. That will remove the excess skin. The scar will form under the chin, but it will be tiny.
  3. The third option is liposuction. That is a way to remove excess fat by suction. You can have this done by laser, ultravibration, or ultrasound. It leaves no scars, and you will recover quickly, in just 10 minutes.

Who can have double chin surgery?

Although it may seem like jowl surgery is a good option for everyone, the reality is that there are certain groups for whom it is not the best option.

There are different ways to get rid of a double chin. For example, you can use radiofrequency, lifting, or Mesotherapy.

Some people would not have this surgery—people with diabetes or hypertension, for example.

Before having the surgery, a good clinic will do a medical examination. That is so that a professional can evaluate the patient's specific case.

That is why it is essential to have good medical staff, the best facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Facial and neck exercises to get rid of an existing double chin

To get rid of a double chin, you can resort to a series of facial exercises with the jaw, neck, and facial muscles that will help reduce its volume.

For the effects to become visible and for them to be permanent or as permanent as age permits, exercises should be done for a few months.

However, I recommend you to eat a healthy diet, rich in proteins and vegetables, to see better results and burn fat.

Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling

One way to reduce the appearance of a double chin is to tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.

First, push your lower jaw forward to feel a stretch under your chin. Then, count to ten and relax the movement. Repeat 10 times a day.

Tilt your head back and make a kiss gesture

Another exercise is the same as the previous one. Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.

To do this exercise, start by making the gesture of kissing the ceiling with a lot of force. Exaggeratedly do this. Then relax and repeat the movement ten times.

Try to touch your nose with your tongue.

In this next exercise, you will need to look straight ahead with your head straight and try to touch your nose with your tongue.

For 10 seconds, stretch out your tongue towards your nose and then relax it. Do this exercise 10 times.

Stick your tongue to your teeth

There is another exercise you can do. First, look straight ahead with your head straight. Then, close your mouth by joining your upper and lower teeth and sticking your tongue to them.

Tap the jowl area with two fingers once, then tap it slowly for 10 seconds. Do ten repetitions.

In this exercise, you will have to smile and press your tongue against the upper palate. Then, hold for 5 seconds, rest, and repeat 10 times. That is supposed to help with your posture.

Stick your chin to your chest

The final exercise we will do is this: put your chin to your chest and turn your head slowly to the right. Hold it for 5 seconds and then rotate it to the left. Do 10 repetitions, 5 on each side.

The bottom line

So there you have it, a few exercises and treatments to help get rid of that pesky double chin. If these don't work for you, or if the problem is more severe, be sure to consult with a medical professional.

And be sure to check out our other articles on achieving the perfect appearance—also, fitness tips to lead us to weight loss and muscle gain.

We have tons of great tips and advice to help you look and feel your best. Thanks for reading!

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