10 basic foods for the beauty of oily and dry skin

Alimentos para la belleza de tu piel

Beauty is not only in the skin. It comes from within with the food we eat. It is time to look more closely at our meals, at those that contribute to everything that makes us beautiful.

In their desperate quest for slimness, women today are playing with poor nutrition. They often overtrain and under-eat and vice versa.

And they also misjudge what they eat. Most women do not understand the chemistry of food and try to judge it with wrong notions.

If you want to have perfect skin, follow our advice

To feel good, you have to feed yourself properly. If you insist on consuming less than 1,000 calories a day, you will end up with protein deficiencies, such as dry hair and skin.

If we don't eat enough calories, your body will convert its protein into energy, consuming the muscle tissues that give you shape and curves.

Here is a list of beauty-producing foods that you should start eating right away. They contain all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers needed to support your exercise program.

They will brighten your eyes, soften your skin, make your hair glow, and make your body more beautiful.

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What foods are good for your skin?


Fish is great food for your skin

Take it often, it is not only low in calories but also low in fat.

It is a first-class protein essential for cell renewal, especially that of our muscles and skin.

The fish is rich in essential fatty acids and omega3, is also very rich in vitamins A and D, those of the B group.

The fish is also rich in minerals such as calcium, iodine, selenium, magnesium, zinc, etc.


All varieties of fish are excellent. All you need to do is prepare it carefully, cooked, boiled, or roasted.

Don't overdo it with cooking. It's better to eat it rare than very old. Avoid frying.

You can read more about this superfood in our article "Fish, benefits, and properties."


The liver is a very good food for our skin

One hundred grams of liver provides most of our iron requirements. This mineral emphasizes the blood's ability to carry oxygen.

Lack of iron makes us tired and irritable. A severe deficiency can lead to anemia and cause thinning hair and brittle nails.

The liver also contains vitamins A, B, and C and other minerals essential for shiny, glossy skin.


Consume it in one or two days after your purchase, as it is a viscera. It spoils very quickly.

Since it has a lot of cholesterol, experts advise not to take it more than once a week. A widespread and quite healthy recipe is the onion liver.


Red meat has many properties for the skin

If you like liver, red meat will provide you with the iron and zinc needed to stay energetic and beautiful. It also provides us with vitamin A and those of the B group, including the essential vitamin B12.

Red meat is an essential source of protein so crucial for the creation of new cells, necessary for the health of our dermis and body in general.


When you buy it, make sure it has a bright red color. If it looks dark and dull, the meat is not fresh.

Be sure to trim the fat before cooking and prepare it for grilling or baking. If you want to know the right spot for red meat, watch the following video.


The turkey is a great ally of our dermis

Turkey has more iron and less fat than chicken. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins B12, B1, B3, B5, B6, and potassium.

Also, turkey meat is very rich in amino acids, essential for cell regeneration. This regeneration will help you have healthier skin and body.


When you buy the turkey meat, try to choose the female if you can, the meat is sweeter and softer.

If you buy the filleted breast, prepare it on the grill. If you buy the whole bird, I recommend that you bake it.


skimmed milk for our skin

It has the calcium that women need so badly. Women mature before men, which means their bones are less dense.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause increase a woman's calcium needs. Many women do not exercise and also lose some of their bone density.

Calcium is insurance against osteoporosis, which begins to weaken the structure of the skeleton in mid-life. It will also help you regulate your cholesterol.

If you don't want to be hunched over in your old age, start by drinking three glasses of skimmed milk every day.

It has a lot of protein, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, and C. Also, it contains vitamin D, it can help your body use and absorb calcium.


I recommend that you use it at breakfast with your favorite cereals, also to prepare less fatty desserts.


las coles son estupendas para nuestra salud y la de nuestra piel

This important vegetable contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. It also has a lot of calcium and the essential fibers for your intestines to function well.

Signs of a lack of vitamin A are:

Dry skin.
It also produces colorless signs on the back and arms.
Cabbages also have a lot of antioxidants in addition to arginine and folic acid.


I recommend that for better assimilation of its components do not cook them, it is better to take them raw (for example in a salad).

You can take the leaves of cooked cabbages, although in this way they lose some of their nutritional value.


wholemeal bread

Wholemeal bread contains protein, fiber, iron, minerals, and vitamin B. Low in fat and calories. It is an excellent dietary food.

Vitamin B helps correct deficiencies such as dry skin, bloodshot eyes, and scars at the corners of the mouth.

In addition to being delicious, whole grain bread has incredible satiating power.

eat whole-grain bread before the white
Take whole-grain bread before the white one.


Don't overeat bread. It has carbohydrates that, if not controlled, will make you gain weight. Take a small amount every day, and you won't get fat.


legumes for skin

We obtain it from the seeds of leguminous plants. They are all of the bean, pea, and lentil families.

They contain iron, vitamin B, fiber, and up to 25 grams of protein per 100 of the product.

Combined with the seeds, they provide a very balanced protein intake. A curiosity is that legumes are synonymous with vegetables in Colombia and Venezuela.


If we want to avoid flatulence when preparing dry vegetables, it is advisable to change the cooking water.

Try this dish: green beans with cheese (a complete protein) and a slice of wholemeal bread.


tofu protein helps regenerate our skin cells

Tofu is a Japanese food made from soybeans. It is very nutritious, high in protein, low in fat and calories, and contains a lot of calcium, iron, and vitamin B. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Its protein utilization can be higher by eating it with any whole-grain cereal or with skimmed milk.

Adding this food to your diet will not only make you healthier but also give you more glowing skin.


There are several types of tofu according to their texture, choose the one you prefer. It is appealing to the palate, can be made into salads, and added to other dishes and soups.



They are low in calories and high in vitamin C, which helps form the collagen that maintains skin tone and texture.

Strawberries are also very rich in vitamin A, folic acid, potassium, and antioxidants. We recommend them in almost all diets because of its low glycemic index.


You can take strawberries in many ways, juice, shakes, in a jam, and as a topping on many desserts.

Here's a recipe for super healthy, sugar-free strawberry jam.




sigue nuestros consejos, tu piel te lo agradecerá

Follow our advice, and your skin will thank you
All these foods make the food tasty as well as beautifying.

Make sure you get enough calories. And, as part of any diet, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits provide us with plenty of vital fiber.

Avoid overeating fat. And drink plenty of water.

If you want more information on healthier foods, don't hesitate to visit our nutrition section.


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