What do Men find Attractive in Women? 15 Secrets

What do Men find Attractive in Women?

What do men find attractive in women? We all know that women are attracted to men. What we may not know, however, is what exactly it is about a man that attracts us. Men want to be attractive too! So, in this article, I'm going to answer this question for you:

Let's be honest here; men like to feel needed sometimes. However, they find attractive women independent and self-supportive much more appealing than those who seem needy and dependent on them for everything. If you want a man to stick around, then stop being so clingy! (Trusted sources 1*, 2*, 3*)

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What do men find attractive in women?

What do Men find Attractive in Women?

Men find attractive women who wear makeup.

Men find attractive women who wear makeup because they find it more attractive.

It's a scientific fact that men and women with symmetrical faces are considered more attractive. There is also evidence that cosmetics play a role in attraction.

Makeup affects the skin, which is an important part of a woman's appearance. Men may interpret makeup as proof that a woman is making an effort to look good for them.

Many men find women who wear makeup to be more attractive. The only thing is that they have to know she doesn't use the fake, heavy kind of makeup you see on TV or in magazines. That's just overkill for everyday life and can make a woman look worse than if she had left her skin bare.

Men love women with a sense of humor.

Men are more attracted to women who smile and have a good sense of humor because it signals intelligence.

A study in 2010 at the University of Albany, State University of New York, reports that more intelligent kids with higher verbal ability can handle challenging situations and propose creative solutions.

In other words, they're less needy for attention and more likely to give out attention as well as lead from their strengths, including cracking jokes and keeping conversations lighthearted.

If you smile, you are funny, and you have a good sense of humor, you're probably smarter than the average person. That can be an attraction factor or rather turn-off depending on what type of person would usually find someone attractive.

They feel attraction for women who take care of themselves

Men find attractive women who take care of themselves, including their hair and nails. Since men find attractive women appealing, they are more likely to spend time with them.

Women who have good hygiene and maintain their aspect are more attractive than those who don't.

Men find attractive the way a woman smells. 

A man is more likely to be attracted to a woman who smells good because the pheromones she excretes send a message to the man that she has better genes and higher intelligence.

Female pheromones make males emotionally and sexually receptive, which is why we are noticing how being around women affects us.

The study also provides some insight into what attracts human males in other species as well.

Additionally, it is proposed that scent produces sexual arousal through its effects on cognitive processes such as memory encoding of previous romantic events.

Men like it when a woman is confident in herself and her abilities

Men apparently find women who are confident and socially outgoing more attractive.

It's a pretty simple explanation, really. It's easy to tell if a woman is confident: They're sure of their movements, body language, and the way they carry themselves.

Having bountiful social relationships also means an innate skill for negotiating interpersonal negotiation, a trait desired by many males. On the other hand, insecurity might make it difficult to maintain friendships or even conversations. Not so great if both genders want someone they can communicate with!

Don't fret, though. Everyone can work on becoming more confident and practice their conversation skills. Next time you're out there meeting people, your date will hopefully appreciate that effort too!

Men are attracted to a woman's intelligence.

Men love intelligent women because intelligence isn't just a beauty trait.

The appeal of an intelligent partner has been scientifically found in more than 300 research articles, involving over 5000 participants around the world.

One study revealed that three traits were significantly correlated with male interest in seeking a long-term relationship with an attractive woman: emotional stability, physical attractiveness, and intelligence. It's not just about looks; personality qualities play a large role too.

Other studies found that men are turned off by dominant behavior. They don't want to be led astray or bossed around on either end of things.

They likewise find it unattractive when someone pursues them aggressively without any sign of attraction or even interest from their partner other than good looks.

They love kindness

Men find attractive kind women because they want someone to love them and be there for them.

This means that they don't just need an attractive woman but also gentle in her approach.

They like it when women look sexy.

Women might find this surprising, but the truth of the matter is that men enjoy seeing attractive women being confident with themselves and their bodies.

That's not to say that it needs to be done in a slutty way, but just enough so they're comfortable with themselves and feel attractive too.

For example, wearing red will make him look at you longer.

Men find attractive women that listen to what they say

A quality that men love in women is the capacity to listen to them.

This might sound surprising, but men are often frustrated to find themselves not being listened to.

So women who take the time to listen and understand their point of view will be more attractive than those that don't want to hear what he has to say or think they know better.

Women who are honest about their feelings

If you want to attract a man, be honest with him about your feelings for him because he will respect that honesty and reciprocate it.

Men like women are not afraid to be themselves, both with their friends and in romantic relationships.

It's human nature for some men to seek someone attractive to feel good about themselves. A woman can help him feel better by being confident and proud of her own beauty.

Men like women who are genuine

Be yourself, don't try to change yourself or the way you act, so someone else likes you better. If a man really likes you for who you are, he'll stay.

Men find attractive women with appealing personalities and intelligence. Charisma is sexy! Don't be afraid to speak your mind or show off what makes you unique in front of someone else, even if it's silly things that only make sense to your friends.

Men find attractive polite women.

Well, politeness is basically a show of respect. And polite people tend to be trustworthy. So guys are actually looking for someone they can rely on and trust. And from there, the relationship grows naturally for as long as it should.

Men like women who do not criticize others

It's important not to judge other people too harshly because they might have qualities that we don't know about yet.

Men find attractive women who don't criticize others because they prefer not to be criticized.

If a man notices on a date that you are too gossipy and critical, that could be like speed dating death.

A man wants a woman who knows how to carry herself well in public 

Men feel attraction for partners who know how to carry themselves well in public. They give off the impression of being cultured, intelligent, and successful.

Guys want a woman that takes care of themselves and is confident enough not to need other people's approval.

People will never stop judging you but judge yourself first. You don't need external validation for something that's already within you.

Be your own best friend, not someone else's competition. Stop looking at others as better than you. YOU ARE WORTHY!

Remember that all these traits aren't absolute. There are exceptions! For example, some men may not care if the girl he is dating isn’t brilliant as long as she makes up for it by being beautiful on the outside.

This guy would still find an unintelligent girl attractive even though most guys wouldn’t go for that type of relationship.

How do you tell if a man is sexually attracted to you?

The answer is different for men and women. Men generally don't have to look discretely at the face when they are attracted to a woman the same way a woman does not have to peek surreptitiously at a man's penis when she is interested in him.

It's more complicated for men because whether or not he finds you attractive will depend on how close the "attractiveness coalitions" of his friends match up with those of yours. When it comes to women, they need only be aware of these three factors:

  1. He lingers around you in conversation and doesn't seem to want to leave your company.
  2. He touches you a lot. Not just during the conversation, but throughout the day (i.e., brushes up against you or puts his arm over your shoulder as he's talking with friends).
  3. If he talks about sex a lot or gives you a sexually suggestive comment, whether platonic, romantic, personal, etc., without it being from any specific topic of discussion that leads to it, such as sexual jokes, for example. Mind you, I'm not necessarily saying anything is wrong if they do show sexual interest, but it should know cause someone who doesn't isn't always worth wasting our time with because although good things might

What do guys find sexually attractive?

What do Men find Attractive in Women?

What do men find attractive in women? Guys find sexually attractive women who show the following traits:


One thing that men find sexually attractive about breasts is the fact that they're a reliable indicator of fertility and reproductive age.

The erotic desire for breasts correlates with cycles of ovulation (with breasts showing their most symmetrical and clearest signaling during the peri-ovulatory phase).

For some, boobs are simply a nice break from all those other parts of the body. They don't necessarily have anything to do with sex. For others, it's more complex than just finding them aesthetically pleasing.


Emotions connected to the face are more readily available for both genders.

The beauty in a woman's face is linked to hormones and moods that men can read easier than women. Emotional states are translated through facial movements, expressions, and color changes. Some of which cause variations in arousal and experience of beauty (i.e., "chemistry").

Additionally, many cultural norms implicate attractiveness in Western society as being associated with qualities like health and fertility also make a woman more sexually attractive.


Men find athletic women attractive because they tend to have higher levels of muscle. Muscularity is an important attribute for men when it comes to attractiveness.

Because of the increase in muscle mass that results from exercise, some studies have shown that these muscles can even outperform testosterone to attract sexual interest.

Finally, as many as 68% of males prefer the appearance of larger muscles on a woman's body. This combination alone is enough to make many men attracted to fit women more physically.

Importantly, however, none of this research has found any correlation between physical fitness and intelligence or educational achievement!


A clean woman who showers regularly is attractive to men because of their aspect. The skin on a clean person will be softer and prone to fewer wrinkles, creases, and lines.

The most attractive thing about a woman is the way she looks. Clean women, especially women who shower daily and wear clothes that cover the parts necessary for everyday life (e.g., clothing that's not see-through), are more receptive to external attention in social situations than those with poor hygiene habits.

This is due to the tendency of men to find appearance an important factor in behaviors typically predicted as sexually attraction behavior even though women don't do this always correspondingly. To summarize in a word: "clean."


The curvy backsides attract sexually to men because they can signify fertility. Women with strong rear muscles have more than one child on average. There is an association that fat in the buttocks and thighs may denote fertility.

You'll also want to make sure you exercise your glute muscles for a firmer backside. Squats, lunges, etc., will help give you the firmest buns possible. Try it and see. Does your man seem more attracted now? Good luck!


Cool women know how to have fun, so for men, that's an instant attraction. They don't take themselves too seriously but still maintain their feminine qualities while being independent. A perfect balance for most guys!

We use the word "cool" as a synonym for attractive, in which case it can have the meaning "attractive and sexy."

Coolness is often characterized by confidence. There are many different ways that men might find women attractive, such as a woman's confidence level.


Men find attractive, neat women because men equate being clean with being "up in the head," which is a desirable trait.

Neatness and hygiene say that you care about yourself, and not only do people perceive this as self-confidence. They also sometimes find it sexy when someone's willing to focus on their appearance or spending time doing things for themselves.

What type of girl do guys find most attractive?

The most common type of girl that guys find attractive (according to my research) is a "tight girl." Someone who takes care of herself and knows how to work on her body. This includes:

  • Doing exercises.
  • Proper nutrition or eating the right foods for your metabolism (i.e., carbs at lunchtime)
  • Quick workouts in the morning or after work.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Getting enough sleep at night for restful recovery time during sleep.
  • Incorporating a light facial mask treatment once a week.

Some other qualities include being confident with what you know about yourself, educated on any/all topics that might come up in conversation from current events to baseball, and being open-minded when it comes to meeting new people.

In terms of confidence, you don't have to be a supermodel or anything. Know what your best assets and qualities are so that when someone compliments them, you can thank them for noticing!

What do guys secretly do for a girl they find attractive?

A guy will give off a small signal that he likes someone and then ask if she's doing anything for the next few hours.

  1. A guy will often start by giving off a "signal" that you're attracted to him in some way (like smiling.) Men show attraction to women in various ways, such as their gaze.
  2. Next, he'll hopefully want to know if you have time to chat with him during these upcoming few hours. Either by asking (if at all social) or orchestrating an event so they can interact with you.
  3. Lastly, there's an opportunity for getting closer physically right around the next milestone of your relationship: kissing!

What do guys look for in a woman's appearance?

Men want girls who are healthy and happy. Healthy would mean eating right, exercising, not smoking, or drinking excessively. Happy means generally having a positive attitude and looking like you're really enjoying the company of your friends.

A woman's appearance indicates to a man that she's taking care of herself and is a healthy person.

Which part of the female body attracts the most?

Studies show that a woman's hair, mouth, lips, and eyes are the four features men find most attractive.

If you feel you don't have any of these, it might just be worth getting a perfect haircut to make sure what you already have is looking its best!

If you want someone to give you their attention in a room full of people, approach them with direct eye contact. The person will naturally feel drawn to the right side of your head. You can aid this by rubbing the left side gently or wearing something like perfume on that side as well. This brings up an idea for some beauty.

What attracts a man to a woman at first sight?

A woman's clothes and overall appearance. Women are judged more on their physical characteristics than their personality, whereas a man judges a woman primarily by her appearance until they start meeting one another. Men most notice these six qualities when initially evaluating a potential partner:

  1. Physical beauty.
  2. Status (social class)
  3. Kindness.
  4. Resources based on looks or intelligence.
  5. Education (as in the number of acquired degrees)
  6. Appearance-based sexual appeal.
  7. Personality cues from nonverbal communication such as voice quality and mood, gestures, expressions, eye contact signals, or lack thereof, for example, winking/flirting with pupils dilated the right way at the same time to show interest in other people).


It’s no secret that men are attracted to women they find attractive. But what exactly does “attractive” mean? You, of course, may think you know, but chances are you have some misconceptions about it too.

In this blog post, we explored the answers to these questions and more and offered advice on how to use your physical appearance for maximum impact with a man!

Let us help you take control of your dating life today by reading our blog now! What misconceptions do YOU have about male attraction?