How to be an ‘Aesthetic girl’ in 2022 ¡With pictures!

How to be an aesthetic girl

How to be an 'Aesthetic girl' Frequently, we see social media posts on Instagram, Tik Tok, video clips on YouTube, of images with different filters.

Also, retro touches you want to add to your photos, and you didn't know it was called 'Aesthetic Style.' As an aesthetic expert, this is what I know:

To be an Aesthetic girl, you must define your style; you can take it as a reference style of celebrities and influencers. It is best to use retro filters in your photos on social networks to make them look like they are from decades ago. Use wide pants, oversized t-shirts, and extravagant accessories to dress aesthetically without worrying that nothing matches.

In this blog post, I give you all the guidelines to dress, makeup, which filters to use on your photos to be an Aesthetic girl. Enjoy this trendy style.

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What is aesthetic?

The aesthetic is something that triggers pleasure to the eye in any way. We use the word Aesthetic to talk about beauty and art, appreciating the things surrounding us differently. It is not a specific style but an approach that wants to look for the beautiful side of things.

The term aesthetic derives from the Greek word meaning 'sensation,' from the study of beauty. This term has been related to the feelings aroused by art and fashion throughout the centuries. With the rise of social networks, their optics have grown so much that we talk about different aesthetic types.

What is Aesthetic fashion?

What is aesthetic fashion?

Aesthetic style is an appreciation of the things that surround us. It seeks to bring out the beautiful side of the places around us, landscapes, or the environment. This beauty creates satisfaction in the person who performs or sees it.

This personal style can range from the heaviest to the most romantic. It all depends on the person who wants to follow this trend.

You can see some examples of this style in filters of photographs commonly used. Also, the imitation of some celebrities that we have as a reference.

Using flowers, highlighting browns, including the yellow time and date filter, or glossing the lips similar to the styles in old movies.

These are some examples of what you can do to imitate this style.

How to be an Aesthetic girl?

Find your style

Find the best style associated with the way you dress. It does not matter if you wear many colors or different clothes that have nothing in common with each other.

The essential aspect is to be yourself and express yourself through your clothes. Your physical appearance will be your statement, and you can support it with accessories and makeup.

Use flowers and glitter

Use floral motifs and glitter on your phone cases. You can use them in your photomontage backgrounds or social media filters.

Use lip glosses

Lip glosses are a fundamental aspect of this style, and the most popular ones are pink or glitter. But, don't worry; in real life, you can find them in many colors, and you can also combine them with other lipsticks you already have.

Personalize your social media posts

Indicate the time and place in the yellowish hue captions. People use these features in Instagram filters and video clips.

Wear high-waisted jeans and t-shirts tucked in.

Everybody uses this type of clothing within this style. You can also wear high patterned socks, oversized t-shirts, and skate sneakers.

Look for inspiration

Look for ideas in photos. Take inspiration from people like influencers and add your style to it.

Wear extravagant belts and accessories

The clothes you wear should be in the style of those from many years ago, from the 1960s to 1990s. For example, clothes should have short sleeves and baggy pants like in that time.

Use specific filters for your images on social networks.

We all know that you like to use the Tik Tok applying different filters you want to use in your photos. It is one of those simple things you will need to join the Aesthetic style.

Use soft colors

Light pink, white, and lilac are the most used tones within this trend. If you use them, you will be an Aesthetic girl.

Once you choose your color palette, you should not forget to use pastel colors. White, pink, and lilac are the most used ones within this trend. 

You also have other options if you want to stand out from the rest of the people who follow this style.

If you already have a color palette, you can move on to choosing your next clothes, but you will need to remember some points.

For example, you have to wear high-waisted jeans and t-shirts tucked in. You can also wear big patterned socks, an oversized t-shirt, and skate sneakers.

Don't forget to use floral motifs and glitter on your phone cases. You can use them in your photomontage backgrounds or social media filters.

Buy new clothes

Another option is to buy new clothes that you think you can use in your style.

Use your imagination, and you will develop an excellent aesthetician style that you can follow forever.

With these simple steps, you will create your style without spending a lot of money.

Fashion trends come and go, but you can wear them once you know how to make your outfits using clothes you already have.

The best thing about fashion; you will only need creativity to make your looks unique.

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Types of Aesthetic girl styles (With pictures)

There are different aesthetics you can follow. You have some examples, and you can be one aesthetic girl.

Art Hoe

Aesthetic Art Hoe style

The Art Hoe is a style that has a passion for art and is casually elegant. This Aesthetic look is seen a lot on Instagram and also on Tumblr.

People with this style are observant, creative, and appreciate art made by others. They also like to read and write.


Aesthetic Baddie style

The baddie is currently one of the most prevalent and influential styles among teenage girls. It is a bright aesthetic style, charming, exaggerated but at the same time aesthetic. They wear tennis shoes, heels, ripped jeans, crop tops, caps, hoodies, chokers, crowns.

This style has a taste for the makeup and jewelry of famous brands. Nude and reddish tones predominate photographs in this style. You can also use white light when taking a picture.

Kawaii Pastel

Kawaii pastel style

This Kawaii aesthetic style is inspired by the Japanese, reflecting images in pastel tones with various elements taken from Japan.

This look represents youthful and tender beauty with gadgets, clothes, and food from this country.

To reflect this style with clothing, use: oversized clothes, hoodies, a sweatshirt, pleated skirts, white tennis shoes, long socks, denim shorts, printed T-shirts. In addition, there is a taste for Japanese culture, the peachy style, and sleeves.

A good trick to take a picture in this style is to take the image with a white light source nearby; this way, the pink filters will be effective and keep the outfit's colors as a focal point.

Then, add filters to the photos but take care of the sharpness of the picture. You can also add emoticons and effects.


gothic aesthetic style

The aesthetic gothic look is related to night and darkness. Gothic people use dark tones. Elements of Renaissance European Gothic culture characterize this style.

It uses silver, black, and scarlet red colors. The fashion style is long plaid pants, boots, crop tops, ripped black jeans, leggings, shorts, sweatshirts, and old-school Vans.

There is a taste for crows, darkness, and black roses. Photographs are dark, opaque black, and white, opting mainly for dull and opaque colors.


vintage aesthetic look

The vintage Aesthetic is a style that relates to the past, from the 1970s to the 1990s. The colors include warm and cold tones, capturing images of times or things that passed in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

The clothing styles are pants, berets, skirts, skirts, jeans, turtlenecks, black belts, Converse, printed T-shirts, striped Sweatshirts.

They tend to develop a fondness for Coca-Cola, roses, music players, Polaroid photos. However, for photography, opacity and sharpness are equally important. To achieve this balance, you have to use the VSCO cam application. With this combination, the images use this tonality and a vintage style.


grunge style

Grunge people wear darker colors, fishnet stockings. They love neon lights, CD images of 90's grunge music.

The style to wear is ripped pants, leggings, plaid skirts, old school Vans, crop Shirts, shorts, dress over T- Shirt, flames T-Shirt. People who wear this style develop a taste for headphones, flames, music, CD/DVD.

The best photographs for this style are black and white illusions but in color. For example, you can take photos of the city of bricks and concrete. You can add retro camera photos and light effects with a white background.


aesthetic Vaporwave style

Vaporwave is a digital artistic aesthetic movement inspired by the 90s. It incorporates early Internet imagery, late 90's web designs, 3D rendered objects, glitch art, and cyberpunk elements.

The clothing style is shirts, hats, plaid Vans, wool caps, printed T-Shirts, skinny jeans, skateboarding, leggings. They tend to develop a taste for video game consoles, Skateboards, and old computers.

For photos, they prefer cloudy climates, and to lower the brightness of their shots, they use VSCO.

Indie/ Palé

Indie/Pale style

This style is simple, mainly focused on white, brown, and beige colors; it shows country dinners, almost always in autumn. This style is prevalent in Asia.

To dress in the Indie/Pale style, tennis shoes, cardigans, sweaters, long dresses, long or short skirts, blouses, loose T-shirts, long pants, sneakers are worn. 

They develop a taste for cloth bags, restaurants in general, and coffee. You can add slight filters to the photo to make them more uniform.


minimal aesthetic look

This aesthetic style is defined by white, beige colors, and neutral tones. It is characterized by images or compositions in which only a few elements appear.

The clothes to wear in this look are T-shirts without prints, capri pants, shirts, white tennis shoes, and nude tones. This style often tastes scented candles, read, and soft music.

The images come out naturally without filters or editing pictures with this style. Only the lighting is taken into account, and the predominant color is white.


aesthetic Space style

Space, infinity, darkness, and mysteries through metallic colors, night images, stars, constellations, and aliens inspire this style.

The styles to wear are skirts, galaxy sweatshirts, necklaces, jackets, space buns, Converse, and graphic T-shirts.

There is a taste for UFOs, outer space, the night, and stars. You only need a slight opacity and harmful exposure for photography in this style.

The colors that should predominate are black, gray, violet-blue and pink, sunset and sunrise in pink and blue.


Witchy look

Witchy is perhaps the strangest style of Aesthetic. It is characterized by using elements that have to do with esotericism, such as stones, plants, and candles. Celtic or Nordic culture and astrology images are the basis of witchy style.

The style is floral prints, leggings, boots, big hats, cardigans, oversize shirts, Jumpsuits, and skirts.

They tend to develop a taste for astrology, herbalism, quartz, autumn, and candles. For photographs, the predominant colors are white, black, and gray. However, to make the photo not look black and white, you can make a color stand out in the picture, such as the color of the hair or the green leaves of a plant, but without being so striking.


Aesthetic Peachy look

Peachy is a style where the main element is peach. It is inspired by clothes like turtleneck sweaters, Vans, converses, graphic T-shirts, Mom, oversize garments, skirts, white tennis shoes. In addition, there is a taste for peachy and straightforward makeup.

You have to take photographs with colors ranging from light pink to pastel tones. Take pictures with plenty of light, so it does not look dull.

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Pieces to have an Aesthetic closet

Upper body:

  • Plaid overshirts.
  • Oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts (keep the trunk and underarms wider than the sleeves).
  • Bandeau-style crop tops.

You can combine it with:

  • Biker pants, sweatpants.
  • School plaid skirts.
  • Wide-legged pants (extensive).


  • Baguette bag.
  • Socks with sneakers (Nike Air Force 1, Balenciaga).
  • Scrunchies for hair.

Aesthetic Outfits with your jeans

  • Use the same print on your t-shirt and socks.
  • Combine a short sleeve t-shirt on top of a long sleeve t-shirt.
  • Be fearless when adding accessories to your outfit.
  • Wear overalls.
  • Do not be afraid that all the clothes you wear won't match.
  • Wear an all-white look.
  • Combat boots are a must.
  • Neon is an excellent element to use.

Aesthetic Makeup

This type of makeup creates a look that fits your personality and tastes. For the makeup to be Aesthetic, it needs to be within your needs, your style, and based on Instagram trends.

The most important thing is to form a style that you like, with colors that suit the occasion to make the best of yourself.

Create your makeup style. If you want flowers, you can draw them on your face. You can do it with your favorite color instead of black eyeliner if you like eyeliner.

Also, you can always use false lashes if you want to. Eyebrows you can dye in your hair color. You can also paint the exact color you used for the eyeliner with a brush.

The most important thing is to wear colors that suit you best, and you feel comfortable in them, even if it means following trends or not.

Aesthetic Hair

Also, if you want to give your hair an Aesthetic style, a popular trend is to make colored highlights. These are two delicate front strands dyed in bold colors such as:

  • Pink highlights: you can use pink highlights to affect all skin types. They are perfect for giving luminosity to your face.
  • Nude highlights: They are very original and make you look great.
  • Green highlights: Ideal for dark hair.
  • Purple highlights: If you love purple, the best thing to do is apply fantasy color highlights.
  • Red highlights: Ideal for giving you a more daring style.
  • Lilac highlights: They will look great on you, besides being a favorite color of this style.

You can use hair accessories like ​​headbands, pins, or bows that you can use to put your hair.

If you want a more Aesthetic look, you can get long, wavy hair. There are many ways you can make your accessories. Look for ideas on Pinterest.

Apps to edit photos with an aesthetic touch.

Many apps help you add stickers, filters, or anything else to make your photos look beautiful on your social networks. But lately, they are trying to bring back the Retro, keeping in mind the 80's, giving it that Aesthetic touch. Some of these apps are:

VSCO (photo and video editor)

VSCO is one of the most popular apps on social networks. It has many filters, and one of the best is the grain effect of making them look more retro. An example to achieve an aesthetic photo is:

Filter: T1+5, exposure: -2.0, contrast: -2.3, saturation: +3.0, recover highlights: +8.0, recover shadows: +2.2, tint: +1.0, grain: +1.5.

PicsArt photo editor

PicsArt has a wide range of possibilities. For example, when using the filter, you can crop and adjust the color range to highlight some tones or make drawings on the photo, create a collage, sticker to personalize your image.

Prequel: effects and filters

Its filters and designs are oriented to the retro effect. Prequel lets you add glow and polaroid effects to your photos.

Infltr: filters, editing, and video

In this app, you will find many filters and retro elements. Furthermore, in the Instagram account of Infltr, there are tutorials on using the tools to learn how to apply these filters.

VaporCam- Retro filter

VapoCam is an excellent option to add frames and color saturation to your photos.


It helps you put a prism or glitter effect to your photos with tiny glitters without saturating, and it is one of the most straightforward applications.

Don't forget to use fairy lights to create an ethereal atmosphere in the photos you take.

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To be on-trend, focus on being an aesthetic girl regardless of other people's opinions. Just focus on being unique and special, choosing the style that best suits you. Your personal Aesthetic choice always has to be yourself.

I hope you find inspiration from this article. You can also see more of our blog posts. Thank you for reading!