How To Be A Baddie Style Girl In 2022 - Badass Tips & Tricks!

How to be a baddie

How to be a baddie? You want to be one, but you don't know-how. 

It's hard to know how to let your hair down and have fun. You're worried about what people will think of you.

How to be a baddie is here to show you that it's okay to be yourself. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about being a confident, stylish baddie girl.

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What is a Baddie look?

Let's face it, society as a whole has attempted to represent baddies as either villains or as the gross-looking monsters that live under your bed.

Society has made it seem like those who want to be perceived as baddies need to have angular faces, scary facial hair, and piercings all over.

Well, this is far from the truth. Although some of those features might be a turn-on for others, you don't have to look like a villain or a monster to be perceived as a baddie.

A baddie is a boss, babe. They are confident and famous, and they might have the latest trends from makeup to clothes.

When people think about them, they envy them and follow them on Instagram.

A baddie aesthetic consists of being unique and standing out from the crowd. The main goal is not only to stand out but also to look fashionable.

You need to feel confident and do what you want when it comes to makeup and streetwear. However, certain things are necessary for the baddie style.

You can wear baddie outfits without looking like you just got out of a Halloween party dressed as Dracula or Frankenstein's monster.

Show up at parties in your style.

A big part of being perceived as a baddie is to show up at all parties, not caring how others perceive you or if they are judging you for what you're wearing.

Show up dressed precisely how you want to show up. No two baddies are alike, and no two baddies dress the same way.

Also, make sure your style is trendy. Dress for the party, not for your Instagram feed or Facebook timeline.

Today, many people love to attend parties with a group of friends who they know will match their outfits.

There's nothing wrong with this, but if all your friends are dressing the same way for a party, it's time to rethink whether you're true baddies or not.

Dress differently than everyone else dresses

Some people might say they want to be perceived as a baddie, but their clothes always look the same as everyone else's.

If you want to be seen as a baddie, wear outfits that are different from what every other person at the party is wearing.

While matching might seem cool or appeal to some, it doesn't mean that no one else will have any idea where you got your clothes from because everyone else is matching.

Match, don't blend in with the crowd.

When we said it's essential to dress differently than everyone else did and did not mean that you should match your outfit exactly like someone else at the party.

If there are 20 people all wearing black clothes, wear white clothes instead. Make your statement. Be different!

There are no rules to dressing baddie. If you want to wear white pants with a black shirt, go for it.

Show your curves

The Baddie aesthetic is about hugging the curves (i.e., wearing tight-fitting clothes). It's time to buy clothing that hugs your beautiful body and displays your excellent form.

Because different bodies are beautiful, don't be embarrassed to flaunt yours!

If you don't want tight clothes on your whole body, you can try a tight fit on half your body. For example, a tight crop top with a pair of sweatpants is easy, and it's still sexy.

Dress the right outfit for your body type

You should wear the outfit that best suits your body type. If you're a plus-size girl, don't be embarrassed to show off your curves. T

There's nothing wrong with showing off what you've got and flaunting your big butt in a nice pair of skinny jeans or hot pants.

If you have a lot of muscle, don't be afraid to show this off as well.

There are different ways to show off your beautiful body and still look baddie.

Baddie Aesthetic Style Basics

Baddies tend to wear a lot of black, but it doesn't mean you need to own only black clothes.

Many baddies love dark colors because they make people look slim and disguise certain body parts they don't want to be recognized.


Pants in baddie outfits are dark, too, and the clothing is darker from top to bottom. Baddies shop at stores where they can mix and match black clothes with lighter colors such as gray, white, or navy blue.

Ripped jeans are a staple item in the baddie wardrobe. Even though they were popular decades ago, ripped jeans remain a crucial piece of clothing for those who want to look baddie.

You don't need to rip your jeans unless it's something you enjoy doing. You can find jeans already torn at various stores.


Go ahead and wear a crop top in a color nobody else at the party will be wearing.

If you love light colors, choose a shirt with a print on them in black or dark red.

Most baddies don't go for loud prints unless they are copies of Chanel's signature logo. Still, others wear unique designs, slogans, and symbols to express themselves independent from mainstream fashion babble.

However, t-shirts with a prominent face of a baddie or metal band on them are always winners.


Keep your accessories minimalistic. Wear only one earring for both of your ears, or wear a small necklace. Don't go big on jewelry because it's not you!

Hats are another thing the baddie usually wears. Depending on the type of party you're attending, wear everything that fits- a beanie, cap, or a flower crown.

Boots or sneakers are also another staples in the baddie's wardrobe. It all depends on your preference, but most people prefer over-the-knee boots when it comes to boots.

If you love sneakers, pick an unusual color that matches only one of your outfit items.


Once again, the rule here is to go darker. A baddie doesn't wear white or red coats because it's just not their style, even if they're beautiful.

If you prefer to shop online instead of in person, look at websites like eBay, where you can find several vintage jackets for sale.

In the fashion world, baddies are said to be the ones who dress differently than everyone else.

Baddie style is not about following fashion trends or waiting to come back in style. The baddie always marches to their beat, which is why they're non-conformists.


Even though hoodies are a staple item in many wardrobes, baddies usually go for tighter and more fitted.

It's not necessary to buy a new piece of clothing; you can continually transform your hoodie.

If it already has holes and is tight around the wrists and waist, all you need to do is sew the sleeves of your hoodie to make it look like a crop top.

If you're not into sewing, go ahead and get creative with how you wear your clothes. It's more fun this way!

Baddie Hair

The baddie aesthetic style brings us to hair styling tips. First, wear bright colors on your hair only if you have no problem with the attention it would get.

If you're not ready for that level of commitment, stick to your natural color because there are no rules in baddie fashion.

Baddie makeup

You can go for dark colors, but it's just not necessary. It should be something you want to do, and it shouldn't feel like an obligation.

Baddie makeup is usually smoky eyes with winged eyeliner around your eyes and bright red lip color. Have fun experimenting with what looks good on you!

Whether you use powder, pencils, brow mascara, or microblading, get those eyebrows in place! Thick eyebrows are all the rage.

Once you figure out what looks best on you, it is easy to create natural-looking thick brows looking good. That is a must when having a baddie makeover.

How can you be a baddie girl?

Having a baddie style doesn't mean you have to have a bad attitude. However, if you want to be a baddie girl, you should be nice when speaking with people.

In the end, all that matters is how confident you are when heading out in an outfit, no matter what other people will think of it.

Your body is an art, and you should feel comfortable in whatever clothes you choose to wear.

Baddie people are an inspiration because they don't care about the opinions of others, which leads them to create their brands, styles, and movements.

They encourage self-expression through fashion no matter how different it may be from the mainstream.

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The bottom line

We hope you enjoyed this article on being a baddie-style girl. If so, please share with your friends and stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon!