How to get a body like a fitness model if I am a female?

How to start being a fitness girl

How to start a fitness journey as a woman? Congratulations on wanting to create a healthy lifestyle, dieting, and fitness. The tricky thing about this is that it is not usually maintained over time if you are not consistent. What is the trick to having a fitness body? There are no tricks, but the reality is that it is possible to achieve it. Here I am going to tell you how:

To start to be a fitness woman, you must lose fat and replace it with muscle. You should not force this process; it has to be gradual, and you should consider the fitness life in the long term. The priority to be a fitness woman is to change the lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise 4 to 5 times a week.

Consistency, dedication, and effort are the keys to achieving what we set out to do.

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What should a fitness woman eat?

Fitness women with ideal bodies prioritize the consumption of vegetables. Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are nutritious, low in calories, and provide fiber in large quantities that contribute to a fat-free body. Also, a fitness woman should include a high amount of protein, which contributes to muscle toning.

Steps to get a body like a fitness woman

How to get a body like a fitness model if I am a female?

Go little by little, step by step

If you start and want to change your life and become a fitness girl, you must go little by little. Remember that you are willing, you have the motivation and desire to do it, and want to do everything at once.

If you start forcing your body with meals, diets, routines, and countless hours of exercise all of a sudden, this is wrong. Keep in mind that making these abrupt changes will cause you to give up.

Start with small changes in the first few weeks, both in meals and exercise. It is best to start by walking the first week, and then after a while, you can include the gym. Continue to progress in your fitness life.

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Change your diet and eliminate salt

Did you know that 80% of the food you eat should be nutritious and healthy? The best thing to do is organize your list when you go shopping and only leave 20% for a treat or similar.

Do not consume ultra-processed foods. Increase consumption of vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. It is best to start to minimize salt in your diet, and you will notice how, for example, your skin's appearance begins to change.

The reality of a fitness lifestyle is that you will feel less bloated and more defined. In the beginning, it is not easy, so do not eliminate all the foods you usually eat all at once and instead go little by little.

Make a list of the wrong things you do

One of the main things is that you accept the bad things you are doing, and recognize them, and want to change them. Writing it down will help you realize it and see where you are failing, and of course, find the solution.

Your body weight is not everything 

Do not become obsessed with your weight. To achieve a fitness model body, you may have to eliminate many things and incorporate others. To be a fitness woman implies gaining muscle mass. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

Instead of monitoring your weight, the best thing to do is to make a weekly visual tracking of your body's evolution and how you are feeling. What you think and your emotions are essential.

The weight does not always reflect your progress, and sometimes you go down in size. In addition to this, if you look at yourself in a mirror now and then, small changes may not be as visible, and that will make you give up. Remember to check your progress once a week!

Don't forget that everybody’s metabolism is different, so learn to go at your own pace.

Look for people who motivate and support you

Many people want to see you look bad and try to make you achieve nothing in your life. Ignore them; remember your goals when they want to discourage you.

Instead of surrounding yourself with people who discourage you, share this life change with people who share or respect your goal. Surrounding yourself with such people will help and motivate you at the same time.

Surround yourself with people who, when you fall, will help you get up and remind you of your goal.

Being obsessive will get you nowhere

80% of your intake should be healthy food and the other 20% is flexible but be honest with yourself. Remember that you should not be too rigid with things because that will not help you in the long term.

It is vital that you adapt the calories to your body and what your body can handle. Remember, you must go step by step.

Mistake, comparing yourself to someone else

Comparing yourself to someone else will help you in your goal of becoming a fitness woman. No one is the same as another person, and we are all different. What you should think about instead of comparing yourself to others is, inspiring yourself to be better than that person.

And remember that we all go through problems and struggles along the way. Remember that you have your beauty, and you should maximize it.

Write down your goals 

This point is essential. Writing down your goals will help remind you of what you are striving for and what you want to achieve. Try not to set immediate goals. The best way to see results and not get discouraged is to develop medium and long-term goals.

Enjoy it 

It is good that you want to make this change because you like it and want to do it. The best thing is that you don't make the change because someone else told you to enjoy your progress, your falls, and your victories.

Choose the food and exercises that you want and can do that motivate and change you.


Not everything is exercise and diet. If you want to be a fitness woman, rest is crucial for your body and mind.

Your body needs to relax, take a break, remember that the growth hormone increases when you are resting. This hormone is what makes your body burn fat and build muscle mass.

Rest is essential for many things, so don't forget that.

The path to the goal you set for yourself is not a straight line. It is a line with many curves. Keep in mind that giving up can go through your head. No one is a robot. When this happens, always remember where you want to get to.

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Essential things to be a fitness woman 


Enough time for you to see the real visible changes and because you will need dedication. It would be best if you had time to get those changes to show. Be consistent in what you want to be.


You must know how your body is composed to start your diet. You must adjust your diet to your daily physical activity and age for your caloric expenditure.


Dumbbells and machines will help you work for all muscle groups. You can do isolation or compound exercises, which of course, will make the workout more intense and will help you shape your body and reduce fat. These exercises will improve muscle tone more efficiently and quickly.

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Cardio is essential as part of an exercise routine to start a fitness life. It is the exercise that keeps your aerobic condition and performance high. With this, we reduce body fat and increase muscle in the legs.

30 minutes 4 days a week is enough, depending on your physical condition.


HIIT is a type of cardio exercise based on a high-intensity workout in short periods. The difference with other aerobic exercises is that it helps you to improve your physical appearance quickly. It also serves to increase your physical performance and power by doing it once or twice a week.


Hydration is an essential element but is not only for the time when you start your workouts. Hydration is necessary because it reduces fatigue and prevents muscle aches.

Do not forget, the improve your hydration, the easier it is to recover to continue exercising. Drink water before becoming thirsty.

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A common mistake when starting a diet is a lack of fiber. If you want to be a fitness person and have a well-defined body, start consuming a lot of fiber.

Ingesting 30-35 grams a day of some cereals or fruits, will be enough.

Secrets to be a fitness woman

Secrets to be a fitness model

It is not all about the gym

Many times, we put all our efforts into the gym because it facilitates our physical change. The best thing is to think and be clear that it is not the only factor essential to achieve this metamorphosis.

Besides the fact that the gym will help you, you should start implementing other things to begin your fitness life successfully. The best thing is that you won’t need to bet everything on the gym.

Many people in the gym are consistent and show determination, but not everyone reaches their goals. I've talked about strength, muscle mass, losing fat, gaining endurance, and above all, maintaining dieting habits.

But now, I will recommend strategies for you to improve and create these fitness qualities.

Good and healthy nutrition 

Diet has to be a determining factor in your life, and it is the one that will make it possible to achieve your goals. With poor nutrition, you will not get anywhere.

Choose quality food, and do not include shakes or anything like that. You do not need that. Your diet has to include fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, legumes, proteins, vegetables, fat. Do not forget oils (olive oil), avocados, and salmon.

Prepare meals in advance

The key here is that if something unexpected happens and you have to eat quickly, or were late and forgot to eat, you must be prepared. If you want to avoid this, it is best to prepare your meals ahead of time to prevent this problem.

Preparing your meals in advance will prevent you from eating poorly just because you are in a hurry. It also helps you achieve your goals without being tempted to eat poorly. By doing this, you won't have to start over every time because you won't fail with your diet.

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Eat more  

A big MISTAKE is to stop eating because you think it will improve your physical condition and help you lose weight. Not eating may help you lose weight at first, but it is not healthy.

What stopping eating does is it affects your performance and metabolism. You can eat, as long as it is good quality and healthy nutritious food. My recommendation is that you eat between 4 and 6 times a day.

The number of meals you choose, between 4 and 6, will be correct but do not forget to plan. However, you do not need to micromanage your intake because you can eat a lot as long as it is healthy.

Build muscle

If you want to start increasing your muscle mass or definition, the most important thing is the proteins you eat and the routine you have with weights. Two to four times a week is the right frequency for you to train with weights.

Remember the importance of rest as it is what will promote the growth of your muscles. Training is essential to stimulate your muscles' development, but what really makes them grow is food and rest.

Don't cheat

There are no shortcuts. The one you cheat on is yourself; if you do this, forget about reaching a better and immediate result. It would be best if you strive every day to go beyond where you have achieved or usually do. Remember that your goal has to be medium to long term.

Cardio doesn't have to be long

When you are looking to build muscle, hours of cardio won't help you at all. Just jogging cardio for 30 minutes 3 or 4 days a week is enough.

Be patient

Impatience to achieve results makes many people give up. You will not achieve anything by doing everything to get fit in two months and then giving up. Your body demands time to adjust to your new routine and diet you are doing.

Plus, you are likely to injure yourself if you start too hard with the training.

Effort is the key

If you want to get a woman's fitness body, the effort is the key. Going to the gym doesn't mean that you look pretty and stare at yourself in the mirror all the time. Nor does it mean that you are talking every waking moment without focusing on the workout.

My recommendation is that you try to improve in each session at the gym and look for intensity. You achieve this intensity by handling weights that force you to push yourself and reduce the rest time between sets and exercises.

It is excellent practice to try to reach muscle failure in each set (not perform any more repetitions). When you get muscle failure, it means you are doing a great job.

Learn to fight fatigue 

When we start a fitness life, we have to change a lot of things. Because of all these changes (especially if we go too fast), our body may feel fatigued, which is normal.

To reduce fatigue, it is essential that after training, you take something to recover quickly. It is best to rest adequately; without this vital rest, fatigue will not go away.

Another tip to combat fatigue is to listen to your body. If you feel fatigued, it is okay to avoid training that day. If you do, you will be much better the following day.


In summary, to start being a fitness woman, you have to want it and have the purpose of achieving it. Fitness is hard work where you have to:

  • Change the way you eat.
  • Do a weight routine.
  • Eat healthier foods.
  • Include cardio in your life.

To finish, I want to tell you that exercise, food, and rest are the fundamental pieces of fitness. Also, remember to go little by little and, above all, have willpower.