What should I do if I ruined my diet?

I ruined my diet
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I've ruined my diet, how do I restart it?

Have I ruined my diet? First of all, it's not the end of the world.

Many times we start a diet, but halfway through we leave it.

That's one of our New Year's promises, to start a diet, but in the end, we break with it.

What should we do when this happens?

You don't have to worry, just continue with your diet, those extra calories you consumed can be disposed of again.

When you want to lose weight, before starting any diet, you should consult with a nutritionist, do not start diets just like that.

The nutritionist will guide you with the foods you should eat and the right amounts to achieve your goal.

Simple steps to return to the original diet

When you lose your diet routine, either because of a special event or because you went out with friends and ate too much, there are a few steps you can take to get rid of those extra calories you ate.

Don't panic and you can continue your diet.

I've failed following my diet, don't panic.

First of all, you shouldn't feel guilty about skipping the diet, according to psychologists, that doesn't help at all, on the contrary, it affects your health.

If you left for various circumstances, and that is in the past, now you must focus on recovering your healthy eating routine

Drink water

Drinking a considerable amount of water helps get rid of your extra calories.

In addition, they keep you hydrated and prevent you from retaining fluids, so you won't feel your body inflated when you finish eating and helps speed up your metabolism.

If you want, you can supplement the diet by drinking tea. You can drink green tea, which is excellent for slimming and black tea. Those are the Oriental tricks you can add to your diet.

Don't skip any meals.

I have failed following my diet, don't skip any meals

Skipping meals is not effective, on the contrary, it is very harmful to your body.

If you skip meals because you missed them the day before, it will slow down your metabolism, increase your glucose level, which can lead to diabetes later on, and in the process, you won't get what you want, which is to lose weight and eat healthily.

When you're on a diet, you can't stop eating believing that it will help you lose weight faster, on the contrary, it makes you hungrier and when you finish the diet, you'll regain all the kilos you lost very quickly.

Food intake should be progressive and controlled, so you should always consult a specialist before starting any diet.

The day after you have failed in your diet, you can have a day to eat only vegetables and fruits, they will help you balance those calories you had consumed too much.

Include fiber

Fibers help your insulin to be normal and you feel fuller for longer, as well as regular toileting.

Go for a Walk

I have failed following my diet, go for a walk

Walking, in addition to keeping your muscles in shape, helps reduce other calories you have, especially when you've skipped your diet routine.

All dietary routines should be accompanied by some exercise to help stimulate metabolism.

To avoid relapsing into those weekend binges, make a list of those things you like to do, and when you have that crazy urge to eat things that aren't in your diet, get them done.

They're gonna help you never relapse again.

Healthy eating and exercise routine

Dietary Guidelines

However, all diets must be flexible, so that you can eat certain things from time to time, so that you avoid those binge eating habits that divert you from your primary objective, lose weight and eat healthily.

If you see that you feel like you want to eat things that aren't in your diet, you should check it out.

At first, it takes a little while to stay in the routine, but soon you get used to eating healthy.

Therefore, if you feel this sensation you should review it and consult a specialist, perhaps the diet you have is not the most appropriate for you.

Set a Goal

Another thing you can do while you're in a food routine is to set yourself the goal you have.

For example, you are dieting to lose weight and you want to get into that wedding dress, one that you wear on the sideboard and is spectacular.

Another example would be that you are dieting for a trip you plan to make or simply because you want to look beautiful and feel good all the time.

Whatever the ultimate goal of your diet, you must be clear if "I ruined my diet", it will help you continue with your diet whenever you need to get out of it.

Food Groups

eat healthy food

In your diet, you should include the 3 big food groups, without exaggerating in them and in a balanced way. I mean, you have to eat well and healthy.

Of course, carbohydrates are the most regulated in diets, but at some point in it must be included in the right measure.

There are diets that eliminate them completely as the Ketogenic Diet and that eliminate them only at the beginning and incorporate them progressively as the Dukan Diet.

The fruits and vegetables you eat should be the right ones, too, but believe it or not, there are fruits that are not recommended in diets because of their high sugar content.

They usually recommend those fruits that are diuretic. Also, drink plenty of water and if you can increase the amount of 2 liters a day, you will be very beneficial.

Include an exercise routine in your diet, to always be beautiful you must be constant in the routine you add.

Do Exercise

Do Exercise

If your routine is to go for a walk, you must do the time you have set, you must walk at least 30 minutes.

Cardiovascular exercises are highly recommended, they keep you in good shape, not only will you be recovering your body inside, but outside as well.

The abdominals will help you contour that figure you've dreamed of so much.

With your daily exercise routine, you'll feel good all the time, full of energy, eager to conquer the world.

You can do the exercise routines on your own, but you can also enter a gym and have the trainer prepare a routine that meets your needs.

Don't overdo it, it's not gonna help you. Remember, if you think again, "I ruined my diet," remember that there is a solution.

everything has a solution
Remember that everything has a solution, the important thing is to persevere