How many types of female body shapes are there?

How many types of female body shapes are there?

How many types of female body shapes are there? One of the biggest questions of all of us, how do I know what kind of body I have, is answered if you know the shape of your body.

How many shapes are there in the body? Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, and Hourglass are four types of forms in your body. These types define what kind of figure you have, and believe it or not. There is a science that studies these shapes.

We know that science as "anthropometry" and unknown to many, this science seeks to study the shape or proportions of the human body.

There are several forms in the human body; each one depends on how we are in terms of weight and what we eat, as well as factors such as genetics.

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How many types of female body shapes are there? 

Different types of female bodies

As women, four types of forms define us; we can differentiate these shapes by the shoulders, hips, waist, and chest.

The four body shapes in women


We'll start with the triangle type. We know this one by because it is similar to an A. The shoulders will be narrow or thin, while the waist is more significant or broader than these.

This body shapes favor the skirts since it allows a better perspective to your legs; likewise, thin clothes on your chest will benefit your figure.

We recommend you to do constant fitness for this body since you will get the most out of it.


Inverted triangle:

This type of shape is the same as the triangle shape, but in reverse, here, the shoulders will be broader or more significant than your hips and waist, which is why you need to wear a different garment.

The recommended outfits for this type of figure are, for example, full skirts, and dark opaque trousers and tights.

We recommended you to perform squats and hip thrusts to lose fat and increase the muscle mass in the muscles of your legs and buttocks.

I also recommend that you read our article on "How to eliminate back fat," between these guidelines and the previous ones, your figure will be even more beautiful.


That is one of the most common body shapes. Your hips, waists, and shoulders have the same volume in terms of size and proportionThe ideal garment for this figure is a skirt, top, or similar clothing.

We recommend you train in a gym, doing exercises focused on your body to increase your muscular figure.



That is the fourth and last form in your body. We can recognize it by the fact that your hips, waist, and shoulders will have the same proportions in terms of maximum and minimum width. That is another of the most common that exists.

We recommend you to wear an outfit that ultimately favors this shape of your body. There is no specific style of clothing for those of us who have this shape; we have to let our imagination run wild and what suits us best.

It is recommended to practice gymnastics, or to exercise some cardiovascular training; since the main factor of this body is to tone it and to exploit more the characteristics that it possesses, for example, the muscles, arms, shoulders, and legs. You should do the exercises you have used before, but not just one, but all of them.