How to be happy with yourself and life in general, 8 Ways to achieve it!

How to be happy with yourself and life in general

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How can I always be happy in life? That is a question that more than once in our lives, we ask ourselves. We all look for happiness. We look for how to feel better and feel that we are on the best path, that touch of joy in everything we do. 

After many years of research, this is what I have learned:

What you have to do to be happy is mainly increase your self-esteem, stop thinking so much about others, stop feeling guilty, and stop saying no to your dreams. Besides, to be happy, you need to value yourself, be grateful, and know yourself both internally and externally.

According to Aristippus, a philosopher from ancient Greece, to be happy, you have to enjoy the "hedonic" moments of your life. You reach these moments when you relax and feel a feeling of distance about your problems; you achieve "happiness" in those moments.

For us, women, it is much more important since our world is partly a bit more complicated. We are much more demanding with everything, with every step, every decision of our lives.

But I can certainly tell you that it is not so difficult to be happy, you have to include certain things in your life in your routine, which I assure you will help you be entirely satisfied.

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How can I be happy when I have no friends?

According to Psychology Today magazine, interaction with other people is useful but not necessary. According to this study, it is more important to satisfy our "basic needs" and "satisfaction of competence" than our friendships' quantity or quality to achieve happiness.

So, do not torture yourself. You only need to find happiness within yourself, and now we are teaching you how to make it.

How do you find happiness within yourself?

How to find happiness within yourself

First of all, you must understand that to be happy the main thing is to want to be satisfied, you will ask yourself how is that? Well, very simply, many times we say we want to be happy, but we don't make any changes.

Also, we don't stop doing things that hurt us, and we don't remove people from our lives that hurt us. We don't do our part, and that's the main thing. 

I will start by giving you a tip of 4 things that you need to change as fast as possible to be happy. Don't think that happiness depends on external factors; your happiness depends on you, you, and only you.

Forget about low self-esteem.

That is the first and foremost thing; you must leave behind that low self-esteem altogether. It is no secret that having high self-esteem is a woman's odyssey, but it is not impossible.

According to research published in SAGE Journals, high self-esteem connects to happiness immediately.

You must start to love yourself as you are, value yourself, and remember that women can get everything they want. High self-esteem is the first step to be happy that no one will provide self-esteem.

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A woman with high self-esteem enjoys love more and knows how to set her goals very well and not be perfect. You can achieve everything you set out to do yourself.

Stop always saying yes to others.

We won't always agree with what other people need or want to do. That's why you should stop saying yes to everything. Please don't say it for fear of being alone, don't say yes for fear of not fitting in, don't say it for fear of rejection. 

Remember that it is okay to express your opinion, and it is okay to place limits on our relationships with other people. We mark and make it very clear who we are and our priorities, which is the best. This way, we know that the people who stay around us are because they know and love us as we are.

Stop feeling guilty

It is something so simple that you must always remember, we simply ALL MAKE ERRORS. You will not be the first nor the last to make a mistake, but you should not blame yourself all your life.

According to a scientific study published in ScienceDirect, guilt is closely related to depression and anxiety.

It is not fair to feel guilt; while time goes by, the blame can take over you, living with that guilt will prevent you from being happy, you will stop doing good things, which will be worth doing.

It would be best if you kept in mind that you only have to go up when you are down. Learn to get up, forgive yourself, remember that life is only one; you cannot spend it blaming yourself for something.

Stop saying no to your dreams.

Sometimes we are afraid to do new things, new experiences, but we should not let this be an impediment in our lives, which stops us from doing all the things we want to do; achieving is the biggest problem.

When we say no to what we want or think, that is when we are failing, because this means that we are leaving ourselves behind, we are going ourselves in second place, and no ladies, we should not do that, remember that first, you are you, second yourself and third you too.

Please do not leave things aside for fear of failure; remember that it is never too late to start doing something you like. The only obstacle is yourself. 

These are the four main advice that you should consider if you want to be happy. You must not take one or the other. No, it would be best if you took the four pieces of advice.

Each one talks about different things that will lead you to do incredible things, to achieve all the goals you set, to live better with yourself. Now I am going to give you another series of tips that will bring you closer to happiness.

Have a positive attitude

You should know that happiness is more than a state of mind; it is a lifestyle. Achieving it is not so easy; we must look for positive aspects in every situation and learn from your own mistakes.

Scientific research published in ELSEVIER found that adopting a positive attitude reduces the frequency of all worrying thoughts.

That is why to be happy, you must have a positive attitude, since many times stress, displeasure, tiredness can make us see life in a wrong way and with displeasure. A positive attitude will always keep your spirits up.

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Encourage yourself

Always applaud your actions every day. We strive to be better, do our things better, and be better women, mothers, sisters, employees, etc. When this effort has results, we must celebrate it. You cannot let it pass by for a single moment.  

It is never too late to be proud of yourself; tell yourself that you are good at everything you do. This motivation will be your fuel every day; as long as you keep this high opinion of yourself, you will care less what others think of you.

Find time for yourself.

Stop not having time for yourself; you deserve every woman, you deserve what you believe, and much more. You deserve to be pampered, listened to, and valued every day of your life.

Always find time for yourself, do what you enjoy, do what you have always wanted to do, and quality time for yourself. 

If you do not become aware of this, you will not feel good in your life, that happiness you are looking for you will never achieve, you will always be bitter. 

That is why you must know yourself, pamper yourself, and above all things, above all people, you, only you, must be the priority in your life.

Feel unique

Not feeling unique is a problem that makes us unhappy and frustrated because this leads us to be the person other people want us to be. That is wrong, very wrong. It affects us too much; no one has the right to make decisions for us, not even the people who love us most. 

Let's say that happiness must always come from within, but we know that the outside also has a lot of influence even if we don't want it. It marks us and even hurts us when other people say or think things to us, whether they are essential in our lives. 

That is why thinking about you, helping you, I will leave here ten tips you need to be happy, but to make you feel better, to help you better, we will divide them into internal happiness and external happiness.

How do I accept myself to be happy?

How do I accept myself to be happy?

Look for internal happiness; the internal changes will help you define yourself and change your concept.

Find the values that are important in your life. 

First, you must know that values are qualities, virtues that characterize a person. These are like the principles that each individual has; we could say that values define a person's thoughts and acts.

To define your values, you must think about what underpins your identity as a woman. Think about your virtues, select the best ones, and keep them very present because they will remind you how strong and powerful you are.

You can repeat your five best virtues to yourself, think that you are respectful, responsible, generous, enthusiastic, empathetic. Define the woman you want, that you desire, that you need to be. 

If your thought is that you want to be a happy woman, then develop much more this idea, this desire. Only you can know where you want to see yourself, what you want to do, and only you can understand how you want to talk. You must decide the woman you want to be and go for it.

You must know what goals will make you happy. 

To be happy, you have to work within yourself, and this third piece of advice is essential because you must learn to make yourself joyful. How to make yourself happy is a point that you have to work on internally. 

Define what goals you want to achieve and where you want to go in your life. You must be clear about where you want to be in 5, 10, or 20 years and you will reach those goals you set for yourself.

Ignore those people who say that happiness is in the way and not in the goal. They are wrong. Contentment is in everything; imagine achieving what you want. Wouldn't you have the greatest happiness in the world? You will feel fulfilled because you have earned it. 

Practice physical activity 

Your body and mind need serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters link information in the nervous system. Serotonin and dopamine are responsible for making us feel satisfied and more easily obtained after physical activity.

That is why, if you feel bad about yourself, lying down will not solve anything. If you are feeling a little down, give your body some movement.

Physical activity will make you feel much better. Dance, walk, run, play with your dog, anything, but do something.

Stop remembering those past traumas. 

Don't damage your mind with traumas you've been through. We've all had bad experiences at some point in our lives.

To be happy, you must stop thinking about those negative experiences. No matter what has already happened, it is in the past. It would be best if you moved forward, continue with your life without looking back.

Each day is a blank page that you must fill in by yourself. You decide to continue writing things from the past or write new things that will enlighten your life.

We have already given you the five internal pieces of advice, and it is for you to go, keeping in mind that it is not an easy job, but you must work on it by yourself.

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Always be optimistic 

From now on, you should place a positive adjective on each sentence you say. If you want to remain impartial in your opinions, it is good to give them with a smile on your face and with tremendous encouragement.

If you want to be a happy woman, the first thing is to look like a happy woman. Believe it so you can achieve it. Think that people like optimistic people. People always surround these types of people.

Take the positive out of everything that happens. 

You decide if you want to make every problem a tragedy or an experience, it's your choice. It's up to you if you're going to see everything as chaos or decide to change your life by visiting the positive side of all your problems.

If you had a wrong moment, a bad situation, and it was challenging, it is difficult to remember it. From the point of view, you overcame it, how you achieved it, tell yourself what you learned from it, and how it made you a better person.

Have deep conversations

By having deep conversations, you will be less likely to have a lonely life. Use these conversations to share moments with people you like to give them a joyous moment. Interesting people tend to be much more attractive.

Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with people on the same path as you, who are in tune with you.

Those people who live complaining or denying everything are not healthy in your life. They will not transmit you any good energy, so look for interesting people who are not bad intentioned, value, and surround yourself with positive people.

Practice your gratitude

Being grateful will help you to be happy because in doing so, you recognize that you are content, you are pleased with what you have achieved with what you are receiving or what is happening.

By practicing gratitude, you will realize that you are not so bad if you see the little positive things. Also, by being grateful to others, people around you will be happy to see that their actions have made you smile. 


In short, what you have to do to be happy is mainly to get rid of your low self-esteem. Also, avoid thinking so much about others, stop feeling guilty, and learn to say yes to your dreams. These are the basics to find happiness; that's why we gave them so much emphasis.