How can I be positive all time? Tips that actually WORK!

How can I be positive all time?

To be a cheerful and positive person the first thing we have to do is change our mindset. Erase everything negative from our minds. To do this there are several techniques very easy to implement such as giving thanks for what you have. This changes your state of mind instantly.

Most of the time, people have a negative attitude towards life. We live in anger; from any difficulty we see a failure, they have no goals to achieve.

But to be successful and happy in life, we will teach you some tricks to be happy and positive. Also, the attitudes you should have when everything goes wrong and some exercises you should do to improve your mood and be positive.

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How can I be positive all time?

How can I be positive all time?

Tips to be a happy and positive person:

  • Be thankful. Give thanks every day about your triumphs, gifts, qualities, and the people around you. Be grateful for life. Put your mind on the things you have and don't focus on thinking about what you don't have.
  • Enjoy everything in life. Enjoy every single situation, no matter how simple it seems to you.
  • Remember every night all the good things that have happened to you. When night comes, remember all the good things that happened to you during the day.
  • Avoid negative thoughts. Try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Live in the present. Learn to live in the present. Don't worry too much about the past or things to come.
  • Avoid the news. Don't watch or listen to the press. It always gives a false reality about life.
  • Show your love. Show your love for people, provide them with a hug, show them a smile, talk to them, spend time with them.
  • Avoid negativity. Stay away from people who are always thinking negatively.
  • Don't play the victim. Be responsible, change the attitude of the victim in front of situations.
  • Don't criticize. Don't criticize anyone or anything; and don't judge anyone either.
  • Minimize your failures. Do not be discouraged because you have a breakdown; on the contrary, think that it is a small step towards achieving your goals.
  • Do not compare yourself to anyone. Never compare yourself to anyone and do not believe that you are better than them or that they are better than you.
  • Think that you are going to achieve what you set out to do. Think your goals are possible, but never think they are impossible.
  • Fight for what you want. Fight for your purposes, set your objectives, and focus on achieving your dreams. Do not be discouraged because you have a failure, but think that it is a small step towards the success of your goals.
  • Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the good moments that life offers you, surround yourself with positive people who will attract your positive energies.

How do you stay positive in a negative situation?

How can I be positive all time? Now we will give you some tips that will help you be a positive and happy person when everything goes wrong. 

How can I be positive all time?

Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature to recharge your positive energies, change your surroundings to breathe the pure mountain air, see the sea at the beach or camp in the mountains.

With this change, you will benefit your health and lower your stress levels.

 Keeping in touch with nature and doing breathing exercises allow you to expel toxic air and fill yourself with fresh air.

Try to be friendly

Be kind to the people around you, when you make someone else happy your life changes because you don't think about anything negative, you serve as positive energy for others.

 When your mood is positive, your self-esteem improves, you will no longer criticize yourself, and you will be able to assume your responsibilities.

Take a break

When you are overwhelmed and tired, negativism surrounds you and takes away your positive energies and happiness. Even if you have a thousand things to do and no time left, you should try to take a break to clear your mind. The rest will make you forget the problems until you can find a solution for them.


Look to laugh at a TV show, funny joke videos, or talk to friends who convey energy and happiness.

 Laughing every day when you feel bad brings benefits to your life, changes any pain you may feel, takes you away from stress, and restores positive energies.


You have to exercise to maintain good mental health by reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.

Avoid negative people

Stay away from stressful people with negative thoughts as bad energies take over the ideas. Choose the people around you carefully.

Write a diary

Write your diary where you can express yourself freely without fear of criticism. That way, you can get solutions to your problems.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep each day 

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day because a lack of sleep tends to cause stress, discomfort, and mental fatigue; with enough sleep, your energies will be re-powered.

Enjoy every minute of your life

Live every minute of your life as if it were your last, and you won't have time to think about negative things.

Celebrate your triumphs

No matter how small your successes may seem, don't focus on the negative. Enjoy the good things that happen to you every day.

Forget the past and enjoy

Enjoy the good things in life, forget the past. Do what makes you happy, something you love to do outside of your everyday life.

How can I train myself to be positive?

  • Avoid getting angry. Be kinder and more positive, control your anger with the least thing that happens to you, always smile, and fill other people with your good vibes.
  • Love yourself. Love yourself, because if you feel good, you will get more positive energy.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes. Be aware of your mistakes and accept that you are not perfect because no one is. We must accept and love ourselves as we are. If you don't like something about yourself, try to change it and overcome it.
  • Find a purpose. Set a goal for your life that you want to achieve, so you can learn to be successful and positive.
  • Practice meditation. Meditate weekly to calm your mind, reduce stress, help you feel peace of mind, and live in the now. We recommend you to meditate twice a week. 


you can be happy

How can I be positive all time? Being a happy and positive person is related to how you see difficult situations. When you face one, then you think the right things out of what seems impossible.

 Think about enjoying the good moments that life offers you, surround yourself with positive people so that you are attracted to their positive energies and their joy.