How can I be happy? 8 amazing techniques

How can I be happy?

How can I be happy? Today I bring you an article with five amazing tricks, for what, for the essential thing in life to get felicity.

This article is full of content, and just one of these tricks may change your life forever.

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How can I be happy?

How can I be happy?

Look at your situation or problem from the outside

First trick and attention, you may have enough to solve any complicated issue that life throws at us is one of my favorites, because it starts from a particular and specific problem.

To walk away entirely and from a bird's eye view, to see a problem from above to realize that it's not that important. 

You'll also see that it's probably an excuse you're using to focus on that situation and forget about doing what you have to do in this life.

Why are you in this world? To be bitter about something foolish? You came to do something incredible, and you can not be overwhelmed by that situation that is blocking you.

You can not afford it, and you have a mission to do, stop sneaking around playing that you are not encouraged. Maybe you find it very entertaining at the time, but you're wasting your time.

As you have seen, this first trick is the first fight not to forget what you have, and I tell you that it is one of my favorite methods.

Manage the stress

That is a fantastic trick to be happy, managing stress. Arnold Schwarzenegger summed it up very well:

"Our body reacts in the same way to all kinds of fear even though the strain of lifting weights and the stress of bad news are different, our bodies don't distinguish between them, and they use precisely the same source of recovery to respond to it."

In other words, yes, mental stress can make you physically weaker.

That is why within this point I will give you three spectacular tips to manage it:

Avoid arguments

The first tip, avoid disputes and become a little more tolerant. That may seem very obvious, but there are many times when we don't respond to ourselves, but our ego does.

For example, the driver that made you feel angry while driving.

Maybe it is not so important what has happened, relax, choose not to waste your stress in this situation so absurd. This point as I say we will develop further

avoid arguments

Get organized

The second tip to be happy is to get organized, and a lot of stress comes from not putting in order our life. Make a list of what you'll do each day and don't move on to the next activity if you haven't done the previous one.

Be clear that in a big project you won't do everything in one day be patient, get organized, and whatever you do, do it right.

Don't pay attention to what they say about you

Don't spend your stress thinking about and giving importance to what others say about you, for example, on social networks.

We spend a lot of time thinking about it, and that creates some stress which really shouldn't even exist and close this paragraph as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the sentence I put to you.

Focus on what you can control, what you can't control that affects you negatively, give it away. Understand that an adverse reaction that causes you stress is not going to change that outcome.

Consequently, this point will change your life, you will be calmer, and paradoxically this will bring you better results.

Use the words "as usual" and "it is better."

Use the words "As usual."

How can I be happy? That is a fantastic trick to be happier is one that I love and it's the "as usual" trick. 

That means that when you receive positive news that you value and appreciate it because within that joy, there is a serene part in you that says "as usual."

How can positive things not happen in your life when you are doing what you love? Normalizing the idea of success is something compelling that will transform your life because it's going to take for granted that what happened.

Therefore, making what you like something usual in your life will paradoxically occur more often, and I love this idea.

This line by Bob Proctor has slightly to do with what I'm saying.

"Stop reacting, start responding."

No matter what happens, the only thing that matters is how you react to whatever happens.

Repeat the words, "It is better."

You can find happiness

This trick comes from a need to change reality. It's as simple as using the word "best" as the header of your answers.

Imagine you received bad news instead of responding, ah well see how we solve this. you directly say, "it is better." From there, you start to justify why it's better.

Let's take an example, let's pose a situation complicated that could have happened to us. Are you ready? 

My boyfriend isn't coming to dinner

"It is better," I'll be able to devote all that time to that project I'm starting to build. I can even meet my friends, have a great time, and go out. I'm going to do that plan I've been avoiding this time, so I'm going to do it tonight.

I'm in bed, and I can't sleep

"It is better," sometimes, what can happen is that the best one can make you smile.

They may think you're crazy, but don't worry, you're not mad, just that you've already crossed the line and you're here with us.

Use "time control."

How can I be happy? The last trick is fascinating. I called it the time control.

Imagine you're going to an event where you're not very comfortable and have a lot of anxiety. With this trick, you can deal with any fear that might happen in that environment. The key is to imagine how that event would happen.

Imagine, for example, a magic show. I imagine how that show will be with a lot of details:

  • What it will be like when you walk in, how the viewer will experience it. 
  • I'm watching it, and I'm visualizing it.
  • Before you get to the site before you enter, imagine that you travel to the future. You see it as a movie as something that has not happened yet. You put yourself in front of the situation of the future that is going to happen.

There is a trick to this "time control," it is an incredible trick to imagine that uncomfortable situation as if it happened yesterday.

To imagine it as if it happened yesterday, when it's not over yet, is incredible.

That moment of anxiety, that painful moment in which I'm going to feel uncomfortable, I imagine happened yesterday.

Besides, it didn't just happen, it was a success, it was something spectacular, and today you celebrate yesterday's success.

Precisely, the key is to imagine all the details:

  • The smells.
  • The touch.
  • The looks of the people who are in that place.

It can be an event, but as I say, it can be anything, but the more details there are, the better.

I find the proposal super interesting, psychologically like seeing that when you go through a situation two or three times.

The second time is always better than the first, the third time better than the second.

And I see that the fact that you have imagined what has happened having celebrated, etc.

It makes you arrive at the event, and it makes you arrive at the site with more tranquility, with more confidence, as if it had happened yesterday.

Fisting technique

That is a physical technique that you can use in any situation. In an awkward moment of difficulty, you have to clench your fists very well.

It is impossible not to solve things. It automatically changes your mood. I learned this trick on the fly, and it works very well for me.

Take care of your physique 

Another trick has to do with physics. When you take care of your physical condition, paradoxically, you're much better off.

If you go to the gym and exercise, you automatically feel much better. You are generating endorphins, and that is related to your mood.

Do intermittent fasting from time to time

Finally, intermittent fasting is a fascinating trick, and that is that this phase is a period when you are more alert

A stage where you are very aware of everything where your creativity is triggered


How can I be happy?

How can I be happy? Finally, I want to tell you that YES, it is possible to be happy and improve your mood, try these tricks. Maybe just one of them will do it.

You will be able to face life's situations and have a healthier mind and body.