How to do makeup for oily skin step by step

How to makeup your oily skin step by step

Do you want to know how to makeup your oily skin? This type of skin is caused by the excessive accumulation of sebum in the T-zone and central area of the face, which becomes a shiny appearance, with dilated skin pores and the presence of acne and blackheads.

 Everyone who suffers from oily skin knows how difficult it is to get a good foundation and, therefore, get the most suitable way to apply makeup.

 Achieving the ideal makeup is not easy because it is complicated to keep it intact or keep the makeup from taking over the T-zone.

 Therefore, if you like to apply makeup but find it difficult because of your oily skin and want to achieve a stunning look, I recommend reading the following article which will focus on the following points:

  • Steps to make up oily skin.
  • How to take care of oily skin.
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How to do makeup for oily skin step by step 

1.-Prepare the skin:

  • Wash your face twice a day with a facial cleanser, as it will help remove the oil that clogs the pores and help remove impurities and dead cells.
  • Exfoliate the skin once a week with creams containing small micro granules and delicately.
  • Apply astringent toner, because it helps regulate the oil levels in the face and closes the pores. 
  • Also, apply an oil-free moisturizer for oily skin.
  • Apply water-based photo-protective cream.
  • Use deep-cleansing face masks because they penetrate the pores and remove excess oil. Do it in moderation twice a week maximum.

2.- Moisturize the skin:

You should moisturize your skin with a mattifying spray specifically for oily skin that adheres to the surface, helping to hydrate it and creating a protective barrier to control excess oil. 

Please wait until it dries and absorbs well. Many people think that they should not moisturize oily skin because it has its natural moisture, but this step should not be overlooked.

3.- Use an absorbent towel 

There are days when the skin has excessive production of oil. You must pass a wipe or absorbent cloth to remove it.

4.- Use a pore minimizer

Use a pore primer with a pore minimizer. Use some of this minimizer on large pores, forehead, and chin, as the T-zone is the brightest. Try to apply it with small strokes rather than dragging too much to penetrate the pores thoroughly. Please wait for it to dry very well.

5.- Apply a pre-makeup base

Apply a pre-matte makeup foundation for oily skin with a light coat and, in moderation, spread with a sponge for a smooth finish. That is to make sure that the grease has a layer that cannot get through and tries to get out.

6.- Use concealer

Wear concealer under the eyes, a little on the forehead and eyelids, blur.

7.- Apply fixing powder

Apply a light layer of fixing powder with a wet sponge, sealing the entire face.

8.- Apply the foundation

Now put on the matte base, start applying it to the contours of the face.

Start mixing from the outside to the inside.

9.- Perform the "baking" technique

Perform on our face the "baking" technique, which consists in applying with a wet sponge a translucent powder on the areas where the skin starts to get greasy faster. Let it rest for ten minutes.

 This technique helps to seal the makeup so that it does not move from its place.

10.- Removing the excess powder

After 10 minutes, remove the excess translucent powder with a broad brush and apply the blush and makeup outline.

Remove powder excess

11.- Seal with mattifying spray

Seal the entire face with a mattifying spray again, so that the makeup does not look dusty and remains even.

 Now you are ready to apply the type of makeup you want, whether it is on your eyes, lips, or cheeks.


How can you stop oily skin?

A good skincare routine and deep cleansing is essential to avoid sebum build-up and clogged pores. 

  • It should be done no more than twice a day, in the morning and at night. Please do not exceed the cleaning because it will make the mantle that covers the skin disappear and dry.
  • You should get a moisturizer for this type of skin, although the skin is oily may lack water. Some cleansing creams can leave the surface rough. 
  • Use a daily photo-protective cream with a 100% mineral UV filter, as chemical filters contain oil.
  • Take care of your skin at night, performing night treatments to renew dead cells. Use cream with salicylic acid, it will penetrate more in the pores, and it will significantly diminish the black points in our face.
  • Don't forget to use face masks to eliminate excess sebum and dead cells.
  • You must also take care of your diet, eat in small proportions, and rarely eat chocolates and fatty foods. Consume food supplements such as zinc and lactoferrin.


how to makeup your oily skin step by step

As we have already read, to obtain good cleanliness and the right makeup on oily skin, special care is required.

Having a cleaning routine before starting to apply makeup, using specific oil-free products, and using mineral bases, make the skin less shiny.

 Makeup products should not be applied with the fingers since the heat produced when it rubs against the skin makes the grease come out more to the surface of the face, for that specific makeup you have to use sponges.


 Finally, we recommend cleaning the skin properly, which ensures that any treatment or makeup that is carried out afterward has a more effective result and penetrates deeper into the skin, preventing makeup from fading or cracking and lasting much longer.