What kind of moisturizer should I use? This Is What Professionals know

What moisturizer do I need?

What Moisturizer Do I Need?

  Ideally, our skin is capable of keeping itself moisturized. But, modernization is taking a toll on us by affecting our skin's capability.


There are several reasons for unhealthy skin, such as pollution, skincare products, lifestyle, eating habits, etc. And, we need moisturizers to combat the effects of the negative impacts of modernization.

What moisturizer do I need?

However, modernization has caused many adverse effects, but it has always remedied these effects. Including, moisturizers that help negate the effects of environmental and biological factors.

Also, modern science has given us several remedies by giving us options to choose an appropriate moisturizer for our specific skin type.

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What moisturizer do I need?

What moisturizer is best for me?

Let us know a few things about different skin types and understand the kind of moisturizer is best for each skin type.

Normal Skin

normal skin

It usually refers to a well-balanced skin. The scientific term used for regular skin type is eudermic. The people with this skin type experience neither too oily nor too dry skin.

Their skin has delicate pores, and a velvety, soft, smooth texture. The reason behind this is that the skin has good blood circulation. Also, their skin has a fresh, rosy color with uniform transparency without blemishes.

However, this skin type also needs moisturizers to keep enjoying the benefits.

Best Suited Moisturizer

There is not much concern for people with healthy skin. But, it is still essential to use a moisturizer to keep skin balanced, intact, and hydrated.

Light lotions with water as one of the main ingredients are very serviceable for people with regular skin. Also, the lotion-based moisturizer with ingredients that draws water from air is one of the crucial aspects for those with regular skin.

The moisturizer should be natural to absorb for the skin and does not leave film or residue on the surface. This property of the moisturizer would not slip-off the skin and stays put.

A right moisturizer will make your skin feel refreshed. And, it's texture will also be smooth instead of uneven and dull.  

Dry Skin

Dry skin

Dry skin is a type of dermis that produces less natural oil than the regular epidermis. However, the skin builds a protective shield to fight against external factors. But, the skin loses natural moisturization through perspiration. Nevertheless, there are two major dry skin types.

  • Mildly Dry Skin. There is mild scaling or flakiness in patches on the skin. Also, people with this skin type experience a feeling of tightness and, sometimes, itchiness.
  • Very Dry Skin. People with this skin type are prone to experience frequent itchiness. The skin seems to be rough with calluses and scaling issues.

 Best Suited Moisturizer

Dry skin is one of those skin types that are profoundly affected by environmental factors. The primary concern is dry, winter weather, which worsens the problem.

So, a thick ointment-type moisturizer works very effectively to ward off the dryness problem. The moisturizer, which is heavy and oil-based, works best by supplementing natural oil, which lacks in the skin.

Additionally, those moisturizers which offer sun protection are also very fruitful since dry skin is more prone to suffer from damage by the sun rays. Also, it is essential to choose the moisturizer that does not contain alcohol.   

You can find more information on how to care for dry skin in our article "Secrets of how to​ cure Dry Skin (Routine, care, tips…)."

Oily Skin

Best moisturizer for oily skin

Those with this skin type experience increased production of sebum. They experience a glossy shine on the skin, which seems pale and thick. Also, the pores of the skin are enlarged and visible.

There are several reasons for skin to increase the production of sebum, out of which genetics plays a critical role. Either of the two parents has oily skin, which passes over to the children. However, certain medications and constant stress also cause the overproduction of sebum.

Additionally, hormonal changes or hormonal imbalance also leads to skin problems. People with brown skin or just oily cutis are more prone to develop acne, blackheads, or whiteheads. And those with moderate to severe cases may experience small, painful bumps and pustules.

Best Suited Moisturizer

There is a misconception about oily skin that it does not need moisturizer. Instead, people believe that oily skin needs products that can take away the oil from the skin.

However, those who fall prey to this misconception regret miserably. Since some manufacturers use harsh chemical-based or product with alcohol as main ingredients which damages the skin to the extent that sometimes it is irreversible.

So, it is better to stay away from such rumors and apply moisturizer. A moisturizer will prevent the over-production of natural oils but exterminating the environmental factors that are causing the over-production of oil.

So, it is enriching to use a moisturizer that is lightweight and prevents clogging of pores (non-comedogenic). Also, moisturizers with natural ingredients as active ingredients help to keep skin from problems like acne

You can find more information on how to care for oily skin in our article "Skincare Routine for Oily Skin, What should my skincare routine be?."

Combination Skin

combination sikin

Combination skin is a mix of two or more skin types. Those with this skin type may experience dry, flaky skin at certain portions of the face while excess oil in other parts of the face.

The people with this skin type often confuse their skin being dry skin or oily skin. There are many people with combination skin, but this skin type is hard to identify.

The most characteristic feature of this skin type is that skin will be shiny in the forehead, nose, and chin. We know this feature as T-zone.

Best Suited Moisturizer

It is challenging to choose a moisturizer when the skin is oily in some parts and dry in others. There are several moisturizers for oily and dry skin.

Even there many skincare products for regular skin also. It feels like people with combination skin are left out. But, many products offer moisturizing for the combination skin also.

Those of us who have combination skin can use lightweight oil-free gels, using a moisturizer that provides more than just humectants is beneficial. 

What should moisturizer contain?

What should a moisturizer contain?

The people with every skin type need to use moisturizers to maintain the health of the skin. And, what kind of moisturizer is helpful for my skin is a common question dwelling inside our minds while choosing a moisturizer.

Let us take a look at a few of the qualities of moisturizers that are essential to maintain healthy skin. Additionally, it will also help to choose the right product for your skin type.


Several companies either mention fragrance-free or unscented products in their labels. The vital difference between these labels is the inclusion of synthetic fragrances.

The products with label unscented often mix synthetic fragrance in their product to cover the unpleasant odor of the chemical used in manufacturing.

The synthetic fragrances could cause allergic skin reactions. While they use the fragrance-free label when there is no synthetic fragrance in the elaboration of the product.

However, we will experience some pleasant smell during application of the product. And, the reason for this smell is the usage of natural ingredient or essential oil.

It is crucial for people with any skin type to use products without synthetic fragrance so we can avoid that unexpected skin reactions can.

Active/Inactive Ingredients

Active ingredients are those which are included in the product to do what they do correctly. For example, a product has titanium dioxide, which is a potent sunray blocker. But, inactive ingredients are those who are only there to finish the product but do not play an important role.


Manufacturers label several products as hypoallergenic but, it is not a stamp of guarantee. We often misinterpret hypoallergenic label that it cannot cause any allergic reaction to anyone, which is a misconception.

So, you should avoid a product that contains any ingredient which has created an allergic reaction in the past. Being labeled hypoallergenic does not mean it will not cause allergy.


The primary difference between a natural and organic product is that a natural product doesn't have artificial chemicals. In contrast, organic products use botanical products that are grown without pesticides.

It is not a standard of safety. It only designates the ethical farming technique. Also, the product with natural/organic label is not manufactured 100% with botanical products because it includes at least 5% of artificial chemicals.

The inclusion of synthetic substances is essential to keep the herbal extracts from speedily losing their properties.

Broad Spectrum

The broad spectrum label is there to tell customers that moisturizer will protect from both UVA and UVB sun rays. It is vital to apply sunscreen to maintain healthy skin.

And, several products offer sun-block properties along with the moisturizing properties. These products are often preferred over others because you do not have to wear sun-block separately.


Parabens are nothing but a group of chemical that acts as preservatives. There are no adverse effects of parabens, only if they use them are in low quantities.

However, they label many products as paraben-free, but they might contain some other preservatives to give moisturizers a longer shelf life. And, if a product is low in paraben quantity, then there is no need to avoid it.

Since it can cause adverse effects if the product's ingredients deteriorate before the expiry date, which is not for our skin.


The general public has not become aware of the use of phthalates in manufacturing. This chemical is used widely in cosmetics, toys, and food packaging. It is a toxic group of compounds that are moisturizers in low quantities.


The product with this label claims that they are non-clogging, or oil-free. But, the essential thing to know about these products is that they will break down excess oil without stripping the skin from natural moisture.

We have to consider these essential properties of moisturizers before choosing a beneficial moisturizer for the skin. However, there are several other factors to improve the health of the skin.

After all, depending only on the skincare regimen is never an effective way to improve the health of the skin. One of the most common habits of ours is touching face from time to time.

This habit of ours can lead us to the skin problem. Since many bacteria on the surface can travel to our skin through our hands. So, it is important not to touch our skin unless we are applying any product or washing our face.

How can I get healthy-looking skin?

how can I get a perfect skin?

Furthermore, we must avoid the products that contain harsh chemicals, for example, parabens in high quantities in the product. Since the health of skin also depends on the overall health of our body. So, let us take a look at simple methods to maintain a healthy body and healthy skin.


Our lifestyle impacts our skin and body in a much more significant way than we recognize. Those of us indulged in unhealthy eating habits, minimal body movements, and harmful sleep regimens suffer from skin problems more often than those who maintain a healthy lifestyle.


You have to eat the right foods. Any of us think that a non-vegetarian diet is quintessential for a healthy body. However, a vegan or vegetarian diet helps us to replenish the critical moisturizing agents in the body.

Nevertheless, we never consider it appropriate to omit non-vegetarian food altogether, but depending entirely on it is deemed to be unhealthy. Additionally, avoiding oily, spicy foods is also essential to keep skin healthy.


Many of us live a busy life. And, we forget or neglect to exercise. It is not considered healthy. Exercising increases blood circulation, which is essential to supply the skin with nutritious compounds.

Also, heavy perspiration removes the clogging of pores. Moreover, exercising removes the toxins from the body and, thus, prevents inflammation of the skin.


We often develop a habit of self-medication to subside minor health problems, such as headaches. But, such a practice is very unhealthy because it not only defects the skin but may mask the underlying health problems.

So, it becomes crucial to take any medication only after it is prescribed by a healthcare professional.


The problem of overconsumption of alcohol is across the world. Additionally, many of us also develop a habit of smoking. Both these habits of ours are very damaging.

So, we have to limit the consumption of alcohol. Also, avoiding smoking habits is beneficial. There are several other ways to reduce stress, for example exercising.

Sleep Regimen

Many of us have heard about beauty sleep. But, we often wonder about the effectiveness of this term. Nonetheless, sleeping at night in a fixed time and waking up in a fixed time in the morning provides skin required time to repair damage from environmental factors.

Also, it is advantageous for skin if we develop a habit of sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning. The prime reason behind this is that there are fewer pollutants and more oxygen in the morning as compared to late morning time.

Health Issues

We are prone to self-medicate or neglect any minor issues that are interfering with our routine life. But, these small issues could be occurring due to underlying health problems.

The first effect of underlying health problems is on our skin. So, we should visit a medical professional for diagnosis instead of neglecting these small but frequent problems.

The diagnosis will not only benefit our skin health but also prevent us from developing any chronic health issues.

Final Words

You can find the best moisturizer for your skin type

Now, we know all the information needed to choose the kind of moisturizer for our specific skin type. This information will not only help us in selecting the right moisturizer but also help us to know which products to avoid.

Also, we will not fall into the trap of some of the common marketing strategies used by skin care companies. Moreover, there are no chemical-free products in the market because it is impossible to manufacture a chemical-free product with a significant shelf life.

After all, we are not going to use the entire moisturizer in one go. So, companies formulate little chemical to increase the shelf life of their product.

Besides, it is also essential to know the type of skin. It helps us to choose an efficient product to moisturize our skin. Also, we can identify if a specific product is favorable for our skin or not.

However, depending entirely on skincare products will be the wrong decision of ours. We do need some lifestyle changes, exercise, sleep, etc. to maintain healthy skin.

Additionally, we need to limit and avoid certain habits to prevent skin problems. Nowadays, we need to learn to read labels on our skincare products.

Since choosing only a serviceable moisturizer is not enough to maintain healthy skin. We do need to select every skincare products and cosmetics correctly.

The combination of correct moisturizers with the right cosmetics can only complete our skincare regimen. And, if we include healthy eating habits, proper sleep regimen, avoid self-medication habit, and live a healthy lifestyle, then only we will be able to achieve our goal of healthy and moisturized skin.   

You can find more information on caring for your body in our beauty section.