Why Oily Skin Needs Moisturizer? 5 crucial reasons to use it

Does oily skin need moisturizer?

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Why does oily skin need a moisturizer? The general question of most people with oily skin is about the need for moisturizer. You will probably ask yourself this question since your skin is already producing a lot of oil.

After much research internationally, this is what has been discovered:

The skin needs moisturizer to balance the moisture and sebum in the skin; this balance is essential for the skin's health. This optimal balance provides the skin with a natural pigmentation aspect and a radiant and soft appearance, necessary for our aesthetics.

If you have oily skin, you always have to moisturize and cleanse it morning and night, especially the T-zone. You will attenuate this shiny area, fight against the excess of sebum production of your skin, and the curious flaking that occurs in the birth of the eyebrows or the nose flaps. 

The usual query of most of people with oily skin is about the need for moisturizer. It is apt to raise the query since their skin is already producing a lot of oil.

And, adding a moisturizer to their skincare routine might only add up to greasiness. But sometimes, the truth can be quite the opposite of what we generally believe. 

Nevertheless, skincare experts have always tried proving the effectiveness of moisturizers for every skin type through several kinds of research.

And, we can identify our skin type and its needs only because of this researches. Nevertheless, people are still worried about slathering moisturizers on their already oily skin.

This can be attributed to the most prevalent myth that oily skin does not need moisturizer. And, many of the followers will only wash their face several times a day as a skincare routine.

Washing your face is not enough for oily skin

But, this routine can lead to more complications. The people following such a routine might develop acne all over their face. 

Besides, researches have already proved that oily skin is an active acne-prone skin type when compared to other skin types. Besides, washing the face with contaminated water is also dangerous.

And, people with oily skin following their skincare routine of washing face with water have more probability of washing their face with contaminated water.

This might lead to more skin problems as if the management of oily skin is not problematic enough already. The most common chemical used for disinfecting water is Chlorine.

And, chlorine can wreak havoc on the skin. It will ruthlessly strip away all the nutrients and natural oils that are there to protect your skin.

Therefore, it becomes more important to educate yourself about the need for a moisturizer for your oily skin. And, it will not lead to more problems but shield your skin against several other skin problems. 

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Why oily skin needs moisturizer?

Let’s see how a moisturizer can benefit your oily skin instead of damaging it. 

Oil Does Not Mean Hydration

oil doesn't mean hydration

There are several kinds of research to back the fact that moisturizer should be part of a daily skincare regimen for people with oily dermis.

Because oil production by skin, whether excess or not, does not mean that skin is properly hydrated. And, appropriate hydration is crucial for the health of the skin.

There are several issues associated with dehydrated skin, for example, acne, inflammation, and premature skin aging. Besides, the dehydrated skin will increase the production of oil to overcome dryness. And, this extra oil production by the body results in clogged pores. 

A non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) moisturizer which is oil-free also can help you to regain skin health. The moisturizer will hydrate the skin by adding water to it. 

Moreover, a moisturizer will also help in reducing the production of oil which will reduce the greasiness of the face. The myth of washing face with water frequently itself values the hydration of skin for lessening the production of oil.

But, followers of this myth forgot about washing face with clean water is more important and, it is more difficult to find clean water that is chemically untreated.

Thus, an approach to hydrate skin by using a moisturizer is more effective than washing it will chemically treat clean water.

Besides, the chemicals used in the production of moisturizers are those which are dermatologically tested which is why they are more beneficial and safe for maintaining the right hydration in the skin dermis.

A moisturizer will dissolve and mix oil and water actively for a sustained period to maintain skin hydration throughout the day.

Prevent Acne for Clear Skin

Moisturizer can prevent acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that affect everyone at some point in life. While many reasons cause this problem, but people with oily skin are more prone to face it throughout their life.

And, it could be considerably hard to handle this problem without addressing the roots of the problem. However, there are several effective treatments but acne can be persistent.

Moreover, the efficacy of acne treatments can dramatically increase with the use of moisturizers. The two primary reasons for skin to produce oil are skin hydration and clear dead skin cells out to the surface.

Besides, hair grows from the same follicles from which oil comes to the surface. Consequently, the clogging of pores is more prevalent in people with oily skins.

Moreover, skin treatment can only help areas where acne is present. And, moisturizer can help prevent clogging of pores by increasing the absorbability of acne treatment compound reducing the bacterium from penetrating skin dermis. 

Moreover, moisturizers help sustain hydration of skin dermis which is key to avoid inflammation that goes deep into the skin. Additionally, moisturizers with acne treating compounds are also easily available in the market.

These moisturizers not only help to treat prevailing acne but also hydrate skin to eliminate the chance of spreading acne problems throughout the skin of the face.

Nevertheless, it is important to not touch the acne to prevent spreading the bacterium to other parts of your skin. 

Stay Young

Moisturizer will make you look younger

The skin of the face is very sensitive to environmental changes. Also, it sheds skin cells more often than other parts of the body. Thus, it needs a sustained amount of moisture to repair itself as fast as it sheds cells to allow younger skin cells to rise to the surface.

Besides, the massaging effect while applying moisturizer increase the blood flow and help in the generation of younger new cells. It also removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin.

One can easily camouflage blemishes by using moisturizers daily. Since moisturizers tend to make the skin to have a slight sheen. It also helps to even out different skin tones on the face which might have occurred to sun exposure.

The moisturizers with active compounds to mitigate aging can do wonderful things for your skin. The most efficient way a moisturizer can help to look younger is by preventing the effects of environments like cold and dry weather.

It will also prevent pollutants to penetrate the upper layer of the skin to prevent skin tissues from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals accompanied by the pollutant. 

Also, it will efficiently get rid of flaking and dullness giving your skin smoother appearance. It would also plum fine lines by adding much-needed moisture to your skin which will make wrinkles appear less noticeable.

It can also be said that good moisturizing of skin can surpass the effects of many other skincare products.

Prevent Dullness of Skin


oily skinA good moisturizer acts as a shield between skin and air while absorbing good things like moisture from the air and protecting tiny particles from affecting the upper layer of the skin.

It is a fact that it prevents damaging effects of built-up dirt which can clog pores and weigh down your skin. It also balances the natural oil levels by slowing the evaporation of moisture to prevent skin look dull.

The usage of moisturizer becomes when the skin is oily as well as sensitive. 

Sensitive skin is more prone to sun damage, and inflammation which can result in itching. The application of moisturizer is more important for sensitive skin than any other skincare product.

The components of a good moisturizer incorporate the sun protecting ingredients. Those people with oily skin are at higher risk of sun damage than any other skin type.

However, extra oil on skin makes oily skin types more resistant to the sun’s negative effects. But, when their skin gets too much exposure then their skin can get more damaged than any other skin type.

Moreover, people with oily skin can get a tan more easily than other skin types. Therefore, it becomes more important to use moisturizers to prevent skin from sun damage and prevent dullness of the skin.

Nourish the Skin

Moisturizer is good for your oily skin

We are all aware of the benefits of nourishment for our bodies. But, we generally forget that skin is also a vital part of the body that needs nourishment.

It is most essential to nourish the skin because it is a single part of the body exposed to the environment directly. And, nourishment becomes more vital if you have oily skin.

The body is already producing excessive oil to protect the skin, and it is of utmost importance that the production does not get interrupts. We hate our oily skin but the rate at which the body is producing oil is for our own benefit.

And, to keep this important process going on, we need to nourish our skin properly to enjoy the benefits of alluring skin health.

A moisturizer will contain all the important nutrients that are needed by skin, for example, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Hydroxy acid or AHA, etc. All these important nutrients will help you to achieve your skin health goals. Also, nourished skin will not fall prey to skin conditions like eczema. 

Moreover, nutrients will maintain the elasticity of the skin to help block the effects of the natural aging process. Everyone loves looking at someone with radiant skin.

Such people tend to take care of their skin without neglecting the importance of a moisturizer that contains all the nutrients vital for skin health. It is better to avoid moisturizers with perfumes, alcohol, and other junky chemicals that can lead to skin problems. 

Nevertheless, one of the vital nutrients that help cutting down fine line and wrinkles is Vitamin A or Retinol. It boosts the amount of collagen which is naturally present in our body.

This protein makes up 75% to 80% of your skin which is why it is important for your overall skin health. This protein is also important for the rapid healing of structural damage to your skin caused by the natural process of aging, sun exposure, and pollution.

Many of the nutrients are absorbed or produced less by the body with passing years. But, moisturizer will help your skin to fulfill all its nourishment needs easily.

Besides, the nutrients in moisturizers are directly absorbed by the skin, unlike pills, therefore, skin receives all the benefits from the high-quality nutrients that are added in the moisturizer.

Final Words

Moisture your oily skin

Including moisturizers in daily skincare routine is very important for people with oily skin. The beneficial effects of moisturizers cannot be surpassed against damage caused to the skin which is not moisturized.

Unfortunately, the notion that moisturizers cannot be used on oily skin is a myth. Besides, those who follow the myth are unaware of the reason for which oil is produced by the skin. 

The oil produced by the skin is called sebum. It is not only simple oil but an oily, waxy mixture produced by sebaceous glands to coat, moisturize and protect the skin.

The oily skin can be because of poorly hydrated skin due to which the body produces more sebum to protect the skin from external factors.

Sebum is made of fatty acids, waxes, sugars, and other natural chemicals that nourish the skin and act as a natural barrier against moisture evaporation.

And, what we call oil on our skin is not only sebum but a mixture of sweat, dead skin cells and tiny particles of dust and whatever else floating around with the dust.

The excess of any of these can induce harmful effects on the skin. The skin’s barrier can be strengthened only with the help of an efficacious moisturizer.

It sustains the hydration level to prevent the overproduction of sebum. Also, it protects skin health against the effects of harsh cleansers and season rotation.

Besides, it is essential to use moisturizers in a proper way to increase the effects. It is recommended to apply moisturizer before going to bed. While you are taking your beauty sleep, the body performs dozens of vital functions amongst which the replacement of old cells with new cells also takes place.

Application of moisturizer before going to bed helps new cells to stay hydrated till morning which is essential for your overall skin health goal. 

Moreover, apply moisturizer after your bath to prep, hydrate, and protect skin against countless environmental factors and irritants that your skin has to face the entire day.

Also, applying moisturizers is advantageous after swimming or, after washing the face.

If you want more advice on how to take care of your skin don't hesitate to visit our beauty section.