How to clean your face naturally everyday in 5 easy steps

How to clean your face naturally everyday

How to clean your face naturally every day? Our facial complexion is a fundamental part of ourselves that we cannot overlook. Our skin is one of the first things people notice, and it can say a lot about us.

Some people do not give it the attention it requires, and this can be the main reason they don’t look so good. When the face is dirty or looks bad, people notice it in a negative way.

It does not matter if you are a woman or a man. You have to take care of your skin. A dirty complexion can cause many problems with the skin. It can make it look ugly, feel rough, encourage blackheads, and many other things.

If you are a woman, you don't want a man to kiss you and feel that your face is rough, dry, or with black spots; it is not very pleasant. If you are a man, you don't want to have a dirty complexion, mainly because when you have to shave your beard the dirt can infect your pores.

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Why does my skin get dirty?

This is our main important question, to know how to clean the skin properly we must understand why it gets dirty.

During the day, our face is confronted with various environments that dull it. These environments take away the presence of our skin. They take away its luminosity. In short, they wither it. 

The environments that achieve this are those where there is smoke, or where it is too hot. Also, when we are overexposed to the sun, or when it is too cold. What we eat also influences our complexion. We must not forget this factor.

Influential foods are chocolate, strong spices, fatty foods, excessive coffee consumption, among others. Excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco also has a bad influence on our skin.

Can any cleansing be done on any skin type?

How can I clean my face skin?

The reality is that no, there are different types of skin, and not everyone needs the same cleansing, nor does everyone need to be cleansed with the same frequency. You must consider what your skin type is and look for the things that your skin needs. Here I will explain the skin types and how to cleanse them.

Oily skin cleansing: 

Oily skin is one of the most common types in environments where it is hot. This can also be due to hormonal problems or inheritance. Oily skin is a type that needs more frequent cleaning.

The advantage of oily skin is that you do not need to cleanse it so intensely since you should cleanse it almost daily; the skin will not get so dirty. But this does not mean that you do not need a deep cleansing. You have to do this once every two weeks.

When we have oily skin, it tends to collect almost all the dirt and pollution from the environment. It is for this reason that the skin gets dirty. The main reason this skin type requires cleansing is to unclog the pores and allow your skin to breathe better.

Important tip: It is best to use a cleanser or look for a mild soap for this skin type.

Dry skin cleansing:

Dry skin requires the most care, and you need to take care of it all your life. The skin is so delicate because they tend to wrinkle, and lines appear faster than you might expect.

Cleansing too plays a significant role when you have a dry skin type, and you should not forget it. For dry skin, cleansing will make your face look younger and prevent premature wrinkles from appearing. When you have dry skin, you should cleanse your skin deeply once a month, but do small cleansing 3 days a week.

Important tip: If you want to cleanse this type of skin, it is best to use mild soaps. You should also wash your face every night, especially if you wear makeup frequently, as this clogs your pores.

Mixed skin type cleansing :

This skin type requires dedication when it comes to cleansing. It is somewhat delicate. When you have a mixed skin type, that is, neither oily nor dry, it is best to use specific cleansers that work for you.

When you have a combination skin type, you should not use overly aggressive products, but also, not so gently. The best thing to do is do your research and see which ones work best for you.

Important tip: It is best to apply the product you use with a cotton pad. If it is for oily skin, only use it in those areas where there is more oil.

Steps to cleanse your face skin at home 

Steps to clean your face skin

The method to clean our skin will tell us if we will have disinfected pores or not. It will tell us if our skin breathes well. A good cleansing of our skin will keep our face rejuvenated and without premature wrinkles.

The first step is to clean the surface of the skin.

The first step is one of the most important, and you should not overlook it. Otherwise,  the following steps will not be as functional. To clean the surface of your skin effectively, you should start by washing your face with plenty of warm water. It is best to use a neutral soap for this step, which is healthier for our skin.

You have to wash your face in a comprehensive way, but without being too aggressive. Then you should apply a good lotion on your face that serves to remove makeup and other impurities that you may have left on your skin.

 The second step to clean your complexion is to exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating our face is very important if we want to take care of our skin. When we exfoliate our face, we can remove the dead skin cells stored on our skin.

When we remove the dead cells and the dirt on our faces, we allow our complexion to breathe much better. But when you are looking to clean your skin in a gentle and thorough way, you should exfoliate your face the way I will show you here.

How to exfoliate my face correctly: 

  1. Find a fresh cotton ball.
  2. Put some exfoliating lotion on the cotton ball.
  3. Apply the exfoliating lotion to your face with the cotton ball.

When applying the scrub, you should try to make circular movements on the skin at all times.

You have to persist with these movements in the areas where the most dirt accumulates. These areas are almost always on the sides of the nose, between the eyebrows, and of course, on the forehead.

The third step is to cleanse your face skin deeply

When we talk about deep cleansing our skin, we don't mean that you should do it aggressively. There is a very effective, homemade way to cleanse your face deeply.

To cleanse your skin deeply without being aggressive, you can make a homemade sauna. The sauna will help you to open your pores perfectly; it will help to remove blackheads and imperfections that you may have.

How to make a homemade sauna: 

  • The first step is to find a chamomile tea bag.
  • Boil 1 liter of water.
  • When the water is boiling, pour it into a large open container.
  • Proceed to pour the tea bag into the boiling water.
  • You have to tilt your face so that the steam reaches your face for a few minutes.
  • You can do this two times a week, to be most effective.

The fourth step is to disinfect your skin properly

When you are looking to cleanse your skin most effectively and correctly, this is a point that you should always consider. But to get to this point, you must have done the previous steps effectively and in the right way.

Only once you have removed all those impurities that you had on your skin, including the dead cells, will you be able to disinfect it well. After these steps, you should apply a lotion with a bactericidal effect; this way, you will avoid your skin infections.

After removing all the skin impurities, you should apply a lotion with a bactericidal effect to avoid infections.

The fifth step is to apply a soothing mask to our skin

When we are cleansing our skin in a good way, our skin suffers a little bit even if we don't want it to, but it will benefit it. The point of a soothing mask is that it helps our skin calm down and thus avoid redness.

Important tip: When you apply a soothing mask, it is best not to use specialized products. Make a mask with homemade products; it will be better. An excellent soothing facial mask is a mixture of yogurt and honey. Besides soothing your skin, it will moisturize it excellently.

What to do to keep your skin clean?

To maintain that clean complexion, you must protect your skin. Protecting your skin is an essential step to keep your skin clean and free from environmental damage. After you clean, disinfect and moisturize your face, you should protect it as much as possible.

When you are going out of your house, whether to work or anywhere else, you should apply a layer of sunscreen. Keep in mind that the sun is the leading cause of making our skin oily. At night when you go to sleep, you should wash your face well with a mild soap.

No matter how tired you are at bedtime, never go to bed without washing your face correctly. Washing your face will keep your skin clean and prevent pimples or blackheads from appearing on your skin.

Tips for maintaining a firm and beautiful complexion

When you think about cleansing your face skin correctly, you should clean it and keep it perfect. There are steps you should follow after cleansing. Remember that deep cleansing is done once every two weeks.

Don't forget to remove your makeup every day

This is perhaps the essential task of each day that you should never forget. To maintain a clean and firm complexion, you must remove makeup well. Leaving makeup on our face all night long greatly accelerates aging. Besides giving us premature wrinkles, it opens your pores, accelerates the appearance of acne, and causes horrible blackheads.

Important tip: When using makeup remover, try to avoid creamy or oily makeup removers as much as possible. They are bad. Always try to use makeup removers that are as light as possible.

You can't forget to wash your face every day

To keep our complexion fresh and firm, you should not forget to wash your face at least once a day. I recommend you wash it at least twice a day, so as to be most effective.

Washing our face is important because constantly on the street, we expose it to an environment full of bacteria. These bacteria hugely penetrate your skin through your pores. If you don't wash it at the end of the day, your face will be full of germs.

Important tip: You should wash your face when you wake up, and before you go to sleep, you will eliminate the grease produced. Look for a soap that matches your skin type, as explained above.

Do not forget to exfoliate and moisturize your face skin

If you want to keep your face skin as firm and clean as possible, it is essential to maintain a weekly exfoliation and daily moisturizing if possible. A perfect complexion is not full of germs, dead cells, grease, accumulated dirt. That is what exfoliating is for.

When you moisturize your skin well, it will remain firm and smooth. A well-hydrated complexion will prevent premature aging and redness of the skin.


In summary, to clean theface skin properly, you must follow a series of steps that are not difficult. Still, the first thing is to know what type of skin you have, this way you will learn how often you should clean your skin deeply, you should not only wash your face very well, you must apply a scrub as we explained, you must disinfect the areas and of course, moisturize and protect the skin of your face.