Learn how dry skin causes acne, the 6 main reasons you didn't know

How acne is caused on dry skin

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How Dry Skin Causes Acne

Formerly, everyone recognized the skin as a part of the body only. But, current researches have shown that skin is not only a part of the body but also an organ of the body.  In this manner, we consider it as the largest organ of the body. Contrary to the general belief of the liver being the largest organ of the body.

The main causes of the appearance of acne or pimples on the face with dry skin are produced 92,5% of the time by causes such as contact with chemicals (even from beauty products), abrasives such as some exfoliants like pumice stone, lack of hydration, and even the genes.

acne on dry skin

Nevertheless, the epidermis also contains stem cells, just like the liver has stem cells to repair itself. But, people have different skin types, such as-

Ordinarily, the problem of acne is associated with oily dermis only. However, it is also the biggest misconception. Acne can affect any skin type when the body undergoes several changes.

Also, the skin contains pores, though, which secrete moisturizing oils. And, these moisturizing oils are less secreted in people with dry epidermis.

However, the clogging of pores due to any reason can cause acne despite skin type.

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How dry skin causes acne

Several reasons can cause acne in people with dry skin. Let us take a look at some of the various causes of acne in dry skin.


acne on dry skin

We receive our genetic structure from our parents. Hence, any of the parents suffering from dry skin could be the cause of your skin dry skin. The excessive dryness causes flaking of skin which in turn clogs the pores.

However, there is no way to change genetics, but some of the treatments can reduce dryness of cutis and prevent clogging of the dermis.

Hot Showers

Those of us who like enjoying hot showers should understand that it is the biggest disservice to your skin. However, warm water bathe feels wonderful in those cold days of the winter season.

But, those of us who spent much time in steamy hot showers are more prone to develop acne. So, it is essential to limit the time you invest in hot baths instead of bathing with chilly water.


Many of us do not pay much attention to the soaps and washes we use to cleanse our bodies. However, harsh chemicals in these toiletries are often a reason for several skin problems, including acne. 

The harmful chemicals could equally contribute to more dryness, such chemicals wash-off the natural oils of the epidermis. That results in acne, along with excessive dryness of the skin.

Abrasive Material Usage

We want to get rid of dry, dead skin cells to avoid acne problems. But, many of us use a pumice stone or scrubbing sponge to wash-off dead skin cells.

And, usage of such abrasive materials damages the skin along with pushing skin flakes inside the pores of the skin. Additionally, it contributes to an increase in acne due to inflammation or infection caused due to damaged skin.

 Lack of Moisturization

People with dry skin suffer from a lack of moisture in the skin. However, several other reasons can increase the dryness of the skin. Such as dehydration, dry weather, skincare products, health conditions, etc. So, the addition of moisturizers is of utmost importance for avoiding acne problem. 

Wrong Skincare Products

The chemicals used in many skincare products are very harmful to the skin. Additionally, they manufacture the skincare products are as per the skin type. And, we sometimes fail to select the product as per our dry skin. This mistake of ours leads to an acne problem.

infographic of how dry skin produces acne

Tips to stop acne on dry skin

acne on dry skin

Let us also look at some of the straightforward yet useful tips to contain the spread of acne.

Drink 8 glasses of water every day

I know I'm very repetitive, but it's essential that you drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Don't drink alcohol 

Avoid or limit consumption of alcohol-based drinks as it contributes to dehydration of the skin.

Beware of caffeine

I need it every day to keep up with my life, but the excesses are bad, so limit the consumption of caffeine.

Quit smoking

Those of us prone to smoke should avoid it. Smoking is extremely harmful to the dermis and adds to the dryness of the skin.

Buy special products for dry skin

Choose skincare products and bathing products that hydrate the skin. And, dry skin type is a susceptible skin type, which is why using mild scrubs is exceptionally essential.


We sometimes underestimate the contribution of exercising on our skin. However, exercise might help to relieve the problem of clogged pores.

Also, exercising daily increases the production of natural oils of the skin, which in turn moisturizes the skin. And, there is no better moisturizer than natural oil excreted from skin pores.

Read the labels of the products you buy

We fail to read the labels on skincare products because any of the ingredients listed on the product’s label are hard to understand. So, selecting a product rated beneficial for dry skin is essential to avoid acne problems.

Eat vegetables

Limiting consumption of non-vegetarian products and increasing the use of vegetarian products also helps in preventing acne problems amongst those with dry skin.

Animal-based products take a longer time to digest and contain unhealthy fats. While vegetarian products have healthy fats and, they are also easy to assimilate.

If you are interested in starting a vegetarian life read our article "Vegetarian Diet for beginners, the Most Complete Guide for Dummies."

Final Words

Take care of your dry skin

The problem of acne does not limit itself to people with oily skin only. Nothing but acne remains a far more critical problem for people with dry skin. Since dry skin already lacks the proper moisturization from glands of the body.

The lack of this self-healing property of the body in people with dry skin increases their risk of developing skin problems. Also, the skin problem, like acne, becomes harder to treat.

Nevertheless, the products and treatment options are chosen very carefully for dry skin problems. However, few changes in lifestyle are also essential to increase the production of healthy skin oils.

acne on dry skin can be solved

And, some of our habits to counter dry, winter days eradicate the beneficial effects of an active lifestyle and carefully chosen products and treatment options.

So, people with dry skin frequently complain about the ineffectiveness of the problem in resolving the acne problem. Whist, our habits, such as smoking, is the main culprit here.

Therefore, it becomes essential for us to choose healthy habits along with an active lifestyle and easily digestible foods.

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