How can I control my oily skin naturally? 7 EASY steps!

How can I control my oily skin naturally?

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M.D.

Everyone wants an answer to the question: How can I control my oily skin naturally? That is one of the first problems we live in today: women and even men are affected by an oily face. It looks unpleasant, much more so if you are going to a business meeting or a simple date. When you have very oily skin on your face, you don't want anyone to see your skin like that since your face is one of the first things other people see. 

According to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, there are many effective medical options to reduce skin oil secretion, such as RetinoidsDRM01and Spironolactone. Our recommendation is first to treat the problem of sebum secretion naturally.

This article will tell you the mistakes we should not make if we have oily skin, the diet we should follow, and finally, what we can do to have less oily skin.

But since it is a problem that affects us all, we must know why this happens. You can't attack a problem if you don't know where it comes from.

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Why do I have oily skin on my face?

Why do I secrete so much oil on my face? Why does our skin on our face become oily? Our face has one of the most delicate skins on our body. Generally, this is why we take so much care of it. At times, we take too much care of it.

Our skin face can become oily because the sebaceous glands produce excessive amounts of sebum. That is why we see it a little wet and shiny; your skin does as a defense mechanism against dryness or any external agent like excessive heat or sun radiation.

Another reason why we can have oily skin is that we suffer from hormonal or genetic problems. For this reason, I recommend you to go to see a specialist in dermatology.

But the main problem that gives oil to the face is the environmental factor. When high temperatures affect us in those months, our skin suffers the most, the sweat of course appears and is the main trigger.

What causes too much oily skin?

How can I control my oily skin naturally?

An oily face is an important issue, not only because of the aesthetic part or the need to look good but also because this oil can block our skin's pores and give way to the horrible acne that we avoid so much.

That's why if you have oily skin, I'll tell you the four main mistakes they usually make

Wash and exfoliate your skin very often 

That is one of the main mistakes that people frequently make. People tend to think that if they wash their faces much more or excessively, their skin will stop being oily. They also believe that if they apply peels, it will be more beautiful and not look greasy. Well, no friend, this is the worst mistake you can make on your face.

Washing so much is a mistake because water dries out the cells in your face in an incredible way. That, of course, will generate more fat since the sebaceous glands will produce excess.

When you have oily skin, the idea is to wash your face a maximum of 3 times a day and apply peels 1 or 2 times a week. That will quickly help you not have such an oily look, but it is a massive mistake if you do it many more times.

I will leave you here a tip for your day to day if you suffer from this oily skin. I recommend using a little blotter a few times a day to absorb the oil from your skin completely. That will help a lot because it can prevent you from washing your face too much.

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Using products that are the leading cause of dry skin 

You must learn to know your skin very well throughout your life because every day, too many products come out to the market. It is challenging to know which ones will be more beneficial or harmful in your skincare.

That is why I recommend you to read very well the components that each of these products has.

It would be best to look for cleansers, toners, and creams strictly for those oily skins. Try to find those products that are not made from oils since this would cause more sebum.

A tip I will leave you with is to look for foamy products and contain very soft components. That will compensate for the dryness but will not produce excess oil.

Not using any facial cream.

A common mistake is to think that these creams contribute fat to our skin, and no, it is a stupid mistake. Just as there are creams for dry skins covering moisturizing and moisturizing entirely, there are also creams specifically for skins that are oily, for those that do not have reasonable pH control.

Leaving the skin natural will make it look much brighter; sometimes, they tend to look much more oily. The right thing to do is to look for a moisturizer that is specifically for oily skin. That will keep your skin fresh and, of course, give it a pH balance.

A tip for finding a good cream for these situations is looking for a water-based, oil-free cream, and is a lightweight solution. Moisturizers that are too creamy can clog your pores a bit. That can cause them not to breathe correctly.

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Using the wrong kind of makeup

Women have always had a particular attraction to makeup; almost all use it when we go out on a date. We still do it to look more presentable, cover up imperfections for a costume party. It's widespread to use makeup, especially for women.

But the problem with makeup is that you have to know which one is the best for your face. That's why if you use oil-based makeup or makeup that has a luminous effect, it will make your skin look much brighter or greasier.

When you buy makeup, look for those with a matte effect or those containing a salicylic impact. This effect helps in a great way to clean the pores. It also helps to hide the pimples that usually appear in this type of oily skin.

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Then you know what frequent mistakes to avoid. Now you know that perhaps you were causing that oil on your skin, and wanting to prevent it caused more sebum washing your face badly, using inadequate makeup, avoiding using facial creams. You know these are common mistakes, and you should not make them again if you want to avoid having more oily skin.

What should I eat for oily skin?

Food can also have a significant influence on your skin. Even if you don't believe it, a good diet can revitalize your skin in a way that you can't even imagine, but there are specific foods that are the most helpful.


Cucumber has been used since ancient times, as it is a source of vitamins and minerals. These components not only help keep your skin hydrated but also protect it from many things.

It is so special because you can not only ingest it to cleanse yourself from the inside, but you can also apply it to your face to refresh it and as a mask to give it hydration.

For those people who suffer from excessively oily skin and also suffer from acne, the cucumber can become your best ally, your best friend. This incredible plant contains many properties that help fight, control, and effectively reduce excess oil on the skin.

It also contains refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat that reddened or damaged skin by the sun's rays. It acts as a protector in our epidermis.


The carrot is that vegetable that can never be missing from your meals since it is an excellent antioxidant. It also acts as a natural protector for your skin, which is best if you are exposed to the sun daily.

But what enriches your skin the most is that they are abundant in vitamin A. This vitamin will help you to eliminate that dryness in your skin in a natural way. It also decreases blackheads and pimples that can be caused by oily skin.

Carrot improves your skin tone and will make it look bright, renewed, and very fresh. You cannot only ingest it, but you can also apply its pulp to your face, and it will act as a magnificent facial cleanser.


The tomato acts incredibly well on this type of oily skin because it contains many antioxidants. It also has vitamin A and vitamin C. Not only that, but it also stimulates natural collagen, which will make your skin more glowing, free of aging.

It is very beneficial, especially for oily skin, because it contains astringent properties. These properties allow the sealing of the pores and clean them well. That is to say that it is also an excellent fighter for those people who suffer from acne.

How can we reduce oily skin?

you can have a glowing skin

Now that you know that your diet also significantly influences your skin start improving it. Avoid eating that kind of junk food like hamburgers, pizzas, among others, because they provide fat to your whole body. Eat more carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers.

Now I'll leave you with some tips to better fight that oily skin on your face. You can apply them in your daily life, and you will see how your skin will improve enormously.

Tip number 1: avoid rubbing your face

Scrubbing is not synonymous with cleaning your face anymore. No, with this, it will not look shinier; it is a mistake. When it comes to drying your face, do it with soft and subtle touches. It would be best to consider that the towel you use on your face should be only for your face.

Tip number 2: take care of your diet: 

You must avoid eating so much fast food or junk food. These fatty foods add fat to not only your face but also the rest of your body. They also promote acne, blackheads and are not at all healthy. 

If you measure the portions and avoid these foods' excessive consumption, you will thoroughly see how it changes your face.

Tip number 3: use sunscreen

The sun is one of the leading causes of acne and dryness. That is why it is essential to use sunscreen if you have the right type of skin. The sun's rays can do too much harm to our skin.

Tip number 4: Wash your face twice a day

That is undoubtedly one of the best methods to free your face from excessive oil. You must wash your face twice a day, this will free it from impurities, and it can only produce the oil strictly necessary to keep your skin healthy.

Tip number 5: use a mask once a week

The masks help to cleanse your face better. They are handy if you use them at least once a week and maximum twice a week. Your face is exposed to so many impurities and external agents daily, much more if you use makeup. It is necessary to use a mask to give it the deep cleansing it needs.

Tip number 6: do some physical activity

We all know that our whole body needs some physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. That allows you to release toxins naturally.

Your face will unusually thank you because sweating your pores will open and eliminate excess bait naturally.

Tip number 7: never stop drinking water

Does drinking water reduce oily face? Of all the tips I have told you, this is the one that is vital for your face, for your whole body, for your entire life. Water is life. It will keep you hydrated all the time; it gives your skin; it provides oxygen.

Notice that all the incredible foods for this type of oily skin, its main component is water. For example, cucumber, which is one of the best, comprises 70% water.

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In short, to take care of your face from fat, you must avoid making all the mistakes that most people make:

  • Not using face cream.
  • Washing your face in excess.
  • Using the wrong makeup.

These mistakes cause your skin to generate excess oil. You should also change your diet a little and include cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes in your daily life to give life to your face and, of course, follow all the tips I have given you for your day today.