How do you take care of curly hair between washes?

How to maintain curly hair between washes?

If you want to keep your hair curly and beautiful after washing it, the secret is to take care of how you style it. It is also handy to use the Fitagem technique when you wash your hair, moisten your hair with water to achieve beautiful curls to attract everyone's attention.

If you're one of those who wakes up the next day with a fuzzy hairline, read on.

This article will show you how to care for your hair, a series of steps, and what to avoid so that your hair stays beautiful the day after you wash it.

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How to keep your curls beautiful between washes

curly hair between washes

How can I keep my hair wet and curly all day? Now we will answer all your questions with the following tips.

Use a light textured cream

If you want to have beautiful curls the day after washing it, a widely used option is light textured creams. Applying these creams is convenient to have dry hair if the objective is to create curls and wet hair if you want to define them.

To use this styling cream to hydrate and moisturize your hair, you must:

  • Moisten the curl by spraying it with water and squeeze the curls with your hand to shape them.
  • Then apply a small amount of mousse to all the hair.
  • In the front part, retouch with water, comb the hair with cream, and define the curls and press them with your fingers.
  • To create volume, apply water to all but the front part of the hair, which you have already touched up, and start dividing the curls one by one with water to prevent frizz.

Revitalizing spray

We can use a mixture in to revive the waves of our hair. These mixtures are applied with a spray and can easily be purchased or prepared at home. Be careful because these solutions often leave the curls heavy when they carry several products.

You can also revive the curls with purified water because it is free of chemical components which helps you to have light, shiny curls and volume. Although, the it does not have a fixation component such as styling creams, this technique must be done every day until the next wash.

The first thing you must do is define the curls so that they remain the same the next day because if you don't define them well, it is very likely that the next day they will be more frizz; focus on achieving good definition.

Make a ponytail

To protect the curls when you go to sleep, you should hold all the hair with a ponytail to control them because if you leave them loose, the pillow rubbing will make the hair more frizzy.

Use garters that won't damage your hair. Try to use garters that don't have any metal pieces because they damage the hair fiber and break it. If you can't get all your hair in a queue, then take half the hair, make a queue, and leave the rest loose.

Use a satin or silk pillowcase

Most people use this type of sleeve at bedtime when the hair rubs against the sleeve; it causes less frizz than an ordinary sleeve.

Separate your curls when you wake up

The day after washing your hair, the first thing you should do when you get up is to separate the curls and take them off very well. 

  • Separate the top half of your hair from the nape of your neck.
  • If you feel it sticking together, you don't need to use any products. 
  • In the places where the curl has already come off, you must moisten it very well with water and do the same procedure to separate each tuft of curls.

Use the Fitagem technique

When you humidify the hair with water, you can revitalize it with the Fitagem technique. This is a process where you have to apply combing cream on every wick, and you have to divide the hair as if they were ribbons, to facilitate the form you want.

With this technique leaving the hair well defined and with more volume, you only need to apply water to revitalize the locks that quickly lose their shape.

Use an afro comb

If you don't like the result yet, comb your hair with a bobby pin or afro from the bottom up, inserting it into the root and pulling it up.

Revitalize your curly hair with water

Step by step for the revitalization with water.

  • First, fill a sprayer with purified water.
  • Spray the hair parts that need it with water, dividing the hair into sections to make the process easier.
  • As you applied the day you washed your hair styling cream, the water will help revive your curls. Separate the hair into thin sections and run your fingers from the roots to the ends, as if you were doing the Fitagem technique.
  • When you finish with this technique, just let the hair dry naturally.

Tricks to keep your hair curly

Know your hair type

How do I know what kind of curly hair I have? First of all, you must find out what your hair's density is. For this, you must pull out a hair from your head very carefully and place it between your fingers. If you don't feel it, it's because you have fine hair; if you feel it, it's because you have medium hair, and if you feel that the hair is strong and textured, it's because you have thick hair.

So, you have to do this to find out what type of hair you have to find the right products and the proper maintenance methods.

Find out your curl type

Find out what your curls look like. There are different curls, wavy, curly, or spiral. Wavy hair has loose curls in the shape of "S," and they are not smooth. Wavy hair is in the middle; curly hair is more closed than wavy hair.

Spiral curls have a zigzag shape and start attached to the roots.

Find the best hair care routine for you

Analyze your care routine. Look for shampoos and conditioners or products that are moisturizing and repairing. It would be best if you also made sure that their components do not contain sulfate. These products are the basis for beautiful curls because they improve their appearance.

Treat it in the shower. Curly hair always needs more hydration than other hair types.

Apply shampoo to your scalp

You should wash your hair only when necessary and apply shampoo to the scalp and make sure that the ends do not dry out.

Take your conditioner to the next level

To keep hair more hydrated:

  • Apply conditioner to hair and leave overnight
  • You should apply this when you're in the shower, then put on a shower cap to keep the heat in and make it penetrate better.
  • When you get out of the shower, put a headscarf on your hair for not staining your pillow when you're sleeping.

Recycle your old t-shirt

Change the towel for an old shirt to dry your hair, as the towels immediately frizz the hair because the fabric is rough. The material of the shirt will avoid the effect of frizz.

Use an appropriate brush

Use a brush that has a large paddle because each hair needs a special brush. Using it with natural bristles will break your curls and make it very frizzy. Also, be careful with products and gels with alcohol, because they tend to dry your hair a lot. For this, you should apply small doses of gels.

Wash your curly hair as much as necessary

This type of hair should be washed as little as possible, and only when you need it. If you wash it too often, your hair will start to get worse colored, the ends will open up, and growth will be disrupted.

Use non-rinse conditioner

To create perfect curls, use a leave-in conditioner, oils, and creams to apply to wet hair. That will protect, moisturize, and nourish your hair.

Use products that untangle the hair

Get the right products to nourish your hair, and separate it. To saturate your curls, you must untangle it well in the shower. To detangle hair: comb through it with a wide toothbrush from top to bottom to get rid of them.

Use a silk headscarf to sleep

Before going to bed, place a silk scarf over the roots and tie it around your neck, so that the root curls are not crushed when you sleep.

Comb your hair when it is wet

Never comb your hair when it is dry. Do it when they are wet to define the curls and make them last longer.

Be careful when you get a haircut

When you get your hair cut, ask your stylist to do it with dry hair because when it is wet, it has a different texture and length. Dry hair will give you the result you want.

How to wash curly hair properly

Washing curly hair is not so easy and quick because It requires patience and good technique. Besides applying hair cosmetics, you have to take care of the water's temperature and the final drying, as this type of hair gets tangled very easily.

Untangle your hair well before washing

Untangle your hair first before showering: apply hair oil or conditioner to your dry hair and then comb it. First, use your fingers and then a wide-toothed comb to provide extra moisture and, therefore, less tangling.

Use two different shampoos

First, you should start using a shampoo that cleans your scalp well because it removes any residue of styling products that you have applied to your hair before. Rinse and this time, use a moisturizing shampoo.

Apply and remove the shampoo properly

For application and removal of the shampoo: 

  • Place shampoo on the scalp.
  • Then take it to the ends without rubbing it. That will prevent your hair from getting too tangled.
  • It's also ideal for rinsing the shampoo with not too hot water (not boiling). That will open the cuticle and allow the mask or conditioner you're going to use to penetrate better.

Dry your hair well before applying nutrition

You must dry your hair. If it's very wet when you're using a conditioner or a mask, the water will prevent it from penetrating the hair fiber.

For this reason, a towel dries your hair a little bit without squeezing it and respecting the times.

Use a hair mask

Wear your mask for as long as necessary. If you're in a hurry, it's best to use conditioner, but at least put on a mask once a week and let it work for 10 minutes. 

 Ideally, you should put your hair inside the shower cap, or if you don't have one, wrap it in film.

Rinse your hair with cold water

After applying the conditioner or mask, you should rinse it off with cold water, therefore. That will allow the cuticle to close, keeping the moisture inside the hair and providing extra shine.

Use microfiber towels

These towels prevent your hair from getting frizzy and tangled. If you can't buy this type of towel, one option is to dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt.

Use styling products for curly hair

These products keep the hair frizz-free and do not add heaviness. You can get them in different textures. Look for the one you like best.

How to stop frizz on curly hair

  • You shouldn't comb your hair with fine bristles if your hair is curly because these separate the curls creating more frizz and uncontrol.
  • Avoid rubber bands: they make your hair look dry and shapeless.
  • Avoid blow-drying: blow-drying is forbidden. You must naturally dry curly hair to retain its shape unless you have a diffuser and use it at the lowest temperature.
  • Don't use the gel: the gel gives shape to the curls, but it provides a stern look, and if the hair is touched, it will come out with white hair that is unpleasant; ideally, use a mouse for curly hair.
  • Avoid 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner: this product makes hair drier and prevents curls from having the elasticity you want. The best option is to use the shampoo and conditioner separately and be specific to your hair type.
  • Avoid using towels to dry your hair: don't use a towel to dry your hair or rub it in; you should use a cotton T-shirt to remove excess water, but don't rub it either.
  • Don't touch your curls: if you're touching your hair during the day, the grease on your hands will damage your hair's appearance and make it worse.
  • Avoid untangling it outside the shower: never untangle your hair when it's dry. Apply conditioner and comb through to detangle, then rinse and remove excess moisture.
  • Hydrate your hair once a week: this type of hair is more prone to dehydration than straight hair, so apply a special treatment or home mask at least once a week.


Curly hair is more challenging to maintain than straight hair, but by applying the right products and following the steps outlined, your curls will remain defined.

If you manage to get the Fitagem technique when you wash your hair, you will have beautiful curls the next day.