How can I straight my hair in one day at home?

how to get straight hair

How can I get straight hair in one day at home? Knowing how to get your mane straight can be difficult for many of us, as some of us may have thick, wild hair.

If you want to straighten your hair more, stay with us, and we'll give you some tips on how to have straight hair.

First of all, you should know that to have your hair straight. You should follow a series of steps that will help you to stretch your scalp.

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1. Use a Padded Brush

Generally, padded brushes are essential smoothing ones. These brushes have a design that helps your hair to stretch naturally.

They are known as padded brushes, but we know them as straightening brushes, extensions brushes, or professional brushes.

If your goal is to stretch your hair, remember to buy one of these and use it every time you go to brush your hair.


2. Brush your hair frequently

How to straighten hair naturally? Brushing your hair too often will get the roots of your hair used to stretching, making it usually return to the position you have achieved with the brush.

You'll have your hair straightened by gravity, pushing it with the small legs of the straightening brush or padding, untangling the scalp.

The more you brush, the better, no matter if your hair is short or long. Try to do it every 2 hours daily, until you start noticing how your hair is taking on the new shape you are giving.


3. Use cold water when washing your hair.

how to get straight hair

If you want to have a beautiful straight hair, cold water is an excellent ally for that, as it makes the root hard but does not curl, thus preventing it from building up and becoming frizzy.

Try to wash it with abundant cold water, which will take us to the next point. It would be best if you mixed it with a good Shampoo.


4. Use a shampoo with keratin.

Keratin shampoos provide the keratin that your hair lacks, which it loses over time and causes it to harden when rolled up.

Hair naturally carries keratin, but these products aim to strengthen it, making your hair looser and straighter.

5. Please don't touch it so much with your hands

The hands have a lot of bacteria, dirt, and grease, which makes the hair oily and therefore begins to frizz, curl, and look ugly.

Try not to touch it so much, use your brush for that, and avoid humidity and staying fresh.


6. Never tie it with bows or similar

The hair suffers a lot, especially if you tie it with a bow. That will hurt your hair, so never tie it up or roll it up yourself.

7. Be careful with hair straighteners

be careful with heat tools

Be very careful with hair straighteners, and you can endanger your hair health. The high temperature to which it subjects the hair changes keratin structure, making it more fragile and brittle.

It should never be applied after perming, straightening, or dyeing because ironing combined with these treatments breaks down keratin at only 70 degrees Celsius.

If you have not treated your hair with any chemicals, we recommend that the iron temperature does not exceed 180 degrees.

Finally, if you are determined to use it, protect your hair cuticles only by using the iron twice a week.