How do I style my short haircut? 21 ideas with pictures

best short haircuts

 Short haircut? Spring is upon us. This new season usually means a change of the weather, vibes, food, and clothes.

 However, if you are like us, you’re thinking about what new hairstyle to wear for the season.

beautiful hairstyle

 We’ve decided that you need to rock it short. You can cut your long hair to your shoulders, chin, or even going from short to extremely short hair in the form of a pixie cut. 

 There are a lot of styles, so we’ve narrowed down the search to 21.

 Here are 21 short hairstyles that are calling your name for the spring season:



Bob Short haircut

Bobs are one of those classical short hairstyles that will never go out of style. There are so many ways that you can wear a bob. It’s truly not a one size fit all hairstyle.


1. Sleek Bob

 The classical bob is a sleek one. It falls right on the collar bone or even slightly shorter, completely straight, with no curls, waves, or bump along the hair.

The sleekness gives the illusion that your hair is long. Besides, if your hair is on the thicker side, it will prevent the bob from lying flat on your hair. It will give body and volume to enhance your overall look

2. Curly Platinum Blonde Angled Bob

 This hairstyle has several different key points that highlight the whole look. The bob is angled, which gives the illusion the hair is full of body. Also, it is streaked with blonde, more so towards the end, which is hard to get to, but the results are fabulous.


 3. Round Bob:

 Round bobs are short cuts with the ends bumped or cut to give the “roundness,” It usually is even throughout from the left to the ride side. The roundness is done through the haircut by your styles, where she will give the ends more body. Also, it can be heat styled to give the illusion of it.

Round bobs are great styles if you want to elongate your face as well as highlight features such as your eyes or forehead. Also, cut gives the hair body as well as length.


 4. Wavy Bob with Bangs:

 If you like wavy bobs or have one and need to add something else – try bangs. Some of the long layers that you have framing your face can be cut to fall just above your eyebrows. You can do curly bangs, wavy bangs, or even straight bangs.

Also, it can have a side or middle part as well. The bang will highlight your unique eye shape. As well as, if you are wearing dramatic eye makeup such as a cut crease, it will bring light to it. 

bob haircut with a bang

 5. Classic Lob 

 The classic lob is a play on words as it means a bob hairstyle but with “length.” We’re all used to the classical and long effervescent hair. However, this time it’s in the form of a bob.

The short haircut gives the hair body, which makes it look longer than it is. As well as, the ends can be curled or heat styled to flow to one side. Thus, giving your hair more dimension and texture to work with. Who says your bob had to be boring?


 6. Angled Bob

 An angled bob gives the illusion of length without having much. The hair is shorter in the bag and gets longer as it goes towards your chin. That defines the “angle” in the angled bob.

This style is excellent if you are looking for an edgier bob. Also, it can be curled if you want to give your hair a more texture look. As well as, it can be blue, pink, green, brown, red, silver, black, or blonde like Katy Perry.


 7. Layered Bob

 And if you’re tired of the typical bob, add some layers. Layered bobs will add texture and body to your hair. It will make your hair look more voluminous than it is. Besides, you can brush out your hair and get your day started. It’s a simple yet eccentric hairstyle that will fit anyone. As well as, it goes with all your fun and springy outfits for this season. 

layered bob

8. Platinum Blonde Mop Head Bob

 Mop Head no longer has a bad name in the short hair community. Mop Head Bobs will accentuate your beautiful facial features. It will highlight your beautiful eyes, sharp nose, smile, or sharp cheekbones.

It’s not suited for individuals with long faces, as it will highlight it. For short faces, it keeps the whole look compact or in a circle.

mop head bob

Find out which Bob style haircut suits you best.



Pixie haircut

Pixie cuts are one of the cutest hairstyles that you will ever wear. If you have been researching what short hairstyles before reading this article, I am 100% sure that you have considered a pixie cut. These add an eccentric look to your overall look and feel.

 9. Long Pixie

 Although using the word long and pixie cut in the same sentence seems like a double negative, the hairstyle is not. The short length of the pixie haircut gives you the versatility to work with. It can be made into bangs, fringes, sideburns, curls waves, finger waves, and much more. Long pixies are more fun for spring if you know you like to style your hair often.

Pixie long

10. Short Pixie

 Want a pixie cut without much maintenance? Try a short pixie.

 Your hair will still be in the pixie cut state just even shorter. It gives you an edgy look that can be dressed up with any style. Besides, you can add on to the pixie cut with waves, curls, or even different designed hair clips. It can be won in grey, blonde, black, brunette, or platinum blonde like our model.


 11. Curly Pixie:

 Or, you can do a curly pixie. The curls will give your pixie cut texture and body. 

Your stylist can do it using foaming mouse, gel, or even one of your hot tools. The stylist can frame up the curls, down, short, or long. It is a fun hairstyle that you can shape any way that you desire. It fits the theme of spring, which is wild and free. As well as, you can dress it up with headbands or jewelry that match your mode of clothing for the day.

curly pixie

12. Shaved Pixie:

 If you’re feeling to take up your pixie cut up a notch, shave it! You can shave the sides so that there’s the only length at the top. The length will add more dimension and flair to your overall look. It can be styled into curly or even kept straight, depending on the look you are going for. As well as, you can add designs to the shaved sides.



13. Platinum Low Pixie Cut:

 A style loved by all but only a few can rock it. Are you of the chosen few? The platinum look pixie cut involved you going bald (well-almost). There is little hair on your hair for minimal styling. However, the results using your favorite products (gel, detangle brush, or a tail comb) are worth the time and effort. Also, if you go platinum blonde, silver or even grey, all eyes will be on you. 

platino pixie cut

14. Chopped Pixie Cut

 Zoe Kravitz is the queen of new hairstyles. Every new style she has tried has framed her face well, including this one. The chopped pixie haircut is a low but not to the point of baldness. There is a little length left to give the style a small volume. The length is “chopped” so that it lies in varying sizes.

That allows it to be better able to frame your face. It’s longer towards the ear to give you a slight sideburn. Also, it’s short at the top not to cover up your forehead or your eye area. 

chopped pixie cut


15. High Ponytail with Low Cut:

Not the typical short hairstyle, but it is a unique one to try for spring. Your hair should not pass your collar bone as beyond that is not considered short. Then, if your hair naturally has volume, you would place the top portion into a ponytail. And let it fall into the rest of the hair. You can add clip-ins or extensions for a more voluminous look so that your hair’s volume is consistent throughout.

 16. Finger Wave Pixie Cut:

That is another spring style that will have all eyes on you. 

 If you’re bored with your regular pixie haircut that lies flat or has little clothes, you can do finger waves. Finger waves are a very different and time-consuming style. However, the results are worth it. Your hair will lay flat with a unique wavy pattern on it. It’s a definite option if you must go glam during this season for work events, parties, and so much more. 

finger wave pixie cut

 17. Pixie Cut with A Bang:

 Another pixie cut hairstyle with length only at the top. That allows you to style the top portion whichever way you want. You can make a ponytail, middle part, side part, and bang (like our model below). The pixie cut is a cute hairstyle that gives a lot of variety. Besides, depending on where the ban sits, it can highlight your forehead or accentuate your eyes.

18. High Top Pixie Cut

 Another pixie cut with length at the top that can be styled into a high top. The high top gives the illusion of longer hair. Besides, the stylist can design it into a middle or side part with bangs. It is a cute hairstyle for spring that doesn’t need much maintenance from you. You can fluff, burhs, comb, and then go.

high top pixie cut

19. Ruby Red Pixie Cut: 

 If black cuts are boring you, take the color up a notch. Why not try red? Red fits most individuals, especially if you have a warm undertone. The pop of color will make you younger or vibrant than you are. If you notice, the older individuals usually change their hair color to this when they are aging. However, it’s great for younger individuals who want to spice up their look.

red pixie cut


 20. Pink Wavy Short Cut:

Pink wavy haircut

And if you’re feeling a little creative, then try this haircut. Not only will your hair have body and texture, but it will have pizazz to it as well. The color makes you seem like a youthful and vibrant individual.

As well as, the waves not only give texture, but it makes you seem like you are vibrant. You don’t have to follow our model and go pink. You can do green, blue, red, or even orange! See what color fits your skin tone and rock it.

21. Mohawk

 And finally, what’s any hair catalog without the classical mohawk.

Mohawk hairstyle

 A mohawk on short hair gives you an edgy and badassery look. It’s fit for you if you are into leather clothing, boot cut pants, and even showing off your tattoos as well as, it can be dressed down and done simply for work, office parties, or even a friend’s wedding. 

Unfortunately, we can’t wear all of them for the season, so we must choose one. Each style if fitted for spring as it gives an overall youthful look. 

 Ensure to choose the one that matches your face shape and skin tone. And more importantly, it meets your lifestyle schedule as caring for short hair requires much more maintenance than longer hair. 

Let us know in the comments your top 3 spring short hairstyles and visit our beauty section.

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