How to Apply Sun Bum Hair Lightener for the Best Results

Sun bum hair lightener

Are you looking for a natural way to lighten your hair? Sun Bum Blonde Hair Lightener is the perfect solution. This innovative product harnesses the power of the sun’s UV rays to create beautiful highlights without any harsh chemicals or bleaching agents.

Infused with pineapple and lemon, this unique blend will give your hair subtle tones and brighten it all naturally. But how do you use it? Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to apply Sun Bum Hair Lightener!

What is it? Brighten your hair naturally with Sun Bum Blonde Hair Lightener, crafted with a unique UV-activated mix of pineapple and lemon to create stunning highlights without any brassy tones. Amplify the natural highlighting effects of the sun for gentle yet effective results that will leave you looking radiant!

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How to apply sun bum hair lightener

Salon highlights can damage thin and dry hair, but there are alternatives, like using Sun Bum products.

  • Results depend on existing hair color and condition. For example, darker natural hair shades may result in an orange hue.
  • Combining the Sun Bum product with a John Freida Go Blonder product may yield better results.
  • To reduce damage, apply the product to damp hair and avoid overlapping color and heat styling tools.
  • Wait several weeks between applications and use a blue or purple shampoo to reduce brassiness.
  • Use a conditioning mask every time you wash your hair, such as Olaplex, to replenish moisture levels.

How to use sun bum Hair lightener effectively

Sun bum hair lightener results

Sun in and product can lighten hair for a more natural look. Results will depend on the starting color of the hair; it should not be used with medium to dark brown hair due to possible orange effects.

Products similar to John Frieda Go Blonder and Sunburn are recommended. Follow the methodology of applying the product only to the root area, spacing treatments apart, investing in products such as blue/purple shampoo and Olaplex, and letting the conditioner sit during showers to avoid damage.

The results of sun-in treatments depend on starting color and condition of the hair.

  • Natural light brown hair is too dark to achieve a bright blonde, though it can work well for growing roots.
  • Suggests using Sunbum and John Frieda Go Blonder, which are both similar, with Sunburn offering a better-smelling product
  • Limiting heat styling and overlapping color/application and taking breaks between applications help reduce damage.
  • Investing in blue/purple shampoo and a conditioner/oil helps reduce brassiness and restore moisture.
  • Olaplex is also recommended for strengthening hair.

In the following video presented by Caela Cook, you'll be able to observe a full demonstration of the entire process.

8 Tips to safely apply any hair lightener

  1. Before applying a hair lightener, always read the instructions and safety precautions included in the product packaging and consult a professional if needed. 
  2. Prepare your hair by washing it with a clarifying shampoo, conditioning it, and combing through it to ensure no knots or tangles. 
  3. Wear protective clothing such as gloves and an old shirt to protect your skin from any potential irritation caused by the lightener. 
  4. Prepare your work area by covering any furniture or surfaces with a drop cloth or towel to protect them from lightning agents. 
  5. Start at the back of your head when applying the lightener, and apply evenly throughout all strands of hair without missing any spots. 
  6. Use small sections of hair when applying the lightener, ensuring not to overlap with previously treated parts of your scalp or hairline. 
  7. Allow the lightener to process according to its specific instructions before rinsing off thoroughly using lukewarm water, followed by a deep conditioner treatment afterward.  
  8. Once you’re done bleaching, use a toner product after two weeks to achieve an even more vibrant look for your newly-lightened locks!

Final words

A hair lightener can effectively brighten and lighten your locks without causing too much damage.

Follow all safety precautions, use the product correctly, and take care of your hair afterward using nourishing products such as conditioner and oil.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have beautiful hair that will leave you looking radiant!

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