Satisfy your desire to whiten your skin, 10 effective and natural remedies

como blanquear la piel, remedios

How to whiten your skin?

Having clear skin is something that we have always wanted to have. Mainly because it is related to beauty, many people consider that having a white complexion is synonymous with being beautiful or fair, fueling the desire to whiten it.

Skin; has three types of color with its variations, white skin, dark skin, and yellow skin.

In the case of the White Skin, there we have the white colors and the others more detailed, whereas, in the case of the dark skin, we have the most frequent variations, like the color cinnamon, brunette, etc.

If you want to look like this, follow our advice

What people do not know; is that the color of the skin is due to natural conditions that our ancestors lived in their time. That is to say, if we are of a brown or dark complexion, it is because our older relatives came from an atmosphere very stuck to the sun.

The sun plays the leading role in this issue since UV rays are the cause of the creation of races. Africans, for example, are all likely to be born with a dark or brown complexion due to their ancestors and their lifestyle, as they lived most of the day under the sun's rays.

The best skin whitening remedies

But why is this?

The skin naturally developes protection and security from harmful ultraviolet rays, which is to preserve our health and provide us with the maximum possible hydration, which with white skin, does not happen.

White skin is more developed for climates with very little or no sunlight, usually associated with conditions that are very cold or below zero. That is because the skin is not in contact with sunlight and, therefore, does not lose color.

Also, it is confirmed by several studies that keeping the skin protected by clothing for a long time prevents it from darkening due to the sun. (Here is an excellent point to take into account)

So, dark skin or diversity of races is due to the sun. The sun caused us to have 2 different skin types, one to avoid the sun's rays and the other being weak to them.

The disadvantage of bleaching or having white skin is that you will be vulnerable to the sun's UV rays. That is, increasing the possibility of getting spots, moles, or the same skin cancer considerably; likewise, your whole health will be at stake if you are white and start spending hours in the sun.

Keep this in mind as you will be playing with your health, and it is a delicate issue, especially for the face or the face, which is the first part of our body to receive all the sunlight.

be careful with sunlight if you want to whiten your skin

Still, if you're going to whiten your skin, here are some tips or advice, which will help you whiten it naturally and without investing much money or time:

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How to whiten your skin? Home remedies and masks


Milk was already used in the time of the Egyptians as a remedy to whiten the skin

Milk was already used in the time of the Egyptians as a remedy to whiten the skin
That is one of the most natural home remedies you can get for whitening skin.

Today we all have milk in our fridge, except for the lactose intolerant ones. Its preparation and application are effortless, and it won't take you long.

Milk has several lactic acids, including alpha-hydroxy acids. These are a natural chemical that helps maintain and care for the skin.

This component is beneficial and very common among home remedies.

What you need to use this home remedy correctly is the following:

  • Mix in a glass or container, liquid cow's milk, and almonds. (You can even substitute almonds for nuts)
  • Let the solution take action for at least 12 hours. (Use it at night)
  • Remove the almonds or nuts from the milk and proceed to crush them in another container.
  • Then, invert the glass or milk container where you have the almonds or nuts crushed.
  • If you consider that the mixture is too little, invert another bit of milk to the container. (Half)
  • Stir the ingredients, and you will get a paste, then apply it to the parts of the skin you want to whiten. This mask is useful for all skin types, as well as for the face.

The effects that milk has are beneficial because it is a natural liquid with many benefits. You will see how the hydration will help whiten the skin in a matter of weeks.

We recommend applying this remedy every day.

Baking soda.

Bicarbonate as a remedy for a fair complexion

Bicarbonate is one of the most common home remedies for almost all types of skin problems because of its many qualities for the treatment of health and skin.

You can apply it without any problem with your face, getting the maximum benefit possible to help whiten the skin.

To effectively and naturally whiten your skin with this remedy, you must follow the following steps:

You must make a paste or mask to massage the areas of your face or face gently.
Apply water with abundant bicarbonate, to create the paste or mask.
Apply it for 1 to 5 minutes to the darkest areas of your skin.
Do not apply the paste to your eyes or near your eyes, as this can seriously compromise your health.
Also, avoid applying it to your nostrils, as you would be compromising the mucous membrane and would cause considerable burning and itching.
Once the corresponding time has passed, remove the mask with plenty of water.

Aloe Vera.

aloe vera is a super effective remedy if we want to lighten our skin

Aloe Vera can become indispensable for the repair and care of health and skin. You can get a great benefit in your immune system and your beauty, thanks to the components it brings.

We know that Aloe Vera has numerous ways of obtaining its benefits, both by ingesting and applying it, in this case, using it to the skin to whiten it.

Next, we will leave you a small guide of how to apply it to be able to whiten the skin:

Aloe Vera mask:

  • To make an Aloe Vera mask, you must mix it with half a lemon to form a thick, long-lasting paste.
  • Mix both products in a small glass or container, then let it rest for at least 1 hour.
  • Afterward, you can apply some Aloe Vera in water to your face or body.
  • Dry the liquid and then apply the mask for at least 15 minutes.
  • We recommend to apply it twice a week for 20 minutes.

The face is generally the most prone to darkening, avoid applying the paste in excess, and much less in the eyes, try to maintain a level of control in the application.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple vinegar to whiten the skin

That is one of the home remedies very few people use, mainly because nobody knows of its formula or benefit, it consists of soaking or rinsing a little cotton or a disposable wipe with apple vinegar.

You should apply apple cider vinegar to the darkest areas of your body, especially on the face or the face, it also serves to eliminate spots or scabs on your skin.

You should leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes and then apply cold water and clean your face or the area where you used the remedy.


Chamomile to lighten our skin

Chamomile has many beneficial properties for our bodies. One of them is the power to whiten our skin. That is thanks to its natural chemical components that help to clarify it and give it its brightness. It is also very beneficial in terms of hydration, giving you the best possible care to preserve your beauty in both the face and body.

In a bottle or glass with chamomile water, let a cotton ball or disposable cloth rest; the water must be warm or semi-warm for it to take effect.

Leave it to rest for 10-20 minutes, and then you can apply it to the darkest areas of your skin.

Similarly, if you want to increase your beauty, you can take a bath with chamomile water. You have to apply the liquid to every part of your body for several days. That will help your body eliminate on its own, any trace of dead cells or burned skin.

You will see that in a matter of a short time, you will notice an increase in your beauty.

Rice water.

Use rice water to whiten the skin

Rice water, like chamomile water, can give you excellent benefits if you use it wisely.

  • Boil some rice water for the corresponding time and let it cool down a bit.
  • Place a cloth or cotton ball in the water and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.
  • After this time, apply gently to the most damaged areas of your skin, face, or body.
  • You should apply the solution for at least 10-15 minutes every day. We recommend you to do so in the morning or evening, as these are the hours when you are most likely to retain contamination or oil on your skin.


tomato, a great skin lightening remedy

Tomato is another of the natural home remedies that help whiten the skin, thanks to its natural effects. You can get the most out of it if you follow the steps below:

  • Slice the tomato and some lemon.
  • You must remove the pulp from the tomato and then crush it. Once you do it, add the juice you squeeze from the lemon to the tomato.
  • Apply the solution on your face or face and spread it gently over it.
  • You should leave it to rest for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Use the yogurt to whiten the skin

Yogurt is another of the most successful and beneficial natural remedies for both your health and your skin; the amount of positive effects it gives you is vast, mainly if you use it wisely.

You can create a mask with the yogurt-based on other ingredients in its composition, such as chamomile or aloe vera, or your own.

You will have to mix all this until you get a thick and abundant paste.

Once the paste or mask is ready, apply it to the area of skin you wish to whiten.


Potatoes as a skin-whitening remedy

The potato is also quite useful and effective in whitening the skin.

You should cut it into several pieces or mash it and pour some water on it, then let it boil a little (just enough until the potato starts to feel weak and break), take it out and let it cool down a bit.

Then, take one of the pieces and apply it to your face until it starts to dissolve in your skin.

You should apply the solution at least 2 or 3 times a week, especially to the darker areas of your body.

Avocado oil.

avocado oil

Avocado is a natural superfood; it brings many positive effects to your skin, as well as to your face or complexion.

You can obtain the avocado benefits if you ingest it or apply it, given its great versatility in this aspect.

To do this, you must do the following:

  • Make a mask with the avocado oil.
  • Extract the oil from the avocado and beat it enough until you get a creamy mask, then apply it to your face.
  • Let the mask rest for at least 15 to 20 minutes approximately.


Coldwater, although it may not seem like it, is another of the most useful home remedies for whitening the skin. Since cold helps to preserve some substances that your skin needs to be white, also, it will not harm your health at all since you will not be bathing or spending a lot of time in cold water.

What you should do, is cool the water enough to almost freezing point in your fridge; once the water is cold, take it out and apply some cotton wool to it.

Coldwater will help to clarify the skin

Then, pass the cotton with cold water on the darkest parts of your skin. You will see how this solution will start to whiten it soon without much effort.

You should apply it for at least 15 minutes every day.

Hydration is essential for health; both internally and externally, you should keep your body hydrated because, without hydration, your skin will dry out and result in dead cells that are the leading cause of skin spots and darkening.

The cold water helps to avoid this and increases the necessary or required hydration in your skin so that you continue to maintain the best possible health.


The best remedies for whitening your skin

There are many home remedies for skin whitening. You can obtain most of them at home and without the need to spend a lot of money or resources on them.

Remember that the darkening of the skin is due to the constant sun.

We strongly recommend that if you want to whiten your skin, avoid all exposure to the sun because your skin will naturally get used to not being in the sun and will acquire a better color.

Contrary to what people think, the sun is not as good as it is currently believed to be and is the cause of the highest probability of skin cancer in the world. Avoid staying under it for too long, and try to remain covered and use sunscreen.

Take care of yourself. Your health comes first! For more skincare tips, visit our Beauty section.


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