How to Dress your Rectangle Body Shape to look Impressive

how to dress a rectangle boy shape

Do you have a rectangle body shape? As a woman, you want to look good and feel great. So, you want your clothes to fit well and make you feel confident. But, it's hard to know what styles will flatter your body type. 

When shopping for clothing, most women look for items that will make them look thinner or hide problem areas like love handles or chubby thighs.

Unfortunately, this makes it hard to shop when you have a rectangle body shape! It can be frustrating because no matter how many different brands of jeans you try on in the store, they never seem to fit quite right.

Plus, finding clothes that work with your body shape isn't just about trying things on in stores. Online shopping is tricky too!

That's why we created this guide so that all women with rectangle body shapes could find clothes that fit their bodies perfectly every time they wear them! 

We've done all the research, so now any woman can choose flattering outfits based on her unique body shape!

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What is a rectangle body shape?

A rectangle body shape has a straight proportioned form with no prominent waist, similar shoulder, waist, and hip measurements. That means you have a straight body shape or rectangle body type.

We define rectangular shapes as ruler shapes because they are straight and have equal body measurements. They are often slim, tall, and muscular. They do not have curves like pear or hourglass figures.

Is rectangle body shape attractive?

Yes. Rectangular body shapes are highly appealing to many individuals because they appear thinner and more athletic. Lana Del Rey was an excellent example of an attractive rectangle body figure. She looked good before she gained weight.

However, this is only true up to the point that it is determined by factors such as where the fat on the body lays or if there is an excessive amount of visible muscle. 

Once these limits have been reached, a rectangular frame becomes unattractive and possibly uncomfortable.

This tipping point will vary with each individual, and male and female frames differ in what qualifies as too muscular or too fat. Still, we know one thing for sure, rectangle bodies are beautiful, so much as slim or athletic.

How to dress a rectangle body shape

How should you dress if you have a rectangular body shape? Rectangular women look lovely in high-waist skirts with pleats or ruffles, but they should always be fitted at the waist.

If you wear a belt, all the better! The goal is to create contrast between the waist and hips and accentuate the curves to look feminine.

The objective is to define the waist by adding volume to the shoulders and hips. Therefore, you should avoid fitted clothing should, as should sharp cuts.

If you want to emphasize your hips, you have to wear low-rise pants, diagonal lines draw attention to curves, V-necklines add style to necklines, and waistlines are defined with V-neckline shirts.

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Rectangle body shape outfits:

A rectangular body shape looks beautiful in clothes that highlight the waist and sometimes shoulders. Here are some suggestions:

Straight fit dress

Straight fit dress

A straight-fit dress is narrow and fitted at the top, which widens either at the bust or waist in a straight line to the hem is an example. It is perfect for your rectangle body shape.

This outfit will define your upper body, creating the illusion of a smaller waist. In addition, the well-toned calves will be highlighted by the front slit. For your body type, it's a total winner.

High-waist pencil skirt

High-waist pencil skirt

The high waist gives a long, lean silhouette showing off slim legs. This pencil skirt is flattering for everyone, but mainly on those with a larger top half or bust since it helps balance out the proportions.

A fitted shirt under a blazer will serve as a fantastic accentuating piece and create a slim, longer leg line—definitely an excellent pick for your body shape.

Bodycon dress

Bodycon dress

A body-hugging number that nips in at the waist and skims over your hips will create a long, lean line. A deep V-neck draws attention to the shoulders and neck while leaving plenty of length below it for an elongating effect. This outfit is best worn with opaque tights and boots or heels.

A bodycon dress is for women who want to accentuate their shoulder line. Pair it with a belt around your waist if the shirt shows too much skin. But remember, you don't want people staring at your feet all day long. You can break up that line by throwing on some boots or even wedges. If the dress is sleeveless, then throw on a cardigan.

A body con dress is excellent for any woman who wants to elongate her necklines and highlight her shoulders. They're also ideal for anyone looking to lengthen their legs or define their waistline. You can wear this outfit with opaque tights if it's exposing too much skin (i.e., legs), or you can also try adding a blazer to make it more work-appropriate.

Asymmetric top with wide pants

Asymmetric top with wide pants for rectangle body shape

An asymmetric top with wide pants will balance your frame and highlight the waistline. Team it up with a pair of stilettos or strappy sandals.

This outfit is for women who want to appear curvier and use their hips to balance themselves. This outfit helps balance a larger bust, but the clothes may look too baggy on you if you're not careful.

You can wear a jacket instead of a blazer to create contrast between your upper and lower body. Remember, thicker fabrics like denim will also help balance the two halves of your body by creating bulk where it's needed (i.e., shoulders).

Wide-fit pants

Wide fit pants for a rectangle body shape

Wider relaxed-fit pants for women with a rectangular body shape are best paired with fitted tops like t-shirts or button-down shirts. You can also wear them with asymmetric or off-shoulder tops, but be careful of overloading on the shoulders area.

Loose pants make your hips look wider and create visual balance in your body. You can wear them with straight or asymmetric tops, but avoid wearing oversized tops/blouses to prevent your hips from looking wider than they already are.

Tips on how to dress a rectangle body shape

Start with your silhouette.

If we talk about a rectangle-shaped body, you'll need to add feminine elements such as straight lines and round shapes. So, you should go for clothes that have this type of detail like flowy skirts, dresses and so on. The best bottoms are the ones that have at least one smooth drape.

If you're into dresses, try to wear fabrics with different textures like wool crepe or viscose because they will define your shape better than simple cotton. Also, choose styles with no shirt; this type of neckline will make your top's waist look smaller.

Choose the suitable tops.

Tops should be smooth and unbroken, with no darts or seams at the bust. Stripes of any kind will broaden your look more than you want.

Asymmetric tops work well to elongate your body and add interest.

  • Avoid: No horizontal stripes, no shoulder pads, no boxy tops.
  • Go for: Single color tops with a soft neckline (a v-neck is best).

Use Skirts/Dresses

Skirts should be below the knee and not be tight, but they need to be fitted at the waist. They're a superb match for a straight silhouette!

Asymmetric skirts and light pleating will add volume without looking too boxy.

  • Avoid: A-line skirts, pencil skirts (these will make you look wider), any skirt that hangs straight without a defined waist or is tight, full circle skirts (these will make you look more expansive).
  • Go for: A-line skirts, pencil skirts (but only if fitted at the waist), or asymmetric hemlines.

Wear the right shoes 

Shoes should be low-cut and open-toed. To add interest to your shoe collection, go for versatile shoes in solid colors that are low heeled, have a pointed toe, and have no straps. Avoid shoes with block heels or pointed heels because they will make your legs look shorter.

  • Avoid: Plain pumps in solid colors, any shoe in an animal print, flip flops (unless you are in the privacy of your own home), high-heeled sandals.
  • Go for: Plain flats in solid colors, Mary-Jane Pumps, anything ballet-inspired that covers the foot completely (robes and long poncho-style sweaters work well).

Use lightweight outerwear

Outerwear should be lightweight and cover your shoulders (i.e., trench coats, cardigans, etc.).

  • Avoid: Long jackets or coats that hang down below the waist.
  • Go for: A coat with a defined waist and a belt to highlight your shape.


Please stay away from anything boxy unless it is small enough to fit in your handbag. If you want a large bag, make sure it is small enough to put in your purse.

  • Avoid: Bags with flaps or handles that are straight across because they will add width to your frame. Flap-less bags are best because they have no defining shape.
  • Go for: Bags shaped like an "S" at the top, canvas bags without flaps or zippers.

How to change rectangle body shape to the hourglass figure

Is it possible to change your body shape completely? Unfortunately, the answer is no, but you can try to change it and get the most out of your body.

Do heavy booty exercises.

The first tip to change your shape is to do a lot of exercises to lift, tighten, and grow the butt. To achieve your goal faster, you can do squats, sumo squats, and deadlifts.

If you have a rectangle shape and want to create curves, you need to lift your butt, and you can do it with any basic exercise you like.

Go for: Booty-lifting exercises such as squats, sumo jumps, deadlifts (any weight training that you enjoy will work).

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Do shoulder and back exercises.

The second tip is to work your back and shoulder muscles because this helps to change your figure from rectangle to hourglass.

You will see your shape change when your shoulders and glutes look wider than your waist. You can do rows, lateral raises, chin-ups, etc., to achieve your goal.

Don't do ab exercises with added weight.

Remember that your goal has to reduce your waistline, not make it thicker. You can do ab exercises with added weight but use a lower amount of weight and don't use the most significant loads you can find because that will defeat your purpose.

You don't want a thick waistline if you have a straight shape. Instead, you want a small one that is still visible due to the thickness of your glutes and shoulders.

Eat healthily

The last tip is to change your eating habits. To make you look fatter, you have to eat healthy foods rich in proteins and fibers but not too many carbs or fats. Remember, you want a lovely figure, not a chubby physique.

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You now know how to look great and change your rectangle body shape. We hope you found these articles informative, inspiring, and a bit of a confidence booster!

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Enjoy your new body shape!

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