How to curl eyelashes without using a kit

How to curl eyelashes

How to curl eyelashes without using a kit? Eyelashes are a fundamental part of our eyes and face. We should give them the place they deserve even if we don't realize how important they are.

To curl your eyelashes naturally without a kit, place the concave part of a spoon at the lashes' root and place the lash outside the spoon. Use your thumb to hold the lashes against it and move the spoon in a gentle outward motion.

Keeping your eyelashes curled or lifted is a beautiful touch that we can give our face without using any makeup.

Most women use some makeup or eyelash curlers to keep their eyelashes lifted, which actually does damage to our eyelashes. You should know that there are numerous ways to keep your eyelashes curled or lifted naturally.

When we have treatments done on our face, skin, hair, or eyelashes, we reduce the damage that has been caused by various chemicals. There are many natural remedies we can do for our eyelashes to keep them curled in a natural way.

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Can eyelashes be curled naturally without a kit?

A common question is whether we can curl our eyelashes naturally.

The answer to this question is yes, you can curl your eyelashes naturally, but of course, it will not be permanent. There is still no technique or home remedy that will permanently curl your eyelashes.

You should know that all the methods you will use need to be done regularly, and some may take a little while before taking effect.

The first step when curling your eyelashes, which you cannot forget, is choosing whether to use something natural or a curler to clean them. When you are going to curl your eyelashes, they must be immaculate and makeup-free.

Important tip: If you want to clean your eyelashes, it is best to buy a hypoallergenic eye makeup remover. It will remove all traces of makeup and is better for the health of your eyelashes.

Different methods to curl your eyelashes naturally

Can you curl your eyelashes without a kit?

Eyelashes are a very delicate part of our eyelids and face in general. You must be incredibly careful with what you apply to them. Here I will explain which are the best natural ways that will help you to curl your lashes without harming them.

Use a spoon

Using a hot spoon is one of the most popular natural and homemade methods used by girls and guys worldwide. But before employing this well-known technique, remember to clean your face very thoroughly.

Although the hot spoon technique is simple, you must be extremely careful. If you are not careful, you can seriously damage your eyelashes, which can cause them to fall out.

How to use a spoon to lift your eyelashes:

To perfect this technique, you must follow a series of steps. For everything to go perfectly and be effective, pay attention and follow them as I will explain:

  1. Heat the spoon. The first step is to place a spoon under a stream of hot water, leaving it there for a number of minutes until it is well heated. During this step, you must be careful. Do not leave the spoon for too long under the hot water. It should not be burning hot; it should only heat up a little.
  2. Place the spoon in the base of the eyelid. The second step is to place it on the upper eyelid at the root of the upper lashes. The spoon should be placed in such a way that the deep part is facing outward.
  3. Press the eyelash with your thumb. During the third step, you keep the spoon in the same position. You have to press the spoon against the eyelashes with your thumb, being soft and delicate. When you press, try to make the curve from the top to the bottom to lift them.
  4. Slide making a curve. Finally, wait for the lashes to take the shape you want. Afterward, you should apply mascara to hold them.

Important tip: You must be careful with this. It is best not to stretch too much or press too hard on the lashes with the hot spoon.

Aloe vera

Many natural products have numerous benefits for lifting your eyelashes; this is the case with aloe vera. It is fantastic. Aloe vera is a plant that is perfect for moisturizing your eyelashes.

You will have likely seen that aloe vera is amazing for our skin, it moisturizes it, removes blemishes, and removes acne, but it is even more special for your eyelashes. Aloe vera will give your eyelashes great thickness; it will curl them uniquely and easily. You will not even have to use anything else to curl them.

How to use aloe vera:

  1. Place drops of aloe vera gel onto your fingertips.
  2. Apply the aloe vera to your eyelashes with your fingertips.
  3. Apply it from the bottom to the top. You have to try to make curves with your fingers to lift them, gently.
  4. Keep the pressure with your fingertips on the eyelashes for at least 30 seconds.
  5. You have to wait for the aloe vera to dry on them, and that is it.

Important tip: You must be very careful; you should not allow the aloe vera to reach the eye as this can be harmful.

Use castor oil

Castor oil is excellent for our eyelashes as it contains numerous benefits to lift and curl them. Castor oil is plentiful in its amount of fatty acids, which are fantastic for moisturizing your lashes.

Castor oil will give your eyelashes a lot more shine, it promotes eyelash growth, and makes them grow thicker. It also contains a lot of antimicrobial properties, which make the hair follicles shrink fantastically.

Important tip: You must be incredibly careful not to get even a drop of castor oil in your eyes. Also, be aware that more quantity will not lead to faster results. Daily consistency is what will give you the best results.

How to use castor oil:

  1. Get castor oil in a container.
  2. Put drops of castor oil on a cotton ball.
  3. Gently apply the castor oil to your eyelashes with the cotton pad.
  4. For maximum effectiveness of castor oil, you should apply it every day at night, just before going to sleep.
  5. Remember that using castor oil consistently is the best way to use it. It lifts, lengthens, and strengthens your eyelashes very effectively.

Use chamomile

Chamomile is incredible because it contains many benefits for our body. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and helps significantly with digestive problems. But when it comes to eyelashes, it is even more effective; it lifts them, gives them a lot of shine, stimulates their growth, and strengthens them.

The most important thing to do before using chamomile is to cleanse. Your eyes, your eyelashes, your face must be immaculate before applying it. The best time to undertake this technique is at night; just before going to sleep, as your eyelashes will absorb it better during the night while you are asleep.

How to apply chamomile on your eyelashes:

  1. The first step is to get 3 bags of chamomile, 1 cup of water, and two cotton pads.
  2. Heat the water, and just when it is about to boil, add the chamomile bags.
  3. Let the water boil for 3 minutes with the chamomile bags.
  4. Let the chamomile tea cool to room temperature. You cannot apply it while it is hot.
  5. When it is at room temperature, dip two cotton pads in the tea and gently dab them on your eyelashes.
  6. You have to give circular movements and very soft massages so that the eyelashes fully absorb the properties of the chamomile tea.

Important tip: Immediately after waking up, wash your face with warm water. Do not go out in the sun before washing your face.


Vaseline is widely used to moisturize the skin and lips, but it is effective for lifting and curling your eyelashes too. It not only raises them but also gives them an unparalleled beauty, making them look much longer and thicker.

If you don't want to use any product that contains chemicals or damage your eyelashes, this is your best solution. Vaseline is one of the best allies you can have for your eyelashes. It will undoubtedly make them much denser in less time than you can imagine.

Using petroleum jelly on your eyelashes will give you a much more expressive and attractive look. Not even an eyelash curler will provide you with the incredible results that you achieve using petroleum jelly.

How to use Vaseline on your eyelashes:

  1. The first step is to buy a small jar of petroleum jelly, which can typically be found in drugstores.
  2. Smear your fingertips with just a little bit of petroleum jelly.
  3. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount to your lashes.
  4. Apply it, creating the curve you want them to have.

Important tip: You have to apply Vaseline just before going to sleep. It will have more benefits and take better effects while you sleep. In the morning, you should wash your face thoroughly before leaving home.

The best tips to keep your eyelashes long and strong

How to curl your eyelashes without a kit

At this point, you already know the natural things you can use to beautify your eyelashes and, of course, keep them curled. Now I will explain the natural ingredients to keep your eyelashes strong and long all the time. These ingredients will help your eyelashes grow better and faster.

Apply Vaseline

Vaseline will help to keep them strong and long. But it is also essential that you apply it to your eyelids.

As I explained before, apply it at night, let it sit on your eyelashes and eyelids while you sleep. You will wake up with healthier lashes that look amazing.

For long, strong lashes, brush them constantly

Your eyelashes need to be brushed constantly, that is, daily. When you brush your lashes, you will significantly increase hair growth. When you start brushing them every day, you will see results within two weeks.

Apply green tea to your eyes

Green tea will make a significant difference when helping to keep your eyelashes long and strong. You should know that green tea has excellent antioxidant properties.

The unique antioxidant properties of green tea will help your eyelashes by naturally strengthening their resistance. You need to apply wet tea bags to your eyes. But before using the tea bags, make sure your eyes are immaculately clean and free of makeup.

Consume foods with keratin

Eating foods with a lot of keratin will make your eyelashes more robust and longer in no time. Keratin is one of the best allies to increase hair production, and that includes your eyelashes. You can find keratin in foods such as chicken, rice, fish, legumes, eggs, among others.

Use olive oil

Olive oil is excellent for giving your eyelashes the curl and increased growth that they need to keep them lifted. You can mix olive oil with a bit of lemon juice and apply it to your lashes with your fingertips. Be careful not to get a drop in your eyes. Do this daily, and you will have fantastic results.


In summary, to keep your eyelashes curled and lifted naturally, you should increase your consumption of foods with keratin. There are many natural techniques you can use to curl them, such as using a hot spoon very carefully.

You can use petroleum jelly, which works amazingly. You can use chamomile, which contains properties that your eyelashes need. You can also use green tea bags, and the best method is to undertake each technique at night just before sleeping.