How to Fix Droopy Eyelids Without Surgery, all the SECRETS

How to lift droopy eyelids

How to lift droopy eyelids without surgery? The eyes are one of our face’s most prominent facial features, but a face with drooping eyelids gives a tired and aged look to the eyes, one of the most worrying signs of age.

Various aesthetic treatments improve drooping eyelids: exercises that help lift the eyelid muscle and apply natural remedies. It would also be best to visit a specialist to get the best medical advice for the problem and adapt the treatment in each case.

This widespread problem affects many people, either by heredity, disease, aging, or lifestyle. Next, we will explain in-depth:

  • Exercises to lift your eyelids.
  • How to perform techniques without having to go to the operating room to have eyelid surgery.
  • Besides, you will learn how to elaborate on several natural remedies to improve this problem.
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What is the eyelid?

The eyelid protects the eyeball from possible injuries that the eyes may suffer. It is composed of small muscles that contract to move up or down.

Anything that happens to this system causes excess skin on the eyelid, resulting in health or cosmetic problems.

What causes droopy eyelid?

When we talk about drooping eyelids (Palpebral Ptosis), we mean that the upper eyelid cannot open normally or naturally, resulting in impaired vision. The upper eyelid covers the pupil, making the person unable to see well through that eye.

Why do I have droopy eyelids?

The most frequent causes of palpebral Ptosis or drooping of the eyelids are genetic factors, a muscular disease, age, some facial paralysis, the uncontrolled use of rigid contact lenses, which can come from our birth, or some nervous alteration, among others.

The most common causes of sagging eyelids are:

  • Aging: with age, the muscle that forms the eyelid loses strength and stops wearing it. It also damages the nerve that controls that muscle and causes flaccidity of the upper eyelids’ skin.
  • Congenital or birth problems.
  • Diabetes.
  • Stroke.
  • Sties.
  • Genetics: if there are people in the family with droopy eyelids.
  • Excessive use of rigid contact lenses.
  • Having suffered from facial paralysis.
  • Nervous and muscular alterations.
  • Headaches or migraines.

Generally, the eyelids tend to fall around 40 or 50, degenerating more over time.

Exercise routine to prevent eyelid droop. 

I will show you a series of simple eyelid exercises to strengthen the eyelid muscle and prevent your eyelids from sagging.

Eyebrow pressure

  • To perform this exercise, place your index fingers over your eyebrows.
  • Then press down.
  • At the same time, you should try to raise your eyebrows as hard as you can. 
  • Repeat this exercise in two sets of 15 times.

Stretching the skin backward

  • To do this exercise, place several fingers on both temples and push the skin back.
  • In the meantime, you must open and close your eyes several times and quickly. 
  • Do a series of 10 times.

Open and close your eyes

You must close your eyes tightly and open them little by little in 5 seconds to do this exercise.

Move your eyes clockwise

  • To perform this exercise, you must sit with your neck and back straight.
  • Make circular movements in a clockwise direction and then in a counter-clockwise direction. 
  • Repeat five times on each side.

Pressure on the outer eye area

  • Close your eyes and gently press the outer eye area with your middle finger on the inner end.
  • At the same time, try to raise your eyebrows. 
  • You have to do this exercise 10 times in a row.
  • In the last repetition, hold for 10 seconds.

Eyelid massage

  • Massage the eyelids by making small circular movements with the fingertips, covering the eyelids’ outside towards the eyebrow’s highest forehead.
  • You can also do this with individual eye patches that help drain excess fluid from that area.
  • With this massage, the eyelid is deflated, and circulation is improved.  

Eyelid tightening

  • You can perform facial exercises with your index finger on each end of your eyebrow, stretching downward while lifting your eyelids. 
  • Perform this movement 15 times, and you will see how the eyelid muscle is tightened little by little.

Yoga facial for droopy eyelids.

The exercises practiced in this type of yoga help you lift your eyelids.

  • You have to do this exercise by raising your eyebrows as high as possible, looking upwards. 
  • You should feel the muscle tension, holding it for 5 minutes.
  • Then you lower your eyelid, keeping your eyebrows up for five more seconds.
  • Finally, lower your eyebrows and relax. 
  • You must perform this exercise 5 times continuously.

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How to fix droopy eyelids with makeup

First, I want to tell you that makeup enhances the look, besides giving dimension and depth to the eye. 

To enhance the eyelid area with makeup, you should use warm-colored shadows in the following way:

  • Draw the external triangle of the eye.
  • Blend upwards.
  • Then raise the eyebrows with beige tones in the arch of the eyebrows and the teardrop.

If you do this, they will look more prominent.

How to lift droopy eyelids with cosmetics

These cosmetic treatments help lift the drooping eyelid long-term but require consistency.

Blepharoplasty without plastic surgery.

Blepharoplasty is a treatment that avoids surgical procedures on the eyes and removes excess eyelids, bags, and wrinkles, which form the eye contour. In this treatment, they use several techniques to rejuvenate the look.


  • The first thing is to prepare the area, nourish it to improve elasticity and hydration, making the recovery process faster. 
  • Then a local anesthetic cream or injection is applied.
  • The third step is the plasma generator. The plasma is an ionized gas where the ions are in a free state. That makes contact with the skin eliminate the structure of the epidermis components, the keratosis sublimating it. There is also a dermis stimulation. With this, a crust appears in the treated area. This crust falls after a week or so.


  • The duration of this process is one and a half hours.
  • It is very safe, and it does not produce hematomas or scars. 
  • It works only on the epidermis without reaching the dermis. The surrounding areas do not suffer any change or alteration.

This type of plasma used is the only one allowed to produce useful plasma, and it is also safe.


Some consequences of this process are:

  • It does not begin to heal until 72 hours. 
  • From there, the recovery process begins.
  • After a week, the scabs disappear.

When you perform this treatment, try to do it in one day off so that the swelling goes down quickly.


  • Wash the area with soap and water 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Use antiseptics until the scabs fall off.
  • For the fall of the scabs: Apply sunscreen daily, moisturizers, also use sunglasses when you go out.

Fractionated CO2 laser or Laser Blepharoplasty

What is the CO2 laserDoctors recommend this treatment for mild cases of Ptosis. 

Blepharoplasty is a fractionated technique that uses a CO2 laser to immediately tighten the eyelid skin, eliminating a percentage of the skin in a controlled manner. 

It also introduces deep heat into the dermis, which generates new collagen, resulting in smooth eyelid skin over the following months.


  • Fast, outpatient treatment that does not require cutting does not use general anesthesia.
  • It has no risk or complications of traditional surgery.

When are the results seen?

You can start noticing the results from the first session, but it takes 3 to 4 weeks to repair the collagen well.

 Eyelid tapes or adhesive strips

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What are the adhesive strips to lift the eyelids?

The eyelid tapes or adhesive strips are silicone stickers used to lift the eyelids and achieve an instant lifting effect on your look. They are very fashionable because they are non-invasive and lift the eyelid without surgery or drastic treatments.

How to use them?

  • First, you must clean the skin to remove all makeup and sweat traces that may be present. 
  • Then you place your head back and stick these adhesive strips on the mobile eyelid.
  • When you open your eyes, you will have a more prominent look.

 These strips do not cause any discomfort or pain while on, and if you put on makeup, they are not noticeable. They are available in two different sizes: 

  • The medium size for an intense eyelid lift for bigger eyes.
  • The small size for a softer effect on smaller eyes.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is used to correct sagging under-eye bags and lift droopy eyelids with lost volume (fat) over the years with filler and achieve a rejuvenating effect on the face. This treatment does not require surgical intervention and is very useful.

How is this technique performed?

 Small injections under the face muscle give volume to the eyelids; this reduces the formed furrow when the eyelid falls with hyaluronic acid.

Men and women under 50 years old usually choose this treatment.


  • You do not go to an operating room.
  • You use products that are compatible with your body.
  • The effects are fast because it fills the muscle under the skin.
  • It is the most used in most aesthetic clinics.

 Botulinum toxin lift.

Microinjections of botulinum toxin are applied to give the eyelid’s upper external part volume and lift the look. For this technique to have satisfactory results, it must be performed by a specialist who studies the causes of eyelid drooping.

The specialist will consider the patient’s eyebrow type and the elasticity and function of the eyelid muscle. Some contraindications for applying these injections are not to use them on fragile skin or skin that has bumps.

The eyelift results start to become noticeable from the first few days.

Eye threadlift 

In the eye threadlift procedure, the cosmetic dermatologist or surgeon uses polydioxanone threads (PDO.) They are biocompatible and resorbable to allow the tissue structure’s natural stimulation. That generates new collagen responsible for giving firmness to the skin, thus reducing sagging.

In this technique, you will not even have sutures and wounds since they are small punctures made with a special cannula, through which the surgeon introduces tensioning threads. 

This treatment is not very invasive. It lasts approximately between 12 and 18 months, depending on the patient’s skin, besides performing the technique lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, applying local anesthesia.

Home remedies for drooping eyelids.

How to lift droopy eyelids without surgery?

Remedy #1: Homemade cream to firm up the eyelids.


  • Four tablespoons of natural yogurt.
  • Two tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • Four tablespoons aloe vera gel.
  • Five slices of cucumber without skin.


  • Put in a container the oats spoonfuls, the spoonfuls of natural yogurt, the spoonfuls of aloe vera gel, and the cucumber slices. 
  • Mash all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous cream.
  • Then apply this cream on the eyelids, leaving it on for 20 minutes and rinsing it with abundant cold water.

Remedy #2: Chamomile tea.

  • Prepare chamomile tea because they contain anti-inflammatory agents to treat droopy eyelids.
  • When brewing the tea, do not throw away the chamomile tea bags. Store them in the refrigerator before placing them in your eyes. 
  • Place the bags in each eye for about 20 minutes.
  • You should apply this treatment regularly to see results in a short time.

Remedy #3: Cucumber.

Cucumber is an excellent natural remedy for droopy eyelids. But, first, you have to apply fresh cucumber slices to the eyes, leaving them to act for 15-20 minutes.

Remedy# 4: Grapes.

This ingredient prevents or delays the aging process due to its high content of Resveratrol, a component that visibly improves the skin’s tenacity; you must include it in your daily diet to obtain its benefits.

 Also, you can make a homemade grape cream. You will need yogurt, grapes, and olive oil, the necessary amount for this.


  •  Mix these ingredients very well in a bowl until you get a creamy paste. 
  • Then apply on the eyelids and let it rest, remove with warm water.

Remedy #5: Coldwater.

The icy water helps to reduce inflammation. But, to get results, you have to wash your face with cold water fresh from the fridge and reaffirm the drooping eyelids’ skin.

Remedy # 6: Egg white.

It is an ingredient that has a rapid tightening effect on the skin. Apply the egg white directly to the eyelids.


There is a wide variety of aesthetic solutions to improve the eyelid areas, such as exercises that help reaffirm the eyelid muscles and apply various natural remedies that we have detailed.

To give you a youthful appearance, you will have to be constant in their use and visit a specialist to assess your case and adapt the treatment to your needs.

Cosmetic surgery is an option, but it is crucial to choose a specialist and trust his knowledge.

We created this article to inform and help those who suffer from sagging skin on the eyelids due to aging or weight loss.

However, improving their facial appearance will reduce their social impact (loss of self-esteem) and prevent wrinkles that this condition can generate.

DISCLAIMER: does not provide medical advice, examination, or diagnosis.

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M D.