What does HYALURONIC ACID do to your skin?


What does Hyaluronic acid do to your skin? Do you know that the essential component of beauty and skincare products is Hyaluronic acid, which the cosmetic industry uses in products from serums and moisturizers to night creams? 


What does Hyaluronic acid do to your skin? Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is utilized by the human body to maintain moisture in the skin and also in the healing of wounds. With minimum side effects, it serves as a great tool to keep the skin healthy.

This article will cover what it is and its characteristics as well as its benefits on the surface. 

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What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, a naturally occurring heavyweight substance in humans' skin. It is well known for its capability of holding moisture. 

Not only does it hold the moisture on the skin, but it can also attract the water molecules from the surroundings, making your skin look more stable and renewed.

It can quickly help in stimulating hydration for all types of surfaces. This molecule has various benefits in the medical sector which, makes it an essential component for the treatment of different diseases.

Characteristics of Hyaluronic acid

The chemical structure of hyaluronic acid contains repeated units of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. This type of formation is the most stable as compared to any other random one. There are various conformational shapes available for this structure. 

HA has various roles like:

  •  Hydration.
  • Tissue repairs.
  • Protection of skin.
  • Hiding wrinkles, which makes it essential for humans. Water and HA have a powerful bonding(hydrogen bonding), which results in the moisture-holding property. Hence, it helps to keep your asking hydrated and prevents it from dryness. This property of HA is pH-dependent. For example, it has a mediating influence on the signals sent and received by cells and behavior of cells. 
  • It is also a filler, lubricant between bones and water holder. Its interactions with the other proteins and binding cells are also amazing. 
  • Regeneration of cells.

Healing of wounds, and other functions of HA are recently studied. In the healing process, it not only removes the dead tissues but also initiates cell signaling, which contributes to cell mobility. 

Benefits of Hyaluronic acid


What does hyaluronic acid do to your skin? This acid has numerous applications in different fields ranging from beauty products to life-saving medicines. Various studies and researches tried to find all the possible ways to get the most out of it. Some of the benefits of the molecule are listed: 

Ingredient for skincare products: 

It is one of the best parts of skincare products, as it can make your skin refreshed and healthy. So, if you have normal to dry skin or dehydrated skin, HA is a must for you! ( 1*)

Antimicrobial use: 

This acid plays a significant role in the healing of wounds. It regulates the level of inflammation, which encourages the recovery of an injury. It decreases the wound size when applied directly to the damage. There will be no risks of infection because of its antimicrobial properties. It is also useful in eliminating ulcers, especially in the mouth, and it can easily beat gum diseases ( 2*.) 

Renewal of skin cells: 

Hyaluronic acid facilitates the regeneration of skin cells by providing protection form pollutants and keeping the skin moisturized. However, it doesn't boost the process of the cell renewal process. It makes the skin complexion more vibrant and gives an extra glow to the face ( 3*.) 

Pairs easily with other skincare products: 

It is an excellent advantage of this molecule that you can easily pair it with other skincare products like peels and vitamins. Due to its properties of adaptation, it is even more beneficial when used with other similar products. 

Smoother skin: 

HA will make your skin soft and will give it a silky finish. It binds moisture with the skin cells resulting in the flat, silky texture of the skin. HA alone will not fill any acne scars, but if combined with tools like the derma roller, it can be useful ( 4*.) 

Prevents wrinkles and fine lines: 

It creates a plumping effect on the skin for any age by maintaining skin moisture. It provides water to skin cells, which in turn leads to the increased production of new cells. Naturally, your skin then becomes soft and elicits a vibrant tone ( 5*.)

Tighter skin: 

After a particular age, the skin starts to lose its elasticity, which makes it look saggy. This acid will not provide the flexibility again, but it can give a glimpse of tightness. It will provide you with a fresher and younger appearance. 

More flexibility: 

When hyaluronic acid protects your skin, there are fewer chances of it being affected by the environmental pollutants. Ultimately your skin will look healthier and wrinkle-free. Having soft and reactive skin must use HA to protect it from things that deteriorate the lipid barrier. 


Acne-prone and oily surface reduces the skin clarity, which disturbs the complexion. Skin produces oil if the skin is not enough hydrated sometimes. Using HA will hold the moisture and will reduce the amount of fat in the skin. These will make your skin glow and bring in more clarity. 

Final words 

HA in your dermis

Hyaluronic acid is a safe supplement, and a lot of people used it every day. It has benefits ranging from skincare to the medical sector. 

People know it for its property of skincare and viscoelasticity. Doctors consider it as an excellent medicine for joint pains. 

It has some other notable applications, like eye drops and in surgeries of the eye as a quick healer. Some doctors assume it as the best medicine for abdominal pain as well. It is a particular type of supplement available in the human body for a variety of problems. 

The side effects of using HA are very less because it is a whole natural substance. We can conclude from the past studies and ongoing research that the number of benefits provided by the molecule is escalating day by day.