How can I get perfect glowing skin? 12 tricks you wish you knew before

How to get a glowing skin

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M.D.

How can I get perfect glowing skin? We often observe our face in the mirror and dwindle on thoughts of having the perfect cutis naturally. Our dermatologist gives us some basic tips to have perfect glowing skin.

To achieve the perfect complexion you should wash your face 2 to 3 times a day depending on your skin type. Exfoliate your face with an astringent or salicylic acid. And finally, apply a moisturizing cream at night. Remember to use sunscreen twice a day at 50 fps or more.

Mother nature has provided us with lots of resources, and it's high time to get back to the roots. 

From natural sheet masks to face packs, we have a variety of things to get that perfect cutis, naturally. Not just stuff, there are habits that you would love to emulate for the best skin you always wanted. 

So, what are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelts as we take you to the rollercoaster ride, exploring the methods of how to achieve your best skin ever. 

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Why a routine? 

how to get glowing skin

"Great feat takes time"……and a lot of discipline too. A routine is one of the primary criteria required to get your "cutis perfecto." We must manage our regime according to the biological cycle and put up efforts in the right direction to hit the nail on the head.

Routine will help us acquire habits, and eventually, practices are responsible for the change we want in ourselves. Just the same drill back and forth, and voila! You are ready to blow everyone's socks off.

In the morning you have to wash your face with soap and water. You must use a moisturizer, if you have dry skin, I recommend a light moisturizer and use a sunscreen. In the evening you should wash your face again and use a mild exfoliant such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

The struggle is only for few initial days, and afterward, you will flow in the process just like streams of the river.

How to get perfect glowing skin naturally? The starter pack for your "cutis perfecto."

infographic of how to get a perfect glowing skin

How can I make my skin clear and glowing? How can I get glowing skin at home? Well, the first thing which we need to get started is firm determination. Pledge with me "the path that I have chosen; I will walk that path with grace and satisfy my soul." Bring it on!

Makeup less often

The best routine for skin care is not to wear makeup. Believe me when I say this because I've tried not wearing makeup and wearing a lot of makeup.

Therefore I recommend that you use your makeup in moderation and you will see results in the short term:

  • When you stop using it, you give freedom to your skin. Our skin produces more collagen. 
  • Also, you will see a considerable pimple reduction.
  • Your pores will look smaller or less dilated. When you use makeup, that accumulation of products enters the pores and does not let the skin breathe.
  • When you stop using makeup, you begin to understand your skin more, and you begin to see the problems it has and worry more about removing them than covering them. 
  • You'll look younger. Makeup makes your skin look different. It takes away that natural glow of skin and freckles that are super trendy.
  • You will get to know your face in a way that absolutely no one else will. You give yourself more time to know all the features, every bone, every imperfection, your nose, the shape of your eyes, your lips, absolutely everything. When you put on your makeup, I promise you will put on your makeup because then you will know and know all the features and all the beautiful things you have on your face.
  • And you will finally save a lot of money. I read a consumer study on the internet that women spend an average of 3700 dollars on mascara, 2500 dollars on shadows, and 2000 dollars on makeup base per year. 

Take off your makeup properly

Make it your nightly routine: get into the habit of removing your makeup (if you have any) and do a basic wash of your face with soap and water before going to bed. That is very important.

I will accompany you through the procedure of how to remove makeup with wet wipes properly:

  • The first thing to do is to hold your hair back and remove all accessories to be more comfortable.
  • After this, I will start removing my false eyelashes.
  • Then take only one wipe from the makeup remover package.
  • Put it all over your face like a mask, and after that, very gently, press it little by little.
  • After doing this for a few seconds, remove the wet wipe. As you will see, most of the products on your face have come out of the wipe. So, with that same wipe, go on to remove everything that is left.
  • Now we're going to remove all the makeup. Pass the wipe over your neck. You know we always do this area.
  • Finally, I have to tell you that what I like most about this product is that the wipes are super soft and do not contain any oil. On the contrary, they have lots and lots of collagen. 

Skipping morning wash is a sin!

Yes, you heard it right. Never miss your morning wash. Makeups and hairstyling products get absorbed by your skin and acquire the potential to damage your skin by clogging up the pores. A wakeup morning facewash will rejuvenate your senses and make them feel alive. That directs us to the second bullet of discussion.

Choosing the right Facewash

Using any facewash just because you liked its advertisement or the color is not justifying the blunder you made. It can ruin your skin rather than revamping your skin game.

Select the facewash which suits your skin type and avoid using those facewash with chemicals embedded in it. Use natural facewash, which, as they have essentials required to elevate the charm of your skin.

Make them wet

Always keep the water bottle near you so that you never run out of your charm. Hydrate yourself consistently as the cleansing process functions at peak when you are well hydrated. 

Toxins from your skin are flushed off and make your skin glow radiantly. Who wants a dull, tight, and flaky skin? None of us. Fill up your tummies with adequate water throughout the day.

Be gentle

Wiping or rubbing your skin too harshly results in the breakage of cells and leaves it red and rough. The motive is to love your skin immensely, and not to fight with it.

Swab through your skin gently to avoid roughness and ensure that it is appropriately cleaned, reducing the chances of acne or oil on your face.

Don't touch your face

That is a fact, the less you touch your face, the better your skin will have. Many studies have shown that it is a very harmful habit for having glowing skin and very difficult to avoid.

One study found that the average person touches his or her face three times per minute.

Frequency recording

How is it done? To do this, we can look for applications that help us count when we touch our faces. 

Or a sheet of paper where we can make a little dot each time we touch the face. It's automatic, I become the judge of my behavior, and I will assimilate that I should not.

The record should be enough to diminish the behavior of others. We can also rely on other elements, such as:

  • Notes.
  • Reminders on your smartphone. 
  • Small alarms every five minutes to remind you not to touch your face.

Ask for help

If we are tolerant of someone telling us what we are doing wrong, we can lean on someone else. Tell that person to warn you when you are touching our face. 

Use things to distract your fingers

We can also lean on the elements we have in our environment around us as notes or reminders.

 We can look for things to distract our fingers. These can be toys for people with anxiety either:

  • Spinner.
  • Anti-stress cubes.
  • Anti-stress balls that can be in our hands and are not in constant contact with him take

Moisturizing is the key.

Moisturize your skin whenever needed to unlock the charm suppressed under the dull skin. An oil-absorbing moisturizer can do wonders, thus giving you a head start in getting the natural yet perfect cutis. It gives your skin a firm look by absorbing excess oil vanquished deep down your skin.

Don't fall into the trap.

Those filthy brands out there are full of chemicals and lure you with fake hopes to extract your well-deserved earnings. Please don't fall into the trap laid by them. 

Try getting natural and adopt natural methods to have luxurious skin. After all, nothing heals as good as mother nature.

Vitamin E oil can do wonders if you are worried about those dark circles. Practice it daily, and soon they will bid a forever goodbye to your beautiful eyes.

Cocktails are for skin, too!

How can I make my face glow? You can mix ingredients best suited to your skin and apply it to get the best results. Make a cocktail for your skin to get them high and let them boast themselves.

You can try up adding shea butter or coconut oil in your daily moisturizer to see the magic. Know what suits your skin best and use it back and forth to relinquish your skin's dullness. You can use some rose water afterward, marking a beautiful end to the regime.

Avoid processed food

Processed foods are the demoniac entities for your sweet skin. Don't get used to the highly addictive packaged/fast foods that will make your skin flaky and dry. 

Sugar is equally bad for your skin. Reduce its consumption and, if possible, eliminate it from your diet. You will be surprised at what wonders can it do to your skin. Trust me or let the magic take over.

Try laser treatment  

Laser treatment digs deeps into the skin and makes you feel like a baby possessing a glowing skin.

 This competitive world has compelled each of us to go the "extra mile" in search of a happy life. What is a happy life without a happy face, and there comes in the concept of laser treatment? You can try taking one after every five or six months to drop those jaws off, easily.

Final Words

These are a few drops of wisdom that we could pour upon our readers from the great ocean your cutis/skincare formulas. You can always try your methods if you discover one. After all, who knows your skin better than you. 

Consider following these tips to get your glowing skin and perfect cutis naturally without flushing out the money in the skincare products. 

You have the superpower of reversing the process of aging. Just put on your fighting shoes and start blowing everyone's socks off xD.

Congratulations on your "cutis perfecto." For more information, visit our beauty section.

[author] [author_image timthumb='on'][/author_image] [author_info]The article was reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josué Alvarez. Medical Doctor graduated from Medical School Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda. Área Ciencias de la Salud. •Awarded winner IV Science Fair of Research Methodology - April 2012 •Recipient of Asesor Estudiantil Institucional Scholarship •Thesis: Relationship Between Parasitosis, Anemia and Hygiene Habits in patients aged 20 yo 70 years old in Amuay, municipality of Los Taques, Falcón State, Venezuela •Thesis: Intervention Plan in Rural Healthcare in Monte Verde and La Puntica sectors, of the Amuay Community, Los Taques parish, Los Taques municipality, of the Falcón State, Venezuela. During the period March 2018 - July 2018[/author_info] [/author]