Hooded eyes are a facial feature that many people have. The emergence of hooded eyes can be caused by extra skin under the eyebrows, or they can be inherited from your parents. They’re also called “hooded eyes.”

Like the color of your hair or the presence of attached earlobes, the shape of your eyes is just one of many genetic traits visible on your face. The most recognizable names in the entertainment industry all have hooded eyes: Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and Tom Cruise are just a few.

Like the color of your hair, having attached earlobes, or other genetic features on your face such as eyelids that drop over your eyes or a protruding lip, there are hundreds you can examine.

What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes feature a small lid that is drooped. To draw the focus up, darken and extend shadow over it to make them appear bigger. Tightline your top eyelid line, so they look more defined than before while also making their shape larger as well. Lastly, thicken the lash base by adding length to them with some mascara or liner for an enhanced eye-opening effect!

How do I know I have hooded eyes?

One way to know if you have hooded eyes is by examining the crease of your eye. If there’s a fold in the skin that hangs over the eyelid, then it means you are dealing with this condition.

Another point worth mentioning for those who can’t see their creases when they’re open-eyed is that 1 out of 3 people has some degree of lid droopiness and might qualify as having “hoodies.”

What causes hooded eyes?

celebrities with  Hooded Eyes

There are many scientific reasons why people’s eyelids might become hooded, but the most common reason is that a combination of age-related changes can cause it. The protruding eyelid obscures the drooping and eyebrows with a dramatic appearance.

Hooded eyes are genetic, meaning they’re natural in some people. As well as being hereditary and developing over time with age. It can also be caused by other conditions such as:

  • Blepharitis (inflammation of the eye)
  • Skin disorders like rosacea or dermatitis herpetiformis lead to more redness on the lids than normal for those who have these types of conditions.

Are hooded eyes attractive?

Some people find it attractive, and some not so much. It depends on the face shape and eye shape. Usually, when a person has hooded eyes, they also have thin lips, another factor in attraction.

If you’re interested in what someone else might find attractive, you could describe yourself to them and ask their opinion. That’s one way to learn how things look from someone else’s perspective.

How to fix hooded eyes

how to fix hooded eyes

The quickest, easiest way to get the youthful appearance of hooded lids is eyelid tape. Eyelid tape is a transparent adhesive strip that lifts your skin around your eyes and makes them look more open and youthful. Not only does it improve how you look, but it also improves vision as well!

There are other remedies to fix hooded eyes, such as a possible surgery. If you’re considering this option consult with your doctor first to see if it’s best for you! Here I leave you the best tips for hooded eyes to fix them:

Thread lift

The thread lift technique is an option for those with less severe hooded eyes. For infants or younger patients, the thread procedure with Silhouette Soft can support the tail of your brow.

It provides a natural-looking and immediate raise to your eye area and brow. It’s important not to underestimate collagen stimulation when evaluating treatments like this.

Thread lifting involves a unique two-stage process where first there’s an immediate boost followed over time as skin responds naturally stimulated new collagen production.

Eyelid tape

Treating hooded eyes is as simple as applying eyelid tape to the area. Eyelid tapes are transparent adhesive strips. They lift the leather around your eye, giving them a more open and youthful aspect.

The benefits of using this product don’t just stop at making you look better, though. They also affect your vision! Lifting excess peel can clear up the field of view while preventing further drooping from occurring.

You might be wondering if eyepiece tapes will show after putting them on or how comfortable they are to wear. Well, worry no longer!

Unlike other methods like botox injections, which gradually fade over time as body fluids break down the injected material in front of their eyes (gross!), these beautifying products last for up to ten days at a time.

Eyelid tape is a great option for getting rid of hooded eyes or tired-looking eyes. Instantly, apply it, and your hooded eyes will look bigger, and your problems will be solved!


What about getting rid of those hooded eyes, wrinkles, and making your eyes appear fresher? Filled with the right products, radiofrequency energy will build collagen in your dermis to make it supple again. And when you have healthy-looking skin, all that extra saggy eye area disappears.

Some companies are now developing new at-home RF devices for use in these areas without any cords or plugs needed!

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a technique that can revitalize epidermis cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, freckles, or uneven pigmentation.

This treatment also helps with stretch marks by gently pulling them out from under the surface to promote new growth where they belong.

The laser is so precise that it’s often used for more than just improving one area. Some doctors use lasers to provide non-surgical eyelifts to tighten up loose peel around your eyes without putting you through an extensive surgery process!

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers

You can address the hollows in your upper lids, temples, and brows with hyaluronic acid-based fillers. I also recommend collagen-stimulating fillers that effectively provide long-term dermis lifting by plumping up immediately while helping stimulate future collagen production with repeated use.

Downtime is usually one or two days for swelling to go down before resuming normal activities but results last between one and four years depending on your body’s response!


Botox is a popular technique used to lift hooded eyes or droopy brows. It’s also sometimes called a “Botox brow lift.”

This procedure is best for mild cases of hooded eyes but can be useful on younger patients too. Botulinum toxin injections are often strategically placed around the eye area to relax muscles that cause wrinkles over time, which then lifts your eyebrows higher into position. This results in brighter-looking eyes because it opens them up more.

Surgery for hooded eyes

Eyelid surgery, also called an eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin from the upper and lower ones. It is used to alter the form and aspect of your upper and lower lids.

This technique includes removing any extra epidermis tissue around the eyes to improve their droopiness. Eyelash growth may also occur with this type of improvement too!

Eyelid surgery has many benefits, such as improving puffiness under one’s eye bags while achieving more attractive-looking lashes on top for those who want it after recovery from anesthesia wears off.

Face Yoga

One way to naturally lift the upper eye area is through face yoga. Using just your fingers, you can gently raise your eyes and alleviate some of those heavy, hooded sensations that have been making life difficult for so long now!

Face Yoga relieves tension in this sensitive region using evidence-based techniques such as gentle stretching with fingertips along with the eyebrows or rising from underneath at any point on the browline when needed.


I love that microcurrent gives me the best skin tightening results in my routine, and it’s definitely a game-changer. Clinically proven to help your skin look younger, this ergonomic device positively boosts collagen and elastin production for anti-aging benefits.

There are many devices to choose from if you want an at-home treatment. Microcurrent is such a beautiful thing when we’re talking about skincare because there are so many different kinds of solutions out there depending on what kind of concern you might be having.

Makeup for hooded eyes

You can do this for all eye shapes! But applying makeup to your hooded eyes, and in particular, a base under the eyebrows above the hooded eyes, can help conceal them.

The application of other eye forms to the hooded eyes can cause them to appear drooped and diminished.

By applying eye shadow just above your eyes, you can create the illusion of less “hooded” looking lids. But it’s important not to forget that even if you use make-up as a solution, there will be no improvement on vision because the skin isn’t being raised by any means at all, so that that obstruction won’t go away either!

Makeup for hooded eyes

makeup for solving this problem

A few of my friends have deep-set or hooded eyes, and I’ve seen them apply their makeup in so many different ways. But when they do it this way – wow! This trick is a game-changer for us with these unique features that we need to work around sometimes.

The eyeshadow application techniques that work for me are different from the typical ones. I finally learned how to apply it in a way where my small lid space is not wasted! Here I leave you my eye makeup tips:

You don’t need the crease.

If the skin of your upper eyelid slips below your natural crease and can be seen resting near or on top of your lash line, that’s a hooded eye shape. I have found that my eyes look best with a crease, but it’s important to know where the right place for your creases is.

I’ve been told by many makeup artists and beauty specialists in stores that an eye shape like mine can benefit from deepening the crease because of how low on my eyelid they are.

They say this makes them appear larger instead of smaller, which happens when you deepen too much or put one there at all if they’re high. So opt for less depth instead of more.

Shape eyebrows in line with your natural bone structure

I was always struggling to apply eyeshadow until I realized that it’s just about following your natural bone structure. In this case, for my eye shape (above)

You have to apply it right below where yours naturally occurs on your browbone! You can easily highlight with a shimmery shade and contour by using an earth tone close to what you are wearing or even something in brown if you have dark hair.

Find your natural eyelid shape.

To get it, you have to find the right spot. The eye shadow is a lot easier to apply when I know exactly where that edge of my eyelid starts and ends.

For this reason, lately-instead of using makeup brushes or fingers. I’ve been drawing in the eyeshadow with an old foundation brush from high school on any surface around me: whether it’s in front of my walkway mirror (which has those really bright lights.) Or even just inside one room to see how intense the colors will be, for instance.

Lately, these makeshift spots are saving me time because they take less work than other methods!

Do you know what the best way to make your eyeshadow look even better is? Well, I asked a bunch of makeup artists for their secret, and they told me this. The reason is that it makes any eye shadow you put on seem more genuine!

When we follow our bone structure with the shape of our eyelid, that can give us an extra boost when applying makeup which will then have a softer effect – almost as if your bone structure would help out.

Eyeshadow tutorial for hooded eyes

Do you want to know How to Make Hooded Eyes Stand Out Like a Makeup Artist? Grab your eye makeup primer, water-resistant eyeliner, and mascara, and carefully follow these steps to create the perfect winged eyeliner look for hooded eyes.

  1. Use a matte shade to contour the eye by following your natural bone structure. Follow where you would naturally create a shadow with the color and make it darkest at that point, which will help bring out any imperfections in tone or skin quality. Fill in the colors around the edges of eyeshadow, so they look soft and nice but keep them subtle unless dramatic is what you want!
  2. Apply a base color to your lid, all the way past where you want the crease. Blend using gentle strokes so that it looks soft and nice. If any shimmery colors are used, make sure they don’t get onto your fake eyelid line because those should be matte.
  3. Start by applying the inner corner highlight. Add a straight line of the liner, then finish with two coats of mascara for thick lashes that last all day long!

How to do eyeliner for hooded eyes

eyeliner for hooded eyes

Prep your eyelids

Before you grab your eyeliner, make sure to prep your skin with a primer or concealer. Set it all in place so that the colors stay true and bold throughout the day.

Ensure those sensitive eyelids before getting started on wings for an intense look all day long!

You want to make sure that your eyelids are flawless and airbrushed looking. To do this, start with a dot of foundation or concealer on each side of the eyelid, then blend it out using a blending brush for an even look.

Then set everything in place by dusting some powder over the area where you applied liquid makeup to ensure there is no smudging from oils throughout the day.

Choose an eyeliner that you are most familiar with

To get a beautiful result, experiment with different formulas and eyeliner styles. When selecting a liner for brown eyes, avoid applying it to the crease of the eye near where skin folds. Otherwise, it will tend to smudge easily. I mistakenly used my upper shadow liner to line the lower lash-line.

A great way around this problem would be picking a waterproof formula that won’t budge even though there are so many places on your lid where water can pool up!

If you have hooded eyes, draw the wing.

  1. To start, sketch a long thin line from the outer corner of your eye towards your temple. Vary this length depending on how dramatic you want to make it!
  2. Next, close your eyes and look straight ahead. Draw a small line from the topmost point of this line to where it meets with your eyelid fold- creating a slant shape. Fill in that space by applying the liner!
  3. Once your eyelid is filled with makeup, look down and draw a line from the bottom corner of the eye to the center.
  4. To create your wing, fill in this shape.
  5. Use small strokes to line the rest of your eye, starting from the inside corner and moving towards the wing. Your eyeliner is finished!


You’ve finally found the answer to your question, “How do I fix my hooded eyelids?” The secret is in a delicate balance of surgery and makeup. With some strategic brushstrokes, you can achieve a simple eye look.

It may seem like it would be a lot of work or that you might not be able to find an affordable solution.

But with these tips for fixing your eyeshadow application and making sure you get the right shape for your face. We think you can take care of both issues without much effort at all!