How does Hair fall out start In Women? 12 causes you didn't know!!

hair fall 12 causes


Hair fall or hair loss is a condition that refers to loss of hair from part of the head or entire head. Many call it baldness, which is quite a cruel way to address this problem.

Nearly 80% of men or women are suffering from it due to hereditary causes. However, several reasons may cause hair loss. And, finding out the right reason is of utmost importance to treat it.

hair fall how starts

Nevertheless, an average person loses nearly 100 to 200 hair strands daily. And, it must not ring an alarm in your mind because it is a natural phenomenon.

Nonetheless, the problem of hair fall is affecting nearly one-third of the human population. Many women rely on chemical-based treatment to get rid of hair fall problems, while some rely on natural remedies to get rid of it.

However, both methods can prove efficient, depending on your diet and lifestyle. But, a woman shall consider looking for the right reasons for hair fall before choosing the treatment method.

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How does Hair Fall Out start In Women?

It could be genetics, hair fall

Let us take a look at the most common reasons due to which hair fall starts in women.

The Foremost Reason could be Genetics

It is more common for women to think hereditary hair loss is more about men. But it is not entirely true. Because both the genders are prone to hair fall due to genetic factors.

And, the crown of the head is commonly affected when it comes to women. Whereas, men would notice the effects of hair fall on their hairline.

And, females suffering from hereditary hair loss also experience a severe delay in hair growth. Even, we can notice hair fall at the temples of the head.

Nevertheless, it is less likely for a woman to lose her hair completely. But, they may go through a lot of hair thinning throughout their hair. However, it is most likely to affect middle-aged women.

Childbirth could also Trigger Hair Fall out in Women

There are three phases before hair fall happens. Firstly, the growth phase; secondly, the transitional phase in which hair has grown but has not started to fall.

Thirdly, the resting period in which neither hair falls nor new hair grows. However, pregnancy triggers hormonal levels, especially estrogen formation.

Due to this, pregnant women notice thick, voluptuous hair. Also, losing hair lessens during the ten months of pregnancy. However, the hormonal levels return to the average level soon after childbirth.

That results in a rapid loss of hair strands, which are specially grown during the period of pregnancy. However, some women experience mild shedding of hair while others may experience it with full intensity.

Changing Birth Control Pills 

Childbirth pill can affect your hair

Birth control pills are synonymous with contraception. These pills work by suppressing ovulation. That makes it more difficult to implant fertilized eggs into the uterus lining.

The tablets often work by altering the hormonal levels in the body. Thus, women experience hair loss after they start taking pills, or after they switch to another brand.

Also, discontinuing the pills can lead to hair fall problem. Most varieties of birth control pills work with a hormone that is also responsible for hair thinning.

Nevertheless, medications are often blamed for starting hair fall problems in women, whether they are contraception medicines or medicines for other health conditions.

Ringworms Induced Hair Fall Out 

We cab deduct ringworms problem when you notice patches of hair fall. It is a fungal infection of the skin, which is medically called tinea capitis.

This infection often starts as a tiny pimple on the scalp. It grows more significantly with passing days. It makes affected skin itchy, inflamed, and red, with scaly patches.

In many cases of infection, skin oozes pus. Also, one or more areas of skin may get affected by this awful infection. The fungus makes hair brittle and easy to break off.

Also, the center of the affected skin area looks normal, while we can see redness on the edge of the lesion. This appearance is the reason for this infection named ringworm infection.

Scientists suggest that women suffering from this infection to avoid touching the affected area so that it does not spread to other healthy areas of skin.

This infection is highly contagious and needs proper medical attention to prevent complete loss of hair.

Another Potential Condition Called Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Arata

Specialists can diagnose this health condition very quickly. This health condition forms round patches just like a fungal infection, but the difference is; it does not ooze pus or cause inflammation on the scalp skin.

Alopecia areata is a medical term used for complete loss of hair from the affected area. However, hair re-grows after a certain period without any medical attention.

But, this health condition might be an indication of another medical issue that causes complete hair loss without the chance of re-growth of hair strands.

It is an autoimmune disorder. In this disorder, immune cells annihilate the hair follicles. The primary reason for this problem is underlying allergies. 

Nutritional Deficiency

Nourishment is of utmost importance for the body. Every part needs a specific blend of vitamins and minerals to perform optimally. A well-nourished body is less likely to fall prey to hair fall out.

Moreover, women are more prone to suffer from deficiencies of minerals like iron and zinc than men do. Also, they are more prone to lack of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B group, and protein.

The mentioned minerals and vitamins are considered very vital for healthy hairs. For a variety of reasons, women lack many essential nutrients, but the most common causes are an unhealthy lifestyle and menstrual cycles.

Also, doctors consider nutritional deficiency to occur due to a high intake of caffeine-based products and junk foods.   

PCOS is a Potent Reason for Hair Fall out in Women

PCOS can cause hair fall

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome disorder disturbs the body’s natural hormonal balance. In this disorder, the body produces more male hormone (androgens) than the female hormone (estrogens).

We can find this imbalance to be affecting several women causing unwanted hair to fall out. The terrifying side of this disorder is to develop facial hair while losing hair strands from the scalp.

The women suffering from this disorder might experience a dramatic increase in body weight, chronic acne problems, irregularity of menstrual cycles, etc.

All these symptoms are also a health problem that causes hair thinning a vital reason for hair fall out in women. However, a sudden outbreak of persistent acne is the most common sign of suffering from PCOS.

Imbalance of Thyroid Glands Functioning 

The butterfly-shaped gland is in the front base of the neck. It is responsible for thyroid hormones, which are essential for the proper functioning of every cell in the body.

We can differentiate the imbalance of thyroid gland functioning in two disorders. Firstly, hyperthyroidism is a condition in which thyroid gland manufactures and secrets hormones more than that our body needs.

Secondly, hypothyroidism is a condition in which glands either fail to produce or secret hormone as per the needs of the body. Any of these two imbalances can start hair fall problem in women.

The common symptoms of these problems are fatigue, inability to sleep or excess sleep, constipation, etc.

Crash Diets are Risky

Crash diets are trendy among women interested in quick weight loss. However, it is the unhealthiest way to lose weight. Crash diets can cause several health problems, including those mentioned here.

Also, doctors don’t consider crash diets as a sure way to lose weight. Instead, it sometimes leads to gaining more weight. Also, it can completely defect the healthy body, which was functioning ok before you chose crash diets.

Nonetheless, such a diet plan for weight loss can cause nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders, change in sleep cycles, changes in behavior, etc.

The list of the negative impact of crash diets on a healthy body is quite exhausting. The imbalances caused by crash diets directly affect the health of hairs. And, the most common side effect will be hair fall in women who opts for crash diets to lose weight. 


hair loss is related to medication sometimes

The most common issue with any medication is that they may affect healthy hair negatively. Some of these medications are psychosomatic medications, blood-thinning medications, blood pressure medications, contraceptive medications, etc.

However, the problem of hair fall in women using certain medications might be temporary. But, it is essential to consult a doctor if the hair fall problem becomes chronic.

The doctor would prescribe another formula that does not cause hair to fall.

Stress is a Prominent Factor


Doctors often link physical or emotional stress to hair fall problem in women. Nevertheless, hair fall problems and anxiety are not directly connected. However, the effects of intense pressure are very adverse on the body.

These negative effects are more likely to cause hair to fall rather than stress. Also, we find that people suffering from anxiety often have unhealthy habits, which also triggers hair fall out in women.

Additionally, those women who are going through stress touch their hair more than they usually do. And, touching hair consistently could lead to scalp infections, which will drive further to the hair fall problem.

It is imperative to treat the issues causing stress effectively to avoid the hair fall problem. Intense emotional or physical stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall in women. 

Hair Styling 

hair styling

Hairstyling is an essential tool that women need to look beautiful. But, styling has a direct effect on hair strands as well as scalp. Also, chemicals used in styling products are challenging to understand, which is why their effects go unnoticed.

Besides, hair styling products often highlights the positive image only. Therefore, it is essential to choose the trusted brands instead of experimenting with cheaper brands.

Additionally, tight ponytails, hats, bandannas, scarves, etc. can trigger hair fall. It is better to let your hair breathe for some time instead of keeping them tensed all the time.

Besides, experimenting with different styles and colors can also trigger hair fall in women. The chemicals used for perms, hair straightening procedures are quite harsh on the scalp.

These chemicals damage the hair follicles, which may cause permanent hair loss. Moreover, heat-styling hair regularly is also harmful. The thermal damage makes hair strands weak, which will break off easily. 

Scalp Problems

There is a lot of scalp damaging conditions such as dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. Any of these problems can cause inflammation of the scalp.

Due to this, the affected parts of the scalp become itchy, and obviously, we want to scratch it. But, scratching may damage the skin of the scalp due to which hairs shed more than they usually do.

This problem usually starts with harsh chemicals and environmental factors. Nevertheless, inflammation of the scalp skin damages the pores of the scalp, which might lead you to permanent hair loss problems.

Also, the natural growth of hair gets affected negatively, which makes them brittle and natural to fall-off with mild brushing.

Final Words

hair fall can be prevented

Hairs are one of the essential parts of female beauty. And, hair fall could be the worst nightmare for a woman. To show off your healthy, lustrous hair, you need to take care of everything that you consume.

The hair fall problem is very prevalent because we see hair as a visible part of the body. And, expect that reasons for hair fall will not go unnoticed.

Whereas, there are several underlying causes due to which problem of hair fall starts in women. And, these underlying causes are more prone to go unnoticed.

Due to this, we only treat the scalp with no visible results. It frustrates when we are trying hard to manage hair fall, but we are not getting expected results.

When this happens, it is better to look for any underlying reasons due to which hair problem has started. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily that weak roots could be the only cause for hair loss.

Instead, fragile and thin hair strands are more likely to be the reason for starting hair fall in women.    

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