How to have perfect buttocks and get a nice butt fast, all the SECRETS

how to get perfect buttocks

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Nice butt? It doesn't matter the age, for at least almost all women nowadays, having firm, fickle, and well-detailed buttocks is one of their greatest desires.

However, knowing how to get them can be a real challenge. This article will explain in detail the answer you should know about: How to have perfect buttocks?

First of all, if you have not exercised your buttocks before, you will notice that they tend to become limp, weak, saggy, and unattractive with time and age.

That happens because the fat we consume will accumulate in various parts of your body; in this case, they concentrate on your buttocks' muscles.

With exercises, a specific routine, adequate health, and a proper diet, you will be able to increase the physical and visual aspect of your backside. That will eliminate excess fat and bring with it a beautiful body and butt.

how to get perfect buttocks

No matter your age, you'll get that perfect butt you've always wanted. Besides, following this new lifestyle will bring benefits to your health.

The road you will have to travel to get to perfect buttocks is not as complicated as you think, but you will need commitment, treatment, perseverance, and determination to get to have them.

Following these treatments or new habits will not take up as much time. Don't think you'll need long days of constant training. It is not so tedious, for most of us at any age; to make a physical effort very often is usually exhausting and wakes us up lazy.

However, we will tell you the secrets and techniques to avoid falling into laziness and vagrancy, which once overcome: The road to large and firm buttocks would be just around the corner!

Table of Contents

Workout plan for buttocks

Body-weight squats 3×15 repetitions.
Step-ups 3×15 repetitions.
Deadlifts 3×15 repetitions.
Squats 3×15 repetitions.
Donkey kicks 3×15 repetitions.
Glute bridge 3×15 repetitions.
Treadmill At least 30 minutes three times a week.

We recommend that you do this training plan three times a week. You should leave at least one day off between workouts for full effectiveness.

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Exercises to get a nice butt

Having rounded, turgid, beautiful buttocks that attract attention will make us feel more beautiful in summer, and we will want to show them off is possible.

With the exercises that we will indicate to you, you will be able to shape it to your liking (remember that if you are a little overweight, you will have to reduce the calories you ingest daily)

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Bodyweight squats

First of all, I know that perhaps the squats is not your favorite exercise, but it is undoubtedly the best exercise to tone your buttocks, your thighs, and lower back if you do it with dumbbells, will also help you tone your arms and shoulders, therefore let's get to work.

  • Stand up with your legs wide open with your feet pointing slightly outwards, grab two dumbbells with your arms and palms pointing downwards.
  • Bend your knees down towards your heels, at the same time, raise the dumbbells to shoulder height. Return to the starting position.
  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.



                                                           Also, this exercise is incredible for your buttocks. You have to climb stairs (has almost the same effect) or better, climb as in the picture above a chair, for example, because the height will be higher and the exercise's effectiveness, therefore it will be better. Try not to make the chair too high, and it has to be resistant.

  • Put your left foot in the center of the seat.
  • Get up with your left foot and get your right leg up.
  • Put your feet back on the ground.
  • Do it again by changing your legs.
  • Perform three sets of 15 repetitions.


deadlift yo tone up the body

Regarding this exercise, telling you that it is old, but it is terrific for your thighs and buttocks, so it will help you achieve your goals.

  • Stand up, with your back straight and knees slightly bent.
  • Keeping your arms straight, lower your torso without bending your back.
  • Squeeze your buttocks back to the previous position.
  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.



This exercise will help you get rid of the hateful cellulite and get that pretty butt you want.

  • Stand upright with your feet parallel and slightly apart.
  • Bend your knees, lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Then, go back to the original position, repeat the exercise, and when you go up to change legs.
  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.


Donkey kicks for glutes at home

This exercise works each gluteus individually; you can do it without weight.

  • Crawl with your hands at shoulder height and your knees at hip height.
  • Bend one knee to 90 degrees and put a dumbbell in the back.
  • Next, with your leg flexed, try to bring your foot to the ceiling by contracting your buttocks at the same time.
  • The movement has to be small and controlled; keep your back straight.
  • Change legs, do three sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.


Glute bridge for glutes at home

I love this exercise; it's great for the buttocks and thighs.

  • Lie down with your hands on the floor to maintain stability.
  • Bend your legs with your feet flat on the floor while lifting your hips and simultaneously contracting your buttocks.
  • Repeat the operation as many times as indicated below. If you can do any more, do it.
  • If you do it too quickly, you can use an elastic band as in the image.
  • Do three sets of 15 repetitions.


Finally, this is an exercise that you should do for at least 30 minutes at least three times a week. You can also go for a walk at a good pace and get a nice ass.


Exercise table for incredible buttocks.

  • Body-weight squats, 3×15 repetitions.
  • Step-ups, 3×15 repetitions.
  • Deadlifts, 3×15 repetitions.
  • Squats, 3×15 repetitions.
  • Donkey kicks, 3×15 repetitions.
  • Glute bridge, 3×15 repetitions.
  • Treadmill, at least 30 minutes three times a week.


Before we begin, we will tell you that one of the secrets to reach our goal is in the skin. The skin plays a fundamental role in a before and after for our buttocks.

Skincare for a beautiful ass and firm, toned buttocks

The skin is a protective shell that covers all our muscles and organs. Its care is critical, no matter your age, you have to pamper it and make the appropriate treatments to achieve it.

Treating our skin is fundamental because it will change if we have our relevant physical change. So, as we said before, if we have never done specific training for our buttocks, they will be flaccid and decayed.

As opposed to large, firm buttocks, the skin plays an important role here. If the buttocks are sagging, limp, and oily, the skin will wrinkle around them. While if the buttocks are firm, the skin will be smooth and soft.

In other words: The skin will adapt to the surface that the buttocks will have. The more volume, the smoother and stretched it will be. The less size and little care, the skin will be shrunk and, in some cases, raspy and will keep us from having a nice ass.

To all this, we must emphasize several things that are extremely important for our health. We must be careful not to demand or neglect our skin; although it protects us, it is also very vulnerable to injury and disease.

Skin diseases are one of the most frequent in the death rate from cancer. We know that neglect its treatment and care has led to numerous complications in terms of health.

Sometimes, we do not need help or preparation from some experts or trained personnel to do something as essential as exercise or sport.
However, this is not entirely correct.

There are even many trainers who do not know essential facts about our bodies. You must know the causes that could endanger your skin and, therefore, your health.

Our buttocks are always working; every day, they are under heavy and constant use. It is the part on which our body and weight rest when sitting or lying down.

It carries a reasonably high load with our legs. We ignore this and do not attach great importance to its treatment and care. Take care of your gluteal area skin. It will make you look better.

Because of all the above, we can tell you that to get to have perfect buttocks. First, it is necessary to consider the care of your skin. Your skin needs treatments because it protects the specific area of the buttocks.

It will always suffer due to the constant work that you will apply in your routines. Therefore you must be careful and in mind the possible consequences that this would bring to your health.

If you have dry skin, you will learn how to take care of it in our article "Secrets of how to cure dry skin."

If, on the other hand, you have oily skin, I leave you all the information to take care of it in our article "Skincare routine for oily skin."



  • Drink plenty of water. Sweat makes you release all the components necessary for your body to function normally. It repairs all that and brings back those elements. Always remember to bathe, lather, and keep yourself clean and free of dirt and bad smells, this in addition to being unpleasant and frowned upon, harms our health and is the cause of skin diseases.
  • Do not expose yourself to sunlight, no matter your age, according to various sources of research. Today the sun emits more ultraviolet rays than in previous years. These rays are the cause of increasing the probability of suffering from severe diseases in the skin. It damages us, and also; it harms us in the future.
  • Follow a balanced diet. That influences the buttocks and their skin. The food we eat can also harm our bodies. That is why we will explain how to prevent adverse effects on your thighs from your food.
  • Finally, crucial advice. Use moisturizers to protect this vital area of our body.

Proper diet to get perfect buttocks.

We know that everything we ingest has both positive and negative effects on our organism. But how does this affect our buttocks and have a nice ass?

Well, you should know that the body absorbs all the components necessary for its functioning. The skin is no exception; in fact, we learn by science that a balanced diet positively affects the structure, regenerative capacity, smoothness, and endurance in it.

Remember that the body absorbs the necessary vitamins and distributes them to the areas of the body.

Our buttocks are represented by many muscles, being the largest area in terms of musculature. That is why it is the area where they inject vaccines or syringes when we go to the doctor.

Since it is the part with more meat and muscle concentration, it prevents us from suffering excessive pain or possible adverse effect.

Because the buttocks have the most fleshy part of our body, we should know that muscle increases and decreases according to calorie consumption. Calories are the cause of muscle growth and weight.

The amount we eat will influence our buttocks according to the food we eat. If we eat many unhealthy calories, we will increase the size of our glutes with fat.

 If we eat foods with the right calories, we will increase our buttocks' size with muscle. Because of this, we can say in other terms that depending on the consumption of calories. Our bum will increase or decrease its size.

Calories directly affect your body shape. That is why we will depend on the quantity and quality of these to achieve our desired goal — a NICE BUTT.

According to a study conducted by various universities in the United States, there are several data to consider.

Estimation charts of ideal weight according to height

After compiling an ordinary citizen's height and weight in the United States and Mexico, they estimated that the average height and poundage in the world for women were around 68.7 kg for weight and 1.58 meters for height at an age greater than 18 years. For ages 25 and older, the average was about 62.9 kg and 1.65 meters.

By the age of 40-50, the average was about 72.2 kg. The ideal height should be maintained at the same range as that of 25 years and declining, given that the maximum growth size obtained by the body is up to the age of 20 years and a few years after that.

Given these data, we can present a small table to guide us in an estimate:


Approximated Age

Approximated Weight

Estimated Height

18 year old

68,7 Kg


25 year old

62,9 Kg


40-50 year old

72,2 Kg


As you can see in the table below, at about 18, women today tend to be overweight—a high probability of suffering from obesity and gaining fat and extra kilos.

That decreases at age 25 and older, possibly around the young adult stage. The desire to lose pounds and exercise leads to a decrease in weight concerning the previous phase.

Later we notice that they acquire their highest point in weight in the age of adult and older. This information is necessary to know the stage in which an everyday woman is living today.

Next, we present a graph in which you will know the ideal weight according to your height at any age.



Minimum weight

Maximum weight
1.50 meters (around, those that measure less or a little more) 45 kg 48 kg
1.55 meters 47kg 50 kg
1.56 meters 48kg 52kg
1.58 meters 49kg 53kg
1.60 meters 50kg 56kg
1.62 meters 52kg 57kg
1.65 meters 55kg 60kg

As you can see, you should maintain weight according to your height. Outside of these parameters, there will be thinness or obesity. That will take us away from the goal of having a nice ass.

How to calculate the calories we need to achieve our dream buttocks?

Also, we must slim or fatten what our body needs and our mirror dictates us. Without a specific objective, we would not know if we are reaching our body and health.

So how many kgs should I lose? The answer is not so concrete. Remember that we are not all equal; therefore, we do not have the same height or weight.

However, we indicate that the best way to lose weight or gain weight is to consume 500 calories a day, more or less than we need to maintain our weight.

Why 500 calories? It is simple. This amount is the appropriate average to lose or gain weight. Outside that calorie range, we could get the opposite effect.

  • 2089 Calories needed to maintain weight.
  • 1775 Calories to lose weight.
  • 2402 Calories to gain weight.

We need to eat 500 fewer calories than we need to maintain weight if we want to lose weight.

How many calories does a woman need each day to lose weight?

We still don't know exactly how many daily calories you must consume to lose weight correctly. However, there is a reasonably accurate way to calculate it.

We always recommend using the Harris-Benedict calorie calculator. All you have to do is indicate your sex, weight, age, and the type of physical activity you do every day. It will then give you three values:

  • The calories you need to maintain your weight.
  • Calories you need to lose weight.
  • And finally, the calories you need to eat to gain weight.

Therefore, if we think of 500 Kcal capable, we believe that it is not significant in our body. Adding to all the calories we consume in a day, subtracting or adding those 500 calories can be quite noticeable if done daily.

If we multiply those 500 by 7 (What are the days that have a week), we would have at the end value of 3.500 Kcal, that is to say. In a week, you would gain/lose half a kilo (0.5) So in 2 weeks. You would increase or lose 1 kilo. Just add or remove those 500 calories.


Calorie Chart of Most Frequent Foods

Let's remember what calories are. Calories are those energies that the body needs to function correctly.

All the foods we eat bring calories inside. However, not all foods have the same Kcal (Kilocalories) is why we leave a brief list of several foods that we consume frequently:

Fruits: Kcal (Kilo-calories per 100gr)
Apple 52 kcal
Pear 55 kcal
Pineapple 55 kcal
Banana 88 kcal
Blackberry 43 kcal
Strawberry 32 kcal
Melon 54 kcal
Tangerine 50 kcal
Mango 62 kcal
Watermelon 30 kcal
Grapes 70 kcal
Lemon 35 kcal

kcal per 100 g
Eggplant 24 kcal
Cauliflower 25 kcal
Broccoli 35 kcal
Mushrooms 22 kcal
Chilli pepper 40 kcal
Green peas 82 kcal
Lettuce 14 kcal
Cucumber 15 kcal
Kale 49 kcal
Carrot 36 kcal
Potato 86 kcal
Kohlrabi 27 kcal
Pumpkin 19 kcal
Leek 31 kcal
Corn 108 kcal
Chard 19 kcal
Pepper 21 kcal


Kcal (kilo-calories per 100gr)
Sausages 375 kcal
Chicken breast 75 kcal
Beef 94 kcal
Lamb 178 kcal
Salami 507 kcal
Ham 335 kcal
Bacon 645 kcal
Beefsteak 115 kcal
Minced beef 212 kcal
Top or buttock steak 162 kcal
Pork fillet 171 kcal
Pork fat meat 311 kcal
Lean pork meat 143 kcal
Pork Schnitzel 105 kcal
Vienna sausages 375 kcal

Junk Food

Kcal per 100gr
Cheeseburgers 260Kcal
French fries 539 Kcal
Nutella 547 Kcal
Chocolate Cookies 525 kcal
Pizza margarita 230 kcal
Hamburger with double meat 550 kcal
Donuts 512 kcal

Because of all that we saw, we emphasize that a simple Bread has 265 Kcal, and the cheese has 402. Besides, the butter has 717 Kcal.

In the morning, if we eat one or two pieces of bread with cheese and butter. We would have about 2768 Kcal, assuming we would consume two meals.

Although this information is not entirely accurate, remember that we consume food in a few portions and do not eat all its contents.

So, during the day, we do certain things that make us lose Kcal, so it's not easy to gain calories. On the other hand, water has 0 calories, that is. No matter how much water you drink, you will not increase or lose anything by drinking it.


To end this part of the article, we give you some recommendations that experts say you should consider when losing weight. This way, you will get an ideal proportion in your body and, therefore, in your buttocks.

  • Even if you reduce 500 calories in your daily meals, you may not lose weight at the pace you want. You must persevere.
  • However, if we add something extra to our daily consumption (Example, another 500 Kcal extra), we will notice a significant weight gain.
  • On the other hand, if we want to lose weight, we must opt for foods with few calories, which will help you lose weight. As we saw in the table, the fruits and vegetables with less Kcal are the Watermelon and the Lettuce. Eating these foods or taking them into account when dieting to lose weight will positively affect our goal.
  • As we said at the beginning, your buttocks have muscle, the same makes (if we work it well) that you have a nice ass.
  • If we want to gain weight, we need to consume abundant amounts of meat or foods with high Kcal content.

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Having nice glutes at any age is not a utopia; you can get it.


Finally, to tell you that regardless of your age, that's secondary. Follow this guide, and you'll get that nice ass with the one you always wanted.

Finally, if you do these exercises regularly, complementing them with a healthy diet, you will get the body you always desired.

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Remember, you are beautiful, but you will be even more!!!


how to get Perfect and nice butt