PRETTY FEET, 10 Tips That Will Make You Get Them!

How to get pretty feet

It’s pretty scary to think about the bacteria that might be lurking on your feet. But, well-kept, smooth, and soft feet are important for our beauty. And since summer is almost here, you’ll want to make sure they look pretty for sandal season. So, here are nine easy ways to get them looking their best!

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What are pretty feet?

How do pretty feet look? We consider pretty feet to be pretty and clean feet. Pretty feet are not about pretty shaped nails or pretty colored polish. No pretty painted toenails were harmed in the making of this article—just pretty bare, pretty un-pedicured feet getting lots of attention from a pretty tenderfoot.

What pretty feet are NOT pretty feet?

Ugly feet are the ones that have been neglected or abused. They can be pretty in shape and color, but they're ugly because of their neglect.

Can I get pretty feet?

Tips to have pretty feet

Yes, you can get pretty feet by following the pretty easy steps below.

Take off your heels

The high heels we all know and love are not always so great for us. They can lead to bunions or hammertoes, which means your tendons get stretched out by unnatural forces that cause pain when you're wearing flats at work.

They become really painful. It's best to wear flat shoes during the week and sneakers on weekends while attending an event.

Do it if you want to avoid stress and distraction from too much time in tall heels, including commuting back home after a long day of standing around in them. Try switching our heel/sneaker rotation days!

Don't go barefoot

You may be risking plantar warts or fungus infections when you go out in the world.

However, there's a simple solution to this problem that will keep your feet healthy and happy!

Wearing Slip for shoes, so they're easy to slide into; it keeps your foot doctor-approved footwear clean without any extra effort from you.

Beware of blisters

Look out for these summer foot care tips to prevent blisters! Wet conditions and hot weather can lead to sweaty feet, prime breeding grounds for blister-causing bacteria.

Preventative measures include opting for comfortable flats in wet conditions and preemptive bandages where irritation tends to occur, such as the toes.

To manage your perspiration that may increase the risk of blisters, try a light dusting of baby powder on your soles after showers or baths. It works wonders!

Exfoliate your feet

To keep your feet looking fresh and spiffy, exfoliate them twice a week. Pumice stone is the best way to rid yourself of those pesky corns or calluses on your soles!

Rinsing your Pumice Stone Clean the stone with warm water while using it to remove dead skin particles.

After you've washed off all that dirt from work, soak in some warm water for at least 10 minutes before washing again with soap (for dryness), then rinse away any residual soapy residue.

If it's not too wet outside after a long day of walking around town, step out onto cold concrete. This may stimulate blood flow in the outer layer of skin cells lacking moisture below-ground level.

Exfoliating every two weeks is enough for mild to moderately dry skin, but if your feet need more TLC, then exfoliate it at least once or twice a week.

Also, provide relief against inflammation caused by dragging toes across sidewalks and dirty floors during errands throughout our busy days.

Wash your feet and cut your nails

You want to dry your feet out and get them warm again before you cut up your nails.

Use an orange stick or something similar to clean the nailbeds of dirt, grime that might have accumulated from not keeping it trimmed properly.

Always make sure that each time you clip a corner off, it's at a straight angle to not tear into any part of the skin while doing this delicate job.

If need be, use some light pressure without penetrating or puncturing the surface too deeply with anything sharp like scissors/nail clippers for things to go smoothly!

Holding a nail brush or an orange stick, gently clean the nails with either. If you're using the latter, apply gentle pressure without poking and puncturing your skin to prevent ingrown nails.

When trimming toenails, be sure to cut straight across so that they don't grow back inwards!

Moisturize them

You know your feet deserve a little extra TLC. Unfortunately, most of us don't think about our feet until they start to hurt, which is usually too late!

That's why it is important that you take care of them with regular foot masks and lotioning throughout the day for beautiful skin on top and soft cuticles at the bottom. The feet need some love, after all!

There are many different moisturizing options on the market. Still, they all have one thing in common: They use either palmitic or stearic acid to maintain the skin's natural barrier function.

When you're done with your shower, pat yourself dry and apply a moisturizing cream or oil to the skin within 60 seconds of finishing. Then, treat your feet like they deserve.

Beware of rough spots

A foot scrub is a perfect way to relieve rough patches and soothe itchiness and other irritating skin problems.

To do this, you'll need these ingredients:

  • Warm water (preferably with essential oils)
  • Dry stone pumice powder or an exfoliating glove from your local hardware store. You can keep it in the shower to use it whenever you need it.
  • Lotion/oil for moisturizing purposes. Coconut oil works especially well since it doesn't leave any residue behind, nor does it have any strong smells that may irritate sensitive skin.
  • Cotton balls if desired. Soak feet in warm water first before proceeding.

Then use one hand on each foot to gently rub off all dead cells along with calluses and dry patches using either the pumice powder or some gentle abrasive.

To make your feet feel softer and prettier, gently rub a wet pumice stone across the skin in circular motions for two to three minutes. Be sure to soak them first, and always use light pressure when you're rubbing! Finally, rinse the area and pat dry.

You can also use a rough skin remover. Rough Skin Remover is a special blend of the walnut shell that helps to leave the feet soft and smooth.

The rough skin remover can be used on knees, elbows as well as your tired old toes! Made up with methanol & peppermint formulas, it will help cool down those hot spots for fresh feeling hands in no time at all.

Chill out

During the hot summer season, it's important to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

One easy way is by soaking them in cold water for 15 minutes after they've been soaked in a warm or hot bath.

You can also try other helpful tricks, such as walking on sidewalks before the sun comes up so that you're not standing barefoot on scorching concrete all day long.

Walk around outside even if it means taking shorter steps until you reach shade; wear shoes with good ventilation when possible - open-toed footwear is best.

They allow air circulation without impeding blood flow to extremities as closed toes do!

Apply sunscreen

Exposure to the sun can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. So make sure you apply lotion, not only for exposed areas but also on those parts that are less susceptible, like nails!

Applying a generous amount will keep them moisturized and healthy while shielding them from harmful rays.

How can I have pretty feet in open-toe shoes?

you need to take care of your feet

If you want to have pretty feet, even in open-toe shoes, you have to take good care of them.  Here are some tips on how to keep pretty feet with your open-toed shoes:

Keep your feet clean

Be sure that you have clean feet before wearing sandals or flip-flops. Remove calluses and dead skin and any rough spots using a pumice stone or an exfoliating glove. Do this at least once a week.

Use lotion and sunscreen

Apply lotion on the feet every night before bedtime; you can even do it in your sandals or flip-flops!  Apply sunscreen after moisturizing.

For pretty feet, use pretty sandals

Try colorful flip-flops or other pretty sandals that match your outfit. You can also try pretty shoes which are designed for summer activities.  They would not only make you feel more relaxed but also help you to look pretty.

Wear sandals only when it's sunny

If possible, wear sandals or flip-flops only when sunny outside to avoid sunburns and other skin damage.

Don't wear flip flops for more than 2 consecutive hours

Do not wear sandals or flip-flops for more than 2 consecutive hours because they are often pretty uncomfortable.  You won't be pretty if your feet hurt.

Wear socks during the night

If your feet become swollen, try wearing socks to absorb perspiration and keep them cool at night before removing the socks in the morning.  Avoid wearing shoes that are too loose to avoid blisters and other foot injuries like sprains.

Trim your nails regularly

Trim your nails regularly, and do not wear open-toe shoes if you have cracked or chipped toenails.

Always remember that pretty feet start with pretty toes!  Keep them trimmed short, neat, and clean.  Nail polish is optional; choose one in a pretty shade for the best results. A pretty pair is a healthy pair!


With pretty feet, you can wear pretty sandals or flip-flops to show off your summertime style. However, do not wear open-toe shoes if your nails are cracked or chipped, and make sure to keep them trimmed short, neat, and clean!

You also have to be mindful of how much time you spend in the sun with bare feet; wearing sunscreen is a must for preventing burns and other skin damage.

If possible, try only to go out when it's sunny outside to don't have sore feet from walking around all day without protection.

And remember: pretty feet start with pretty toes. So keep them trim even though nail polish isn't necessary!