10 benefits of coconut oil that the industry is hiding from you

aceite de coco

Coconut Oil

 Coconut Oil is one of the few oils that directly help our health and beauty, gaining a better body and avoiding the accumulation of fat. Unlike other oils, you should not worry about the typical saturated fats in your body.

The benefits of coconut oil are extensive. It comes from a fruit of the coconut tree or Cocos Nucifera, something completely natural and beneficial to your health. It is easy to cook and food recommended by doctors when doing physical activity.

In this new article, we will be explaining everything about the benefits and properties of Coconut Oil.

First of all, we will tell you that coconut oil is vegetable oil, being one of the most versatile natural oils for its use. Not only can you eat it or ingest it, but you can also apply it to the areas you want without any problem.

coconut oil and its benefits

As a recommendation, we suggest you always try to visualize if the oil is Virgin or Refined. There are many types of coconut oil on the market, and this can affect the benefits and properties it can bring to your body and beauty.

We emphasize that the term virgin refers to any type of oil extracted without the need for chemical compounds. In other words, to obtain the oil naturally without losing its composition.

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Next, we will present to you the benefits and properties that the refined Coconut oil offers and contains. Using this oil frequently will bring positive changes to your body, both externally and internally.

It helps to lose weight.

Coconut oil helps you lose weight

One of the strengths of refined coconut oil is its ability to help you lose weight naturally, but why? Very simple, this is because the fatty acids that coconut oil possesses, do not need the pancreas or the gallbladder to work for the digestion to take effect.

If these two organs don't work, the fatty acids turn into energy that we need to be able to do some kind of physical activity, without the need to store it and accumulate it. (Thus, preventing us from getting fat)

Coconut oil has this property, and we highly recommend it if you want to lose weight naturally. (Something that other oils do not possess)

It's a skin moisturizer.

Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer

Another of the most common uses for refined coconut oil is as a natural moisturizer. It serves for several types of body hydration. Currently, many of the moisturizers that exist on the market try to mimic the result that can give you the coconut oil without success.

That is because the chemical compounds in the (artificial) creams on the market have a great variety of water and other liquids. These help you in the short term, after a few hours, their effects disappear and give you a dry and scratchy feeling on your skin again.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, keeps the skin very moisturized for many hours. That is thanks to the exfoliating concentration it has in its composition. If it is a virgin oil, the effects will be long-lasting and effective for your body and beauty.

It helps to improve the functioning of the brain.

Coconut oil helps improve brain function

Possibly one of the effects that almost all of us take for granted is that coconut oil dramatically helps or improves brain functions.

Several studies have determined that if you have a balanced diet with this food, the cognitive effects of our brain capacity, will be highly benefited by the energy that the fatty acids of coconut oil provide us. (The brain will absorb the power supplied by the fatty acids of coconut oil)

Therefore, this helps to avoid or reduce the effects of Alzheimer's, epileptic problems, or cognitive shocks by neurons.

If we consume more coconut oil in our food, we will get good results in our brains.

It helps to improve the immune system.

Coconut oil improves the immune system

Our immune system allows us to resist and eliminate any kind of disease. The stronger it is, the more chances we have to endure the adverse effects of most common diseases.

Also, a robust immune system protects and recovers from almost any health complication. Coconut oil has great benefits for our body in this respect.

It improves our digestive system.

coconut oil improves our digestive system

Regular consumption of coconut oil significantly helps our gastric health. Several studies have shown that this oil helps stomach problems, such as ulcers or gastric pain.

There are many people considering the option of replacing sugar with coconut oil. But why? Simple, coconut oil is sweet and can give the taste we need to food that depends on sugar. It also gives you better health care, avoiding problems with diabetes or similar.

It is useful for hair and scalp care.

Coconut oil is good for your scalp

This oil is also quite useful for conditioning and strengthening the scalp.

It also increases the resistance and firmness of your hair. However, you must continuously use coconut oil to achieve the desired effect on your hair.

It's known that when you apply this coconut oil, your hair will look shiny, lush, soft, and sturdy (and over time, you'll notice that your hair won't fall out as much).

Its proteins help to repair the hair naturally and without complications or side effects from the root.

We know that many of the conditioners on the market have coconut oil to achieve a similar effect on the scalp.

It helps to eliminate the appearance of fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

Coconut oil prevents the appearance of fungi, viruses and bacteria

One of the biggest problems we face from time to time is the appearance of diseases caused by a viral pathogen, bacteria, or fungi.

Because coconut oil boosts the immune system, it also helps us fight them directly. Even by applying the oil to the affected area (in the case of a fungus on the skin)

It is also very beneficial both when ingested and when applied and is due to its fatty acid composition. That helps to mitigate the adverse effects produced by these actors.

It is effective against acne.

coconut oil improves acne

Acne is one of the most annoying and irritating enemies we face in our adolescence. Even in adulthood, with an inadequate diet and the constant use of some supplements, acne can appear again.

One of the natural and effective ways against acne is the application of coconut oil. Given its concentration of acids, it manages to stop the acceleration and growth of acne.

You should apply it to the superficial area where the acne appears several times a week. (We recommend during the nights for a better effect).

It is beneficial for the elimination of stretch marks.

Effective for the removal of stretch marks, coconut oil

Stretch marks are the side effects that appear when you gain weight very quickly or when you are pregnant. Applying a mixture of coconut oil in advance in the areas most likely to generate stretch marks, we can retain the growth and development of them.

The areas to take into consideration to apply are:

  • Abdomen.
  • Breasts.
  • Arms.
  • Legs.
  • Buttocks.
  • Back.
  • Belly.

We recommend that for better use and safety for you and your baby, consult an expert doctor in this area.

He or she will answer all your questions, concerns, and opinions regarding the use of coconut before, during, and after pregnancy.

We also recommend asking him for advice on how often to use coconut oil in your body.

It helps to moisturize dry or chapped lips.

coconut oil helps moisturize dry, chapped lips

Dry lips are one of the most common everyday problems we have. That is due to several internal and external factors, which compromise our beauty and health.

Lips tend to dry out due to atmospheric or climatic conditions, for example, if it is cold or hot. Similarly, the appearance of various diseases or health complications directly affects the dryness of our lips.

Applying coconut oil to your lips will help hydrate them and keep them firm and moist for most of the day.

For more information on how to moisturize your lips, please visit our previous article about Moisturizing Your Chapped Lips.

Coconut Oil in the kitchen

Some practical uses in the kitchen:

It decreases rice calories by 50%.

It decreases rice calories by 50%.

According to a study presented to the American Chemical Society, rice can reduce calories by more than 50%.

We achieve this miracle by adding a little coconut oil to the boiling water of the rice.

According to this study, this oil affects the starches in the rice, causing our intestinal enzymes to digest it completely.

It prevents food from sticking to the pans.

This oil is beneficial when we cook because of its high non-stick power, especially if we cook at a moderate temperature.

Also, many of us use some chemicals (such as soap) to remove food remains in the pans. However, using a bit of coconut oil on pans surfaces, it will remove the remains of food stuck to it.

Nutritious drinks.

Since coconut oil is a high energy source, you can create various fruit smoothies with a little of it. (Recommended before going for a walk or run)

If you want to know more about superfoods, read our article "The 22 best foods for your health according to science".

It replaces the sugar in the kitchen.

It replaces the sugar in the kitchen.

One of the benefits of coconut oil in the kitchen is that it is an excellent substitute for sugar.

Thanks to its taste, you can use it in various dishes or smoothies without the need for sugar.

Excellent supplement for oats.

Oats are one of the most used dishes when we are on a diet or trying to eat healthy or recommended foods. Adding a little coconut oil to the oats in the kitchen will give them more flavor and taste.

It is an excellent dressing for any kind of salad.

Salads are an indispensable food for all those women who want to eat healthily. Adding a little coconut oil on top of a mixture will give it more seasoning, taste, and flavor.



Although coconut oil is natural and beneficial to health because of its positive effects on our body, we must keep in mind that we need to consume or digest it in a conscious way and not abuse it (especially the refining).

There is a risk in the excessive consumption of coconut oil, more than others, such as olive oil, since coconut has some levels of saturated fats well above any other type of it.

Even though natural oils contain saturated fats, coconut oil contains them at very high levels.

Several studies have shown that eating coconut oil increases good cholesterol. But it also increases bad cholesterol and triglycerides. In other words, if we consume too much coconut oil, we can have problems with our blood levels.

Saturated fats are those that directly affect heart capacity and compromise long-term blood activity.

You should avoid eating any foods that have too much saturated fat. That is a risk to your health because it will affect your heart.


Coconut Oil; brings many benefits and many beneficial properties to our body. But we must be careful what kind of coconut oil we are buying.

Several types of coconut oils are artificial or very treated in the market. So they do not have the same functions or benefits as natural coconut oil.

Whether oil is virgin or extra virgin (unrefined), is indicating that it is free of any chemical or artificial composition. That makes it lose its biological structure necessary to help your body absorb all its properties.

Ideally, you should always check the labels to make sure it is a virgin; that is, extracted from coconut pulp effectively and naturally.

Also, you should be aware that everything in excess is wrong. If you consume it in excess, you will see your health compromised negatively.

Mainly your heart, since coconut contains a lot of saturated fats that increase Triglycerides and damage your heart.


However, you should not let this affect you, as coconut one is an oil that brings significant benefits to your body, health, and beauty.

We recommend that you know how to administer it moderately, especially when you ingest it.

Use it more frequently as an application on your body and skin. You will soon notice its incredible effects. You will find more information about diets and food in our nutrition section.


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