How to take care of your hair in summer, This Is What Professionals Do

how to take care your hair in summer


Summer season is known to be the hottest and most hated across the world.

The infamous hot blow dust hither and thither; patches of sweat are painfully and embarrassingly obvious on everybody’s clothes; prickly heat powders become the bestsellers in all stores again.

Yes, while summer does bring with it the sweet embrace of the holidays, it also ushers in the maddening, all-consuming heat. If you live in the tropics, you will know well enough about the infuriating combination that is the sun and humidity.

To add to all this existing irritation, the summer season is known for wreaking havoc in your health and beauty schedule and regimen. It is no secret that if you do not properly take care of your skin and hair, you will suffer because of the summer!

how to take care of your hair in summer

No matter what the season is, we all want to look beautiful and be the center of attraction and attention (sometimes openly, sometimes subtly).

If we all carefully observe our beloved and much-hyped-up celebrities, we will realize that half of their attraction lies just in their amazing hairstyles.

Our hair is a gift of nature to us to enhance our natural beauty (or they are just proteins, but this definition works better, doesn’t it?). Jokes aside, the point to be noted here is that our hair is a part of our body, and we should provide it with the care and love it deserves.

From managing hair in humidity to managing hair in extreme heat – here are some of the best hair care hacks to help you survive summer.

Table of Contents

How do you care for hair in summers? 

  1. Invest in good shampoo and conditioner
  2. Invest some time in massaging your hair with oil
  3. Brush your hair regularly
  4. Apply hair masks
  5. Protect your hair with a scarf or an umbrella
  6. Avoid washing your hair in certain conditions
  7. Drink lots of water
  8. Avoid junk food
  9. Spend some time in exercising
  10. Ditch your old towel
  11. Avoid using chemical products
  12. Use original products
  13. Wash your hair with cold water
  14. Less use of heating tools

Now, let us discuss all these points in detail.

1. Invest in good shampoo and conditioner

invest in a good shampoo

The sweltering heat on a non-humid summer day robs your hair of its moisture content. To counter this, include moisturizing shampoos, hydrating conditioners and nourishing hair masks in your hair care regimen.

This, right here, is one the certified summer hacks for dry hair. But of course, moisturizing the hair and scalp is important for oily-haired people as well. Managing hair in humidity too requires moisturizing processes, just a tad bit less in frequency. 

Shampoo your hair with a mild, organic shampoo to infuse nature's goodness into your hair (while keeping away the bad, bad chemicals). Shampoo your hair more than once a week to get rid of the dirt, dust, and grime encountered by your hair when you are outside your home. 

Do not skip the conditioner after you shampoo your hair if you want to retain your hair's shine and “non-frizziness” throughout the day.

2. Invest some time in massaging your hair with oil

Indulge in a pampering oil massage at least once a week, by using special ‘cooling oil’. While the oil massage relieves you of the stress of a hectic week, the special cooling oil cools your scalp, making you feel relaxed and nourished.

Warm-up some oil and massage it on your scalp. Also, warming up oil doubles up its goodness and it works great on the effective area. It can help you get rid of dandruff and dry flaky scalp. You can always mix up two or three oils to get great results.

3. Brush your hair regularly

Brush your hair with a hairbrush regularly. Also, ditch your plastic comb for a wooden one. The wooden comb reduces hair breakage occurring due to static friction (which is caused by a plastic comb).

The hairbrush meanwhile enhances the blood flow to your hair follicles. Both the hairbrush and wooden comb will improve your hair's health.

You can also use a tangle teaser to detangle your hair. It is a good option if your hair tangles a lot. Just make sure the bristles of your comb are soft and do not cause irritation on the scalp.

4. Apply hair masks

Before you shampoo your hair, apply a nourishing hair mask/pack made of either yogurt/curd or Aloe Vera gel or both. You will thank these two natural ingredients for keeping your head cool and non-frizzy while you are traveling on an extremely hot summer day.

So, go ahead and add this trick to daily hair care routine in humid weather.

This mask is very effective in making your hair more manageable and soft. Using this mask twice or thrice a month will leave your hair very soft and silky. It is always great to use natural hair masks, rather than using market hair products.

5. Protect your hair with a scarf or an umbrella

protect your hair in summer

The sunlight provides vitamin D, but at the same time, direct sun exposure can be harmful as the UV rays can destroy EPITHELIAL CELLS. So always cover your hair when in the sun for a longer period. No matter what your hair type is this tricks always work.

6. Avoid washing your hair in certain conditions

Though it may sound and seem tempting, do not take a bath just before leaving for a long journey. Wet hair attracts more dirt and dust than dry hair, leading to hair breakage. Not such a good idea when you are going for a date, right?

But, you can wash your hair after a long and tiring day. It helps in keeping your head cool and keeps you relaxed.

7. Drink lots of water

water for taking care of your hair in summer

Drink lots and lots of clean water, amounting to 2-3 liters daily, above all in summer.

Consume hydrating natural drinks like lemonade and buttermilk. Eat juicy fruits like strawberries and watermelons. This will rejuvenate both you and your hair.

Not only water is good for your hair, but it is also good for reducing dark spots from your face. Such a miracle!

8. Avoid junk food

No matter how tempted you feel to gulp down an ice-cream or a cold drink after an intensely hot summer day, don't. Of course, you can have these sinful treats occasionally.

But not all the time! Not so frequently, please! While you blissfully consume much junk food, your treasured tresses lose their luster. Prefer having homemade food over roadside food, as the latter is more unhygienic and fuller of germs.

9. Spend some time in exercising

Do some exercise

It may sound a little strange, but practice Yoga or other forms of physical exercise to boost your hair's overall health. Yoga exercises like 'shirsasana' have been clinically proven to do wonders for the practitioner's hair. It is a good way to stay fit and healthy.

10. Ditch your old towel

Did you know that your towel can be the reason for your hair fall? Switch to a muslin towel today – ditch that fancy terry towel.

The muslin towel’s smooth texture significantly reduces hair breakage while you wipe your hair after washing it. This muslin towel thus significantly reduces hair fall.

I know this may sound strange but using an old cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel instead of a regular towel is a good way on how to take care of curly hair naturally.

Another idea is to lightly press on your damp hair instead of vigorously drying it. This helps to maintain some structure and tightness in your curls. 

11. Avoid using chemical products

Ensure that all the products present in your hair care kit are organic and natural, to prevent the harsh chemicals present in the chemical-based hair products from damaging your beautiful locks.

Who would have thought that one of the answers to “how to stop my hair from frizzing in humidity” would be to check the ingredients of the hair products you use?

If the product isn’t too full of chemicals and isn’t suited for your hair then it might cause a lot of (avoidable) frizziness. And humidity just makes things worse.

12. Use original products

Ensure you buy original hair care products from the market and not duplicate ones.

Don't forget to ensure that the hair care products you buy and apply are not adulterated or contaminated. These products can harm your hair follicles, causing severe hair fall.

13. Wash your hair with cold water

Out of all the hair care tips, this is one of the most important ones. This may be asking for too much but avoid using hot water to wash your hair. Heat in any form can be damaging to the hair follicle.

It can dry out the tips and cause split ends, which may result in frizzy hair. If you want to know how to take care of hair naturally, this is the easiest way.

If you simply can’t bring yourself to use cold water for the entire duration, my advice is to rinse out your conditioner with a shot of cold water.

14. Less use of heating tools

avoid using heat tools, hair in summer

While we all love to whip out our tongs and hairdryers, heat is actually the number one enemy of curly hair. Try to wash your hair at night and let it air dry.

Also, try to avoid using heat as much as possible and one of the ways to do that is to skip the hair dyer or to use one, which has a cool air mode.

Your hair care routine should be all about avoiding as much heat as possible. If you do wish to use heat on your hair then try using a heat protectant.

A good step by step routine would be to air dry your hair, spray on some heat protectant, use your desired hot tool and finish it off with a repairing hair serum or oil.

15. Avoid using coconut oil

Coconut oil is bad for girls with frizzy hair. While the queen of home remedies may have its allure because of its origin, coconut oil can actually cause protein build up in your hair cuticle, preventing it from growing further.

Moreover, it can lead to an oily scalp since it’s impossible to wash it all away with shampoo. If you have frizzy hair and are hoping to tame and manage your frizz, coconut oil is not the answer.

My advice is to use another type of oil like canola (which encourages hair growth), or jojoba oil (which can help get rid of frizziness and maintain curly hair).


how to take hair of your hair in summer

To keep your hair looking ever-gorgeous, in spite of the vagaries of the summer, just follow the above tips and you will be all-set to admire your nice, healthy hair in the mirror. Don’t be shocked when you receive compliments as well.

The next time a friend asks you how do I manage my hair in the summer, show them this article and feel happy that you helped out a fellow being in need. 

“Always do remember that a little care for your hair, every day, makes your hair the epicenter of attraction all the way!"

If you want more beauty tips do not hesitate to visit our beauty section.

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