Does the pill make your bum bigger? FIND OUT HERE!

Does the pill make your bum bigger?

Does the pill make your bum bigger? No, the pill does not make your bum bigger. It is a common belief that taking the pill will cause changes in one's body shape, but scientific evidence does not support this.

The only way to increase the size of your butt would be through physical exercise and diet modifications. Numerous exercises available online and through health-focused apps can help you target specific muscle groups involved in developing the glutes.

Additionally, eating a balanced diet that includes healthy proteins, such as lean meats, can facilitate muscle growth in any area of your body, including the glutes.

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Does the birth control pill make you gain weight?

Does the pill make your bum bigger?

Ohio State University endocrinologist Maria Gallo – an expert in her field – has done extensive research on the side effects of birth control pills and can confidently say that worrying about them is as absurd as assuming vaccines cause health issues.

During an interview on the BBC, Gallo noted that adult women are likely to add around one pound in weight each year once they start taking birth control pills.

This is usually when most adult females begin using these medications, which remain valid throughout their lives.

Recent research does not support the claim that birth control pills cause weight gain. Nonetheless, there are three main ways it may alter a woman's body shape and composition: fluid retention, muscle growth, and increased fat storage.

Muscle growth

While conducting research in 2009, Steven Riechman, an exercise physiologist at Texas A&M University, made a shocking discovery; women who had taken the pill displayed 40% less muscle development than those who did not.

Riechman explores the correlation between genes and fitness gains from exercise. His investigation involved a set of individuals, both men, and women, who completed ten weeks of exercises such as sit-ups and weight lifting to measure progress.

The team also researched different lifestyle elements to ensure that the results were purely genetic. But, again, they found astonishing: Women who used birth control pills exhibited 40% fewer muscle gains than women without medications.

This data demonstrates how effective and influential genetics can be regarding physical changes—even with external factors at play!

This was especially true for those women taking a specific type of progesterone manufactured in the laboratory.

Fat storage

Alternatively, the pill considerably affects fat distribution throughout the body. During puberty, estrogen and progesterone are responsible for shaping 'feminine' features, like wider hips and larger breasts - mainly due to altering how fat clusters in some body regions.

The 'hourglass figure,' commonly regarded as a symbol of femininity, can be attributed to fat tissue that responds ultimately to reproductive hormones. For instance, subcutaneous fat often found around the thighs, hips, and breasts in female bodies contains prominent estrogen receptors.

Studies have shown that females who took oral contraceptives with higher levels of estrogen were prone to having a pear-shaped body and more fat under the skin, but not necessarily a more significant amount of body fat in general.

Fluid retention

The pill can be an excellent contraceptive option for many women, yet it has one main side effect: bloating. This is due to the estrogen hormone that alters your body's ability to metabolize water by influencing proteins in the kidneys.

With an excess of retained fluid, fat cells expand and bloat in particular parts such as the breasts, hips, and thighs for women. These regions become significantly larger than other areas on their body due to having more fatty deposits.

Not only does this phenomenon happen to unmedicated women around the time of their menstrual cycle, but it can be exacerbated for those using contraceptive pills. This is because artificial estrogen in these medications is 6-10 times more potent than natural hormones, and since contraceptives are taken daily, the presence of both hormones remains relatively constant.

This is why, while the pill may not lead to long-term weight gain, some women may find that their clothes may be tighter than usual.

Final words

Overall, it is essential to understand that the pill does not directly cause increased body fat. Instead, it can alter hormone levels, leading to slight changes in a woman's body shape and composition, such as muscle growth, fat storage, and fluid retention.

While the pill does not make your bum bigger overall, for some women taking the combined contraceptive pill, these effects could be more pronounced than usual. It is thus essential to discuss any concerns with your doctor and monitor any symptoms closely.

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