Secrets of how to​ cure Dry Skin (Routine, care, tips...)

how to cure dry skin

We all hate having dry and flaky skin, don’t we? Hate it, even more, when we have to apply layers of moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated. We all drool over amazing dewy skin, and the products they use to achieve them.

Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful, glowing skin that shines like dewy?, besides Who wouldn’t want to admire the natural flush that shows up on our skin? Who wouldn’t want that dewy look that celebrities and commoners lust after?

Everybody wants smooth skin. Everybody wants to have healthy, glowing skin. I bet you googled “skincare routine for dry skin”, “DIY hydration mask” and “How to get dewy skin at home” several times, only to be disappointed by the search results.

By a glance, glowing skin seems unattainable. Put on your glasses, because it is time to plunge into the concept and skincare routine of dry skin.

Dewy skin simply means skin so clear, healthy and moisturized that it appears to be smooth and dewy. Yeah, that’s it. And, this can be achieved at home.

Yes, you heard that right! Natural ingredients to the rescue! You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks on products that may or may not work on our skin.

What you need or your dry skin is a strict skincare routine, and patience. Who would have thought that “home remedies for dry skin” and “how to get dewy skin” would be pretty much the same concept? Trends will always come and go, but healthy skin is forever.

Remember, moisturizing is the Holy Grail of healthy skin – and this is what the Koreans really tapped into. Get ready to get all the tips, tricks, methods, and steps that are required to achieve gorgeous healthy skin at home, naturally.

Table of Contents

Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin:

  1. Remove all your makeup
  2. Wash your face
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Toner
  5. Moisturizer
  6. SPF
  7. Essences
  8. Serums and facial oils
  9. Hydration masks
  10. Lip balm
  11. Under-eye cream

First, let’s take a look at the steps involved in getting even tone, healthy, smooth skin. Once you know the core idea that’s behind getting dewy skin, you’ll be able to substitute several cosmetic products with natural ones. You would be able even to cure the acne on your dry skin.

The key point to be understood here is the function of each of these crucial steps, and not just the products used! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and deserves all the pampering that this skincare routine gives to it. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Remove all that makeup (the first cleanse)

remove your make up, dry skin
Remove your makeup correctly

It is so important to remove makeup in order to let the skin breathe and absorb nourishment! Make sure you remove all the makeup, chemicals, and dirt that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day.

Makeup removers can be used for this, but you can always trust your bottle of baby oil to do the job just as well. Don’t forget that even coconut oil, almond oil, and even Vaseline petroleum jelly can be used in makeup and grime. 


  • Take a good amount of coconut oil in your hands and gently massage it on your face. You will find it a little weird in the beginning, but once done regularly, you will feel much relieved and your makeup will be removed in a single time.
  • You can also take some baby oil on a cotton pad and gently wipe out all your waterproof makeup such as mascara that is stuck on the upper waterline.
  • Using makeup removers will not only harm your skin but also has some chemicals that can darken your scars and dark spots. So, avoid them all!
  • Stay away from makeup wipes! They have alcohol in them and they will make your skin super dry.

Wash your face (the second cleanse)

wash your face after removing makeup, dry skin
                                                          Wash your face after removing makeup

Clean skin is happy skin. After removing makeup, it is important to wash your face using a soap-free cleanser or face wash. Make sure the product you use to cleanse your face isn’t too drying.

Always use the face wash that is gel-based or cream-based that doesn’t produce lather as they don’t dry out your skin. You can even use DIY-face washes to clean your skin. With makeup removal and face cleansing done, you have completed the double cleanse of the dewy skin routine. Cheers!


  • Chickpea powder, Fuller's earth, oatmeal and honey, diluted apple cider vinegar, cucumber, and curd… all of these natural ingredients found at home make amazing and safe face cleansers.
  • Do not wash your face every time with a face wash. A lot of people have a habit of washing their face every hour, but they forget to moisturize their skin.
  • Do not wash your face more than 3 times (morning, evening, and night) a day. You can simply splash some cold water to feel relaxed but deep cleansing is not required more than 3 times.

Enter exfoliation

exfoliate you dry skin
                                                  Exfoliate your dry skin

Exfoliation is extremely important for dry skin to get rid of impurities and to get that smooth texture people to rave about. It also deals with clogged pores and dead skin cells, revealing the supple, clean skin underneath.

However, don’t overdo the exfoliation as it can damage your skin. Three times a week does the charm. And don’t forget that your lips need exfoliation too.

Remember that fruits are chemical exfoliators, while substances such as ground coffee are physical exfoliators. You can use either of the two, depending on the ease of access and what suits your skin best.

Also, a word of caution – never exfoliate under and around the eyes as the skin there is too sensitive and thin.


  • Use an exfoliating face wash or home remedies such as oatmeal and honey, fine organic sugar and olive/coconut oil, apple and apple cider vinegar, ground coffee, lemon, etc.
  • Always exfoliate gently and do not use products that have chunky granules as they will not only tear out your skin but will also cause fine lines on your face.
  • Always exfoliate in the morning as your skin is soft and pores are open when you wake up.

4. Time for toner

use a toner for your dry skin
                                         Put on a toner

A good, hydrating toner gets rids of the dirt and dead cells on your skin and acts as a source of hydration as well. After the double cleansing, it is important to put on a toner.

In fact, dab your face with a toner on a cotton pad as soon as you are done washing your face. It preps your skin for the upcoming nourishing steps of the routine and allows better absorption of moisturizers, creams, serums, and essences.

Apply a toner once in the morning and once at night, as part of your skincare routine. And don’t worry; there are natural ways to tone the skin as well.


  • You can use rose water, mint leaf toner (made by boiling mint leaves in water), Aloe Vera gel and apple cider vinegar as natural toners.
  • Use a toner that has Hyaluronic acid in it as it helps to moisturize your skin.

Moisturizing your face

moisture your skin
                                                           Moisture your skin

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, it is important to moisturize the skin and lock on the goodness of all the other products used.

If you want dewy, smooth, healthy, dewy skin, moisturizing is the way to go. Your natural flush will show up beautifully when your skin is moisturized and healthy.

It is a myth that acne-prone skin should not be moisturized– in fact; this skin should be kept more hydrated than others! All the damage faced by the skin is repaired faster when the skin is moisturized.

Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin the best. A moisturizer with antioxidants and natural extracts will work wonders for your skin. Moisturizing also saves you from having dry patches and flakiness on your face.

It is difficult to choose a moisturizer that works best for your skin as many people have other concerns as well. We can’t find all the solutions in one product, but what we could do is to help our skin your further damage.


  • Aloe Vera gel is the best moisturizer under the category of “home remedies”.
  • You can also use coconut oil as a face moisturizer. Coconut oil can be mixed with vitamin E oil and essential oil to make another great moisturizer.
  • Mixing olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils will also give you a wonderfully potent moisturizer. 
  • You must apply a moisturizer that is non-sticky and that absorbs well into your skin.
  • Never buy products that have thick creams that don’t absorb properly and just sit on your face which creates several problems.


use sunscreen, dry skin
                                                             Use a good sunscreen

It is one of the most important steps of your everyday skincare routine. It saves you from the annoying harmful rays and protects your skin from further damage.

Never skip this step as this may lead to pigmentation, darken up your spots, and cause fine lines and whatnot. It is very important to choose a sunscreen that feels light on your skin as many of them as some powdery effect that can dry your face in no time.

Often, sunscreen leaves a white cast on your face, but that is quite a normal thing. Always apply sunscreen when you go out and try to reapply it every 4 hours.


  • Leave your house after an hour of applying sunscreen.
  • You can make that white cast disappear a bit by mixing some serum or facial oil with your sunscreen. Or you can simply use a lightweight BB Cream on top of sunscreen.

Enter essences

essence for your dry skin
                                            Essence for your skin

Essence gives your skin the hydration it needs while dealing with concerns such as pigmentation and redness. They improve the texture of the skin by plumping it up, hiding the larger pores and fine wrinkles.

And they contain active ingredients that can target specific skin concerns while allowing the skin to absorb and retain moisture. They come as mists as well, allowing you to spray the goodness all over your face.

If store-bought essence is not your cup of tea, you can take the DIY route and make one at home with a little bit of effort. 


  • You can mix Aloe Vera extract, vitamin E and tea tree oil to make a wonderful organic essence.
  • You can also try out a combination of Rosewater, Vegetable glycerine, and coconut/jojoba/Argan oil.

Say hello to serums and facial oils

serum facial

Serums are the elder sibling of essences. They penetrate deep into the skin with their active ingredients and deliver nourishment. Serums are available for a variety of skin concerns, such as aging, acne, and pigmentation.

These lightweight moisturizers improve the texture of the skin as well, making it tighter, smoother, and clearer.


  • Serums can also be mixed with moisturizer or SPF to make your face fully hydrated.
  • Serums or facial oils can also be mixed with your matte foundations to make them dewy.

Face masks

face mask
                                                             Face mask

I’m pretty sure that you and I both love face masks. What’s not to love? Several of your Netflix binge-watching sessions may have been accompanied by cute face masks. It’s time to take a closer look at these masks.

They’re awesome, and your skin needs them! Korean skincare masks are wildly popular and are an amazing way to soothe and moisturize damaged and tired skin.

You can choose a face mask depending on your skin type, and use it to lock in the moisturizer. Face masks are used to hydrate, tighten pores, and remove excess oil and impurities.

They make your skin look brighter and cleaner. You can use a face mask thrice a week.


Under-eye cream

Use under eye cream for your dry skin
                                                           Under-eye cream

Do not forget to take care of the delicate skin under your eyes! Under-eye cream is important, and it is a misnomer that these creams are only meant for dark circles.

Dark circles under eye creams are different from moisturizing under eye creams, although the latter does help in preventing dark circles. The skin under your eyes tends to be drier than the rest of your face, and so deserves more hydration.

You can’t rock smooth, healthy, dewy skin if you have patchy and tired eyes! Under-eye creams and serums will help in pampering your beautiful eyes. You can even make under eye cream/serum at home.


  • Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and olive oil are powerful moisturizers that can be applied under the eyes.
  • Cold green tea bags are amazing for reducing the puffiness of the eyes.
  • You can mix Vitamin E oil with essential oil (such as argan oil or lavender oil) to make an under-eye serum.
  • You can also mix Vaseline petroleum jelly with cocoa butter and coconut oil (while being heated) to get an amazing all-natural under-eye cream. 

Lip balm

lip balm
                                                            Lip balm

Ladies! Don’t forget to take care of your lips. Smooth skin will not shine if the attention is diverted to chapped, bleeding lips! It is important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. You have to be very careful while dealing with your lips.

Your lips are equally delicate as the under-eye area so handle them with extra care. You can scrub your lips gently with your towel or a soft bristle toothbrush.

Some people have the habit of licking their lips, which can damage your skin. Always apply thick lip balm to avoid drying out your lips.


  • You can use fine sugar or ground coffee mixed with honey or coconut oil for exfoliation.
  • Honey or Aloe Vera gel can be used to moisturize the lips.
  • Vaseline petroleum jelly is always a good way to retain moisture in the lips.

Important Skin Care Tips:

And, that’s it! You just successfully finished reading the dewy skincare routine infused with a bit of natural wisdom. Skincare experts have said that following this routine religiously twice daily for six months will give you guaranteed results. And while you follow these tips and methods to get healthy, smooth skin, don’t forget that other factors impact your skin. Mentioned below are a few more super important tips that will help you in achieving that dewy skin at home.

  1. Drink lots of water! Give your body and skin the hydration it needs and deserves.
  2. Always use sunscreen before going outside. Even if it is cloudy!
  3. Cut down on unhealthy sugars and fats. Choose fruits, vegetables, lentils, and nuts (unless of course, you are allergic to nuts). 
  4. Say no to fried food! Your Netflix binge-watching session can be accompanied by a nice, comfy bowl of salad or fruits. Trust me, you’ll feel good.
  5. Try not to stress too much. Stressing out is always bad news for the skin, mind, and body!
  6. Exercise! You don’t have to go to the gym and get killer abs, but make sure you’re exercising regularly. 
  7. Maintain a hygienic personal and surrounding environment. Try to change your pillow covers every week. Clean your spectacles often. Make sure your scalp is clean and free of dandruff and other concerns, as these issues can impact facial skin as well. Don’t touch your face with your hands unless required. 
  8. Besides, don’t try out wild products if they don’t seem to be suited for your skin.
  9. Don’t pick at your skin! It does not need the interference brought in by your poky fingers. 
  10. Sleep well! Beauty sleep isn’t a myth. Your body needs a proper amount of sleep every night to be healthy and functional. And so does your skin.
  11. Like you moisturize your face, you should also moisturize your neck. It can age faster than your face if not taken proper care.
  12. Stay away from using extremely hot water as it dries out your skin. Take a bath or shower with lukewarm water; it is the best temperature for our skin.
  13. Never leave your face dry after washing your face. Moisturize it immediately.
  14. Do not buy products that have a very strong fragrance. They have harmful chemicals that damage your skin in the long run. Always stick to the mild fragrance or prefer buying non-fragrance products.
  15. Wear comfortable clothes as your body can suffocate inside tight and body fitting clothes. The results will be shown on your face as pimples and tiny bumps that scream that you are not letting your skin and body breathe.
  16. Never leave your hands and feet dry. Always moisturize them as you come out of the shower.


I hope these tips on the dewy skin routine will help you in attaining that beautiful, even tone skin at home naturally. It is important to maintain your skin at the right time otherwise you will have to see the consequences afterward.

Skincare routine is important to follow every morning and night for healthy skin. Taking care of your skin from inside and outside leads you to a healthy body. It is equally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a balanced diet.

You can’t achieve healthy skin if you don’t cut the junk from your life. Always remember, your face always reflects what you eat and drink. Remember, you can do whatever you’ve set your mind upon. Don’t do it just for the beauty of your skin, but also for the health of it.

Stay healthy, stay beautiful!