How to eliminate Body Fat, the definitive guide for women

reduce body fat
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Best Ways To Reduce Body Fat Naturally, All Remedies

Losing female body fat? Being obese today is quite common, given the large number of foods that facilitate weight gain and body volume.

When we feel obese, we decide to go to a gym as the first option to lose weight and reducing body fat.

However, this is not the only way to eliminate fat from our body.

Although there are currently numerous means or beliefs to lose weight, such as that exercise is not the only way to lose fat, in this article we will analyze and explain: What are the best ways to lose weight?

10 things you’ll have to do to reduce body fat!

Eat fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables to reduce body fat

Scientifically it is known that vegetarian or vegan people tend to be thin and almost not having body mass.

But, why? It is because vegetables do not bring greasy chemicals or contribute to the accumulation of fat, in fact vegetables are the only foods without bringing this type of content alone, along with fruits, we benefit advantageously in our body.

Eat more of these two delights given by nature and you will see enormous changes in your body!

It should be noted that all foods rich in fiber: To name the whole grain bread, rice, among others, are also beneficial when losing weight.

Including these foods in the daily diet gives great advances in fat loss.

Drink Water

As we said before, water is fundamental.

Never try to replace water with another drink, whenever you are going to consume one of the three (3) basic meals a day, try to accompany it with a glass of water.

Science has not yet been able to say 100% this, however, it is known that there are cases in which drinking water along with food helps to keep the body slim.

However, what has been proven several times is that water helps to lose weight, recent studies at the University of Chemistry of America proved that if you drink at least a glass of water before going to sleep, you will lose fat and therefore, weight.

drink water and coffee to lose body fat

Drink Coffee

Coffee helps us stay energized and active. However, you should not consume it with caffeine, the more natural the better.

We recommend black coffee with one or two spoonfuls of sugar or sweetener.

Good coffee during breakfast will give you the necessary energies to fulfill everything you need during the day.

Drinking at least 2 cups of coffee a day will contribute to the loss of body fat.

Exercise! Or walk

You can opt for both options, both are valid:

To practice some sport or exercise in the gym; or at home, or simply to choose to walk daily at least for 1 hour.

As we said before, walking strengthens the immune system and contributes to the expulsion of fat.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and tobacco are part of the primary vices that exist today, these vices are highly harmful and provide absolutely nothing beneficial to the body.

In fact, it is known that if you have never ingested or consumed any of these products at any time, doing so in an adult stage brings twice as many risks as if the body were already accustomed.

Both forces bring disadvantages for the organism, weakens the immune system, wears down the organs and increases the accumulation of fatty accumulations in the necessary and priority parts of the body, it is recommended to leave both habits.

Live an active and energetic life

Anything that involves tiredness or exhaustion brings with it the loss of body fat.

It is known from science that everything that allows us to be physically exhausted contributes to the loss of calories.

Even an active sex life, is another key factor in losing body fat, intimacy as human beings have always been considered taboo until recent years, however, it is more than proven that practicing it, brings with it a large burning of calories, slimming the body and expelling the fat accumulated in it.

Get enough sleep.

It is not necessary to sleep the 8 specific hours or sleep more than the bill, it is enough to sleep what your body asks you.

Try not to overdo it and give your body what it needs, the more energy you spend, the more time you need to sleep.

However, as the body becomes accustomed to exercise, it will tend to adapt and ask for fewer hours of sleep, further increasing the amount of fat lost.

Do some kind of recreational activity or hobby

play a sport

We are not always going to try to be focused on a specific objective, sometimes we need to be distracted in some kind of activity that takes our mind away from the daily routines.

As we have already mentioned in many of the cases, stress is a factor that causes weight loss.

If we are very stressed it will be difficult enough to lose body fat, you must get a balance point in which we can be realizing our goal of losing weight and at the same time, distract and rejoice.

Don’t you like playing sports or some kind of exercise? Take it easy! Many people suffer from laziness and the mere thought of doing some physical activity discourages them.

In our previous post, we detailed that it is not necessary to practice the only exercise to lose weight.

Find a habit that distracts you and takes your world away from the negative and discouraging things in your head, the mood influences both good and bad in your body.

Try to stay active and distracted on a specific task.

You can practice some kind of video game that keeps you distracted even for a few minutes, watch a movie or series, which is known that the genre of terror and suspense, help burn calories, given the fear and tension that make us pass.

You can also choose to take short walks or bike rides.

Stay positive and cheerful

stay happy, it will help you reduce your body fat

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point; as we have already said, emotions affect us and decontrol our organism and aptitude.

We must remain serene, calm, or Positive and happy! If we maintain negative and pessimistic vibrations, we go into depression, which makes it difficult for us to lose weight.

But, why? It is not yet known concretely, but many people, feeling depressed, lonely, and decayed, tend to ingest sugars to lift their spirits, which leads to weight gain.

If you are going through a bad time or a strong stage in your life, it is recommended to visit an expert in the subject of psychological treatments to improve your quality of life.

One thing leads to another! As an old saying goes, “Belly full, heart contented.”

You must keep your stomach fed with beneficial things to maintain your state of health and life as it is, to enjoy more years of life and without worries about any kind of disease.

Change your bad habits

At this point, we ask ourselves a question.

How come we’re overweight? Let us recapitulate everything we have pointed out so far and think.

What if I change what I’m consuming and the lifestyle I have? If I change that, will I also change?

The answer is: Indeed! To achieve the change you will also need to change, don’t expect something to change for no reason or something to happen by magic.

If so, be careful! The body does not lose weight without any explanation if at any time you see that you are losing weight for no reason.

Go to a doctor! To lose body fat you need to practice some kind of point or action that we have raised in this article, otherwise, you will be suffering from some kind of disease.

If you are one of those people who consumed many sweets, sugars, fried foods, among other street foods. Don’t do it anymore! Change all that for the foods we have recommended; vegetables, vegetables, foods rich in fiber, among others.

eat a healthy diet to reduce your body fat

Change the sodas and tell them no! Drink more water and mentalízate as the only drink that vital liquid, sodas bring chemicals which they attribute to the increase and accumulation of fat, especially its high content of sugar and coloring.

Say no more to that! Choose water.

How to eliminate body fat in a natural way, Recommendations to lose body fat in the best way.

  • Water: We have already stressed several times that it is necessary and fundamental, however, the following recommendations should be taken into account:
    Water should be filtered or boiled, in the best of cases: Both together. While it is known that boiling water eliminates the beneficial effects of it, it is also very important, drinking water brings much dirt because it has been in contact with the earth and numerous environments or environments in which it acquires any type of substance, bacteria, and parasites.
    Parasites are really dangerous and one adhered to our organic system; they usually attack the stomach, which will cause great problems when ingesting and digesting food. Avoid getting sick at all costs! By filtering the water, you are only cleaning it of dirt, soil, and dust, but you are not killing viruses, bacteria, and parasites. By boiling it, the high temperatures will kill all kinds of microorganisms dangerous to our bodies. Make sure you always boil the water!
  • Walk The best option for those who do not like to join a gym or do sport. If you just walk a little, you’ll get rid of all those fat piles in your body.
  • Eat Vegetables, Fruits, Rice and Bread: Nothing better for the stomach and the whole body itself, than a good amount of beneficial supplies that we provide these foods rich in energy and vitamin, typical of nature. If you don’t exercise at all, avoid meat at all costs; in fact, depending on your blood type, we are prone to gain fat if we consume little or a lot of meat.
  • Drink Coffee!: Nothing better for breakfast than a good cup of coffee to accompany your meal. Remember to drink it without caffeine and the more natural it is, the better! You can add 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar or sweeteners.
  • Visit the doctor once in a while!: It is always fundamental and ideal to be aware of your organism. Health is the most important thing! Occasionally check in with a doctor or nutritionist, who will give you the necessary foundation to lose body fat in the best way. Without losing or altering your health!

go to a doctor

Mind Weight Gain Factors

This is true but only in part, there are a variety of factors that influence the accumulation of fat in the body.

The food is one of the main protagonists that help when fattening, the large number of chemical products that bring processed foods, along with sugary and greasy foods, contribute to a rapid accumulation of fatty deposits in our bodies.

And what are fatty deposits? Fatty deposits are all those excess amounts of fat that our digestive system cannot expel.

As they are not completely absorbed by the body, it stores and accumulates it in different parts of the body, such as the extremities, the fingers, the stomach itself, and, unfortunately, also the heart.

Heart Risks

With time, the more fat we accumulate in the body, the heart will not be able to fulfill its function correctly because, in its environment or pumping area, it will be obstructed by accumulations of fat, thus preventing its natural objective and limiting its capacity to beat.

This has great repercussions on the quality of life and with the passing of the years; too delicate health, if this is not taken into account, it can cause death.

Deaths from heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the world, followed by cancer.

In spite of having both causes the first places of death, they are something that can be avoided.

Obesity cannot necessarily be produced externally; that is, because of consuming many foods or causes associated with the environment, it can also be obtained because of genes.

Metabolism types

These can be hereditary or by metabolism, when we talk about heredity we mean that part of our family tree, had the capacity to acquire weight easily and therefore, us too.

In terms of metabolic, there are 3 types of organisms that will behave in different ways:

The Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. As we know, the Ectomorph is any person who is naturally thin and no matter how much he ingests, he will not gain weight. It is difficult to gain weight and muscle capacity.

On the other hand, Mesomorphs are athletes by nature, their bodies are developed to gain muscle mass very easily, unlike the other two types.

However, Mesomorphs need to stay in constant motion because they are prone to gaining weight.

Endomorphs are people who by nature tend to be obese and gain weight very easily.

However, a Mesomorphic person can go from having a defined body to being obese if he or she tends to have a life of bad eating habits.

For more information, read our article about losing weight without exercise.

We will emphasize the Endomorphs, being obese is quite difficult to lose weight and leave the usual lifestyle you had.

However, it is not impossible and with hard work and constant effort, you can lose body mass.

10 Things that increase the amount of body fat

Although there are other diversities that increase the amount of fat obtained in our body, below we will see 10 of the most frequent and relevant for their importance in the amount and speed of accumulation.

Junk food.

junk food, avoid it

It is well known that this type of food is sometimes accompanied by poor hygienic management. It is known that there are occasions in which the type of oil used for the elaboration of these foods is reused from previous preparations.

It is a custom used by many stalls and restaurants to reduce costs and increase productivity, yet it is extremely detrimental to the health of the consumer.

Not only does it fatten us, but it also damages us immunologically given the constant use of a reused product over and over again.

Far from this, we must also mention the fact that much of these foods have extremely greasy and harmful content to be consumed frequently.

Eating sugars between meals.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner form the three (3) basic daily foods necessary to be healthy and energetic.

However, there are people who eat up to 5 times or more during the day, they do this frequently causing the body to have to absorb more than it usually does.

There are countries where a snack is cultured in the course of the afternoon, usually tends to be something sugary or very high in cholesterol.

As for example the industrial bakery, it should be noted that eating every day or frequently these foods attributed to an abrupt gain in weight.

It is recommended that if these products were previously ingested, they should be eliminated from the eating habit and if they were not consumed and still had fat, avoid consuming them at all costs.


avoid smoking if you want to lose body fat

Nowadays, although less and less, smoking is almost a requirement for teenagers and young adults, yet it is extremely harmful to health.

Smoking is one of the main factors associated with cancer, apart from wear almost completely the body, ends up with the lungs making them less functional over time.

While it is known that there are cases in which quitting smoking fattens, it is also necessary to clarify that by damaging the respiratory system.

In addition, it causes the body to tire much sooner than it should, preventing it from continuing with sport, exercise, or a simple walk.

The reason why quitting smoking fattens certain people is because it is an extractor of chemical elements in our organism.

Not only does it remove air from the lungs, but it also removes some of the energy absorbed by food and its protein benefits for the body.

In other words, smoking takes almost all of the benefits the body would have if it didn't smoke.

Not doing any type of physical exercise.

Practicing an exercise or sport confers great advantages to our organism.

It increases our immune response capacity; making us less likely to get sick, it slims us down and is the only natural method we have to develop muscles and tone our figure.

However, not doing so weakens the body and tends to gain volume thanks to the fat that can accumulate constantly over time.

It should be noted that the risk of cardiovascular and immunological diseases increases.

It is recommended that it is not completely necessary to require sport or exercise but to take into account some physical activity in which the body can develop.

No walking.

walk if you want to lose body fat

Continuing with the previous point, walking is indispensable for human anatomy.

In fact, it is well known that walking, even if it is 1 hour a day, brings us considerable and optimal benefits for the body.

It is emphasized that it is not necessary to walk for 1 hour literally, but everything walked during the day would be equivalent to at least 1 hour followed by walking.

Walking expels fat and helps you lose weight considerably.

Changing water for other types of drinks.


Water is fundamental and indispensable for being able to live. It's the liquid that keeps us alive and without it, we couldn't exist.

Drinking water gives us the chemicals we need to sustain ourselves, yet a large number of people substitute water for another type of liquid as a drink, such as soft drinks or sugary drinks, even fruit drinks do not contribute in the same way as water does by itself.

Drinking water during any type of meal can lead to a loss of body fat, as it helps the gastric tract flow better.

Eating any food during the early hours of the morning.

There are many cases in which people get up at midnight or in the early hours of the morning and go to the refrigerator, to eat anything given that they feel hungry.

However, this is not so, eating while sleeping is unhealthy and in some cases can even be deadly.

There have been events in which people have died from drowning while sleeping.

Sleeping puts the body in a state of constant work and requires the entire organic system to be working on it.

If the digestion system is busy, it will not be able to contribute to its task and it will not be able to carry out two activities at the same time, causing a conflict situation that tends to harm health.

It should be noted that we can not necessarily happen to all, not everyone has the same organism.

Consuming any type of tablets or vitamin products.

tablets and vitamin complexes

While it is true that sometimes we need drugs to increase our immune defenses, beyond drugs to treat disease, taking vitamin supplements is a belief that has become popular in recent years.

This is not entirely true, remember that medicines are products that affect both positively and negatively the body and therefore always get some side effects.

Consuming these vitamin products frequently, help to gain volume in the body, and instead of helping us to lose weight and give us energy, it will harm us in what we want.

Not sleeping or sleeping too much.

Sleep is essential to keep us active, functional, and full of energy.

However, there is a relationship in which sleep loss is attributed to fat gain and obesity.

For others, it happens the opposite case, however here enter the types of metabolisms such as Ectomorph and Endomorph.

For thin people, not sleeping causes them to lose even more weight, and in the same case, for obese people it causes them to gain more weight.

Sleeping too much or more than necessary is attributed to a constant gain of fat because you will not be doing physical exercises, but your body would be working on its own.

Living under a lot of stress.

Stress is another important factor in weight gain; just as it slims other people, for the Endomorphs it increases their weight.

It is necessary to maintain a calm and calm life, to be distracted, and to be entertained with some type of activity outside of bad eating habits.

Time should be given for oneself, where the mind relaxes and clears itself of all the negative effects that are occurring.

Interesting facts

Both not sleeping and sleeping too much affect slimming as well as gaining weight and can be applied the other way around.

An obese person may lose weight if he or she does not sleep, while a thin person may gain weight if he or she sleeps too much.

The same happens if an obese person sleeps too much; he will gain more weight, while if a thin person sleeps too little, he or she may lose a lot of weight.

Although there are three (3) types of metabolism, it is not stationary; that is to say, you can pass from one pole to another, as from Ectomorph to Endomorph and vice versa.

It can be considered as cycles or seasons of life, as well as the seasons of the year: summer, winter, autumn, and spring.

There are occasions in which the exercise or the constant effort of physical energy, gets to fatten the body.

It sounds implausible and not very credible, but there have been cases and it is because the more energy you lose, the more energy you need and therefore you need to feed more.

Sadness can slim you down like getting fat, just like sleeping. If you are sad or melancholic, losing weight would be very difficult and it is still not scientifically proven why.

Watching Horror movies burns calories as if you were exercising.

It is known from a study that a person who is frightened, frightened, or alert will tend to sweat and shake, which will burn calories even while sitting.

Sweating is not the only method to lose body fat, also while breathing, talking and beating your heart, you will expel all kinds of fatty deposits.


losing body fat

To conclude, we come to the conclusion in view of all the data exposed and analyzed in that as we stated in our previous article on exercise and loss of body fat.

Not all people have the same organism and therefore cannot lose weight in the same ways.

However, if you follow a schedule based on all the above, it is quite possible to lose weight without affecting the quality of health in the body.

  1. Walk more often, drink water whenever you can!
  2. Do some kind of hobby or leisure activity!
  3. Drink coffee and trade red meat for vegetables and fruits!

Change your current habit of life for which we have raised you, in a few weeks you will begin to notice small changes in your body and you will know that you are on the right track.

It is necessary to remember that this will take time and you will not notice the first changes overnight, you must have patience and persistence on this path.

With all this, we can confirm and affirm that these would be the best ways to eliminate body fat in a matter of months without affecting the immune status and healthy quality of life.

It should be noted that it is again emphasized that one of the best recommendations is to visit a nutritionist.

This will provide the best opinion and status of what should be done and what should be avoided, after all he is an expert in the field and will help you answer all your doubts and concerns about weight.