How to lose fat without exercising, 12 Tips you need to know

How to lose weight without exercising

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue Alvarez M.D.

How can you lose body fat without exercise? In this article, we will tell you how you can shed calories without exercise. We know that physical activity helps to lose fat and generates good health as part of your life. Here I am going to tell you how to get rid of fat:

When you lose weight without exercise, it is more than likely that you lose fat and muscle simultaneously. While it is not possible to burn fat in specific areas of the body, it is possible to reduce your body fat percentage. The key is to go slowly. Losing weight too quickly also contributes to muscle loss.

Losing weight with exercise is not the only option out there. If, for some reason, you cannot exercise because you don't have the time, etc., do not worry because I will give you other options.

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How to burn body fat without exercise

How to lose weight without exercising

Exercising daily or even twice a week is extremely healthy. Training regularly makes you have excellent fitness. In short, it improves your performance.

But if you can't do this, it is no excuse not to lose fat. You can train your body to lose fat without exercise, as follows.

It is all about good nutrition and habits that you create for yourself. This is extremely important if you are a person who cannot exercise for whatever reason.

Zero sugars

These sugars are the main enemy mechanism that makes you unable to lose weight. That is because your body is used to burning sugars (glucose) and not burning calories.

Although this type of diet works for some people and they lose weight and gain muscle, others do not. This is a cause of gaining calories or fat even if you exercise.

Drinking water

There are so many benefits of drinking the required amount of water per day, and it is a fundamental step that you should not skip. Water can eliminate toxins and liquids from your body.

Also, it is an excellent ally to eliminate or replace hypercaloric drinks or products with sugars.

It can be an excellent trick, to eliminate calories and burn fat progressively and is super useful.

You should consume two liters of water distributed throughout the day (about 8 large glasses).

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Do not eliminate or reduce calories in a crazy way.

To lose body fat, you should not necessarily eliminate or reduce calories.

There are low-calorie diets that serve to make your body expend less energy, which by default will cause you to get rid of fat. Also, you may suffer from the rebound effect if you stop the diet.

Eat healthy fats 

If you correctly choose healthy fats to consume, you do not have to eliminate them. Healthy fats, believe it or not, will be a great ally if you are looking to lose body fat.

Healthy fats will not increase your adipose tissue but will help you lose weight.

They are also healthy as they activate your metabolism and start working on certain functions in your body. Some healthy fats that you can incorporate into your life are:

  • Egg yolk
  • Avocado
  • Oily fish
  • Nuts
  • Olive, coconut, linseed, sesame oils
  • Clarified butter
  • Seeds

Use cayenne pepper 

Perhaps you don't know much about what cayenne is and what it is used for. It is a pepper commonly used to give a spicy touch to stews. It is an excellent technique to eliminate fat and many calories without exercising.

Start adding it to your stews, soups, meats, fish, among others. But if you overuse it can cause significant gastric discomfort; so, it is best to be careful.


Ginger is much the same as cayenne, but without being spicy. Ginger is an excellent food to eliminate body fat, and I recommend including it in your diet. It helps improve your digestion and eliminate fluids from your body.

A recipe including ginger is with lemon juice and stevia. Try to take it during the day, either hot or cold.

It is best to be a little careful as ginger does not agree with everyone. If you have gastric problems, do a test with a small amount of ginger.

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Coconut oil 

This vegetable oil brings an innumerable number of benefits. For example, it increases the ability to lose calories and helps eliminate fat in the waist.


We know that vegetables are healthy and low in calories. But we should start to consider eating a diet with many cooked or raw vegetables.

Do not skip meals

Many people believe that to lose body fat, the trick is to stop eating or eliminate individual meals. This is incorrect because:

  • First, it harms your health and well-being if you stop eating.
  • Second, it will not make you lose body fat, calories, and weight. It will make you want to eat more food when you next eat.
  • Third, you will be very anxious to eat something sweet for the reason described above, something with carbohydrates, a meal with fat. This will cause you to lose the progress you have started or that you have made so far.

Eat several meals a day

If you generate this habit, you will also create the habit of eating smaller portions. This will happen because you will be less hungry, and you will be satiated much sooner.

Also, when you eat several meals a day, your energy expenditure increases. Your metabolism speeds up because it is continually working to digest food.

You have to look for healthy meals that fill you up, and you have to eat to a point where you are full, but not too full. Remember, it is about nourishment, not binge eating.

Do not abuse stimulating drinks 

By this, we mean a fizzy drink like Coke or coffee. Although they are excellent in some ways, especially in the morning to start your day, you should moderate consumption.

Not only because it increases your body fat or weight, but it can generate anxiety, tachycardia, or insomnia if you drink them excessively.

You must be careful and cautious since many substitutes to eliminate fats have high doses of caffeine.

Rest well 

This point is particularly important, and you should rest as much or as little as your body needs.

Many negative factors occur in your body if you do not rest well, such as altering your nervous system or getting fat. If this happens, we will not achieve our goals.

The above are the main things you should do if you are looking to lose body fat without exercising.

But it is also of utmost importance that you do not make mistakes that many people make.

Mistakes you should avoid when losing body fat

Mistakes you should avoid to lose weight

Not exercising at all

Not moving at all is the biggest mistake that people make. You do not need to kill yourself running; walking is enough. A lot of people don't know that the first thing they should do to burn body fat is to achieve a caloric deficit.

By caloric deficit, we mean that you must spend more energy than you consume through your diet.

The best thing to do is to have an excellent physical activity, either practicing a sport or doing at least a little exercise such as walking.

If you don't do this, losing body fat will take a long time, maybe up to 1 month to lose a kilo (2.2lbs) of fat.

Eating healthy, but in huge quantities

This error is a typical mistake for people looking to lose body fat. Many seek information from the fitness world for a better diet, eat healthier, and even look for protein supplements.

The mistake is that they look for the best foods and rarely consider the total amount of calories they consume in these foods.

Sometimes they believe that because foods are healthy, they do not cause excess calories. They are wrong.

Following any fad diet

Following any fad diet is a severe mistake; you must keep in mind that each person is different. Not all of us do well with the same things.

The reality is that many diets published on the internet are invalid, and their benefits are only for a small population. Most of them are just myths and theories.

The best example I can give you is the famous singer Adele's diet; it is good for people suffering from obesity, but it is wrong for any athlete.

Keep in mind that characteristics such as age, gender, activity level, among other things affect what we should eat. These factors are very influential when it comes to dieting.

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Avoiding all carbohydrates

This is one of the most common mistakes made by people trying to lose body fat. Many myths come out about the infamous carbohydrates, but believe me, they are not your enemy.

Some people limit themselves to eating them mostly after 4 p.m., and others eliminate them for good. Either option is unnecessary and a real mistake.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for your body. The reality is that eliminating them will make it much more difficult to lose body fat.

Skipping meals

When you go more than four hours without any meal, you will generate a lot of anxiety in your body. In addition to this, stress will lower your blood sugar level, and you will want to eat everything that passes in front of you.

The main mistake is t eating only 3 meals a day. It is a mistake because many hours pass between each meal, and when you go to eat, you will not satiate your hunger easily.

The best thing you can do is to include lots of healthy snacks in your diet. These snacks will help keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid the anxiety caused by going hours without eating. It will help you control your appetite.

Lose weight instead of losing fat. 

The first thing you should know is that your body has different components, such as:

  • Muscles.
  • The bones.
  • Internal organs.
  • Skin and other tissues.

Each of these parts contributes to our total body weight.

But, of all these components that make up your body, only muscle and fat are modifiable through diet and training.

The problem is that when you lose weight without control, you lose muscle, instead of only losing the fat you want.

Losing weight is very easy; you have to stop eating for a few days, and with this, you will lose weight. You should know that it is not the best thing to do because you will only lose fluids and muscle mass.

When you are looking to lose body fat, you should know that it is a whole process, much more if it is without exercise.

That is why you must have a very well-structured personalized eating plan and not the same as someone else's. Remember that we all need different things.

It is an excellent idea to look for a nutrition expert to prepare a body fat loss plan for you. A nutritionist will design the ideal way for you to lose only fat. 

Break the diet and routines on the weekends

Stop thinking that by following your diet and routine all week that on weekends, you can eat whatever you want and forget about it.

With this, you will only lose the significant progress you have achieved previously, do not fall into excesses on weekends.

Do not be too radical. On a Saturday, if you eat a hamburger with a drink, accompanied by a small dessert, that will not stop you from losing body fat. Doing this once in a while to get out of the routine is not bad.

But if one weekend you abuse eating, for example, grill, pizza, burgers, chocolates, alcoholic beverages in excess, fried foods, etc., it is going to slow down any progress that you have made during the week. It is the worst mistake you can make.

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In summary, to lose body fat without exercise, you must have a diet that includes no sugars and avoid stress.

You should include a lot more vegetables in your meals. Also, foods that are rich in protein and slow-digesting carbohydrates. Now I want you to enjoy your way to a low body fat percentage!