20 benefits and properties of ginger that very few people know!!

jengibre, propiedades y beneficios

Medically reviewed and approved by Nataniel Josue M.D.

Ginger is a plant native to the tropical zone of India. It is famous for its medicinal use and its health benefits. People consider it as one of the most recommended and natural superfoods that exist.

The health properties ginger gives us are quite desired by many; among its benefits, it prevents cancer, relieves intestinal pain, removes bad breath, and provides us with enough energy to continue with any physical activity. Ginger also has a delightful taste and a pleasant aroma in its composition.

To be a sweet taste, it is relatively fresh to the delight of consumers. Gingerbread and gingerbread biscuit are the recipes most used frequented thanks to this plant.

Stay with us because we will tell you a little guide to better know the benefits and health properties of ginger, how to use it in the kitchen and how to add it to your favorite dishes or foods.

ginger, has incredible health benefits
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Benefits and properties of ginger

Rich in Vitamins.

The studies on this plant demonstrate the number of health benefits that contain its composition; it is filled with a significant quantity of vitamins and natural proteins. That increases the energy that your body needs, such as the level of natural calories.

Apart from energy, its effects increase the immune system, making it increasingly difficult for you to get a disease, flu, and bacteria.

Ginger is an antioxidant with high concentrations of vitamins B6 and C in its compounds. It also has several minerals in its compounds, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

It prevents and relieves the flu and the cold.

It relieves the flu and cold

This plant helps fight the flu, colds, catarrh, and cough; it is very effective against nasal or pulmonary congestion. Its natural properties alleviate the infections that have damaged the respiratory tracts, and even it can come to lessen the intestinal pains.

But how? It's straightforward. You can prepare a tea with ginger or make ginger juice; for more information, look below for How to take ginger?

Similarly, thanks to gingerols' concentration, it helps prevent allergies since they are a natural allergen.

Antidepressant effect.

Several scientific studies have shown that the raw root of this plant is an excellent antidepressant. That happens because it possesses a considerable vitamin B6, which is known as the happiness hormone. Ginger directly attacks the receptors and stimulates them, giving rise to a good mood.

You can mix or combine various foods in your kitchen with the raw root of ginger so that in its development, take full advantage of its properties and benefits for both your health and diet.

Ginger reduces stress.

Ginger reduces stress.

Another positive effect of ginger infusion is that it helps prevent stress or directly reduces it. Its cineol properties effectively treat the feeling of anguish or anxiety, decreasing it and increasing the sense of calm and relief.

Stress is a product of anxiety. Cineol, for its part, helps to increase the relief or sense of calm. Ginger oil has many positive effects to achieve this. It is one of the few natural foods that can alleviate stress. This superfood indirectly helps against cancer, given that disease is associated with stress.

It combats the headache.

Cineole also helps to treat headaches or migraines effectively. Since it increases relief or sensation of calm, the problem will disappear after an infusion treated with ginger or its combination with various types of food.

It reduces the risk of cancer.

Cancer is undoubtedly one of the most feared and deadly diseases in the world. However, today there is no cure as such, several studies have shown that the properties of ginger help reduce the chances of suffering any cancer.

You can try drinking ginger tea or directly consuming its raw root. Both effects are equally beneficial for the same purpose.
Gingerols are also effective against cancer, helping prevent and even combat various cancer types, such as ovaries or breasts.

Ginger improves blood circulation.

Circulation is one of the most prone or frequent factors affecting human society; cardiovascular problems and heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the world, surpassing even cancer.

Eating food with ginger, thanks to its gingerols, helps to improve blood circulation. Poor circulation often leads to varicose veins or problems with blood vessels.

Ginger improves blood circulation

Decreases menstrual cramps.

Suffering menstrual cramps affects all women, being one of the significant discomforts we have to face. The infusion of ginger in your body improves the circulation of the bloodstream.

Therefore, it helps to reduce the pain directly caused by menstrual cycles. Currently, there is no contradiction in consuming ginger during menstrual cycles.

You can also prepare a tea with ginger or add it to your favorite dishes or foods to relieve menstrual cycle cramps.

Eliminates bad breath.

Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing things we suffer from time to time. But it's not necessarily always due to a hormonal problem or not brushing our teeth properly, but because of the food we eat.

Sometimes we must not combine some foods with others, so it gives these unpleasant and undesirable odors.

Despite this, ginger is relatively fresh and sweet, helping you curb bad smells and helping to raise saliva levels, eliminating dryness and, therefore, smells.

It reduces nausea and dizziness.

As a side effect of improving circulation, the results of dizziness, blood pressure, headaches, and anxiety due to nausea help reduce these types of symptoms.

It is beneficial and recommended for pregnancy, since it is a natural fruit and does not represent a danger to pregnancy, becoming a coveted superfood.

Ginger promotes digestion.

Intestinal problems result from a bad diet or the constant use of dishes that negatively favor our bodies. For this reason, the continuous ingestion of ginger will help reduce digestion problems and alleviate intestinal issues.

It delays the aging process.

Ginger delays the aging process.

It is a perfect natural antioxidant, slowing the effects of old age and its problems in the body, such as bone or back pain.

Ginger relieves arthritis.

As a side effect of the antioxidant, it helps to relieve and naturally prevent arthritis pain. This effect is also thanks to ginger's fresh rhizome, which you can use for various kitchen foods.

(We suggest this because we obtain the most positive or beneficial effects from the raw root of the fresh rhizome.)

It prevents muscle spasms.

Besides relief from arthritis, fresh rhizome, or raw ginger root can help reduce muscle pain from joints already damaged by time. That happens because ginger, a natural antioxidant, will restore what has been lost to your body. 

It's an aphrodisiac.

The properties of ginger help activate sexual desire and are directly related to preventing erectile dysfunction in men. For women, it is a natural aphrodisiac. It helps to start their sexual desires so that they will not have libido problems over the years.

It is anti-inflammatory.  

Its concentration of Gingeroles is a perfect natural anti-inflammatory, reducing all problems due to inflammation or similar effects.
We can use ginger for its treatment or prevent inflammation. However, we recommend that you consult a doctor who will give you specific guidance on treating inflammatory problems and why they appeared.

It increases body temperature.

One of the properties of ginger is that it helps raise body temperature

Because ginger naturally accelerates metabolism, it helps raise body temperature. That is very useful for freezing days or winter seasons. Now you will know why they usually consume gingerbread cookies at Christmas time.

Ginger strengthens the immune system.

Its properties are more concentrated in its rhizome or root. So if you want to make the most of it, increase defensive levels or boost the immune system, you can use this part of ginger in your dishes or food to ingest its most useful components possible.

It helps you sleep.

Ginger, given its fresh and sweet taste, will help you relax and naturally achieve sleep. (Several guides to avoid insomnia, recommend foods based on ginger)

Rich in volatile oils.

In addition to being rich in minerals and vitamins, it contains volatile oils with great antiseptic value. They are also responsible for the rich flavor of this superfood.

We've already seen all the properties and benefits your body gets from consuming ginger; then, we'll tell you the best way to eat it!

How do I have it?

The advantage of ginger is that we can take it in different forms; from a new state to a powdered one, you can ingest it in infusion to make the most of it.

We have to use at least: a liter of water to cut a little piece of the root or use a bit of the fresh ginger rhizome. Then boil it all together and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

You can use honey or add chamomile or orange or lemon juice to make a mixture of extract of these other foods. You can also prepare a tea (using client water and this plant) or lemon juice or orange juice, mixing it with the ginger.

Ginger juice

Ginger juice

It is often called Ginger Juice, a smooth mixture of about 30 seconds of preparation in your kitchen. You only need water and a grater.


  • Peel the ginger root.
  • Let it boil.
  • Extract the juice or pulp from it.
  • Beat with some other fruit such as lemon.
  • Put it in a refrigerator.

Pickled ginger

You can take it in many ways

Pickled ginger is a delicious recipe that you can easily make from your kitchen.

You only have to do the following:

  • Cut it.
  • Heat it with vinegar, water, and sugar. (You must leave it in preparation for at least 1-3 minutes)
  • Place the ginger in an airtight or heat-concentrated pot.
  • Then close it and let it rest in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.

Here's a video with tips for using ginger in your recipes.


Ginger, like other superfoods, is found naturally in the world. If you want to know more about healthy foods, read our article "22 Best Foods for Health by Science".

It has many positive effects on your health and helps you prevent any disease or health complication. If you follow this guide a little bit, you will surely notice changes in the short term. If you have arthritis, menstrual pain, you want to follow a diet.

Also, if you're going to have a healthy diet that helps you maintain a desirable figure, surely this guide will help you in everything you need to understand a little better what Mother Nature gives you.Natural foods are always the most sought-after because of their beneficial effects on health and the kitchen.

Pickled ginger is an excellent option to feed yourself if you are suffering from a considerable illness since you will be making the most of its properties.With a short period, you will see that by consuming it, you will see significant changes in your life!Discover all the secrets of the best way to eat in our nutrition section.

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