Can anxiety cause rashes?

Can anxiety cause rashes?

Why do I get rashes on my skin due to anxiety or stress? Skin blemishes affect all of us at some point, although they are more common when we spend a lot of time in the sun.

The most common cause of red rashes due to nerves or anxiety is a significant increase in body temperature. When we suffer intense nerves, anxiety, or stress, our body heat increases, releasing histamine. The immune system also releases this chemical in allergic reactions. (Trusted sources 1*2*3*)

Nerves and stress can affect our physical health much more than we imagine. In this case, the skin is an illustration. These feelings can cause blemishes, among other things.

It is the same as when pimples appear on the face, which can be due to hormonal causes or anxiety, nerves, and stress that you suffer daily. Stress, anxiety, nerves, negative emotions are some of the most prevalent conditions in recent years.

We can identify these conditions as they show red and pink spots or outbreaks on our skin. They can appear in different places that we will mention throughout this article, and we will recommend the best way to combat them.

As we know, having smooth and beautiful skin requires the daily use of moisturizers, exfoliants, moisturizers, and sunscreen. But above all, have good nutrition behind everything and then consider the other enemies: stress and nerves. It is not difficult to suffer from them nowadays.

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Why do rashes appear on the skin due to nerves or stress?

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is sensitive to moods and more so to negative ones, such as nerves. According to scientists, "stress causes us to release cortisol, which is the stress hormone. High cortisol levels cause skin blemishes and/or acne to appear on your body". ( 4*5*6*7*).

Note: Stress and nerves are associated with many other diseases—diseases such as dermatitis, vitiligo, rosacea, among others.

What do skin blemishes due to anxiety, stress, or nerves look like?

This is an important distinction to make because you may confuse these rashes with sunburn or other skin conditions. These nerve spots appear very suddenly on our bodies and are either reddish or pinkish in hue.

These spots can even become itchy and appear as outbreaks and they can appear in different areas of our body. But the most common places where these nerve spots appear are the face, chest, and extremities.

You have to learn to differentiate the spots to be able to do something to avoid them. These nerve spots are quite different from sunspots, both in how they appear and in their color. ( 8*9*)

Differences between spots caused by anxiety, nerves and those caused by the sun's rays

Can anxiety cause rashes?

This is especially important, and you should know the difference between these spots because both are quite common in people.

The main difference is that anxiety, nerve, and stress spots usually have a reddish or pinkish appearance. Another difference that we can easily see is that nerve and stress spots appear suddenly, and sunspots appear over time. 

Another difference that we can easily find is that the spots caused by nerves are accompanied by itching, especially if they are in an outbreak. The spots caused by the sun are brown and usually appear in those areas that we do not protect.

Important tip: If you learn to differentiate the rashes and feel that a sunspot itches a lot, it is best to consult a doctor urgently. Sunspots can be a sign of skin cancer.

How can I treat nervous or stress rashes?

You must know how to start treating these, as these spots do not look good, and they make us feel self-conscious. Even if it seems obvious to say, an easy solution is to try to prevent extreme emotional states.

  • Sports. Experts in the health area recommend practicing some sport which helps to release tension. You should know that practicing a sport for at least 15 minutes a day helps free us from all the burdens we may have had.
  • Yoga or meditation. Practicing yoga or meditation exercises or simply clearing your mind, going for a walk, and being in contact with nature helps a lot. The best solution is to avoid putting yourself intense, stressful, or anxious situations.
  • Keep calm. These spots can also disappear on their own if we remain calm and stable. But some pharmacists let you know that "going to the doctor is the most advisable thing to do to rule out another disease."

What is dermatitis caused by, anxiety, nerves, or stress?

It is essential to know what dermatitis caused by nerves or stress is, and I will clarify this now.

Dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases, which is commonly seen due to high levels of nerves, anxiety, and stress. It is simply a cutaneous disease that causes a severe skin rash.

These skin rashes are most commonly reflected on the face, arms, and scalp. They are known to be large scaly and erythematous patches. ( 10*11*)

Causes and symptoms of nerve dermatitis 

The leading cause of this type of dermatitis is high levels of nervousness, stress, or anxiety. As long as we do not maintain a tranquility level in our body and mind, these spots will continue to appear.

When we have high levels of nerves and stress, it can cause immense changes in our health that we must try to avoid. Not only can they lead to irremediable dermatitis, but they also cause changes in our blood circulation. They can even cause premature aging of our dermis.

They can cause different diseases in our skin and our health, as you can see. Some of the most common are:

Important tip: When you have skin affected by this type of condition, it is best to have impeccable hygiene—good hygiene where the basics are soft products for the skin and excellent deep moisturizing. Your hydration should not only be with creams; you should drink plenty of water every day.

What are the types of skin spots caused by nervousness or stress?

stress and anxiety cause rashes

You should know that the spots on our skin can have several different causes. The main thing is to know that our skin can reflect 3 types of spots, some white, some reddish, and some brown.

Reddish spots

The reddish spots are those that you should consider in the first instance. They are the most important since they can be benign or malignant. The reality is that it depends a lot on the area where they are located and their time on the body. You should be careful if you get a reddish spot that increases in size over time. It may be malignant.

The reddish spots are those that are commonly seen by nerves, stress, and anxiety. They are like welts in most cases, so you should be careful.

Brown spots

These are the most common spots that we see. They are somewhat similar to freckles. They are the most common because they appear due to excessive sun rays. If you have a mole, and a reddish spot appears right there, you should visit a doctor urgently. These are not common spots, and when they come together, they may indicate the presence of melanoma.

White spots

These are a widespread type of spots in some situations; sometimes, they can be hereditary. They can sometimes appear in those areas that are very exposed to the sun, but also in other parts of the body. They can be one of the main signs of vitiligo on the skin, which you should be careful to prevent.

Nerves and stress can cause any of the three types of spots, believe it or not. Nerves cause brown spots because it dramatically influences our production of collagen and melanin. Many factors are involved in the pigmentation of our skin, which is why they can cause white spots and a loss of pigmentation. The main consequence of the loss of pigmentation is physical and mental exhaustion.

Important fact. If white or red spots appear, along with a bit of loss of sensitivity on your back, be careful. It is one of the main symptoms of the disease commonly known as leprosy. No matter how old you are, this disease can affect you badly, and spots and a lack of sensation are the only symptoms.

How can I deal with anxiety, nerve, and stress spots?

The reality is that you have to learn how to manage stress in a good way to deal with nervousness and stress spots. It is clear that it is not easy to control our nerves but remember that nothing is impossible. For this reason, I will provide you some tips to deal with those spots so you can handle them.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen helps us to reduce all-weather spots and prevent them. Besides helping to moisturize your skin a little, it will prevent hives a little.


Exfoliating your skin is particularly important. You should do at least a weekly exfoliation. This will help to remove dead skin cells. It helps to remove flaky skin from welts.

Try an anti-stress diet

A diet that will help you lower stress levels and improve your health will help your digestion. The diet should be rich in iron, rich in vegetables, and of course, very rich in fiber. Fiber will help you in a great way.

Practice 15 minutes of meditation daily

This is the best tip you can adopt. Meditation will significantly reduce your nerves, stress, or anxiety and worries that produce spots.

Always maintain good hygiene

Hygiene is something that you cannot neglect at any time when you have rashes caused by nerves and stress. You should constantly clean the area where the issue appears. This will help prevent the spots from spreading and will clean the excess sebum and dead cells.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water

When we have blemishes or skin problems, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water during the day. Your skin needs all the help it can get, and that is the maximum hydration you can give it. You will improve the elimination of the toxins stored in your body.

How to treat nerve spots according to their color

  • If you have white spots: If the nerves cause white spots, the best thing to do is stimulate the production of melanocytes in your body. To promote the production of melanocytes, you should consume foods that are rich in beta-carotene. You can find this element in vegetables or fruits that are orange, red, yellow.
  • If you have brown spots: When stress causes you to have brown spots, so far, no solution has been found that is fast and effective. But the best thing you can do is to buy products that are depigmenting. Look for products that are special for lightening skin tone and avoid contact with the sun.
  • If you have red spots: since red spots are the most common ones caused by nerves and stress, there are effective solutions. The best solution is to apply intense moisturizers to your skin. You have to nourish it in a good way. Stimulate your blood circulation in a significant way. It helps to eliminate impurities from your skin. Control your high levels of stress and nerves.


In summary, the spots on the skin caused by nerves appear due to high levels of stress and anxiety. These problems show in our skin, causing the appearance of spots, dermatitis, hives, or rashes similar to hives that negatively affect our health.

Anxiety can cause the appearance of rashes, red, brown, and white spots, gradually losing our skin's pigmentation in a bad way. You have to regulate the levels of nerves, stress, and anxiety.