How do you wash really oily hair?

How do you wash your really oily hair?

How do you wash really oily hair? Greasy hair is a headache for people who suffer from it. We can't stand the feeling of dirty hair. 

For this reason, now we will focus on helping you understand why our hair is so dirty, we are doing wrong to make this happen.

After doing that, we will answer the question "how do you wash really oily hair?" We will also learn why we must change our routine, follow some steps, and use some masks that we will explain so that we make a correct wash, and our hair is immaculate.

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Why do I have greasy hair?

How do you wash your really oily hair?

Oily hair is caused by the sebaceous glands being more active and producing more sebum than usual; this excess dirties the hair and gives it a greasy and unpleasant appearance.

 Causes of oily hair: several factors cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum:

  • Consumption of fatty products. Use of fatty products that increase the segregation of fat and aggravate the problem.
  • Stress. Stress is also a cause of excessive sebum production in the scalp.
  • Lack of vitamin B. The absence of this vitamin causes an imbalance and produces more oil. These vitamins are responsible for the proper functioning of the skin and hair.
  • Too much washing. Frequent washing of the hair removes the protective oil from the mane, and therefore the scalp produces more oil.
  • Hormonal imbalance. When there is a hormonal imbalance, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum, which allows the hair to get dirty faster.

How do you wash really oily hair?

Before washing, comb your hair thoroughly

Before washing your hair, brush it thoroughly to remove any tangles, to allow the shampoo to penetrate the scalp and remove any particles that may have accumulated.

Wash with warm water

How do you wash your really oily hair?

The water we wash the hair should not be cold because it does not allow it to clean deeply, but if it is boiling, it opens the follicles, and the grease comes out more quickly. You must wash with warm water to close the cuticle.

Use a specific shampoo. 

Use specific shampoo for oily hair, because there is a shampoo for every hair type.

Apply conditioner and masks

Choose conditioner and masks for oily hair, and apply only from medium to ends, never at the roots.

Don't wash it too often.

Please do not wash your hair daily. That removes the natural oil to protect yourself and forces the scalp to produce more sebum to maintain its protection.

Use dry shampoo

Washing your hair using dry shampoo will help you keep your mane clean longer. you can find a wide variety of dry shampoos on Amazon.


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Massage your scalp

You should wash your hair by massaging the scalp behind your ears and at the back of your neck, but do not overdo it to activate the sebaceous glands and then produce more sebum.

Exfoliate your scalp

Exfoliates the scalp to cleanse follicles of accumulated dust and dead cells, which can generate the hair's oil production.

Masks to remove the oil from your hair properly.

Lemon mask: 

Lemon is a natural astringent and antibacterial that cleans the scalp without aggression. 


  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • 1/2 cup of apple vinegar.
  • Mix the ingredients well, apply it only to the scalp with small soft massages with the fingertips. 
  • Let it work for 10 to 15 minutes, remove with cold water, and wash the hair. 
  • Do it twice a week.

Apple vinegar and green tea:

Cleanses hair thoroughly and green tea has antioxidant properties that serve as a base so that the vinegar does not irritate the scalp.


  • 1/2 cup of apple vinegar.
  • Four bags of green tea.
  • Prepare the green tea in 1 cup of water, then add the apple vinegar.
  • Mix everything very well, place on the scalp massaging for 10 minutes, and rinse. 
  • Wash with this every 3 or 4 days.

Rosemary leaf tonic: 

Make a tea with the leaves, put it in a spray bottle with the juice of a lemon. Apply it to your hair every time you wash your hair. 


Aloe vera mask: 

It detoxifies the scalp of impurities and controls sebum secretion.


  • One spoonful of aloe vera.
  • Juice of one lemon
  • The required amount of shampoo.
  • Mix all the ingredients well in a container.
  • Wash the hair with this mixture and let it work for several minutes. 
  • Rinse with plenty of water, use once or twice a week.

Baking soda: 

Balances the PH of the scalp and controls excess oil. 

  •  Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate, depending on the hair's length, with water to form a paste. 
  • Apply to the roots with wet hair washed with your usual shampoo, rinse with warm water. 
  • Use 1 to 2 times per week. 

Dry bicarbonate shampoo: 

  • Apply two tablespoons to the scalp with your fingertips slowly as if it were the shampoo, not in one go.
  • Apply it in circles and remove any balls that form. 

Egg white and lemon mask: 

This mask regulates the production of fat and removes dead cells.


  • Two egg whites.
  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • Combine the two elements in a container, moisten the hair from the roots with the help of a brush.
  • Place a cap or towel on the head and leave it on for 20 minutes. 
  • Rinse with cold water, apply 2 or 3 times a week.


you will look beautiful

How do you wash your really oily hair? When you finish reading, you can realize that if you have oily hair, you can improve it by following a series of steps, which act to change this situation with constancy and care.

 With the use of masks, your hair changes its appearance for a cleaner, more manageable, and healthy look it doesn't matter if it's summer or winter.